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This Week in Stupid (13/11/2016) – Death of Social Justice Special

This Week in Stupid (13/11/2016) - Death of Social Justice Special

hello everyone welcome to this week in stupid for the 13th of November 2016 this week is going to be an important week's episode and a lot of people have been telling me they've been waiting for this one and I don't fucking blame them because this is just incredible what has happened in the last week it's amazing and I think it's going to spell the end of social justice which is a damn good thing let's begin it's hard to overstate the magnitude of the loss that the Democrats have suffered not only have they lost the presidency the most powerful office they have lost control of the Senate and the Congress as well and as I understand it the president gets to choose any Supreme Court nominees so what this means is that the Democrats the left has lost all institutional control in the United States not only were they defeated but they were utterly routed the culture wars are over for the left we have lost the Republicans have won they are going to for at least the next four years be the ones forming and shaping the West and I have no doubts there are going to be many many naysaying SJW twats who will say well you would say that you say everything social justice no I say the things that are the consequences of social justice are the consequence of social justice and this is one of those consequences as I will fucking explain it to you twice step by fucking step until at the end of it you will be denying reality you fucking ideologues so prepare to get fucked I was right you were wrong you can shove this up your fucking assholes you've handed the West to the right wing like I've been predicting for years so shut up and fucking listen the Democratic Party is descending into a civil war after Clinton's loss which is precisely what happened to the Labor Party after they lost to the Conservatives in the last general election in Britain this is a predictable pattern and I'll tell you exactly what will fucking happen they've interviewed the fat brown Buffalo himself there is no question there is a civil war taking place inside the Democratic Party and the progressive side is going to win which is weird because the progressive side is one of the main contributing factors to the defeat of the Democratic Party it's so obvious I can't believe they can't see it you get told Business Insider which is amazing because I think this is so obvious I can't believe Schenk can't see it but he says the Democrats have become the establishment party and people hate the establishment no they only hate the establishment when the establishment is working against them for example look at Vladimir Putin's popularity ratings you Kirk he's fuckin popular because he's not working against the Russian people we are going to rip you down he warned I have no use for them I don't know what to tell them other than we are going to beat them I don't want their help I know what their incentives are they want money almost everything else is a trick yes I agree the neo-cons within the Democrat Party are just fucking war mongering money-grabbing Hawks they need to go but you are a facilitator for war mongering money-grabbing hawks you also have to go but instead of accepting this you say having said that the Empire will strike back adding that progressives were more than ready for what he called the long war ahead which is what is going on in the Labor Party at the moment progressive ideologues are going to do to the Democratic Party what progressive ideologues in Britain have done to the Labor Party they are going to turn it into an ideological purity test what we're going to talk about now is how progressive liberals have lost contact with reality this retreat into that ideological echo chambers has given them some bizarre perspectives and made them bedfellows with some strange people such as the independent a very progressive and left-leaning paper publishing neocon propaganda in Donald Trump's agenda signals the end of America is a world superpower just that that is so unfathomable out of touch with actual observable empirical reality it's amazing that anyone would have the gall to print such a thing they begin with a statement by vladimir putin who is accurately representing reality he says america is a great power today the only superpower we accept that we want to and are ready to work with the United States the world needs such strong nations like the US but we don't want them constantly getting mixed up in our affairs instructing us how to live preventing Europe from building a relationship with us this is perfectly cogent from the position that Russia is in right now and I will go on to explain after we finish the nonsense in this article they say accuse my defeated Democratic contender Hillary Clinton of being a puppet of Putin after praising the Russian leader Trump has dismissed suggestions he had anything to do with the Russian government during the campaign that is a fucking stupid thing for Hillary Clinton to accuse him of especially giving the prevailing narrative of Donald Trump is that he's going to be a strong man Mussolini dictator he is obviously not going to be the puppet of Putin in fact if anything Putin is probably going to be a puppet of sorts of Trump maybe not necessarily because Trump is smart enough to manipulate Putin but because Putin knows it's in his own fucking best interests to work with fucking Trump which is why there were huge celebrations in the Kremlin when Trump won they knew they weren't gonna get war with Hillary they knew they were and they warned us repeatedly behind so honestly thank fucking god the American public still has some fucking sense unlike the media but then apparently you would get some