This Roller Derby Team Is Jamming for Representation

(piano notes) (group chanting) (group screaming) – I joined Team Indigenous to be a part of something bigger than myself. – It’s very important
that we have visibility as native people. – I just think it’s like
important to see somebody that looks like you at the top level. (happy string music) – [Narrator] This Great Big
Story is brought to you by Delta: When we venture out into the world, we see all that we share. (group chanting and shouting) (fast string music) – I’m April Fournier,
and I’ve been playing roller derby for five years, and I’m the co-founder of Team Indigenous. (fast string music) Team Indigenous is a roller
derby team made up of indigenous athletes from
all across the world. – I think everything looks good, so we wanna really trust each
other and trust ourselves. – [April] The lack of representation
for indigenous nations really fueled the reason that
we wanted to develop this team and create this space for other
indigenous athletes to join and compete against all
of these other nations because we are a nation. – Nice. Let’s do that again. (cars driving) (upbeat string music) – I’ve played sports all my
life, and just nothing ever captured my attention
as much as roller derby. Living in Maine, no one else
really kind of understands what it’s like to kind of
be the only person of color skating on a team. One day I saw a skater that
was on one of the best teams in the world and she looked like me. And ultimately from that we
came up with Team Indigenous. (bright piano music) Hey everybody! Hope all is well, so good to see you. Having teammates from
Canada, all around the U.S., and South America, the way
that we’re able to communicate is through video conferencing. If you haven’t seen any of
the updates, our first game is against team Japan,
which is really exciting. Team Indigenous will be
at RollerCon participating in the Nations Tournament. RollerCon is a roller derby
convention in Las Vegas, that is seminars, on-skate
training, tournaments. It’s just this really giant celebration of the roller derby community. (upbeat piano music) (whistle blows) – When I play roller
derby, being in that pack, being in that mix, there’s
just no other feeling like it. There’s so many different
friends and skaters that look like me. They talk like me; they have
similar life experiences. (fast upbeat string music) – Team Indigenous is absolutely
not about wins and loses; it’s about being able to
take the track together and see your siblings; and you’re all representing
together on the track as one. It’s not something that you can quantify. It’s not something that you can measure; it’s just community, it’s
nation, it’s indigenous, and that’s what we are. (fast upbeat string music) (bing)

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  1. Like everybody is indigenous somewhere right, so representation makes like no sense… she said indigenous people from around the world, so basically literally every single person ever?

  2. I went to a roller derby in Georgia with my friends, that was really cool, we came up with our own cheer for our team and had lots of fun. Does anyone else have any roller derbies stories?

  3. I'd want to play roller derby but they allow men to join women's teams and I don't want to get hit full force by a man.

  4. Interesting how almost all these girls are fat and ugly and interesting how gbs chose the only one who is not as the thumbnail for this mini doc..
    just saying..

  5. I’m gunna make a transgender team bc we need to be represented in roller derby too.

    Are there cash prizes?

  6. Hey Great Big Story. I saw an ad by Great Big Story before this video. I doubt that it was intentional since I am already subbed and clicked on this video. Just thought I’d let you know

  7. So going with the rules of SJW logic….I'm half Italian half greek….but I still want to join their team……can I?…and if I cant …then they aren't being very inclusive….so that means they are racist homophobes who voted for Trump.

  8. Isn't it a bit… unfair if you put people of different weights competing against each other in a sport like this?
    I mean, I think it's okay to have different tiers of athletes just like Boxing and such have… Though maybe sports like hockey are more mixed, I don't really know.

  9. Europeans are indigenous to Europe. Yet their desires for representation are not respected at all.

    It’s deemed a pathology, only for the European..

    For the sake of “Equality”

  10. So what do they do actually?
    I saw a video about women who're apparently excited about having a reason to live.
    But that's all the video shows.

  11. So this is cool and all but I have this strong feeling that Team Indigenous is trash af. Hopefully on the rise, maybe 🤔😕😬 cup half full

  12. Could someone explain to me what the sport is about? It looked like they were fighting over an invisible ball. I'm genuinely curious

  13. Well, looks like any other feminist video to me. Full of angry, bitter, mostly fat women playing the race card. They do not have to say, but you can see.

  14. The only ducking person that seen you as a “person of color”, was you. These ducking people that have to make everything about race.. you’re fucking the reason why people can’t look past color because you have to make everything about color… I want to make an all white group… I bet you’ll fight to keep me from that won’t you… worthless human beings

  15. Played lots of sports? Person of color? Oh please… more than half your team is WHITE! SHE IS WHITE! am i the only 1 calling bullshit?

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