Tomas Venclova – Acquaintances from Moscow (31/88)

Who else can we mention of my acquaintances from Moscow? Nikolay Kotliarov, now a well know literary scholar
– a literatūrologas as we say in Lithuanian – and several other people, those who were closest to me – we were like-minded souls. We read a lot together, studied a lot of prohibited literature and we ourselves wrote for samizdat publications. After that, after having lived in Moscow for four years, having learned a lot, having discovered a lot, I moved to St Petersburg,
which at that time was called Leningrad, and I also lived there for four years. I found myself part of another group, an interesting group, in the centre of which was Joseph Brodsky. Joseph Brodsky was just starting out then, but he was
already a very well known and beloved Russian poet who later emigrated and became a Nobel laureate. We became good friends. He would, amongst other things, come to Vilnius,
we showed him Vilnius, he wrote several poems about Vilnius and, in short,
this friendship left some marks in Russian literature. Brodsky has been translated into Lithuanian, and probably into most other languages including French. He was a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur
and well known in Paris, even though he lived in New York.
But he used to visit here.

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