stupid motherfuckers who would say apparently 44% of Americans want America's be a puppet state of Russia you're an idiot you're an idiot and there is no value to anything you can possibly say if you think that's going to be the case you are a fucking moron so the accusation is I cannot say that all of them but quite a few have been staying in touch with Russian representatives okay Hillary who have you been staying in touch with oh that's right state sponsors of Islamic terrorism all across the world and you are complaining that Trump's campaign has been negotiated or at least on friendly terms with Russia you are a fucking lunatic the idea that you think Russia is the enemy at the moment proves that you are a lunatic America is terribly ill wrote yang Peng the vice president of a state-run research center in China's the People's Daily the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party the election would be remembered as a page of dirt chaotic and poor performances and he is unbelievably right the performance of the Democratic Party has been an absolute disgrace and demonstrates just how self-serving it had become which is one of the progressives are desperate to take it over and make it serve their ends instead I mean I don't agree with them in fact I'm gonna demonstrate exactly why their ideology is total nonsense if my body of work hasn't already done that but at least they're doing it for the right reasons at least they're not doing it because they are selfish neocon corrupt fucks I love this though remember the title of the article is Donald Trump's agenda signals the end of America is a world superpower and then they say it is difficult to predict the specifics of the new administration's policies how do you know then how can you justify you stupid fucking headline you don't know shit you're telling us this this is a propaganda article the vision since then has focused more on isolationism with military action limited to combating Islamist terrorist groups like Isis although he seems to be prepared to leave much of that to Russia in Syria I just want to point out that's a very cost effective way of fighting an enemy that doesn't really yield great rewards for defeating but this is just their surface level analysis and I swear to you by the time this video is done you're gonna be like holy shit why did I ever believe anything from these people he says the walls he's likely to fight our trade wars and America is hardly going spread influence around the world peering from behind I assume he means rather than being peering from behind tariff walls now I am shocked the anyone anyone would talk about geopolitics and suggests that economic power and especially the economic might of the United States isn't a huge fuckin factor and I will show you what I mean because I have evidence of every single fucking thing I'm going to say unlike these propagandists who give you nothing and they end on what is presumably a shout-out to the project for a new American Century by saying the presidency of Donald Trump may ensure that the American Century which began at the end of the Second World War is now over this is complete nonsense the United States has Russia and China in rounded by NATO bases each one a tripwire that will force the Russians and the Chinese into war with the United States which is something they don't fucking want and they don't want it because they can not win there is simply no chance of either of these powers defeating the United States in a conventional military conflict at the height of the British Empire British government policy regarding the Navy operated on something called the to power standard that was that they would maintain a navy as powerful as their next two competitors combined so if these two state actors decided to team up against Britain Britain already had a fighting chance and this overwhelming military might was designed to ensure that there was just simply no point fighting Britain to dissuade conflicts before they even started the United States has 3.4 million tons of battleship in the oceans the Russians have only 850 thousand tons the Chinese only have 700,000 tons if the Russians and the Chinese decided to go to war against the United States the United States still has more than twice as much tonnage in the water that they do this is overwhelming this is so much more than Britain would have had and this isn't even cluding the United States fucking ally who would without a doubt join any war on their side Britain France and India have another million tonnes between them there is no way Russia and China could win this war they would have to go nuclear to have even the slightest chance of preserving themselves as sovereign powers which they would do it is a damn good thing that Hillary was not elected to be the United States president but like our independent neocon article writer said Trump isn't actually a war hawk he's not interested in a hot Ward Russia the United States's can be hiding behind its tariffs as if the United States economy isn't a powerful weapon in its own right let's have a look at the sanctions the United States placed on Russia after the annexation of Crimea to see how the Americans can wage and win an economic war these sanctions in coordination with American allies were placed on Russia in July 2014 so we're looking at a time frame of just over two years so there are three types of economic sanctions the first restricts our access to Western financial markets and services for designated Russian state-owned enterprises in the banking energy and defense sectors the second place is an embargo on exports to Russia of designated high technology oil exploration and production equipment the third is an embargo on exports to Russia of designated military and dual use goods for the Russian economy sanctions are generally assessed