Top 10 most liberal U.S. Cities. Where is your city? Portland isn't #1

I get a lot of angry comments about liberal Portland liberal Seattle and pretty much anything else is liberal after seeing so many people are passionate about what is and what isn't liberal I thought I'd find out which cities are considered the most liberal I've found out the need of Portland or Seattle or at the top of that list so here's my top ten most liberal City number 10 Chicago Illinois the Midwest not sort of place you'd think you'd have a major liberal City but they do Chicago has all the major trademarks of a liberal city high taxes highly educated people and a great st. Patrick's Day now one strange most major liberal cities celebrate the hell out of st. Patrick's Day for some reason number nine baltimore maryland baltimore home of Edgar Allen Poe was lucky enough to be honored with appearances on two of my list the most liberal cities in America and the worst cities in America and before all the wingnuts come out and start saying as the city because the liberals conservative City sucked to stop typing look at Mesa Arizona Nevermore number eight Austin Texas this one's an anomaly Austin is in Texas in Texas is one of the most conservative states in this country Austin is filled with young educated artistic types so naturally it's going to be liberal no matter where you put this place number seven New York New York New York is very liberal you would think with all the concentration of wealth and having the financial district there they would be all about the Republicans but they aren't it is one of the most liberal cities on the East Coast so you like rude liberals buy yourself a gang keys hat and head to the Big Apple number six Portland Oregon my hometown I'm amazed as most people are that this is at the top of the liberal city list that's probably because what most people see on the news is our protests and people causing trouble in the streets what most people don't realize those aren't liberals those are something else with their own set of probable true liberals are what Portland and really all of Oregon is all about Oregon has always have this kind of feel in this theme and even in our Constitution it's kind of an attitude of I'm an adult don't tell me what to do unless I'm hurting someone else stay out of my business that's how it is importantly really very liberal number five Minneapolis Minnesota Minneapolis is another strange place to have a liberal City it's in the Upper Midwest just like Chicago and that word Midwest normally smacks of conservatism this city is so liberal they decided that drunken public isn't a thing anymore so if you're a heavy drinking liberal that doesn't mind the cold buy yourself some galoshes and head to Minneapolis number four Boston Mass Boston Massachusetts is almost the East Coast capital liberalism the city at some of the greatest universities on the planet and as we've learned in other videos liberals tend to be a little more educated when I say some of the greatest universities on the planet I'm not kidding here's a few of them MIT Harvard Boston College Boston tough Brandeis the list goes on and on I think there's about 30 in total people have Boston are wicked smaht even janitors working the night shift at Harvard solve linear algebra formulas while mopping floors isn't that kind of cool the other cool thing about Boston these liberals aren't afraid to give you a smack for spouting some garbage friend of mine told me that he's from Boston I don't think true liberals are out smacking people in Boston but this guy seems to think so number three Seattle Washington a few things make this one not very shocking it is on the west coast it is a Tech Center and it's filled with extremely educated people all the ingredients that go into the liberal stew one thing ought about Seattle they're in a state that has no personal income tax and we all know liberals tend to go heavy on the taxes so if you know your way around a computer and you don't like to pay income tax you fold up that laptop and head to Seattle number two Washington DC the US Capitol this place is so liberal and got half its name from an immigrant the District of Columbia is actually named after Christopher Columbus this is definitely liberal City once that alone indicates that rent prices about 2100 for one-bedroom in Washington DC just like other liberal cities Boston it's 2,000 Seattle it's about 1900 down here in Portland's about 1,800 you got to pay a heavy price deliver on other liberals while on the other side of the spectrum the most conservative City Mesa Arizona that's about six hundred and ten dollars for one-bedroom apartment in Oklahoma City also it's about 790 so if you make about 150,000 a year and like to read you should move good Washington DC but if you can't read make about 20 dollars a year and don't mind having boob sweat while standing still in the shade Mesa may be the destination for you and number one San Francisco California the most liberal city in the u.s. goes to San Francisco this place has everything you want in the liberal city crazy rent overpaid tech workers the Pacific Ocean a history that includes hippie invasions and a couple gay riot it's got it all another thing I noticed all liberal cities have in common really bad traffic so if you make too much money working on computers enjoy hippies and gay riots gridlock pack up that Chromebook and head to San Francisco California don't forget to bring your trust fund because it's expensive well that's it that's my top 10 most liberal cities in the u.s. I hope you enjoyed it you haven't subscribed already please do so leave me a comment tell me what you think hit that like button hit that dislike button whatever you want to do in it you know what another thing if you're ever interested in making these types of videos I left a link to all the equipment I use down below in the description area it's not that expensive have a great day be nice to each other

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  1. San Franshitsco-"Latrine-by-the-Bay"…..Be sure to wear waterproof, steel soled boots while shopping downtown that can't be penetrated by hypodermic needles and can easily be hosed off when you return home….

  2. That was quite dreamy spin from reality. You didn't mention much about how liberals cities lead the way in taxes, debt, crime, riots, homelessness, and living on the government dole.

  3. You’re from Portland? Go to eastern or southern Oregon before saying Oregon is all liberal. Also, it is impossible for liberals to be well educated, they’re brainwashed by the colleges.

  4. Liberals may be book smart but common sense has apparently been deleted from their DNA… When the big earth quake hits Californication I cant wait to see how that big ole education will help them out of a real world crisis where some real world skills could help save their pitiful lives…

  5. Why are liberal cities so damn expensive?!? Jesus Christ! Most liberals are starving artists and musicians! It makes no sense! I guess you have to be in the tech industry or something. :/ or maybe just live in the ghettos of liberal cities.

  6. Just because your an adult doesnt mean you can do anything . thats stupid. Also doesnt "dont tell me what to do " sound familiar? Reminds me of what a entitled little kid would yell out

  7. Whata wrong with mesa AZ? Its a very standard US city. The neighborhoods are well organized and clean, decent schools and affordable housing. It would have been more appropriate to mention phoenix instead. Mesa isnt great sure but it definelty isn't terrible

  8. I’m from Philadelphia and I’m pretty surprised we’re not on here, do you know if the City of Brotherly Love is on any of your lists?

  9. I just want to clarify your comments about portland and the rest of oregon. While we all may tend to be independent, almost the entire rest of the state is more conservative especially the closer you get too boise. I live on the far side near la Grande or. i figured san fran would win it.

  10. Gotta love how expensive liberal cities are; they're all for the little ppl as long as they don't live in their city.

    Keep SanFran homeless!

    Should be the new slogan for the city.

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