Trapped in Iraq Between the Islamic State and Government Forces

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  1. Funny how this left wing network is so Right wing with their politics, world view and ideology. Weird – you would think it's a trick. Like if Fox news actually owned it or like Disney… Oh wait – they do… But I thought if people were smoking pot – everything they say about Geopolitics would be at least progressive / liberal/?? Someone please explain this complicated trick by Fox news!!! They can't be that smart!!! Oh every network does that?

  2. i just wanna ask something is vice news and algazira is the same channel or it's supported by algazira or the the same source or what .. coz it's exactly doing the same as algazira . anyways al you guys do is showing people what ever you want them to see and then set back and watch more and more people die and by the way you have hand on this too . we have an old saying " the gust will not solve a problem " coz the gust or who ever is passing by he don't know the problem he is not part of it .

  3. Why does the Western Media insist on presenting bullshit! at 6:55 he said "Tikrit operation Led by US airstrikes" I mean ffs US carried 4 Airstrikes and the Iraqi Army carried over 380 Airstrike!! The amount of bullshit presented by Americans burns my blood!!

  4. VICE are propaganda mouthpiece of the Western establishment,paid by Soros funds to spread disinfo around the world about important hotspots like Ukraine and Syria….Burn in hell for this!

  5. Don't you love these ridiculous berets they plop on top of their heads lol. Like just out of some B grade war movie,,,like Andy Warhol said,,,is life imitating art or art imitating life.

  6. I believe that the Arabic people are very smart and thoughtful but where the problem with me is that when America was there to help they called us infidels and devils when we just tried to help they fought us and ambushed us but as soon as we leave isis Rises up and now they need help I just find it funny

  7. Jesus u people talking about these arent trained and stuff just cuz they were shooting randomly well maybe its because THERES A FUCKING SNIPER WAITING TO BLOW THERE HEAD OFF

  8. what a biased report. of course they're gonna loot (they need food and ammo), of course they have to evacuate the civilians (insert common fucking sense here), of course they're gonna execute those rapist murdering bastards (this is not western soil with freedom for life imprisonment)… this reporter should change his name to buzzfeed

  9. Well I wonder how vice can produce such a negative reporting about what's going on there, it's Iraq and Iraqis are the only ones fighting their war with IS, these people who fled towards the Iraqi forces are the same people who brought IS to their cities if they don't like how Iraqi army treating them why they escaped from IS in the first place!!!! Any ways the reporter who conducted this documentary is very incompetent and looked at only one side of the story, I wish Vice stop sending people like that especially to place like Iraq.

  10. This press .. says the popular limit practiced the same Daesh work .. but are roaming with the crowd ?? If the crowd was the same Daesh .. I do not think her vagina will not exist.

  11. Shia militias are going to piss off the sunni population. Don't be surprised if the sunni take arms and it turns into a civil war

  12. I love when the ISIS leaders get caught by Iraqi Forces and are crying like babies! What happened to the big tuff guys that were executing people? Where'd they go all of a sudden? I thought you were all so tuff when you were executing people but when it's your turn you cry like babies!


  14. I am Iraqi takirt is a place of criminals under covered by none civilians that act like they innocent I agree some part of the hashad alshaby is not good I don't to name but 90% of it is doing the right thing and fighting for the right thing I can insure you that !

  15. All propaganda..America ploy to divide Muslims and rule.Shia @ sunnI Muslims at United against our common enemy!shatan America financing Shia to kill his Muslim brother an put his own ruler.and enjoy oil at lower Lower prices.may almighty destroy ploy of America rogue.state ameen

  16. These are posers…. true iraqis are the kurds! They do the work while these people pose for the camera and insure the country and people stay in a constant state of chaos and misery….the kurds have respect and the balls and their tree bears fruit….these are lost children

  17. no wonder there was so much collateral damage in iraq. Its hard to move but its harder to move when your dead.

  18. I can tell you this. If their local tribe denounces a man for collaboration with ISIS then let the man receive death for that is all he has brought amongst his people.

  19. every armed person in the whole middle east has the RAMBO complex, non of them like to act like a soldier, no soldier fires a weapon like that or just for fun in an active warzone. and when the time for real fighting comes, what happens?the whole iraqi army donates all its equipment to the DAESH and leaves (im being respectful, flee is the better word)

  20. Iraqi ams Syrian army could not handle isis,that's why they captured Iraq and syria,they need to make their military stronger

  21. The biggest mistake was getting rid of 2 of the most important gatekeepers…Sadaam Hussein and Colonel Gadafhi (RIP)
    However the West and the 'world's police ' (Haha) have agendas and this is only gonna end up with more blood and heartache…..but with the tables turned!!!!!!

  22. The violence and chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan are because of Republican-Fascist policies, endorsed by Commie Media Propaganda. Republican lawmakers and political figures are why we have lost over 4,000 US troops. You vote Republican, you get war.

  23. The girl about 40s in clearly says Daesh not IS, an important distinction as in IS controlled areas at that time, you could be killed for saying Daesh (it's a derogatory word). They should have translated it as obviously she said it for a reason.


  25. AT 5:28 This woman was saying we always hear bombs and mortars fall and Civilians stay at home hiding. Look how many kids she have 4 so We all knew you are hiding inside your home was your husband making babies like rabbits. I dont know why those people love making babies and their city is bombes days and nights. I be so worry to have babies if me and my wife are stuck in a city which is bombed days and night. Babies should not be put in this situations. I feel so sorry for those babies that their parents love having babies in the middle of civil war.

  26. There are no warcrimes against ISIS, everything you do to them, anything you do to them, you're free to do so without any charge, slaughter them with their own sword theyve been sharpening with the blood of innocent people

  27. fighting islamic state and forgett syrien gouverment who are are worse then ISIS
    there is no difference.europe to blame all the mess and the 500 civilians who died
    in europe with attacks in Germany,france and belgium

  28. Yankees bastards
    Destroyed a whole nation due oil on a great basis of lies
    May God curse Bush and Co and Chenney and Silverstein

  29. Sins tge,mulslems in to North Korea and THE CHINA .ca. HAVE thim qe,don't want in the,European sins BACK to AFACKA kachmer the pass OVER is,not to far a way so look OUT this year get this STOP

  30. Not very smart to shoot up in the air like that there's something called Gravity… It must come down. Duh…🤦🏻‍♀️

  31. america is helping isreal to give medical care to isis(daish). isis(daish) is a terist organizations that might be able for destruction of territory and not responsible as country. saudia arab is giving fanacial support for their terism as taliban and isis (daish). pakistan is urges the taliban for opportunity to be able for their own benefits to taliban is abuseing humans rights from arming extremer to extensive regional facilities.

  32. Tikrit was celebrating when IS took it over, they essantitly let them take Tikrit. Soo i don't fel bad for them cause they helped isis on is move to Baghdad. ( Kurd/iranian)

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