to have helped exacerbate the macro economic challenges it was already facing notably the rapid and pronounced fall in oil prices that started in the last months of 2014 furthermore the combined effect of these sanctions and the foil in oil prices caused significant damage pressure on the value of the ruble and increased capital flight the rich people are leaving Russia at the same time sanctions on access to financing force the Russian state to use part of its foreign exchange services to shore up the sanctioned entities we're draining their reserves these developments force the hand of the Central Bank of Russia which abruptly ceased to defend the value of the ruble and hike interest rates in December of 24 in response Russia banned Western food imports but this had a compounding effect as it led to higher food prices and further inflation this was in addition to the effect of the falling value of the ruble which had already raised the price of imported goods and services and rubles this is why Vladimir Putin's popularity has taken a dip in recent months is not a particularly large dip and he still miles more popular in Russia than any Western politician is in the West and recent data confirms this Russia is in recession with the GDP growth of minus 2.2 percent for the first quarter of 2015 as compared to the first quarter of 2014 and recent forecasts suggest a fall in real GDP to the order of 3 percent to 3 point 5 percent for 2015 and growth of around 0 for 2016 we are fucking their economy and we're not lifting a finger the United States is so powerful that it can set rules that will ruin Russia that is the level of control of the global financial system that the United States has do you fucking understand why when Trump was elected they were cheering in Moscow maybe Trump won't fuck them maybe trumple allow them to have some kind of fucking dignity as a power on the world stage which frankly they deserve there is no reason the Russians should have to endure this there is no reason the Russians should have to go through this there is no reason the Russians shouldn't look out for their immediate interests like every other nation does and yes we treat them as if they are surrounding us we are the villains in the story of how Russia is being treated so Trump saying you know I'm actually gonna take it easy on Russia and relax the thumbscrew somewhat maybe be a bit more humane to them is a fucking good thing because they were pressed up against the wall and Putin before the election was warning of war he was saying things like I can't believe you're not more afraid because we are on the verge of war because of what we're doing to them and the reason we are acting like they are the ones who are doing us the wrong is because they are just trying to get out from underneath our thumb and they have done the right thing in doing so and before I go on I can already hear the cries from whiny beta males who are about to start calling me unpatriotic you fucking unbelievable so shut your fucking mouth and keep listening there are plans in place to build a huge fucking gas pipeline through the Middle East Harvard professor Mitchell a Ornstein and George Romer wrote last month in foreign affairs that Russia currently supplies Europe with a quarter of the gas it uses for heating cooking fuel and other activities in fact 80% of the gas the Russian state-controlled company Gazprom produces is sold to Europe so maintaining this crucial market is very important but Europe doesn't like being so reliant on Russia for fuel and has been trying to reduce its dependence it's a move that is supported by the United States as it would weaken Russian influence over Europe but this is not gunned down well with Russia which uses its power over gas as a political leverage and has a history of cutting off supplies countries during conflicts it has even gone to war in Georgia and Ukraine to disrupt plans to export gas from other parts of the Middle East this is no different to us placing economic sanctions on Russia when they do things that we don't like much of Russia's power comes from established pipelines used to transport gas to Europe cheaply but other countries are now trying to get around Russia and provide new sources of gas to Europe last year Obama spoke openly about the need for Europe to reduce its reliance on Russian gas following the conflict in Ukraine the u.s. also wants to use its own national natural gas supply recently developed through fracking to undercut Russian supply but it will be years before the US is in a position to ship this overseas the u.s. is not the only country trying to outmaneuver Russia and this is where the role of Syria becomes more important before the Civil War two competing pipelines were put forward by Qatar and Iran aimed to transport gas to Europe Syria now I'm sure you're aware Qatar our Clinton foundation donors and Iran our Russian allies so which one do you think the Syrians agreed to Qatar proposed the plans first but Assad refused Iran proposed its own 10 billion dollar pipeline which unsurprisingly russia-backed and Assad approved and I wonder why the plan was signed off in 2012 but delayed because of the Syrian civil war so this gives you rather more context to Hillary Clinton demanding that Assad be removed from power Assad is a long time Russian ally he's suffering from Islamist revolts in his country that are being actively supported by the United States with the intention of overthrowing Assad so it is entirely moral for Russia to go in and support their ally it is the right thing for Russia to do to not only go in and support their ally but it's in their own fucking interests to maintain the tiny grip on power and influence that they have left because if Russia loses the influence that they have from their gas pipelines what does Russia have left this