Titanfall Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro - Campaign Mission 1 (XBOX ONE)

so I wasn't really sure how to present this video I wanted to show you some online gameplay for titanfall I hate it they didn't have a story mode for this game I really did I was looking forward to playing the campaign when I got it I was like bummed out but they do I actually saw it they do have a campaign on here but it's online so I don't know how that works I don't know if you just got to win matches the unlock stuff for what but thought at least do one video I do have two copies for Xbox one that I got extra to give away so if you guys want a chance to win just leave a comment below usually about a week after the video has been up I'll announce the winners on the video and on Twitter so every series we started this year I've broken like 30,000 likes on every part one at least maybe bad SC that happened on this but it's not required hope you guys enjoy this and let's get rolling Sciences of concealment away too long I've discovered a dead zone of habitable planets and everyone is calling it a new routine dr. Anna now as I understand the IMC's were fueling facility here at his bottle for travel between the core and the frontier decades on tensions exploded into today the group calling themselves the militia I've conducted numerous race on IMC garrison Vice Admiral grace you and Captain Macallan have a long history of successful operations against the militia what do you think may have turned Admiral white in mcallen me right you short on supplies personal mission fleet is unlikely to survive your ex counter with the IMC that'll work in person so what you guys just saw is like a little intro video it's on the menu you can select it I don't know if there's a lot of cutscenes or anything in this game so apparently the campaign is a online Lobby type setup and you just get matched with random people I did play the tutorial I played the beta for a little while I really enjoyed it so hope I never get a chance to show you the game so I wanted to see how this goes we're a bunch of level ones against a five a three eight we need two more people everyone just got this game this is gonna be weird to go back and watch this are my personal school personnel this is Vice Admiral gross we have a rare opportunity to destroy an entire militia fleet we know these terrorists are almost out of fuel but desperation will make them unpredictable do not underestimate them they can't run far and they will most likely hit a fueling facility for the next few hours spyglass will firmly tighten pilots you will be assigned to drop ships at all potential targets in the Yuma system a heavy patrol rotation will be maintained at all sides at the first sign of militia forces you will deploy to the ground and ensure that the air defense turrets remain online you are cleared weapons free for this operation stay vigilant graves out I was pretty cool you got to actually see all the different stuff while he was talking I don't know I guess that's part of the story as well I guess to progress you have to win hardcore domination that space where you control points this is all going to be live this is not like post commentary anything I haven't done that since like 2011 actually 2010 when I did Call of Duty videos that my channel started actually in space fuel is life and the militia footage is running low only seven planets in the Yuma system can replenish a fleet of that size this is one of them we've set up turrets like this one just in case the militia decide to pay this site a visit that's Charlie this was Bravo problem give me a sip carrying online and operational all right you're freaking down list itself words to get a squad on the deck now assembled and ready for download pilots today you have a chance to establish peace on the frontier make it count it is really awesome how that was set up rs my first time playing the full game that's so badass that's so badass I have to I have to get me one of those in a minute I'm not sure how everything's set up what I do know is all around Paul schedule click you're the hot point it's just like Call of Duty domination sofa you got to hold the different points that's my friends probably should put a headset on and communicate with people this game looks gorgeous man the talents are online for alpha tonight are taking major damage he's got the shield shit all right here we go guys anti-titan weapon if I get killed I get killed it's gonna be my first time hopefully the first thing I get is not a death I've gotta get to the different spots but right now getting B oh shit I got fucked up dude yeah instant replay no thank you so you get a Titan occasion I'll get one before the video is over are we lost see we got to get over this alright I got my first kill Thank You gangsta Fred did I get another kill that's gnarly the point is that team Slayer anything and this game looks gorgeous man I'm running in 1080p my PC would not be able to handle this I gotta get over there let's get going I'm gonna get sniped I just feel it I don't man I really don't want to lose the first match it'd be be nice to win but there's no guarantees of anything let's move along move along guys yeah I when I had the beta I played it and I thought it was really well done I couldn't wait for the full game so this right here looks fucking awesome I didn't play for that long we put a few matches I did like the training show what cops do let's get excavation at 25% okay hell yes this motherfuckers just chillin I got nothing come on get over there oh no fall damage no I'm good I can't remember if the head that or not we're taking Bravo I don't know how good I'm doing really feel toxin turn it around get it done let's get fucking they got a are you kidding come on guys I'm gonna be the objective guy this whole game oh shit the talents are on line four Bravo I'm we're targeting