THRIVE Foster Gamble on Free Energies, Money, Presidential, Conspiracies & the Thrive Movement movie

hello foster come on thank you for accepting to do this interview over Skype that’s really really exciting I’ve heard so much about your movie it’s going around the globe and around and around and around everybody’s talking about it and France and all countries how exciting well I’m so glad and it’s really nice to get to be a part of your community today which I consider to be one of the most fun and inspiring associations on the planet right now with your juicy living tour thanks for having me on thank you I feel so many of us are totally possessed to contribute right now to the world and clearly your movie is tell us about your intention behind it and what is rear vision with it well my wife and I wanted to make an offering that was the best use of us toward altering the global conversation to facilitate the transition to a world we’re not just a few or not even the majority but everybody can thrive so this was our best shot and we’re just absolutely thrilled at the reception that it’s getting all over the world hmmm well what what message do you mainly want to convey through through the movie what is for you truly important to share here well the core is that life is meant to thrive and so there must be something in the way and as I say in the movie I discovered in my quest to understand what’s going on that humanity is not a mistake we’re not some evolutionary flaw we’re actually just doing the best we can and we’ve been mistaken we’ve actually been duped quite successfully by a relatively small group of people who want most of us to fail who actually are not in favor of everyone succeeding so once we understand that then we can actually come up with solutions to obsolete that agenda and have the world based on integrity and on true rather than on deception and you know green and the type of you know short-sighted fear-based cruelty that we’re seeing getting played out in so many domains right now but I really see that exoskeleton kind of crumbling away the emergence is so vast of consciousness of truth of love right now on the planet said I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been that it can’t be stopped mmm wonderful is it your last name is gimble is that related to Procter and Gamble yes it is my great great grandfather was James gamble who was one of the founders he was the soap maker you know the guy was the candle maker and so that was six generations ago so would you say that your family’s somehow have contributed to the two to this do what to has has been part of this conspiration theory um not that I know of in terms of the actual planned agenda I think that the Procter & Gamble started out as a very well-intentioned company to provide light and you know clean health to people and then as it grew like so many large entities it got co-opted in many ways by the financial powers that be and if you look at the board of directors over the last 20 years at grid reads like quite a rogue’s gallery of the bankers and war makers and so forth and you know unfortunately it’s been a real disillusioning for me because there are a lot of aspects of it of the company that I was proud of that I am proud of in its early days and I’m forever grateful that I received some inheritance from my ancestors that allowed me to spend my entire life trying to figure out what it would take for Humanity to thrive and finally to make this movie but the company unfortunately is on I don’t think a very consciously run company even though it’s successful financially I have spent many years along with other family members doing everything we can to get them to clean up their no mess and to make healthier products and to stop animal testing we’ve gotten them to to reduce animal testing 85 to 90 percent but still the animals that are being tested on it’s unnecessary and cruel so the fact of the matter is that my family has a real speck of influence really hardly essentially none in terms of reputation they don’t like it if the if the Gamble’s don’t like what they’re doing but in terms of stock ownership or financial clout that disappeared generations ago how did you deal with that yourself changing and and it’s really stepping out of a different paradigm that you were born into can you tell us more about that because I think a lot of us even though if we’re not all born in big families like yours we have we have to step up also and break that pattern yeah our past generations well fortunately my own father was a man who was known in in our community in Cincinnati as just a pillar of integrity he himself was an attorney did not work for the company and my what my mother was actually probably the most unconditionally loving person that I ever met until I met my wife Kimberly so I was very blessed with parents who were humble and and honest and set a good example of service in the community but I went to you know an elite boarding school where John F Kennedy and Adlai Stevenson and the melons and the Rockefellers and all a lot of them went and then I went on to Princeton University and I was kind of an all-star in in school so I was courted by various organizations to to basically being a leader in the mainstream and I chose not to go that path and I wasn’t sure why at the time I just knew that it felt claustrophobic it didn’t feel inspiring to me I didn’t understand what was going on I graduated from college right when we were invading Cambodia and we were for no good reason that I could see and we were at the risk of nuclear holocaust and destroying the environment so I wasn’t impressed by what adults were doing and I was the president of the student body at the school Choate school where I went and amongst the previous presidents of the student body in the four years before me one of them went on to lead the Rockefeller Foundation another at the Ford Foundation and another was one of the top people in the in the bush Justice Department so I that was kind of the legacy that I was being trained for but I left the East Coast I came to California and really began explorations in consciousness explorations in health and environmental awareness and so forth and just woke up to a whole different way of thinking that really did move my spirit and thrill my heart and so I kept following that path and it’s led to this movie today mmm must be you must be super excited to see finally coming out I heard that it’s over six years of work huh well then the research was pretty much my entire life since that has 14 the movie itself Kimberly and I have worked on it for the past eight years Hey so I I said to her one day and maybe this is as close as Oliver get to feeling what it is like to give birth and she kind of looked at me and she laughed and she said well no actually this is more like giving birth to an elephant so it’s been quite a labor of love but we’re absolutely thrilled to have it like a key like a seed it’s been cast off it’s out in the world now it’s got legs it’s it’s planted itself in soil all over the planet and it’s it’s growing really exciting fruits in virtually every country on the planet already yeah tell us what happened for you at the age of fourteen well as I described in that movie I was riding on a school bus looking out the window and the light was blinking through the trees and it probably helped kind of put me in a trance-like State and suddenly I had a full-blown vision I was looking at this whirlpool vortex and then the the solar system appear in the vortex but that’s interesting and then the solar system and a disappeared room was replaced by an atom and I thought now they’re kind of the same there’s something very intense at the center with these other things whipping around the outside and then all of a sudden I had this whole body feeling that I was somehow the same pattern as an atom in a solar system and about halfway in between the scale between a tiny atom and a vast solar system and it was just a complete visceral experience throughout my my consciousness in my body and I basically came became preoccupied with that question is there a