is why Putin is actually a great statesman not only has he expanded Russian influence directly beyond her borders but he has protected his ally not once but twice from American attempts to overthrow them in 2013 when chemical weapons were found who knew where they came from except when the UN investigated it turns out they came from the fucking rebels right by constantly painting this rosy picture of how the West didn't do nothing and how Syria and Iran and Russia they're just the worst they're so horrible look at these human rights abuses we're making excuses for the fact that not only are we fucking them but we won't stop and when we keep fucking them we tell them it's their own fucking fault yes Trump should go easier on Putin they are desperate for him to do so he will be able to get any kind of fucking concessions he was once all he has to do is show Russia a modicum of respect that's it and we can get what we want out of them at I'm sure at a fairly good fucking deal and so I am consistently baffled when a progressive who doesn't ever talk about this sort of thing in any other capacity tells me that Russia are a threat moon Russia you've got to be scared you're insane you don't know what you're talking about the only scary thing about Russia is forcing them into a position where they feel the only appropriate and sensible action is a nuclear strike that's it in all other scenarios we have them whipped so why force this to go nuclear what happens if Putin sustains Assad in Syria and they build a pipeline nothing we are already reliant on the Russians for gas they will simply have another method of selling us gas nothing will have changed if we allow the Russians a bit of dignity in fact it is us who would be being magnanimous we would be kind and humanitarian we would be doing the right thing but this is entirely the point the mainstream media is so far out of touch with reality that it is simply not worth paying attention to anymore all anyone should go to the mainstream media for are the raw facts of what has happened and even then twitter is superseding that because now I see an unbelievable amount of reporting that is sourced directly from Twitter the mainstream media is becoming irrelevant and it is progressivism that has been co-opted by the ideology of social justice that has done this to them it has encouraged them to think they can consider themselves to be morally superior to the people they disagree with and therefore they don't have to listen to the people they disagree with they think they can pick and choose their own facts to craft their own narratives as if this is in any way representative of reality and now we come to the parts that we left in the beginning where the ideologues after ignoring everything that's going on and completely misrepresenting everything but doing on such a grand scale that gurbles would be proud a doubling down on their failures reality has demonstrated to them that they are frauds they are liars they are failures they're corrupt they collude they are they are nothing more than propaganda pieces for an ideological position and they probably don't even know it I don't think they're even capable of admitting this to themselves but there are some liberals left in the left who will say things like Hillary voters oh it to America to stop calling everyone a Nazi and starts reading WikiLeaks and you know exactly what they mean when they say that stop being an ideological twat and starts looking at the facts my facebook newsfeed is somehow still full of people trying to blame Trump's election on a nationwide collusion of Klan members and male supremacists and on the progressives who refuse to fall in line and support Hillary Clinton this insane adamant refusal to confront the reality of what's happening in this country will kill the Democratic Party if it doesn't change drastically and fuck me sing it brother fucking preach if you still believe Donald Trump was elected because of racism it is because you have remained willfully ignorant of what has been happening in your country you still believe that Trump's election is indicative of a neo-fascist uprising in America because this is not you who have ventured outside of your felt self reinforcing validation loop of fellow Clinton voters and your corporate media echo chamber if you still days later think that Hillary Clinton's loss is the fault of anyone other than Hillary Clinton and her supporters it's because you haven't been reading WikiLeaks this is what we've been saying I've been saying this for years I've been saying this from the very start all the way through the election campaign finally after the left has lost they will listen I'm not doing it because I hate the left I'm doing it because this is tough love that we fucking need this cannot continue if the progressive revolution has any hope of mounting a meaningful counter-offensive at any time in the future the people who supported Hillary Clinton need to stop calling everyone and not see long enough to do some actual research into the facts and behind where they went wrong in 2016 humble themselves and admit they have been completely wrong about everything because they fucking have but I'm going through a video tomorrow that will demonstrate and explain in concise terms exactly why progressivism is the reason this has happened and why it has to go you have to leave your ideology behind you it has failed to give you an accurate model of reality therefore the ideology itself is inadequate you have to discard it just so we're clear Democrats don't get to blame the WikiLeaks documents on a subversive Kremlin conspiracy anymore Julian Assange has confirmed he didn't receive the documents from Russia there will be no more echo chamber red-baiting now that will be getting a president who has no interest in a conflict with Russia and the