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10 Hilariously Dumb Things Said by Presidential
Candidates 10. Trump: US GDP is Below Zero Honestly, we could have filled this entire
list with nothing but Trump quotes and still had enough left over for a sequel. The bouffant-haired
billionaire has turned controversial gaffes into an art form. But sometimes even the Donald
comes out with something that’s nothing if not plain dumb. Case in point: the time
he claimed the US’s GDP had fallen below zero for the first time in history. Since GDP is a measure of all economic activity
within a country during a given time period, the US would have had to become a barren wasteland
devoid of human life for this to be true. Even the post-apocalyptic future of Mad Max
has economic activity, for crying out loud. What Trump meant to say is that US GDP had
experienced negative growth for the first time in history. But even this statement is
hilariously wrong. Negative growth for two consecutive quarters
is the hallmark of a recession. Aside from the Great Recession, the US has experienced
10 smaller ones since WWII alone. Before that we had the Great Depression. Trump himself
has lived through most of them, frequently while running businesses. 9. Carson: Prison Turns You Gay Ben Carson is like the unimaginative Hollywood
sequel to Trump’s insanity: more of the same, only crazier. Aside from making dubious
comments about the Holocaust and blaming the Oregon shooting victims for their tragic fate,
he’s made some wildly unscientific claims. In March 2015, he said: “A lot of people who go into prison straight,
and when they come out they’re gay.” Being a former neurosurgeon, you might expect
Carson to know a thing or two about how science works. You’d be wrong. According to Helen
Eigenberg, expert on prison sexuality at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Carson’s
statement is “insane.” Sure, there is a massive problem with male rape in America’s
prisons. But that’s not because ‘prison hormones’ or whatever are making straight
men gay. It’s because some prisoners use rape as a way of dominating other inmates
and getting power over them. That doesn’t make them gay. According to the 150,000 member-strong American
Psychological Association, homosexuality isn’t something that can brought on by a change
in circumstances. No matter what Ben Carson thinks. 8. Clinton: The Benghazi Probe is the Longest
in Congressional History It’s not just GOP outliers who have been
talking nonsense recently. The presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has been
showing her tenuous grasp on history. In September 2015, her official campaign Twitter account
tweeted about the Benghazi probe: “It’s the longest-running congressional
investigation ever. It’s cost taxpayers $4 million. And what’s it about?” Although 17 months is a pretty long time,
a quick Googling would have proven it’s not the longest ever. It’s not even close. The WWII Senate Special Committee to Investigate
the National Defense Program lasted a full 90 months. During the Civil War, the Joint
Committee on the Conduct of the War lasted a less-showy, but still impressive, 40 months.
But hey, America was at war then, you can’t really compare, right? Well, maybe not, but
that still leaves the 1957-1960 Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor-Management
Relations (38 months) and the 1976-1979 House Select Committee on Assassinations (30 months). Expand to include investigations by permanent
committees (rather than special panels), and at least three more lasted longer than Benghazi,
including two in the last ten years. Sorry, Hills, but you’ve got a long way to go yet. 7. O’Malley: Assad Messed Up “Invading
Syria” The Democratic candidate and former governor
of Maryland Martin O’Malley might be under most people’s radar, but he can still drop
clangers like a pro. During the televised debates in mid-October, the conversation turned
to Syria. O’Malley’s take? “I think Assad’s invasion of Syria will
be seen as a blunder.” As gaffes go, this one takes some beating.
Assad – for all his faults – is the president of Syria. He could no more invade the country
than Obama could ‘invade’ Delaware. The likelihood is that O’Malley meant to
say “Putin.” As president of neighbouring Russia, Putin can indeed invade Syria – although
since he’s there at Assad’s request, that might still be a poor choice of words. Nonetheless,
it didn’t give us great confidence in O’Malley’s ability to negotiate the fraught world of
international politics. 6. Bush: The Federal Government Doesn’t
Deport Criminals Compared to the lunacy of Trump or Carson,
Jeb Bush is like the voice of sanity in a crowded GOP field. However, even this seasoned
pro still finds time to get his figures hilariously wrong. In August, Bush declared: “The federal government right now does not
deport criminals.” It’s true that the government routinely
opts not to deport violent criminals. But to claim it doesn’t deport any criminals,
period, is akin to punching the concept of ‘research’ in the face. In the fiscal year 2014, The Immigration and
Customs Enforcement removed and deported over 300,000 illegal immigrants. Discount those
removed at the border, and those deported for breaking immigration law, and you’re
still left with nearly 87,000 criminals deported by the government in a single year. That doesn’t
