hey guys so I had other plans for today and then this happened now Presley is thankfully feeling much better now but she's still gonna go to school so I figured it's a good day to take our five favorite sick day activities besides watching movies because that is what she's doing right now while I'm filming this I am Ella and I'm passionate about filmmaking and finding ways to be a great mom so first if your kid is stuck in bed try a super easy homemade activity tray I basically just grabbed a cookie sheet taped on old cards and envelopes some leftover stickers and okay it's just a little something extra than your normal coloring activity and Presley thought it was really neat it looks great number two build a hospital for your toys using shoeboxes and lots of washcloths you're really guys skating in the yeah okay yeah you know what I love about this one is that I got it started is in the waiting room and Presley kept playing with it number three build a fort you can't go wrong with this of course I always wonder how to keep for it and Presley separated if you have any tips on that please let me know in the comments number four presses at the age where she loves the kitchen in the past we've made homemade popsicles for sore throats this is all we got put in the freezer today we're more into toasts and something my Italian mother used to make me called Pasadena which we swear by for when you have stomach issues in the number five for congested kids shower and bath activities are awesome to keep them in the steam as long as possible this is the one time where I would give my kids shaving cream and let them go crazy in the shower hey Cassie feeling better yeah awesome will you guys I will see you next week Presley wants me to show you guys that I have throw up next week is vacation week on what's that months we're going to be posting every single day yeah yeah oh thank you Bradley I will see you guys next week all next week bye no 40 no 40 the wall

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  1. I'm 10 turning 11 and I'm watching this for myself because I'm stuck home from school in bed because I have a sprained foot I sprained it at the sports complex at my bff's softball game after getting a snowcone

  2. Hey I have an idea for keeping Ford and Presley away form each other lock up ford in an another Room 😅😂🤣😁😆

  3. I’m not a mom, But a tip to keep Ford and Presley separated is to say “Kids do ya wanna go to the park?” If they say yes before you leave say to ur kids “Ok we are gonna race! So Ford your gonna go with dad and Presley your gonna come with me!” Before you tell the kids your Going to the park organize witch parks to go to, then when your in the car just go to different parks and they won’t suspect a thing😂😂😂

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