This is your brain on Social Justice: Biological Sex doesn't Exist!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. If sex is not biological then how can anyone be born in the wrong body? Why do they care at all if it has no meaning? This nonsense is just the sanctioning of insanity.

  2. What is wrong with this generation of fucking morons? I really hate all of these people. There are only two sexes no matter how many stupid cunts say otherwise. Btw if I run intoa chick with a dick he is getting knocked the fuck out. No surprises for this guy. Although I do feel like a lesbian trapped in a mans body.

  3. actually,the 5 aspects are chromosomes,hormones,genitalia,gonads,and secondary sex characteristics

  4. OK, I subscribe. BTW, the verb "ramoner" in French means " to sweep (a chimney)" and "to rail (someone)" in slang.

  5. Misinforming scientific facts and scientific consensus is dangerous; this video is just funny. Good laughs. –

  6. There MUST be something they're putting in their food.
    Hormones, fairy dust, genetically modified junk or perhaps these kids have been exposed to too many radio waves/cell phones???
    Basically, they are MUTANTS or ZOMBIES!!!

  7. I know. This girl doesn't actually EXIST.
    She's just a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT
    A mere Figment of my IMAGINATION.
    Yeah, in my worst NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

  8. Its weird that most these videos are sad little young white chics who probably have daddy issues and little black chica are out have more children then they can handle lol hahahahah who all want to be rappers

  9. nature = natural selection … survival of the fittest …
    dont reproduce … genes die out …. nature doenst care … xD

    these people are so fucking stupid …

    and thy try to turn that rule in the exact opposite….

  10. You know it's bad when these types claim that having a surgery can turn a male into a genetic female…
    While ignoring the whole DAN thing.

  11. What? Go to a maternity ward, you got 50 babies, look at them, if you can tell by looking at it that's it's a trans~nonbinary~hufflepuff, then I'll be first in line at the DMV to fill in all of your 50 made up bullshit gender boxes to get me license updated.

  12. XY … yes, male. XX … yes, female. XO … wtf? Until the W or the Z chromosome(s) is/are discovered, humans will ALWAYS be a binary species.

  13. I know this video is 3 years old, but whatever. This chick shows my main issue with the 'non-binary' stuff. All these people seem to be doing is reinforcing gender stereotypes. They say "well, I'm not feminine, I must not be a woman. But I'm not a man, either…". They act like it's impossible to be a man or woman without fitting the stereotypes so as soon as a man is feminine or a woman is masculine, they must be something else.

  14. I literally had a stroke because of this girl and I was super scared because I have never had a stroke before

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