concocted blame Putin for everything stick is already faded into obsolescence now that it has no more place or relevance what a fucking amazing analysis this person is giving this is just fabulous this is right on the money you have to listen but they have to understand the ideology is what led them here this is the sort of ideology that leads people to become serial and perpetual liars unless of course you think there's a rash of woke eight-year-olds giving insightful political and social commentary all of a sudden total horseshit total it's amazing you have Christopher Hitchens old publication Vanity Fair printing read the letter Aaron Sorkin wrote to his daughter after Donald Trump was elected president let's have a quick look shall we I'll let you imagine the sad piano music in the background this time well the world changed last night in a way I couldn't protect us from that's terrible feeling for a father this guy's a fucking movie maker by the way it's hardly the first time my candidate didn't win but it's the first time that a thoroughly incompetent pig with Dangerous Ideas and a serious psychiatric disorder no knowledge of the world no curiosity to learn has and it wasn't just Donald Trump who won last night okay let's see how this is ending the battle isn't over it's just begun grandpa fought in World War two when he came home this country handed him an opportunity to make life grapes of family I will not hand his great-granddaughter a country shaped by hateful and stupid men your tears last night woke me up and I'll never go sleeping again comparing this to World War two you are unbelievable just what a lunatic why is Vanity Fair publishing this Hitchens would fucking vomit at this nonsense let's hit from Lena Dunham on this issue given that her media presence is fucking huge for some reason don't agonize organize a message from Lena about the presidential election and where we go from here I mean she was a Clinton surrogate so why the fuck not let's let's hear it I woke up on election day like a bride rosy thrilled a little controlling about just how my perfect day would be spent after working the Clinton campaign for 18 months I was ready to celebrate and sure that by nightfall I'd be knocking back glasses of champagne and creating a story to tell my unborn children those poor fucking kids maybe I'll even get close enough to Hillary Clinton to hug her and to whisper thank you I dreamed about it every night for the last two weeks so on Tuesday Jesus is almost embarrassing to remember I smugly selected a baby blue sweater with a not-so-subtle pussy motif and headed to vote with my boyfriend smiling at the elderly socialists on my block like it was Sesame Street I packed hey Chelsea 2016 memorabilia – a brown box with my ivote it's thicker smacked on top I spent the afternoon phone banking with friends and it felt more like icing on the cake than urgent business because as horrifying as I found Donald Trump's rhetoric as hideous as I found his racism and xenophobia is threatening to basic decency as I found his demagogue persona I never truly believed that he could win because you lived in a fucking fantasy world an ideological bubble that you thought you had total control over and gave you total control over the world and reality just simply didn't conform the three hours I spent at the Jaffa Javits Center Tuesday night surrounded by campaign staffers and fellow surrogates for Hillary Clinton are blurred and spotty at certain point it became clear that something had gone horribly wrong celebrants face has turned the modeling has been incorrect watching the numbers in Florida I touched my face and realized I was crying can we go home now please they said to my boyfriend I could tell he was having trouble breathing and he could make my chin and I could feel my chin breaking into hives another woman showed me her matching hive hidden by fresh kiss on her face how tragic I hugged women I'd spent 18 months with laughing and plotting and spreading our love for Hillary Clinton and her message fucking what what fucking message my party dress felt tight and itchy yeah I bet it did by the time Peter over the bridge a friend called it's over she said I love you I was frozen we stopped at dinner none was speaking as they had known in the whole place as I got home into the shower and began to cry even harder my boyfriend who had already wept watched me as I mumbled incoherently clutching myself it wasn't supposed to go this way it was supposed to be her job she worked her whole life for the job it's her job all the way through this article it's punctuated by quotes like this in a society in which equality is a fact not merely a word words of racial and sexual assault and humiliation will be nonsense syllables yes this kind of Orwellian claptrap is what they want an unwilling future where summers just don't have meanings anymore the ideology has overtaken everything can you imagine anything this scary and Hugh Majan thinking that you're genuinely going to arrive at this future you fucking lunatics you are absolutely wrong on everything dead fucking wrong on every single thing you are the Don Quixote z' of the left you have bought into your own bullshit for such a long time that everywhere there are windmills you are seeing enemies and you're attacking everything because you just don't see reality I could stop here and I think I'll have made my point but you know I'm gonna keep going because I don't give a shit how red roar your assholes are I want you to fill every fucking inch so let's carry on talk about how you are just liars progressives are just lies you do nothing but lie constantly and so when you say things like countless acts of hate have been carried out since Trump's win I can only imagine that you're the ones perpetuating them because you seem like the type you absolutely seem