fundamental pattern of life energy throughout the universe and I joke now and I look back on and it was like when they were building with mashed potatoes and Close Encounters of the Third Kind I would go up to the physics lab I had virtually everyday after sports practice and I would be building things when people go what are you doing and I said well I don’t know but there’s this particular thing I need to build and one day I finally finished this sculpture where I had this very strong light generator created a beam of white light and I had taken all these glass blocks and diffracted the light so that it ultimately made a circle and the light came in on itself and just made a floating ring of light and when I finished that I felt such relief and I said that’s it that’s what I needed to build and people go well it’s pretty but well you know what is it I said I have no idea but that’s what I needed to build now I look back and realized that was the torus of life that is in fact the fundamental pattern at every scale it’s an electron it’s an atom it’s the electromagnetic field around a cell molecule a human body a live seed and around the planet itself and the solar system in a galaxy it turns out that at every scale as duane elgin says in the movie the universe is a torus growing Factory because that’s the fundamental pattern of wholeness it’s the only pattern that sustains itself in a continuous medium so that was really the breakthrough for me because what given the world society whose evolutionary imperative is to actually figure out how to create sustainable systems before we destroy life as we know it planet Earth it turns out the universe is giving us a blueprint everywhere we look if we just know how to see what are the implication of really putting this out in a big way now and that we’re really giving it attention well given that it’s the model for wholeness there’s a lot of proof already that if we follow this blueprint the results are nothing short of miraculous but mostly they’re healthy you know there there’s a sustainable so one example is in terms of energy access you know on this planet for several millennia we’ve been accessing energy by burning sticks and bye-bye combusting gasoline and and smashing atoms together and so forth and it’s a very aggressive macho male attitude toward how to access energy and with the emergence of the feminine across the planet now the same thing is happening technologically that if we recognize how the universe moves its energy and then learn to actually follow that dance and harmonize with it then the universe will pour out infinite clean and safe energy and that’s I’ve had the great privilege to be involved in the free energy field for about 15 years now and so I’ve gotten to visit some laboratories where I’ve developed a relationship of trust with the inventors and there are all different devices but I’ve seen a whole number of devices that work that actually just access energy right out of the space around us and and that’s really exciting to me my wife and I just cried the first time that we saw it realizing oh my gosh it’s actually here on this planet right now we don’t need to be causing asthma polluting the skies fighting over other people’s oil and all that kind of stuff clean free energy access is here right now the unfortunate part of that is that virtually every laboratory that I visited has been shut down by the government by the FBI by the NSA and so forth and the inventors have been threatened they gag order they’ve been made to stop their inventions for the most part so that’s one example of how the tourists can show us how to access energy in a clean sustainable way well what do you think is needed so that this is heard and the people inventors and people like that are not stopped anymore what what would it don’t I I think it’s a combination of Education activism and a lot of money and I think that with films like on the race to zero point and fire from ice and I thrive and other films that are coming out now about this phenomenon that’s really helping with the education and programs like yours that that are willing to take this information now in terms of the the money I we have on our website what we call a critical mass action where people can sign up indicate interest in a particular movement but then we don’t take action until there’s enough people or enough money to really know that we’re going to be effective so people can sign up and say if they’re want to take place in a in an Occupy type mass protest which will eventually happen if this stuff hasn’t been released you know maybe it’ll happen in front of the US Patent Office Department of Energy not sure where but I think it will end up happening all over the world where people just demand that they cease the suppression of these devices they’ve suppressed over 5,000 alternative energy devices in the US Patent Office alone but then the last thing is is the actual money if people are coming for it’s the strongest response that we’re getting to the film is enthusiasm about bringing this free energy out and there are inventors there are scientists and there are philanthropists from all over the world who are contacting me saying where do I sign up and I want to contribute my expertise my inventions my money to to this project so what I want to do is is wait until there is enough commitment that we’ve got the money not only to help the inventors complete their technology but to secure their labs not only with security forces but multiple cameras that are live streaming all over the world so if they get raided the whole world watches and enough money that the there’s a strong legal defense fund so that when the frivolous lawsuits get five to get filed that we’ve got a serious capability of fighting this in a you know in our questionable justice system at least having a public day in court and then finally education is to to have enough funding to make sure that we get the media and inform the scientists and celebrities and people who can all come forward at the same time and say that’s it it’s time to bring this stuff out finally because it takes quite a lot to coordinate mass mass of people like everybody seems to want to help and participate same thing on the juicy tour there’s so many people that want to contribute and then and then it’s such a new structure that is needed and it’s so pioneering something that we don’t even know exactly what’s going to look like it has to come from somewhere else it’s like how are we gonna put this out so that it’s effective like occupy you know Wall Street we’ve seen it can be chaotic and it’s hard sometimes to direct such a flow of enthusiasm and and and of New Energy yeah it is yeah and I think that’s part of the exciting challenge for Humanity right now Anna I’m so proud of that aspect of Wall Street that not only are people standing up but they’re rejecting the old file folders they’re they’re not willing to be put into the usual political binary or co-opted by the old institutions and so forth they’re actually insisting on finding new ways of relating to each other and relating to the economy and so forth and being willing not to know one of the things that we have on the website is a big section called called big queues which is the we’re not pretending to have all the answers to these problems we think we know some principles that are critical to follow but the key is accessing humanity’s creativity in a decentralized way so that everybody can can could be at their peace rather than having to depend on or be controlled by some centralized Authority what are some of the guidelines you would say to for us in our daily lives so that we can participate apply what you’ve what you what we are teaching and sharing in the movie what can we really appreciate the question and it’s the most exciting question to me of all and it’s the most challenging one to describe because you know as far out as ETS and free energy and conspiracy and all this stuff is to talk about we’re actually hardly getting any controversy about those topics at all you know the time has come the evidence is documented and and the story that