Three people killed during anti-citizenship law protests in India

India is circling should get a grip on
the growing outrage against its controversial new citizenship law now as
a protest rage on protesters are dying in fierce clashes with police for more
on this and other news around the world let’s go over to our union Jungmann at
the NewsCenter Chung Mina tell us more about at this
this protest in India and and the cause of it Sharon young this mass protest
against the Indian government’s citizenship law has been rumbling on for
days now three people have died and thousands have been detained tens of
thousands of protesters took to the streets again on Thursday the
demonstrations sprung up despite a law which bans more than four people from
gathering in the same place two people died in India’s esaron Mangalore after
being shot and another person was killed in the northern LOC now during a clash
with police we are protesting because the citizenship Amendment Act is anti
Constitution it’s against the idea of India it is anti-muslim and it is anti
indigenous this mass protest began often the arrival of the controversial
citizenship citizenship law which was pushed by India’s Prime Minister
Narendra Modi the law offers India citizenship to illegal immigrants from
Pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan when they are either Hindu Buddhist or
Christian but not Muslim this has prompted a strong backlash from Muslims
in the country calling it discrimination against a certain religious group and
against India’s secular Constitution but Modi who has been bolstering Hindu
nationalism dismissed such concerns and vowed to quell the anti-government
protests a protest ban has been implemented across India States while
internet was shut down by the government

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