like the types you've got every reason you've got every motivation and I know that you think well I mean even if this isn't necessarily true it's gonna have happened somewhere so it's just bringing awareness to the problem because I've seen you fucking say it before seriously listen to this crap and ask yourself if you think people outside of your echo chamber believe you not even 24 hours yet my friend's sister who is a Muslim had a knife pulled on her by a trump supporter while on the bus by campus 28,000 retweets that didn't happen did it it didn't happen that's bollocks that didn't happen you've made that up because it supports what you want to be supported but I know you've made it up and you know you've made it up you're full of shit my friend was in a grocery store with a hijab on and a woman came up to her and said you can't wear this anymore or we'll hang you from it that's horrific honestly I can't even understand yeah I can't even believe actually I think there's bollocks it's total horseshit this you may as well be telling me that an eight-year-old has good delivery incisive political commentary because this is bollocks and unsurprisingly it comes out that it's bollocks the police say no there was no report of that and the woman has rescinded her story about 28,000 fucking retweet one total horseshit you're all full of shit constantly you are pathological liars you're always doing it like Amy Schumer of course Amy Schumer says the internet will judge you if you don't vote and they got down well colin kaepernick didn't vote he stands for no one of course this excludes Lena Dunham who for example when she lies about voting in the primaries and a vice reporter just looks it up is she is she registered she's not even fucking registered to vote from the emma-crats ik party so she couldn't have voted in the primary so she must have he gets fired for this he tweeted outs sadly vices seven its relationship with me for reporting that multi-millionaire Clinton surrogate Lena Dunham deceived the public of course the narrative gets spun missing no no you got you got fired for daxing Lena except he says to those who hillarious Lee claimed this is daxing Dunham's addressed was widely reported after she bought her 4.8 million dollar Brooklyn property yes you are full of shit he can demonstrate you're full of shit we all know you're full of shit we know you're liars your constant lies and I'll tell you what Michael Tracy's Twitter timeline has been a just a thing of beauty when he has been going on the fucking warpath against the people who got him fired just ripping shredding everything they say he has just been demolishing in one sentence every progressive narrative that's crossed his path because he knows their lives but let's keep this going journaled when Donald Trump said that he wouldn't just outright accept the results of the election because frankly Hillary isn't a trustworthy candidate it's entirely likely that she will try to rig the elections she didn't or at least she didn't manage it because Trump won the once again the Hillary supporting progressives pitched a fucking fit Donald Trump doesn't respect democracy Donald Trump's gonna undermine democracy oh it's the end of the Republic oh really how are your protests going exactly is this you not accepting the results of the election or something I mean this is how the system works me I'm sorry that the electoral college just isn't in your favor this time but you weren't complaining last time and if you'd won you wouldn't be complaining about the electoral college especially if it had been pop Trump winning the popular vote but Hillary went into college you wouldn't fucking raise your voices you wouldn't raise a finger you'd be arguing against it shut your fucking mouth especially and these fucking petitions oh this again you you accepting the decision of the vote just like you can plain Donald Trump wouldn't isn't it four million idiots who literally don't care about your democratic process four million of them oh but no no no it's voting for Donald Trump that has made the Republic and that's brought the end it's not four million the Democratic advocates I mean why do you think you're signing a petition to overthrow the referendum result that was what the voting was you morons that's what your system was for to petition the government from the people to put a new government into power that represents the will of the people as your system says this is how it's done that is what you've done already signing a petition and after Hillary is already conceded is fucking stupid and just makes it look like you are fucking hypocrites because you appear to be when I say you have failed it is because of your ideology it has failed to represent reality to you it has failed to give you the necessary skills in order to persuade others it has turned you into terrible people pathological liars and hypocrites who are despised so roundly that people will vote for Donald Trump over you people weren't voting for Trump they were voting against you and you must understand that by now or at least you'd think but like I said there has been a manifest and categoric failure of progressivism in every sphere that it has operated in right down to the very raison d'être of the ideology the very core of it the thing it purports to stand for women have rejected your ideology you have failed them more than half of white women voted for Trump over Clinton your identity politics is bullshit it doesn't work it doesn't represent women or minorities or anything that you think it represents it only represents a small twisted depraved cabal of lying hypocritical pieces of shit do you understand that is what everyone else outside of your echo chamber thinks of you and the overwhelming response from the progressive establishment is to declare the people who don't vote