we’re telling seems to make a lot more sense to people than the confusion they’ve had or the story that they’re getting from the corporate media but the most challenging one of all ironically is the core of our solutions section is the whole notion of Liberty and on the one hand it’s the one thing that everybody agrees to that I’ve ever talked to is that they don’t want to be violated against their will but if that is in fact as I think it is the core imperative for us to survive and thrive as a culture is to have that be not only our ideal but our rule our absolute core rule nobody gets to violate each other anyone anyone else except in true self-defense if they’re being attacked if that’s true then when we look at our government system at democracy itself even though it’s much better than socialism and fascism and communism and so forth still its majority rule and that means that you know in a in a lynch mob in the old days there was only one dissenter and he was hanging at the end of a rope it used to be that the majority didn’t think women should vote or that blacks should be free etc etc etc so the whole notion of having a majority rule take precedence over individual freedoms is a lethal mistake for Humanity so that’s the conversation that I am most engaging in these days publicly and one that people seem to be most interested in along with the free energy because when we go back to the wholeness conversation we’ve made the mistake that wholeness at the human level is the group actually the group is a concept it’s a it’s an abstract notion for a bunch of individuals the actual primary entity that’s real is the individual and if we don’t honor the wholeness of the individual then we set up the seeds of tyranny because a few individuals will get powers that other individuals don’t have and they’ll start printing the money and they’ll start controlling the military and they’ll start monopolizing in corporate activity and so forth and here we are you know it’s taking 200 years in this country but here we are on the brink of a police state so I would say the key navigating principle is non violation nobody gets to violate anyone else so how do we allow systems to emerge economically organizationally in terms of communication systems and so forth that are never authorized to violate anyone so in the film I won’t go into all the details at this point in the film we lay out a three stage business plan of how we can transition from the state that we’re in now into a state of voluntary association where there are rules all based on the protection of individual rights and the Commons that we share there are rules but there are no rulers there are no people or groups that are given powers that the rest of us don’t have so that’s the key one and then everything else comes from there how about how about on the political level because there is elections in France and Mexico in the US this year in 2012 what is your view on that and your advice on how people should participate or not well that’s a very tricky question first of all I my primary believes is that people should be free to choose so if you want to participate in those great I have most of my life I rarely participate in the political process much more particularly at the at the because it’s like you know choosing sides in a puppet show where you’re not actually seeing who’s controlling both of the puppets and in terms of the American election given that I’m not in favor of the of the government itself as we now know it as because it uses mandatory taxation which is a violation of people’s individual rights in order to sustain itself and then rosin starts taking over not only other countries but ourselves as we’re now seeing with the Patriot Act and that the the National Defense Authorization Act and so forth but some a lot of people have been asking me what do you think about these upcoming elections and in alignment with my business plan if I were going to participate in the political process what I would love to see is a is a political ticket on a new thrive part thrive party with if I had to choose current politicians I would choose Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul they happen to represent one Democrat and one Republican but really what they represent for me is I think that they both have tremendous integrity and I think that they both have something huge to contribute to this three-stage business plan I think dennis kucinich along with some other a few other politicians would be brilliant at using the money that would be freed up by cutting the defense budget in half it would still be you know bigger than the whole rest of the world put together so I think we could defend ourselves if that was our real purpose and I’m the money that we would be freed up by dissolving the Federal Reserve and having an actual free market of currencies and banks and so forth that would that would free up at least two trillion dollars a year which would be more than enough annually to take care of the people who need health care people who need homes a to subsidize the transition back to organic farming and so forth but that would just be a temporary stage where we use those funds to take care of the people and then parts of the environment who have been most damaged by our current system that kind of like healing a wound in your body it needs special attention for a period of time but ultimately I believe we need to shrink government down to only the protection of individual rights in the Commons and the only politicians that I know who are really willing to do that are primarily Ron and Rand Paul but also Dennis Kucinich is now on board for getting rid of the Federal Reserve and so I think in stage 2 which is shrinking golden stage 1 is bringing integrity to government while taking care of people in transition stage 2 is shrinking government down to its appropriate size as a protectorate as a small Republic which was there even the founders original vision in the Declaration of Independence then finally I think we’d probably see by the end of stage 2 whether or not we needed any of those organizations but whether or not we were actually really thriving much more with independent association based on a justice system of protection rather than aggressive you know telling people what to do so my advice for this you know follow your heart but be aware that the that the entire political system is a system based on the violence of taking away your money whether you like it or not at the point of a gun if necessary hmm do you think do you aligned with David Ickes opinion regarding reptilians and and how we’re a lot of politicians and a lot of the governments and people that there are placed into society and many people aiding us well you know I’m I I consider myself primarily a researcher and so I’ve done a lot of research on that and I have no specific evidence that where I could claim that and when I interviewed David Icke it was the first question I asked him I said David I need you to be really meticulous in this interview at distinguishing between your direct experience your incontrovertible evidence and your speculation so I said let’s start with reptilians what’s the deal on this and he said no I have no direct experience he said the evidence for me is overwhelming so if I had to choose what I believe I think that it’s true but it mainly he was just reporting on on firsthand reports that he’s gotten from hundreds of people from cultures all over the world and I wish he had been more clear about that in his books because a lot of I think I admire him tremendously his research has been so helpful to millions of people but I think he’s been written off a lot because he didn’t distinguish between himself as a reporter versus claiming something that true for myself I think what’s useful about that is number one anything is possible and if we’re being visited by advanced cultures from other parts of the solar system or galaxies things like that are possible so I think we should just keep our minds open what I do observe in my own experience is that many human beings are tend to operate from what they