Thousands protest against austerity in Greece

analysts brought a new type of weapon to this March a tube launching fireballs at the feet of right bass that in the traditional wallet of cocktails poor police of God after two hours of peaceful marching and they did not give chase to the protesters in fact police staged their own separate protest against austerity which has already bitten deeply into their salaries and pensions there is a gathering anger against syriza which came to power promising to end austerity even leftists have turned against it this man fought for the Communists in Greece's civil war 70 years ago it's abundantly clear that they're serving the interests of capitalists people need to rise up workers are the majority they need to come down here the only way we're going to resolve this is on the street not in Parliament these kindergarten teachers say they've lost a third of their income over eight years yet did must say we've already suffered from austerity these new measures will flatten us completely we won't be able to eat or pay our bills this year I'm paying 200 euros more in taxes than last year on less income maybe this is no worse than if we have gone back to the drachma these local government employees are angry that the government has caved in to allow retail trading on Sundays which they say hurt small businesses but it's the news spending cuts that gives the most offence these people say syriza has surrendered two measures that significantly worsen the terms of the third Greek bailout agreed two years ago it'll cut 2 percent of GDP from government spending that's four billion dollars beginning in 2019 but this time the measures won't be accompanied by new ones syriza says it's also legislating spending measures and tax cuts worth as much as the new austerity but those will only come into play if the economy does well and performance has consistently failed to pick up this year slight growth was expected but the first quarter results show the nation remains in the red leaves and few here are optimistic that the tax cuts and spending will ever take place jumps are Apollo's Al Jazeera

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  1. WE MUST CREATE A NATURAL ECOSYSTEM THAT GIVES FREE FOOD TO EVERYONE, THIS WAY THERE WILL NO MORE SUBMISSION AND CONFLICT. The actual slaving governement is controlling us with simple things, the lack of ( food, medicine, knowledge) —– please share

    If food was free, we will not need to work for this industry which remove our rights. If food was free we will focus efforts to create an economy that helps us and the nature ( FREE FOOD FOR A FREE WORLD)

  2. Greeks wanted a large state, they wanted more spending and larger pensions, their government robbed them, and now they are dealing with the results, but this is the consequences of their actions. The only way politicians cannot steal from the people is if they don't have control of the people's money in the first place. Let people keep their own money and these kinds of problems don't happen in the first place.

  3. Because more are taking than making. eventually production goes negative and there is no more money coming in. You have taxed all you can. They blame the GOV. But it is their own fault. Clear evidence socialism collapses in on itself. it has never worked soundly in history . Ever. “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money”

  4. I hate capitalism as much as the next guy. But it works.
    Sure the 1% pull the strings. But the 99% capitalist population live better than these communist people.

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