for you and yet you claim to represent as traitors to their gender and race and sexuality and all of the other categories you give a fuck about for example putting out an article called dear fellow white women we fucked this up just goes to show how out of touch you are most white women don't agree with you they wanted the diametric opposite of what you wanted they are not a class you do not represent them they do not owe you anything your ideology is broken and when the evidence is presented to you you can't accept it you have to place the blame on other people fellow white women I am done with you after all this talk of a lie ship you didn't show up to the polls to push back against the openly racist xenophobic misogynistic now presidents elect Donald Trump exit polls from November 8 selection show that 53% of white women vote Trump convert 24 3 percent for Clinton it appears that many white women are not moved by Trump sexism and wit instead rather applaud the candidate for his lack of political correctness possibly because they don't consider him to be a giant fucking sexist you can't see what they see you have blinders on after all the supposed progress we've made pay secondly trying to change a white feminist movement into an intersectional one as if all of the women voting for Trump are feminists they're not then not feminists they're in fact opposed to you you morons you absolute lunatics white women didn't show up to fight back against the man whose rhetoric and policies directly attack women of color immigrant women Muslim women LGBTQ women and more we'll get to those people shortly because most people aren't simply the categories they fall into they owe you nothing and they knew it you didn't know it to quote one of my favorite lines from Roxane gays bad feminists and yet brilliant fucking insightful that and yes you still didn't show up to the polls to elect our first woman president because they didn't care about that a white lady no less they didn't care about race when the demographic split for the exit polls came out showing divided between Trump and Clinton supporters my eyes immediately jumped to one group white women yes because you're a fucking ideologue tell me we came through for our sisters of color I begged at least this one time we didn't you know more white people voted for Obama than for Trump just so you know just so you know those fucking racist I am ashamed I am ashamed of my country I'm ashamed of white people but more than anyone else I am the shamed of white women because I am a giant collectivist cratan who has no idea what the fuck is going on is this who we really are clearly and it is who we always have been there is no we there is just millions of individuals making their own political choices and voting as they choose not based on some mythical gender club in your head this is the problem of collectivism it warps your thinking but this is it this is the apex of everything we have been building too so take a good long look in the mirror this morning and instead of blaming others for this nightmare we have woken up to know we've chosen make an active choice today the buck stops with you White's women as a demographic she doesn't even realize that she's placing the blame on others I don't even think she can conceive of the fact that she is placing the blame on others when she says it's other white women because she is such a dyed-in-the-wool collectivist she doesn't seem to understand any of this none of these people do even when their manifest failures are staring them in the face they cannot accept reality in the 80s a Soviet defector called Yuri bez manav defected to the United States and went on a TV show and described the process of ideological subversion and until this point I had resisted using this information I had resisted using the information he gives in his talk because I didn't exactly have the rights proof to demonstrate it but now we do listen to this if there are any social justice warriors watching this by any miracle who are still not sure this is him describing you you spoke several times before about ideological subversion that is a phrase that I'm afraid some Americans don't fully understand when the Soviets used the phrase ideological subversion what do they mean by ideological subversion is is the process which is legitimate all words and often you can see it with your own eyes all you have to do all-american mass media has to do is to unplug their bananas from their ears open up their eyes and they can see there is no mystery there is nothing to do with espionage I know that espionage intelligence gathering looks more romantic it sells more the audience through their advertising probably that's why your Hollywood producers are so crazy about James Bond type of three wheels but in reality the main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of its intelligence at all according to my opinion and opinion of many defectors of my caliber only about 15% of time money and manpower is spent on espionage as such the other 85% is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion or active measures actively Mariotti in the language of the KGB or psychological warfare what it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves their families their community and their country it's a great brainwashing process which goes very slow and it's divided in four basic stages the first one being demoralisation it takes from 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation why that many years because this is the minimum number of years which requires to educate one generation of students in the country of the of your enemy exposed to the ideology of the enemy in other words Marxism Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism American patriotism the result the result you can see most of the people who