call the reptilian part of the brain the old cortex which is tends to be very fear-based very control based very ritual based and unfortunately though that kind of operation tends to dissociate itself from love from compassion from empathy and so forth and people who do that in my experience virtually always they’re people who have been abused and coerced into deciding that well there’s two types of people in the world either you’re controlled or you’re a controller which one you even want to be and again and again the people who are co-opted into that worldview sell out their sense of integrity so in our current system they’re very they become very skilled and talented at rising in a corrupt political system based on lies and deception and in a corrupt economic system based on theft and counterfeit and deception so unfortunately I think that there are a lot of the so-called leaders of our economic our financial system of our governmental system of our military of our media and that applies to virtually every country in the world a lot of them I think are operating from that old world view in a very fear-based way that is really really dangerous for all of us and that I think we we don’t need to attack them in our response needs to be absolutely loving and nonviolent but like Aikido really firm and clear in that we obsolete them from control over anyone elses lives and actually move to this system of individual freedom and non violation because in a city in a system like that they wouldn’t have the power to do any of this and in a system of true a truly free market of voluntary Association and integrity those big banks would act when have been out of business a long time ago so it’s happening anyway aha could through their fear-based message through advertising and through the media and how they’re governing what did you see that that breaks the the Taurus cycle like actually once we start fear is based in the the natural flow and could you did you see that scientifically in tension yeah groups well I’m both Kimberly and I’ve worked a lot with Elizabeth set Torres who’s an evolution biologist who spend a lot of her time focusing on clarifying what she calls the features of healthy living systems and she acknowledges that any healthy living system has a toroidal form to it and some of the features that she identifies are for instance the empowerment of all parts you know ain’t in your body or your body’s not going to be healthy unless it empowers all the parts of the body and in an economy unless you have an economy that that can allow energy to flow to all of the parts you’re not going to have a healthy financial body as it were and that our system through its deceptions and through Fiat money and the Federal Reserve and central banking and all of these scams that give unfair rights to a small group of people its channeled all the wealth to a very small group of people so it’s as if in your body you know all of the blood had to go to the right arm or something like that everything else starts to to deteriorate and atrophy and if it has a chance it’s going to speak up as loud as it can and say hey we need blood too and that’s what’s happening with occupy and anonymous right now you know we all need access to the energy and and the truth and so that’s an example of how the the toroidal system of honest communication of honest money and so forth has been co-opted and distorted in a way that’s really dangerous not only for the people who are right now having their lives destroyed but ultimately for all human beings and for the environment as well is there some something that we can do daily or as a to start the day to make sure that this the flow and this torus is activated or that we know it’s there well it’s I love the question and yes at every level in fact it’s something that I do every day just I used to train and teach in Aikido and in Aikido you’re you’re made very aware of this toroidal energy field around you also so what I recommend to people as a quick exercise is just as you stand up in the morning I just find your Center where is the very center of your being and then let your breath flow in and out naturally around you and as you step out into the world through a relaxed body just let your energy flow without losing that Center and then as you go through your day recognize that everyone else has their true Wartell energy field also and don’t violate it relate to it you know dance to it interact with it but don’t violate it physically emotionally verbally economically or anything else it’s it’s kind of it sounds like a kind of merely a protection shield as well it is you know what when energy intuitive –zz talk about surrounding their bodies with golden light to protect yourself and so forth it’s very true and I’m German The Listening has had an experience of when you’re with someone whose aura is collapsed you can feel the the vulnerability in the danger in just that the sort of darkness this starts to come in whereas someone who’s really in their centre and in that experience of alignment with life energy that experience of love you can feel their radiance and it’s very attractive but it’s not it doesn’t invite a attack or it doesn’t invite a abuse it actually invites you to let go of your own tightness and feel some of that wonderful energy hmm what are some of the your favorite scientists researcher authors that you came across that you have featured on that feature that you really think are bringing in crucial elements right now I know you have Nasim that I have interviewed also really enjoyed my interview with him in Hawaii is there is there some that you would like to talk about so yes in terms of influences on me from various sections I haven’t been influenced by people from all different sectors of life specifically in terms of science I worked with nassim haramein for six years and he’s been a strong influence in and we’ve really enjoyed working on the geometry and cosmology and energy aspects together also in terms of science I was very strongly influenced by Walter Russell by Buckminster Fuller and by Arthur Young and they’re all three in as well as in assim what I call visionary scientists so they’re not only people who were willing to be rigorous with the scientific method but they were all people who were guided by initial and ongoing visions from other realms than the rational mind which they were willing to work to bring the rational the logic the science scientific together with very powerful intuitive or you know comes from other insights left insights from other realms let’s say and I have also been influenced a lot economically by people like Katherine Austin Fitz and and Bill still who investigated you know what’s going on behind the scenes and money a lot Griffen i one other influence that I would want to mention because he was one of the strongest influences in this film was my own son Trevor gamble he was really the first one to wake me up to the more subtle behind-the-scenes levels of both the liberty perspective and conspiracy and he came to me and said dad you know there’s some things that I’ve been finding out that if you don’t know about him I think you should really check out and we’ve just had amazing discussions over the years and he spent six years researching the whole money situation and how it how it interacts with human rights and he has actually just written a book called nonviolent prosperity the principles of Liberty which I was shamelessly plug because I think it’s one of the most important books I’ve I’ve ever seen for anyone who’s interested in what’s really going on economically and the way out that honors human rights it might want to check out that book on Amazon and I’ll be happy to interview him that’d be great yes wonderful so that well how do you see the future what’s your vision on the future well I’m glad to say that that given how much I know people are really surprised how optimistic I am I’m not naive about this I think that the transition could be very ugly I think that the powers that be have have planned a global financial collapse that they’re trying to orchestrate as quickly as possible