sound like “does not deport” to us. 5. Sanders: The US Spends Twice as Much on
Healthcare as Any Other Nation bernie The predicted runner-up in the Democrat race,
Bernie Sanders is famous for speaking his mind. Sometimes, that means parting company
with the truth and sailing off over the horizon of insanity. In August 2015 (and previously
in 2009), the Bern declared: “We spend almost twice as much per capita
on health care as do the people of any other country.” The US definitely spends more than any other
OECD nation, but the only way it could spend twice as much is if you secretly blew up half
of Europe. In 2013, the US was spending $8,713 per capita, compared to $6,325 for Norway,
and $5,862 for Switzerland. Places like Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Denmark all spent
over half of what the US spends, as did Sweden and the Netherlands. Sanders probably meant to say the US spends
twice as much per capita as the OECD average, which is certainly true. But since we didn’t
give O’Malley or Trump any leeway for mis-speaking, we won’t be giving any to the Bern either. 4. Huckabee: The DC Area Has Never Had a Recession A long-time fixture on the GOP’s craziest
wing, Mike Huckabee has dropped his fair share of clangers. Usually this just amounts to
insulting a particular group, but occasionally the former governor of Arkansas also slips
up on history. Only in September, he claimed that the DC metropolitan area “never has
a recession.” If Huckabee had said “never suffers as badly
as the rest of a country during a recession,” he’d have a point. DC area downturns tend
to be shorter and shallower thanks to the presence of the Federal government. But by
claiming the capital has never experienced economic difficulties, his statement tilted
over the edge of sanity and plunged screaming into cloud cuckoo land. In the last decade, the DC area has experienced
consecutive quarters of negative growth – the standard definition of recession. Unsurprisingly,
this came in the 2007-09 period, when everyone was in trouble. But Washington DC was also
hit during the early 1990s and early 1980s. Oddly, it also suffered flat growth (though
not recession) during 2012-13, when the larger economy was leaping back on its feet. Not
quite the unstoppable economic superpower Huckabee makes it out to be. 3. Clinton: All My Grandparents Were Immigrants It’s not just congressional history where
Hillary falls down, it’s her own family’s history too. Back in April, Hillary moved
to catch the pro-immigrant vote by relating her own personal experiences. In Iowa, she
declared “All my grandparents, you know, came over here.” She was 75 percent wrong. Let’s start with the bit she got right.
Her paternal grandfather, Hugh Rodham Sr. was definitely an immigrant. He was born in
England, and made his way over the States. Now let’s move on to the bits she got extremely
wrong. Regarding her remaining grandparents, two were born in Illinois, and one was born
in Pennsylvania. In other words, they were as American as apple pie. To be fair, most of Hillary’s great grandparents
were immigrants. 7 of the 8 were born abroad. But that’s still some lackadaisical record
keeping, there. 2. Carson: America’s Enemies Were All BFFs
in Their Youth Here’s a brain-tickler for you: What do
Iran’s Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin
all have in common? Answer: according to Ben Carson, they all hung out together in 1968
Moscow. The full quote, so you can appreciate its
wacko scope runs: “In the class of 1968 at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, Mahmoud
Abbas was one of the members of that class, and so was Ali Khamenei. And that’s where
they first established relationships with the young Vladimir Putin.” In other words, Carson is implying that three
of America’s great villains got together in 1968 to found the real-life equivalent
of SPECTRE. Hilariously, this doesn’t even pass the
basic logic test. Putin was 16 at the time, studying in high school, lived 10 hours away
from Moscow, and had nothing about him to indicate he’d ever hold a position of power.
Khamenei had been imprisoned in March 1967 and was rotting in an Iranian cell. Only Abbas
may have possibly visited the university, but it’s very unlikely he did so in 1968
(1982 is a far-more likely date, as that’s when he’s known to have visited Moscow).
When challenged on this, Carson claimed the CIA had told him. The CIA, for their part,
declined to comment. 1. Trump: All Iowans are Brain Damaged Finally, we end on a quote from the world’s
greatest professional troll. After a poll was released in October, showing Ben Carson
leading over Trump for the first time in Iowa, the Donald’s official campaign account tweeted: “Too much Monsanto in the corn creates issues
in the brain.” In other words, Trump had just outrageously,
hilariously, insulted every single resident in one of the key states he needs to carry. The resulting blowback was so fierce Trump
issued his first apology in (perhaps) living memory, blaming the tweet on a “campaign
intern.” Whether or not that’s the case, it still displays stupidity to an award-winning
degree. Then again, maybe it’s all part of his master plan to get elected by abusing
voters so much they develop Stockholm Syndrome. With someone as openly crazy as Trump, who
the hell knows?