the red eyes here we go I've really been using my ability yet there it is come on get it get it get it I like it says hold X to embark ah all right guys this shit just got real once due to video Mex Li no you don't bitch oh no charlie is under attack that's not good over here oh you can do it too huh Charlie back now yeah fuck your missiles bitch what you know about it come on yeah you can't get me down can you I don't how much help this guy's got left for me it's a fuckin battle though come on Oh I cut her I got a really good excellent always he's almost done that's the first type down my feet are good not good all right I gotta get out of here guys fuck it we're rolling get out of here shit that was awesome under how to do it I haven't got hardly anything yet I've killed a couple of guys but that's the character on line for Charlie then I'm taking some heavy damage let's keep going we gotta get a oh no man it's been a while since I've played a shooter hope it on I don't know if I'm good or bad at this game oh my god are we just gonna go the other way they held down the other ones for so long that we're gonna need to get all three four minutes but if you're fucking out what's on my thumb Oh does he see me oh no it's like we're going up guys we jumped up Bravo I don't see anybody be advised we're losing the fight but not by much we got to get to see I mean eh excuse me which I can Bravo has ran right past it I'm killing grunts just fine but I need to get to the objectives your replacement right Jonny is under attack I think plane is a Titan really didn't help too much I just should have got near the base a little more hon I'm fine if you're approaching Jonny what's my hot dog we got to get Charlie back the outbreaks down clear out the hostiles in the area they're interfering with a signal replacement typed in online damn it I want to use the Titan again but it's like online for Bravo and we're targeting tonight I gotta capture this guys forget it all right time to go Finn I'm gonna finger fuck out every with this Titan now don't go yeah you wish just in case is anybody back over there I don't we're not going to be able to win if we just hold these we've got to get the other one back we have to yeah if I leave this someone else could get it we have to make a dash for a really quick oh hang on someone right there nope you know even if we lost I feel like we played good all right we got to get going all the other caffeinate come on go go go get it we just lost our point Darla I got nothing you throw it back at it watch this we're gonna get any bitch you make oh stop it no come on man come on man I gotta get out of there oh that was crazy I'm gonna get killed come on hold them hold a hold of let's go I'm making a dash for a we have to really what kind of spa kills that I can't believe that I can't believe that guys come on we got to get going we got to get going you know what they're gonna be trying to get ours and they are getting our shit I gotta get a I have to get a the only thing that's gonna save us man it's over come on man just barely lost all bed come on we got to be kidding we're taking Charlie oh we're taking Charlie there still might be a chance guys if I could actually get to a and stop them from getting anything else other given B we got to get going through you barge sorry from running all crazy I'm trying to get to a and I'm trying to get there fast I'm trying to stay indoors cause if a titans out there I'm I'm gonna be swallowing they got all three home on it there's an odd point in that building get in there to fetch me fucking a man come on go go go we're taking Brava stay close to the terminal oh come on man immediately mission abort we have to evacuate even going for evacuation all right time to get the hell out of here guys I'm gonna go ahead and get my Titan then I'm gonna get out of here it'll just land where is it at oh shit we didn't even kill off that fleet 54 ships destroyed that's it how many of those ships were civilian tonight civilians are tomorrow's militia yeah this one you want me to go to start a wait for a search I want that freak bound right now we got to get out of here guys we got to get out of here go around the other side I'm not gonna make it oh come on me oh shit now what happens all had one pilot kill I killed a lot of people I don't know I guess it doesn't count the kills that you got I don't know it says I lived through that those I don't know how that works I don't know I love you progressive the story or what I thought I did pretty good though I thought I did really good I killed a couple of times by Titans I leveled up so alright well thank you guys for watching unlock the new loadout pilots lovely I don't know I guess it just keeps going I'm a back out really quick I wanted to show you that I thought it was an awesome little I guess experimental video hope you guys enjoyed it if you want more just drop a bomb when it like button and I will see you the future

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  1. Ohhh this is like rainbow six siege cuz you don’t have story missions you have like just objectives

  2. You killed a lot of grunts but you only killed a player because you don’t use the movement system properly

  3. The Titan is at the logo of a Titan and you can’t expect it to come to you if it’s in guard mode not follow mode. Why were you using your regular weapons against titans instead of your anti tian weapon and why do you play like you’re in COD.

  4. Make sure you utilise gear like grenades and abilities to the max. Also remember to wall run as your speed increase is massive. Remember to pay attention and remember that a Titan is only a good tool in the hands of a skilled pilot.

  5. i came here because im too lazy to play titan fall 1 and 2 and i want to know bkrnd information about titanfall universe (coz of apex)

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