and I hope we can avoid that but but not necessarily so I think it could be very ugly for most people on the planet for a while so I think that the key thing is what do we know in terms of options that are available as things collapse what can we replace it with rather than just going with the usual problem reaction solution kind of a sucker punch worried about that of of getting trapped by a false flag operation like an economic collapse like somebody sets off a dirty nuclear bomber you know another 9/11 or something like that with people get afraid and get suckered into you know oh well what’s the government going to do we’ll give up give up more of our liberties and we’ll have you know the the patriarchal state come in and take you over even more control and they’ll rescue it’s just like in 2008 with the the financial collapse and with the with the whole 9/11 experience in 2001 if instead were aware of the type of options that are being explored in the whole Liberty perspective and by Occupy Wall Street and by healthy organic farmers and so forth then it’s actually going to be easier to bring those systems in those really they’re not systems they’re awareness it’s they’re principles by which we can can create a new and free society as things collapse but I think that what I see happening worldwide is that as long as we can keep the internet open people are getting informed so fast now about what’s really going on that they’re starting to organize in a very intelligent highly leveraged and decentralized way and that’s what makes it unstoppable and I recommend to people that if you’re wondering at all what to do I recommend that you go to our website at thrive movement com go to the solutions section and we’ve got a hold what can I do portion in there that makes very specific recommendations of our kind of top 10 items that we recommend that you print out and you know stick it on your refrigerator and make a checklist you can actually go through these things they don’t take a lot of money they don’t take a lot of time they’re mostly lifestyle and choice changes and those things I build up into mass movements that do things like get rid of the Federal Reserve and get rid of the you know citizens united and the NDAA the Defense Authorization Act it’s it’s taking over the country right now so I think that the the actions are becoming more clear I know that just even from our perspective from thrive there are thrive groups springing up in countries all over the world in cities all over the world and you know sometimes they rise and say well what should we doing I say well we put that in in the website our best suggestions but we really trust humanity’s spirit and creativity so take the information and then you sit down with your community and brainstorm what are our talents what are our passions what are the most effective things that we can do and then as you organize independently send us what’s working and what’s not working will publicize that and act as a hub worldwide for best practices for actually moving toward a world where everyone can thrive hmm I had a little something to ask you because there is this quote that is going around and I wanted to see what was your relationship to this man or your reaction to his quote and his blogs about your movie Charl Eisenstein yes he says thrive gets the story wrong but the Spirit is right the dominator model is not an evil to overcome but rather an evolutionary stage that has reaches fulfillment and is giving way to something new what what is your relationship to him and what is your reaction to what Charles and I have been in conversation through email and over the Internet and I’ve written an extensive response to that that is posted on our website under my blog and also at reality sandwich calm and fundamentally I’m making the point that that being more conscious being more friendly and caring it is not enough it’s really important but kind of consciousness is not a replacement for activism and the two need to go hand in hand and a lot of my training was in martial arts I trained in taught in Aikido for 15 years and as a martial artist I was taught and I taught my own students the number one imperative for your survival is an accurate assessment of reality so we can say that yes there is a system in place and I agree that both the government system and the economic system are intrinsically unfair and lead to domination and at this same time along with that there are individuals who put that system in place and it wasn’t an accident wasn’t ignorant it was an incompetence they actually did it as a scam in order to be able to control people’s lives so at the same time that I think we need to be nonviolent we need to be as aware as possible and then be willing to call out the people who are perpetrating this agenda and encourage people to withdraw participation from their banks from their corporations from their media systems so that in the same mode of Martin Luther King and Gandhi that through nonviolent non participation we can take the energy from there and shift it to systems which do honor individual rights and operate with integrity hmm well thank you so much for the service this time Foster and and doing this interview it’s it’s been really really useful and I’m excited that everybody could phase I’m gonna I’m sure I’m gonna see this all over the Facebook walls and people are gonna share it while lead has never been a better time being thank you for all your work and if there is a last word or something you haven’t mentioned here that you would like to finish with well I think the last thing I would say is that I I invite people not only to immerse in the movie because it is a it’s challenging in the the intensity of some of the information but it’s it’s real if you talk about reality TV this is real life stuff and we also make it a very beautiful and and fun journey throughout the film but then recognize that thrive is a tool we built it to save people time and it’s really difficult to talk about any of these topics UFOs free energy conspiracy Liberty to talk about any of them in a social situation which is where most of us spend time with people you sound like a nutcase bringing up any of these things for ten minutes but what we tried to do is step back and connect all those dots into a coherent story so what people are doing all over the world is buying the DVD and giving it to their spouse giving it to their family members they did it for Thanksgiving they did again with stuffers over Christmas and they’re ending up not if you give it to someone and say if you’re interested spend two hours with this and then if you want to talk give me a call then you’re having a conversation where you’re both looking at a whole nother new level of reality together rather than arguing over a little you know is the Federal Reserve really federal art are they’re in such thing as youth as UFOs the conversation moves to a whole nother level that not only is reconciling relationships it’s transcending the usual left and right polarity in a very effective way and that was our goal was to be like a time capsule that could be on this planet other planets whatever and just save people time and getting to the truth and getting to the experience of love and thriving so check out the website you know rent the movie online or buy a DVD gather your friends and have the discussions that are wanting to be had it makes it a lot easier well I must say I’ve received hundreds of people are requesting this interview and and I know that the world is going it’s going around I’ve never seen any movie so far being so talked about at this present moment so well yes we’re thrilled about that and it only confirms what we believe about the the beauty and the strength of the human spirit and I I just want to end by acknowledging you for doing this fantastic service that you’re doing traveling all over the world and inspiring people with with your conversations so keep it up and I look forward to meeting a person one of these days Thank You foster much much love from France and blessing thank you very much Happy New Year bye-bye [Music] you you