graduated in 60s drop outs or half-baked intellectuals are now occupying the positions of power in the government civil service business mass media educational system you are stuck with them you cannot get rid of them they are contaminated they're programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern you cannot change their mind even if you if you expose them to authentic information even if you prove that white is white and black is black you still cannot change the basic perception and the logical behavior in other words these people the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible to get rid society of these people you have you need another 20 or 15 years to educate a new generation of patriotically minded and an Commons common sense people who would be acting in favor and in the interest of the United States society and yet these people have been programmed and as you say in place then you are favorable to an opening with the Soviet concept these are the very people who would be marked for extermination in this compost of Indians simply because the psychological shock when they will see in few what they were the beautiful society of equality and social justice means in practice obviously they will reward that they will there will be very unhappy frustrated people and the Marxist Leninist regime does not tolerate these people they obviously they will join the links of dissenters with dissidents unlike in present United States there will be no place for dissenting in future Marxist Leninist America here you can you can get popular like Daniel Ellsberg and filthy rich like Jane Fonda for being disciplined for criticizing your Pentagon in future these people will be simply squashed like cockroaches nobody is going to pay them nothing for their beautiful noble ideas of equality this they don't understand and it will be greatest shock for them of course the demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already for the last 25 years actually it's over fulfilled because a demoralisation now reaches such areas where previously not even comrade and drop off him on all his experts would would even dream of such a tremendous success most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards as I mentioned before exposure to true information does not matter anymore a person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information the facts tell nothing to him even if I shower him with information with authentic proof with documents with pictures even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and showed him concentration camp he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in the in his fat bottom when a military boot crashes his balls there he will understand but not before that that's the tragic of the situation at the mobilization so basically America is stuck with the demoralization and unless even if you start right now here this minute you start educating Eugene it will still take you 15 to 20 years to turn the tide of ideological perception of reality back to normal normalcy and patriotism

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  1. It's not about military shipping tonnage anymore, dude. It's about missiles. Anyway, you went off the rails with this childish, manic diatribe. Putin would call you a useful idiot. anyone who disagrees with you is a TWAT, are they? You are a mirror of the wacko left who label everyone who disagrees with them a "racist" .

  2. That should tell everyone something….Republicans can make any law in the world like repeal Obamacare but did they? Like bring back industry? There is no difference between dems and republicans ans if anyone says there is I can rattle off atleasr 10 ways they are the same. The only way to beat the system is through demonetizing or physical overthrow. We have seen how voting has been subverted already

  3. Watching this (obviously late); very interesting considering the Democrats have won back the House in the midterms . . . and we got a government shutdown out of it. :/ Maybe death isn't as swift as we'd hoped it would be for "social justice" . . . alas. Also: "People weren't voting for Trump; they were voting against you"–Sargon, you hit the nail of the fucking head. There is a reason Trump won and it has so very little to do with him.

  4. The intersectional ideologues will not see from the shit in their eyes… that people didn't vote for hilary because she was a women, or for her supposed representation of minorities mythology, they voted against he based on her merit as a corrupt and awful candidate, representing a party that left the working class out 10 years ago.

  5. It's old video, but need to point that you don't know Russians :/ Maybe if they held you by the throat for decades (murder your countryman and denied you freedom and your culture) , you wouldn't say shit like that…

  6. Hello Sargon, thank you for your videos, I really enjoy them. I have a question. You seem to defend current Russia's regime, at least when comparing it to what is going on in the US and EU. However, as far as I can tell from central Europe, this regime never gave up doing what the defector is describing at the end of this video. They learned new things and new tools, but as Yuriy describes, I believe the vast majority of Russia's resources are not spent on espionage, but still on the "soft" warfare. I would love to hear what you think about it. Also what do you think about how is Vladimir Putin treating his own people, opposition, dissent etc.. What is your view on this aspect of contemporary Russia? Thank you.

  7. You should do a video with thqt interview but show articles etc that show how its happening atm, best example is the bit where he talks about the gulag then show the society that claimed gulags wherent that bad

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