Top National Security Warn Russia Still Trying To Interfere With U.S. Elections | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Sweden investigated the best way to conduct elections without any interference! They decided PAPER BALLOTS COUNTED BY HAND IN FULL PUBLIC VIEW…FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS… You know it just sounds Fair and get this, impossible to hack plus, less expensive, verifiable, and simple to implement like we did Elections for generations before… But our electronically elected Republican Congress succeeded in keeping their extremely vulnerable electronic voting systems…

  2. All the experts including these two Top Scientists from Top American Universities both recommend to do Elections like Sweden decided to have Zero chance of hacking interference… Simply remove all electronics from the Election… That makes sense! Plus sounds Fair like we used to conduct elections before electronics… PAPER BALLOTS COUNTED BY HAND IN FULL PUBLIC VIEW…FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS… Instead our electronically elected act worried about hacking when that’s exactly what they chose… *Mark Crispin Miller and/or Jonathan Simon

  3. Republicans can only win electronic voting and counting systems! Our electronically elected Republican Congress even after Russia’s hack still succeeded in keeping their extremely vulnerable and already hacked electronic voting and counting system because that’s the only way they can win… Everyone knows when it’s Fair it seems and sounds Fair… Paper ballots counted by hand in full public view… That terrifies Republicans…

  4. "Subversive information technologies of the USA" being the root cause of the disorder that came to be known as 'American Spring' intern of US president election 2016 and US mid-term election 2018 ahead.This is the kind of scenario that they were preparing for USA, and now they will be trying even harder to bring it about.

  5. liberal bed wetters with no leadership instincts …boo hoo ….cia wants you to stop picking on them …..

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