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Nassim is so kooky and absurd with his bizarre newage beliefs he does great damage to the free energy movement. It repulses people when they hear he believes aliens are flying though worm holes in our Sun to distant stars, that he is the genius who crossed the non-existent even horizon of non-existent black holios, that he drivels on about absurd stuff like the ark of the covenant, his ridiculous schwarzchild proton garbage based on dysfunctional einsteinian "field equations. Huge embarrassment

  2. Cont: it is a massive mistake to include people like nassim and d wilcock, g braden and others of their ilk, whose research is really nothing more than psyfi book worm crap these fellers promote. The free energy movement is seriously damaged by these people, because their hair brained new age theories have little to nothing to do with reality and everything to do with: sensationalism, selling vids and books, lecture circuit cash, status, fame, fortune! Mega Failure for humanity and Free Energy!

  3. Im homles and disabled (spinal) , Gives me hope. And Love. There really are good people around. And alot more than you think.

  4. @morphaus I believe that the vast majority of people would be good and loving people IF you let them. The society model we live in today forces us to fight eachother. That´s plain inhuman.

  5. Very glad I read the reviews of Thrive on Amazon. Glad to find out in advance that the movie basically is a slick commercial for Libertarianism. I won't waste my time watching it now.

  6. So typical of Ron Paul supporters to say things like "more earnest study of Ron Paul". I have done a LOT of research on Ron Paul and his ilk. That is exactly WHY I would never support him, because Libertarianism would be a miserable FAILURE, God forbid he would ever be POTUS!!

  7. Once again, you are speaking pretty "new agey" yourself…"tapping the energy all around us". I'm trying to understand your wanting to lump a hugely diverse group of beliefs into something called "new age" and then demonize it.

  8. you are one of those people who actually believes the "Illuminati" are "Satanists". Funny, do you even realise that name "Lucifer" appears only twice in the Bible, and is not even referring to the devil, or "Satan"?? And please explain to me how seeking divine knowledge (Theosophy) is somehow "evil"??

  9. Thanks halation, I don't lump everyone into the category 'New Age', there are all sorts of ideas and concepts, Eastern or otherwise (i.e chakras, meditation. herbalism, free energy etc) which are not inherently New Age. The New Age is a specific movement co-opted by the very ppl Gamble talks about, yet is a part of.

  10. This way, it can be difficult to tell what's what as the New Age mirrors 'real' concepts closely then adds a destructive twist. You call all this 'libertarianism' and you are correct in that some aspects of libertarianism are agenda driven, others not. In fact at its core New Age is old occult, and there are normally all sorts of tell tale signs, when something is New Age, and with Gamble, most the croaks and 'pioneers' as well as the torus, symbolism etc are New Age without an inch of doubt.

  11. Saying things like 'tapping the energy around us' is a bit verbose and simplistic, but only because typing in tiny box is not a forte for me, I sometimes slip into New Age tropes for brevity, and not all New Age concepts are bad. Things can be done by hook or crook but very few people will respond well to 'we will break you in to a unified, fascist, valueless world' so Gamble has to do it softly, softly. This is the 'New Age' deception. I think many are waking up to this BS.

  12. halation, I don't have time to convince you of anything. Believe Theosophy is divine knowledge all you want. Did you ever read any of the works of the founding members of Theosophy? Did you ever read the Bible which references various forms of evil, satan, demons, unholy forms of worship etc throughout? I won't debate the Bible with you either as people read it differently. Maybe you are a bit of a libertarian yourself?

  13. There are certain places ppl don't want to go even if many aspects of 'conspiracy' are quite evident. One is that there is an occult dimension to it, the other (even more so) that there is a sci fi element. Believing the weirder stuff might make you delusional or maybe a creative person, but none of these are my motive or method. When the myriad deceptions extant peel back, we will be saying those 'weirder' things were right. Educating yourself, meditation,courage to look outside the box helps.

  14. No human being has authority over another. Putting on a uniform does not change it. Be sure of your salvation.

  15. Have you done any independent research? I doubt so. Search for "Thrive Exposed", "Thrive Debunked" "Thrive Subliminal Illuminati Symbolism". Now who is stupid to fall for this scam without doing any research? To believe and fall in Lies for this. That's what I call Ignorance, and that's how they Fool, Deceive & Mind Control you with this Fraud.

  16. Thrive promotes "Libertarianism" what is a Ism, a Religion to Fool, Deceive & Mind Control you. The USA is founded by Liberty, what have caused Genocide & Mass Murder from the Beginning, till now the End of USA. Search on the net for "Why is libertarianism wrong?", "Critiques Of Libertarianism" & "Libertarian Dictatorship"

  17. Just remember, Bush's last act in office was to bail out the banks with the tax payers money! Yes, Bush bailed out the banks. Republicans have amazingly deficient memories.

  18. This interviewer seems rather dense, I can't believe she actually grilled Foster on his heritage due to the fact that his great grandfather was the partner of a Mr. Proctor, as in "Proctor & Gamble"!! How ignorant. Doesnt the fact that he is putting out all this information mean anything to her? Stupidest questions I've ever seen! I feel so bad for Foster having to go through this "interrogation" as if he did something wrong, instead of asking more about "Thrive" and what it is all about.

  19. The Six Nations governed through consensus. They recognized that everyone had a piece of the picture and everyone had the right to be heard.

  20. Foster has integrity, heart and intelligence! I'm grateful for his existence…
    And Lilou is just a great interviewer, she's soft and sweet but puts the most important questions on the table.
    Both thumbs up!

  21. I wouldn't trust so someone Fromm foster and gamble, a company who's products practically all contain heavy metals for use by humans- he never goes into detail about his fallout with his elite family either- hard to trust

  22. Sounds great Foster. Ron Paul is a Freemason. Doug Wead is his ‘senior campaign adviser', an adviser of Republican Presidents. His main sponsors the Bush Family.

    Ron Paul knowingly allows massive vote fraud. Dave Hodges on Farm Wars, “Even the New York Times admitted the Republican Primaries in Iowa & Maine were stolen from Ron Paul. He's an austerity candidate. No plan to get back $27T stolen by banks. No job plan. His free market favors continued Corporate manipulation. Do your research!

  23. Foster check w/ Leuren Moret or Alfred Webre they will tell you that Kucinich is also compromised- backed down on control of HAARP. Do you think the powers that be would allow anyone (Kucinich, Paul) to get that close to the presidency when all the others are obviously compromised? The answer is not parties nor politicians. Getting rid of the Fed Reserve is not the answer. That's why Paul wants that. Get a public bank going as per Ellen Brown. Edward Griffin is a shill. Good luck, Foster.

