Theresa May's Legacy: 14.2 Million in Poverty, Universal Credit Human Rights Violations

all this uh more coming up in today's going underground but first histories of May begins her last week in Downing Street the final universal credit figures of her career are released tomorrow so what does the future hold for the Tory's flagship welfare policy joining me now to go through it is going underground the deputy editor Charlie cook Charlie what on earth is happening with universal credit in these final days I think we need to do a moratorium well so it's Theresa May his last full week in office and she's been talking a lot about legacy when it comes to Granville or the Windrush generation but she's also been talking about universal credit which is mostly known for how bad the reception has been there's this five week waiting period or it's been massively criticized and some of us said the waiting periods up to about 12 weeks and it pushes people already in debt further into hardship because even if they have a successful claim they have to wait five weeks before that benefit comes in and everyone from the parliamentary Work and Pensions Select Committee for the charity the Trussell trusts have been critical over the trial trial Saji said that 12 months after roll out in an area food bank demand rises 52 percent even the UN the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty has said that the policy is fast falling into universal discredit so that's what the UN Special Rapporteur is saying who is in charge of the alleged disaster for Britain's most vulnerable so it's currently amber rod who you may remember had to resign in April 2018 as Home Secretary for what she says was inadvertently misleading MPs in relation to deportation figures in the wind' Ross massive deportation of people of color yeah and she was back eight months later to serve in to resume his beleaguered government taking over estimate of a he resigned over brexit but interestingly also misled Parliament around universal credit figures but all change on the 23rd of July why do we care about tomorrow's universal credit Statistics so you're right we don't know who is going to be the next prime minister yet and we don't know who's going to be in their cabinet but we do a pretty good idea of how they both approach will approach universal credit because in the head-to-head debate last week they were both asked if they would scrap the policy Jeremy Hunt said this know it's the right system it's got teething problems we need to deal with the five-week wait which has caused a lot of distress but the principle is right so he acknowledged the five-week weight but still says the policies right thing to do Boris Johnson said this I would keep universal credit speaking as a constituency MP I do find people who have problems with it but they are being addressed and I do think it's the right way forward and it helps fuel into work so lighter on detail with the sentiments the same they both would keep universal credit I mean obviously teething issues is quite a thing to say when so much people so many people in pain I understand there's a lot of privatization outsourcing Deloitte The Huffington Post said got three and a quarter three quarter of a million IT firm Queen novi got three million variety do you think we should give the IT for outsourcing contractors and ambhiraj DWP learn to resume a break so so the figures have been astonishing to disability groups in particular who have seen the amount of money as you mentioned the figures you mentioned six hundred thousand going into privatized firms and yet the system is still in such distress and in the teething problems that the Jeremy Hunt mentioned he's probably referencing a DWP's own report which said that some cases of universal universal credit did cause financial difficulties but some have gone even further linking it to horizon sex work and even suicides even PCs the Union the represents workers in the DWP has asked for the policy to be scrapped and replaced well we had Cherie Blair the wife of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair on about arbitrate attention and the UN Special Rapporteur she said the UN doesn't have an army what does it is anything gonna happen because Philip halston is complaining about universal credit right so to a lot of activists this is the issue because this is now the fifth UN report into possible austerity linked human rights violations that the UN have issued and it kind of it's also a parallel because recently there's been the UN a patron torture has come to the UK to investigate the case of Julian Assange his conclusion was that Julian Assange had been psychologically tortured he was equally dismissed by the government Philip halston has shown frustration with the fact that he's been dismissed he wrote an article independent last month saying I proved that austerity destroys lives and all the government has done is tried to discredit me I mean it's slightly disturbing in the context of the report which has some incredibly like pressing quotes he found that 40 million people living in poverty rising in from tality rates falling life expectancy food bank usage skyrocketing rising homelessness and overloaded and struggling schools and police services he said most of these problems are the direct result of government policies in his final report in May accused ministers of being in a state of denial about policies like universal credit and Brad responded like this we are not so perhaps we don't think we can learn as we tried to adjust the universal credit for the benefit of everybody but that sort of language was totally inappropriate and actually discredited a lot of what he was saying she was supposedly going to lodge a complaint with the UN about the report but I've asked the DWP and they haven't yet confirmed whether or not she did that they did however give me this statement saying the UN's own data shows the UK it's one of the happiest places in the world to live and other countries have come here to find out more about how we support people to improve their lives therefore this is a barely believable documentation of Britain based on a tiny period of time spent here it paints a completely inaccurate picture of our approach to tackling poverty you can find that full statement online maybe people can get in touch with going underground and tell us how happy they are on universal credit Charlie cook thank you

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  1. We cannot even keep our roads clear of litter or keep the roads maintained, we have weeds growing out of cracks and potholes. We are being led by fifth rate managers who haven't got a clue about keeping the infrastructure maintained in the UK. Knife crime in London is worse than New York. 20,000 less Police on the streets. Our ruling class are clueless.

  2. Starve or beg is only option for a lot of good people who need help and the vulnerable are targets on payday with a month's worth on them and rent it's stupid

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