1. Here is a link to the podcast mentioned in the video: http://justandsinner.libsyn.com/response-to-the-statement-on-social-justice-and-the-gospel

  2. I would never have signed an anti social justice statement with neo confederates like Douglas Wilson, Kenneth Talbot and others who CLEARLY are southern sympathizers. Talbot told me personally that he doesn't believe in the 14th amendment.

    And they aren't the only 2. They can go to the devil !

  3. MacArthur and Voddie Bauchman's views on women are horrible !!

    Phil Johnson was trying to bully Al Mohler.
    What about the signers of the document who are CLEARLY NEO CONFEDERATES like Douglas Wilson who wrote a book GLAMORIZING AMERICAN SLAVERY ???

    And Kenneth Talbot who is a neo Confederate also signed it.

    And MacArthur CLEARLY defended Trump's pro Alt right white nationalist rhetoric after Charlottesville when MacArthur said THREE TIMES "NO ONE TOLERATES WHITE SUPREMACY AND THE KK" which was absolutely RIDICULOUS.



  4. I like your idea to discuss the individual arguments one on one. But trying to discuss an individual argument with a sjw is like trying to nail jello to the wall. SJWs are slippery and retreat to other points when confronted with how their thinking is unbiblical.

  5. I preached a sermon this year with the same balance and carefulness you’re seeking to have, take each issue individually, I agree. -blessings brother

  6. Hi Jordan! Some thoughts about the sign of the cross? Because I have heard recently that you shouldn’t do it! Here are some arguments that I have heard, what are your response to them? One i have heard is that forehead to hart and shoulder to shoulder makes an upside downs cross which is widely used by satanists! And that hand gestures were used a lot in ancient Babylon! And so on… thanks for your channel, it is a great blessing!

  7. Hey Rev. Cooper! Something I've always enjoyed from guys like Jonathan Fisk and Bryan Wolfmueller is when they show books that they really like. I would be super interested in you showing off the books on the bookshelf behind you, as I'm building my seminarian library.

  8. At about the 10 minute mark you take issue with the idea that racism doesn't exist. I think what you are seeing is people who are not racist are extremely tired of being told that they are simply because they have white skin, which is of course racist. In general your idea of looking at their, ( progressives), ideology point by point is fine, however on the whole progressive ideas should be dismissed. What they are doing and teaching has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ, nothing whatsoever. We need to say that, we need to explain, point by point if you like, why it has nothing to do with Christ and then shun those who still cling to it.
    Kudos to you for speaking about it, Lutheran pastors by and large want no part of the discussion, I think they are afraid of being called a racist, which is silly, most of them are white and are already considered racist for that reason, and in my opinion they are derelict in their duties for that. I'm not a fan of John Mcauthor's theology, but he gets mass respect from me for having the guts to engage in this issue.
    These ideas, intersectionality, etc. etc. etc. have nothing whatsoever to do with God and they have absolutely no place in the Church.

  9. We do have an enemy and he uses the carnal very well. We alone can do great damage but adding to this an enemy who prowls like a roaring lion. So do not be surprised when this happens in the church we are to expect it.

  10. It's so rare (especially in the Christian community for some reason) to come across your mentality about these types of "broad/vague topical discussions" (eg: social justice, climate change, etc). We need so many more discussions based on Specific Topics/Ideas.
    Specificity is the only way that any of us will be able to have – what we would call – an 'intelligent' conversation. And ultimately, the only way that we will be able to become a more united people (whether as Americans, or as Christians, or just as strangers meeting in a grocery store).
    Thank you for putting your thoughts out there.

  11. It was very unchristian for Phil Johnson to confront Al Mohler in public like he did. It is clear that Dr. Mohler is under a tremendous amount of stress dealing with his secular adversaries on his left, and the Traditionalist Baptists within his own denomination. Johnson should have extended some amount of charity towards Dr. Mohler. Plus the bible is very clear, if a believer wishes to confront another believer regarding issues of sin, doctrine, or the church, he should first have a private conversation with that person, not confront him in public before an audience of 15,000 people.

  12. Unfortunately, because far too many people on both sides react rather than reason, this is a touchy topic… and in truth it should not be.
    Racially-based prejudice is wrong period, regardless of which group gives or receives it. Bible is very clear about that.
    It really should be that simple and that applicable.

  13. While I agree that the SJ&G is a broad statement, my fear is that with as many categories of social justice that are being created by the culture, it would be impossible for the church to make a precise statement about every single issue. In one sense, you just want to look at all of the categories of social justice, hold out a Bible and say, no, just read this.