  24. Since this interview we see Mehran Keshe coming to the forefront with his space technology with its many applications ( zero point energy, healing, transport etc ) The technology will be released to the people on 21st Sep 2012Obama sent a very long letter to Mehran claiming that scientists who release technology will be breaking his new law unless the tech is released to the military for the benefit of the arms manufacturing nations Check out the Keshe Foundation for more info

  25. I've been searching the internet for the last 6 mos for anyone who does not like Ron Paul… you are the 1st one I've found.

  26. environmental "stuff" us not just about fuzzy creatures in the woods… your children are animals too… for example, people depend on water for living & when big companies allow their factory waste to pollute water in their areas, then people who previously depended upon that water way for sustenance, suffer… this is a very common environmental problem around the world & it's not the only one… you are just fortunate enough to not have to face this issue in your daily life

  27. I've watched a bunch of G. Edward Griffin stuff–It seemed OK to me. In what way is Griffin a shill?
    Who in your opinion is or was offering good information?
    Don't say Bill Cooper because he can no longer offer anything new, having been killed years ago… Cooper had some weird ideas too b/c he though that it was possible now to breath oxygen already present on the moon. Same with John Lear.

  28. I dunno, but a few people think the pyramids are water batteries and I think theyre onto something. Leedskalnin and the toroids in joule thiefs alone have convinced me shape = something to do with free energy.

  29. Joule Thief circuit does not create free energy. It's simply a coil of wire being pulsed and the collapsing field is used as a source. The energy output is less than the input always.

  30. Well, I don't think the PMH "creates" free energy, rather it takes a very small amount of energy and directs it through a sort of amplifier and holds onto it to create a very powerful magnet. You could say a fresnel lens doesn't "create" 1000 degrees of heat, it just harnesses it very effectively.

    It's thinks like that, that make me believe the technology of the future will be based on emulating nature's geometry, which is what the pyramid was about, I'm absolutely certain: watch?v=L1DI2mwfdls

  31. There is an experiment by Les Brown who set up 3 tetrahedrons and basically turned zinc into power, just like the Joshua Gulick experiment using a pyramid to create oil that turned into white powder from pure gold. There is something that geometry affects we are not seeing here, because it is invisible. I wouldn't say a generator creates energy, just harnesses what is already always present. So all we need are more effective ways, really. Collectively we will all have to make this effort.

  32. No there is no amplification going on. It is the inductive kick when the field collapses. The pulse width is very narrow. No magic just physics. Lots of misinformation on the net. People thinking you can create energy when it is impossible. The energy must already exist. No one has created free energy nor will they ever unless they are God.

  33. You mind your own business first BITCH and maybe I'll asked him what I like there is nothing wrong with asking this man if he "BELIEVES in GOD, he put this video out here to the public for the public to chose to believe or not believe in what he is saying and I asked a good question and since this isn't your damn video you can mind your own damn business by trying fallowing your own advise and minding your own damn business I wasn't specking to your nosy ass in the first place !

  34. the reason you so desperately need an answer about his position on god is because you have no idea what or who god is. the whole movie was about god but you can't see that because you've been told that god's words were written down in a book you call the bible when in reality god cannot be fathomed by the minds of men and the book your reading was cut and pasted over centuries and isn't a book at all, it's a collection of personal accounts and interpretations. god is everywhere and everything.

  35. ummm,no, the only people that think this is people who take the first thing they here and decide that it's fact without ever doing any research….like you apparently. everything you stated is completely false or misrepresented. lol a guy watches a video about the true nature of things and goes right back to being part of the problem hahaha i just don't get it. stop looking at the surface and start digging for the truth. there should be no need for social security we have it as a crutch.

  36. if this is true what then would have been the reason for the government to seize the inventors work? if it didn't work it wouldn't have been a threat. even if free energy didn't work im sure that "next to free energy" is totally possible without the use of nuclear,coal or oil.

  37. lmao i don't even know where to start. we wouldn't need cap and trade if there were no pollution. his family "owned" procter and gamble years and years ago and sold it they haven't had anything to do with the company for years. which "ulterior motives" are you reffering to? when you say "we want" who do you mean…you and who? you will never do away with lobbyists, some lobbyists are good like enviormental and nra lobbyists among others. lol if you think ron paul is bad then you know nothing.

  38. the reason you think the way you do is because you don't see the bigger picture yet. it took me awhile to but if you keep thinking you'll connect all the dots eventually. thrive movement only tells part of the story. the whole conspiracy(yes i used the word conspiracy) is so deep it really takes a long time to see it. you know little to nothing about RP trust me. i can't explain everything about everything with 500 words at a time.

  39. Ok well not sure what position you are taking. However, like many too good to be true schemes, Free Energy is one of them. The natural laws do not allow for free energy. Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. Therefore how can you have free energy and not be able to create energy? You see free energy is BS just like all those claiming they have created it.

  40. the term free energy is a false term. since energy cannot be created or destroyed it must be instead harnessed and re-purposed into the energy we can use. like liquid changing into a gas and back into a liquid again so must the cosmic energy that is all around us change into electricity and back into cosmic energy in a sustainable way. i think tesla was on the right track. perpetual motion machines would make great clocks.

  41. Ok we agree. But it is important to remember that energy must be used to change energy into another state. Since energy must be put into a system to change a state of another energy system into something useful i.e. Electricity for instance, the process is always lossy. So 100% efficiency is not possible because of losses. Therefore Energy IN = Energy OUT + LOSSES

  42. well you may be right but you could also be wrong…time will tell. at this point i don't think it's necessary to reach over capacity before a device becomes useful to society. look at existing solar and wind power technology, not free energy but still better than typical fuel power. the only reason solar and wind power hasn't caught on is because of the oil and coal industry lobby imo.

  43. Thank you for sharing the idea of democracy is also not the system we really want. Because democracy still means segregation of 2 parties, not as a whole. Majority dictates what goes and over rules the minority, that's also how it led to our system today. Democracy was a good stepping stone, just like our old energy system is just a stepping stone to emerge technology and ideas; it's time to evolve to a new system that we prefer instead of hanging on to the old ones that we do not prefer.

