Top 3 Presidential Debate Moments That Changed the Race

D-day is coming. This is Buzz60 Politics, I’m Jay DeDapper. As in debate day, or night as the case may
be. Everyone at this point acknowledges Mitt Romney needs to slay in the first debate if
he’s to get back in the hunt. But historically that’s a tall order. Here
are the three televised debate moments that actually changed the race. Number 3
1980: While Ronald Reagan was — despite the myth – not behind in the average of polls
at this point his famous retort to Jimmy Carter’s repeated claims that Reagan would try and
kill Medicare if elected cemented his lead. “There you go again.” Number 2
1976: Carter benefited from this gaffe of all gaffes from Gerald Ford — this one ended
Ford’s chances to stay in the White House. “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern
Europe.” “I’m sorry, what?” And Number 1
1988: Mike Dukakis was ahead, until this: “Governor if Kitty Dukakis was raped and murdered,
would you support…” “No I would not.” A little outrage would’ve gone a long way
but instead Dukakis dropped in the polls the next morning. The lesson here for Romney: Find you’re inner
Ronnie or pray for Barack Obama to make the biggest mistake of his political career. Both
tall orders.

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  1. In 1960 the debates were huge for Kennedy to be able to beat Nixon. In 1976 Ford's gaffe during the debate was a big factor in Carter winning that election. In 1980 there were doubts about Reagan and his programs and Reagan with a great performance put those to rest and ensured his victory. In 1988 Bush beats Dukakis thanks to Dukakis horrible debate answer. In 1992 Clinton is able to beat Bush after strong debate performances where he connects with the audience and shows Bush to be out of touch

  2. In 200 the debates were huge for Bush to beat Gore. The idea that debates are not important is complete BS. They have been hugely influential in the final outcome in almost every election.

  3. Well guess what Buzz?? Tall order or not, Barack Obama did just that, He showed up looking like the empty suit he is and was BLASTED to smitherines!! Mitt Romney now has a comfortable lead and will be the 45th President of the United States of America.

  4. Too bad isn't it? Barack Obama, A man with ZERO executive experience, A man who has consorted with known domestic terrorists(Bill Ayres,Bernadette Dorn) A man who spent 20 years listening to an America hating Marxist preacher(Jeremiah Wright) A man who would have failed the background check to obtain a govt. job is elected president by millions of misled folk who depend on the American media to be honest with them but either lies to them outright or by withholding info(Benghazi) DEAR GOD!!

  5. Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country in it's history, and the sad thing is how so many well-meaning Americans simply can't see it!!

  6. What was that about Romney's comfortable lead and how he'll be the 45th President? Sorry, I must have read your comment wrong.

  7. Nope, you read it right!! I could not believe that Americans could be so blind. I gave far too much credit to the electorate than was deserved. Now you, me and every other American (if you are one) will witness the further dismantling of this once great country. Very sad indeed.

  8. Americans were not blind, they correctly surmised that Romney would just relabel Obamacare Romneycare 2.0 and be a one term dud Republican clone of Obama except he would deregulate more shit like mountain top blasting, All of the Bad none of the good.

    Also you conservatives need to get your heads out of your asses we are still the greatest country. The world is not ending because we wouldnt put an idiot like Palin in office. Stop voting for morons and listening to talk radio.

  9. Bah hes about the same level as Woodrow Wilson, he is nowhere near as bad as some of the worst presidents like LBJ, Hoover, James Buchanan or Warren G. Harding. Obamas policies are long term and his legacy wont be truly known for a few more years, but its hard to fathom him being lower than LBJ in any universe.

  10. LBJ was a poor president, a socialist. Obama is a dangerous president. Obama is bent on reducing America to less than superpower status. You are correct when you say his policies are "long term". They are meant to inflict long term damage that will be difficult to reverse. Damage to our economy, our healthcare system, foreign policy etc. Barack Obama has an agenda. Pay back the rich for their success which was attained on the backs of the poor. He is a master of deception. Very cunning.

  11. He is cunning however I don't agree that all his policies are bad, Just anything else besides energy and transportation, my hope is that the conservatives will stonewall on everything else and he will concentrate on his second tier agenda meanwhile the red state coalition will eventually do away with the Affordable health care act if they do it right.
    Trickle down had long term negative effects but short term gains.

  12. We will just have to agree to disagree I guess. Obama has been horrible when it comes to energy policy. How can anyone support his refusal to approve the Keystone pipeline? This would mean thousands of jobs and lower priced energy for Americans while trading with a country that actually is an ally. Obama has blocked it. Obama doesn't want American prosperity. He wants Americans to suffer and so we do.

  13. So would the high speed rail but Republicans dont want that, now I know what you might say, but tell me a time in human history, every that faster travel from point A to point B was a bad idea.

  14. All I can say on the rail issue which is something I haven't followed much is that we must CUT SPENDING!! We cannot have everything we want when we don't have the money. This administration seems to think that the way out of recession is more spending. This is foolhardy thinking which will lead to economic destruction. You could tax the rich 100% of their income and it still wouldn't even come close to fixing the problem!! Reduce spending or face economic ruin!!

  15. We need to cut OLD spending and promote new spending, we can cut pentagon fat, we can cut transportation fat, we can cut unions, we can cut regulations and pointless government jobs and we can cut the welfare nipple off to. But we still need to spend on new interior and new military spending and we can do all of that and give tax cuts, you dont have to have bad spending policies along with good production. High speed rail much like natural gas will both make us more money in the long run.

  16. Let me put it to you this way, a plane ticket costs around 200 dollars or so, 2 and a half hours. High speed rail is twice as fast and costs easily less than half of that. Now you tell me the market and job implications of being able to travel to Atlanta to NY city in an hour for less than 100 dollars, on the job market.

  17. Is the rail system you mention already in place? If not. than we are talking about the cost of constructing it, this is where the problem lies as far as I can see.

  18. Personally, I'd rather see the wheels put in motion to open up Americas energy resources, build more refineries and bring down the cost of energy. Disarm the environmentalist movement and return sanity to America. Substantially lower the price of oil and we would see huge economic growth which would create jobs and a more prosperous America. Reduce the tax burden on ALL Americans and cut government spending. GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES!! This is what I want to see.

  19. politics are a joke. its all a setup. It is all fake. do NOT vote. only 10 percent of the population does so. lets keep it below that. government is a fallacy. It was created to divide and rule people. who are the folks that run so called government? they are human beings, correct? Therefore, where does there power derive from? it is derived from our acquiescence. they are just human beings, like you and me. in actuality they have no power, it is only given to them by others who dont disagree…

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