  14. It seems like Calvinists are forever confusing church-state relations. And, part of the reason is that they rarely break the various issues down. Instead, they seem to want some blanket answer. So, guess what?…. My grand blanket is better than yours 🙂

  15. MacArthur said THREE TIMES after Charlottesville to that young black guy's question "NO ONE TOLERATES WHITE SUPREMACY AND THE KKK." He was CLEARLY defending Trump's "Both sides" Charlottesville remarks which emboldened the nazis and white nationalists.

    James White viciously said black people see themselves as victims because of people like Jesse Jackson. He was CLEARLY trying to defend American slavery also when he kept asking why doesn't the New Testament say anything against slavery. Of course the New Testament does mention men-stealers which American slavery was based on.

    JD Hall viciously attacked black people and said "What do you expect from a group that has so many abortions."

    I could go on. I agree with this video in that both the black & white speakers are extreme but there's no denying the racial supremacist's statements coming from James White, JD Hall, Eric Metaxis (on cspan, we should feel sorry for the German WW2 soldiers and on his radio show he & his guest attacked the people protesting the nazis in Charlottesville).

  16. https://statementonsocialjustice.com

    These evangelicals are the signers of the anti social justice statement. They couldn't sign a document denouncing the Alt Right and white nationalism but people talking against racism drove them mad. Lol

    They are offended by the term "Social Justice" but not "Social Conservatism."

    It's true the Gospel is about God's Righteousness and Justice and not a social one but these same signers are Trump supporters and are okay with his "Both sides" remarks after the Charlottesville alt right white nationalist rally which resulted in a young lady being murdered, they oppose the 14th Amendment and have very neo Confederate views. I've talked to and emailed them.

    Doug Wilson who signed it even wrote a book defending American slavery. He said that rape rarely happened in American slavery even though 1/3 of black Male DNA goes back to a white male.

    I guess it's in American DNA to always marginalize and be superior to another person or people.

    Even people of the same "race" can hate to see another doing good because they have so much of their identity invested on being superior than another person instead of who they are in Jesus Christ.

    Great Sermon on "YOUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST. "


  17. Jews controlling the world is a thesis that one has to refute in order to make the claim that it is groundless bias. Also, when it comes to differing crime rates in ethnic groups, we have to look at the data. And honestly, it is just painful when you aren't able to point to real world phenomena, without getting slammed with titles like 'racist' or 'antisemite'. I am thankful when these topics stay out of church conversations. There is actually a difference between describing observable phenomena and making claims about other humans that contradict God's word. In the latter case, it is an issue that should be addressed in the church context.

  18. You say that the church isnt seriously interacting with the social justice crowd but then you take far right ideas like the criticism of jewish power and dismiss it as crazy. Hows that any different?

  19. Dr. Cooper, the reason people arent seriously interacting with these ideas is because they arent being put out in good faith.

    Also, your emphasis on racism is misplaced. Believe me, it's not missing from the church. But of you talk about how whites say in South Africa are being oppressed or about how whites in America are dying more than being born, you'll get called a racist.

    That's why there is so much frustration

  20. I hope centuries from now, future generations of the church will look back and continue to learn from Saint Cooper, the Nuanced Doctor, and the problematic things like this Social Justice statement will be nonextant. 😋

  21. With all respect to the Reformed theological Community, I just gotta be honest man: there's just no nuance whatsoever on anything.
    It's like the film American Gospel (which I'd definitely wanna see your thoughts on). They get the gospel right and a lot of the critique, but man the reformed and cessationist Community (which is generally the folks who be signing the SJ & Gospel statement) don't realize that there's a huge difference between the old word faith/prosperity gospel and the modern day mystical/NAR (I use it loosely) movement within the broader charismatic movement. While there is overlap, it's not the same. And this is why, like you said, on things such as social justice, these folks throw the baby out with the bathwater and fight amongst each other over issues they don't understand and then have the audacity to try and convince people of a position they hardly have credibility for. It's unnecessary division over an issue they don't even understand!!!

  22. Even if someone agrees with the ethics points of the statement, Article VI conflates man's work and God's work… it is written in such a way that repentance and belief are man's works and are (by implication of the last line in the We Deny paragraph) part of the "definitional components of the gospel".

    I don't know if that's what the authors and signatories mean… but that's how it reads.

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