  44. notice foster lilou etc there is a big brake somewhere and it is what you omit humans cannot treat land and ocean animals the way they do and expect to thrive

  45. Im glad we got men like this who will help us transistion, but "The Venus Project" has still got to be the direct direction we must go. No more electing people, or monetary system, it's gotta end

  46. i think the donation pop up is for the interviewer, and her vids, since the icon looks like her. im not sure, but that how it seems to me. mr gamble seems like a honest man, not money hungry.

  47. this has to be the most important message to the people of the world,it has inspired me to join and participate in this great idea of freedom.Finally an idea to act on and promote around the world in a peaceful way.

  48. On the issue of being "duped" the key to this is the monetary system we have. Its not money at fault its a kind money which is created and issued under certain conditions~ as interest bearing debts. This feature of our economy turns a useful fiction~money into the dominant controlling factor in the economy.The game rule whereby money is created as debt in essence diverts us collectively from focusing on what's truly valuable ~Children, People, Community, Creativity, Peace, Nature,etc

  49. This is a very wise human been.I still have'nt watch the movie Thrive compleate but this interview did it!!!! thanks Lilou

  50. Great interview Lilou–vous avez posé de très bonnes questions! I am entirely impressed with Foster's handling of your questions and embrace his vision for a better world for all. Count me in on the Thrive Movement!

  51. This guy is genuine.There's a lot of great people out there.This guy doesn't just talk about his ideas,He really follows through.

  52. "Individual's ideas expressed without passing through a central authority."
    Oh, that pesky scientific peer-review process. Keepin the common man down n shit.

  53. Great question. Have you contacted Foster Gamble, or the Thrive Movement with your question? I'm sure lots of people would like to know what you find out, if you would like to come back and share. Thanks!

  54. Mob rule, as Foster mentions, is what democracy develoves into; which is why the USA was designed as a Republic under the rule of law- the Constitution. Under the Constitution, the President, Congress, and everyone is subject to the rule of law, which he does eventually say, that the gov't was designed to proctect individual rights, and 'commons'. We've gotten so far off track.

  55. I‘ve read through all the feedback. I think this is a quality youtube video. My bro simply would like to become astonishing with ladies. He was taught a shit load from a site called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations on how to get girls from nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his first bedroom encounters in 3 long yrs. I’ve been bothered however because I heard them all.

  56. Foster wants the world to thrive?
    Hey…count me in.
    But when the biggest component of the Gamble plan is the creation of some far-fetched mystical energy source…all bets are off.
    You can't have a rational discussion of anything, when the foundation of the plan is based on assorted nutty conspiracies and the Miracle Torus.

  57. is there any movement of getting rid of money altogether because with all this understanding of how the world works im sure you both know that money is not needed  everyone has the right to what our mother earth provides to us. And there will be no problem with greed at first possibly but if we teach our children about the basic morals of life then we will have a balanced society. We will no longer have the reason to fight each other for resources or material things because we would all have access to them

  58. looking for sponsor:
    free energy – real . NOT FAKE MUSIC (talk talk and nothing to see from the talk)

  59. Our co-creation depends on you donate today? What does that mean?… With our money you and others can recreate? Juicy Living Tour? What? What audience are you.. we.. looking for?

  60. Nelson Mandela wrote in his book 'Long walk to freedom' that the tribe he had grown up in, did neither belief nor apply majority ruling. The free will of an individual was never violated or overruled. Instead it was always respected.
    All the totalitarian regimes from Hitler to Stalin, even our fake democracy is setting the good of society (maybe as pretext?) above the good of the individual.
    This had never worked and never will. Foster is spot on, that this is one of the core views that needs to be changed.
    Together with the idea that there need to be rules, but no rulers.

  61. Absolutely ONE of the WELL DONE Production….which I will feed to as MANY AS POSSIBLE! Thank you ALL so very much for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I know that it's all very TRUE and absolutely necessary to live simpler, thrive together as WARRIORS FOR PEACE LOVE AND UNITY TO …. AND MOSTLY… . TAKE AWAY the greed mongers power. WE ARE CREATORS OF LOVE as the NEW CURRENCY! Barter, live simpler, enjoy nature, and , as you said, INTEGRITY amongst OUR fellow UNIVERSOUL FAMILIES as well . I respect your family very much for making this exceptionally well put video of TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE!

  62. Proof that its alien Technology Helicopters Cannot Clone Themselves Common Sense

  63. Peace and Blessings to The Gamble Courage to Make This Adjustment With Humanity's Emotional intelligence… Re-Investment of Our Purpose At Birth Is The Exponential Ancestry and Posterity… WOW, to The Lilou Effect On Humanity's Resurrection. Just, "WOW!" We're All Just Soooo Molecular. <3 #ObatalaSmile 😀

  64. Also, Mr. Gamble Has A Profound Expanded Awareness No Doubt The Result Is The Torus Template Churning In His Psyche.. His Insight Into The Procession of Innocence Into The Darker Experiences of The Psyche is Also Torus Restorative At The Leadership Level and In Prisons Filled With Unwilling Emotional Disturbances… Worth Investing In by Any and All Corporate Families Past, Present and Futuristic… Consciousness Is The Centrifuge of The Torus, Wave Upon Wave Into The Chambers of Every Emotional Health from The Weakest First, Exponentially Reaches Prosperous Levels At Each Extended Edges… We Are The Restorative Presence… Seeing Our Inseparable Unveiling…Smile and Translate Light Into A Life? That's The Torus Mr Gamle Saw and It Might Have Been The Arck of Golden Light I Saw at ( During Easter Suanday Service… We're Dimensional Phasing As Awareness… We Must Free More Hearts and Minds to This Understnading, Quickly. Knowledge Is Peace. #ObatalaSmile

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