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  1. Honestly, I'd rather trump got in than that corporate shill Hillary, at least trump stands for something outside of the establishment, that's not to say I support him but he seems to be the lesser of two evils, of course sanders would be the better option, mostly because he won't get a lot done and his term will give time for some decent candidates to turn up…

  2. Apple Pie is not American.

    Apple pie was brought to the colonies by the British, Dutch, and Swedes during the 17th and 18th centuries.

  3. No politician has ever been perfect l suppose.
    Even Dwight D Eisenhower one of the best U.S presidents once said:
    "Things have never been more like the way they are today in history"


    Donald Trump is a joke. I get it your republican and all but come on, you can't be racist! I can't believe he has such a big chance when some of the stuff he says are lies because some stuff in the constitution, he can't change.
    Presidents don't have 100% power. Don't forget the senate, house of representatives and the other government officials who have power over the law. The president is just part of the executive branch! Sure he can veto bills and crap but don't forget that congress can override a veto!
    His new so called 'laws' may not have an affect because they probably won't be passed. He can't change the constitution like that! Ever heard of the separation of powers? A part of the government can't have too much power! Trump isn't so intelligent. His' jokes' may bring suicidal thoughts, he can ruin the country our fathers worked for, and he's a big lying joke. Darn it, I'm 12 and I know all of this. At least I pay attention in school!
    How do people not know this?! We need a serious, experienced, and a loyal leader not a rich, filthy and rude comedian!

  5. Donald trump has little intelligence, its starting to make me think anyone can become president as long as they have money. come on America…. dont let this idiot run your country.

  6. If you did Pakistani politicians you will find we have a man dumber than Trump in our nation: Imran Khan

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  8. I went to a trump rally for fun all he ever talks about are other people he didn't ever talk about his ideas that makes me mad because do you serious want someone would taunts countries with powerful nuclear weapons or a country with a history of bringing war cause that's not America

  9. 9) Yeah that is a gross misunderstanding of prison culture. Prisoners don't have sexual relations with eachother because they all of a sudden decided that men were more attractive than women. They do that either because there are literally no women around and they see sex as a physical need or they do it with larger inmates to gain protection in exchange. The only men leaving prison gay are the ones that enter gay.

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    i think they wont do as they say they will -_-

    well not for me to say i gues, cuz i am just an european guy.

    hilary says dumb things..
    trump pulling away usa troops from europe that defend us from russia.
    europe! prepare to get ass fucked by russians riding bears! D:

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  21. Fact check: In 2013, the USA spent $3.2 trillion on healthcare. Divided by the number of US citizens in 2013, that's $10,256. I don't know where you got your incorrect information, but when you're calling people out for saying "crazy" things, you should probably CHECK YOUR INFO. Jackass.

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