1. dude i love how its not the real name in the title, its the translation of the real name. its amazing lol.

  2. Ants: Hey we were just trying to live! 🙁
    People: B I G A S S A N T S

    Edit: oh and btw they have big abdomens coz they are queen ants

  3. So the Big Ass Ants to the Columbians are like Durians to us Malaysians. It is just…delicious for us even if other complained about the smell and stuff. The scent of Durian may smell like rotting carcass or some such to others, but to us homeborn Malaysians, it is the scent of luxury food. There is no description on the feelings it bring out

  4. Scientist 1: *finds a new type of ant*
    Scientist 2: damn thats a big ass ant! What should we name them?
    Scientist 1: uh…how about big ass ants?

  5. "We found a new species of ant sir, what do we call them?"

    "We call them, the great Big Ass Ant "

  6. Well,in Malaysia we have 'tongkeng' also known as chicken butt.This is more weirder than big ass ants( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Hello my ant queen, I am trying to scavenge food for the colony but I’m too dummy thicc and the clap of my huge thorax keeps alerting predators

  8. I want a story on the first person that decided these were food. Sitting in the woods, watching a BAA walk/fly by and think to themselves, "I'm going to eat that!" Actually you could wonder the same about a lot of stuff people eat. When you look at it, most people would think "I'm not going to eat that." So here's to the adventurous, try anything types.

  9. CHICATANAS que delicia
    ahi es donde se comen en todo tipo de presentaciones excelente video saludos a los hermanos de latinoamerica

  10. Except with people eating rice or potatoes as staples they aren’t alive like the ant. Pulling off the wings and legs as they roll around helplessly 😔

  11. They are in Mexico 🇲🇽 too and we call them Chicatanas I don’t eat them they are beautiful and precios creatures we don’t need to eat all that moves 🤨

  12. Those "big ass ants" are actually queens trying to emigrate and create new nests.
    We have some similar ones that come up during May, people say they taste like buttery popcorn.

  13. So nice to see this video! I'm from Santander, Colombia 🇨🇴 The big ass ants are just delicious when freshly made. They taste like peanuts but better😉. Long live the big ass ant!!

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