There’s Something for Everyone at the World’s Largest Library

– Hello, welcome to the
Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is the
largest library in the world. – [Narrator] Located in Washington, D.C., this collection of over 160 million items is a vast archive of the
history of the United States. There are over 70 special collections that include rare manuscripts,
maps, sheet music, and much more. – Hello, I’m Helena Zinkham,
Director for Collections and also Chief of the
Princeton Photographs Division. This collection of pictures
numbers more than 15 million. Among the rarest pictures
in our collection, we have the migrant mother, the iconic woman representing
the entire Great Depression. The pictures bring people together. They invite you in to look
around and explore worlds that you might never be
able to see in person. – Hello, I am Paulette Hasier. I am the chief of the
Geography and Map Division. We have 5.5 million maps,
80,000 atlases, 500 globes. We have Lewis and Clark’s
maps, George Washington’s maps. We have the first map that
shows the name America on it. We’re part of the bigger, broader world. And as we look at some of
these cartographic evidence of the changes over time, it’s a realization that we, as a nation, have changed over time. – Hi, I’m Sue Vita, the
chief of the Music Division. There are about 24 million
items in the music collection. We have Stradivari instruments. We have the original Rhapsody in Blue. The original edition of
the Star Spangled Banner. Music tells us more about who we are and tells us about our
past and our future. – Hi, my name is Michael North, and I’m head of Reference
and Reader Services in the Rare Book and
Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress. This collection holds over 800,000 items. We have everything from
medieval manuscripts, early printed books, the
libraries of Thomas Jefferson. One of our most famous books
is the Gutenberg Bible. It’s important to have
a record of the past so that we know how we came
to be where we are today, both in terms of ideas and in terms of history,
politics, art, everything. – Hi, I’m Malea Walker. I’m a reference librarian in the Serial and Government
Publications Division. This collection is massive. We have 800,000 reels of microfilm. We have about 7.2 million
loose issues of newspapers and approximately 42,000 volumes
of bound newspaper pages. We also have about 140,000
issues of comic books. One of the great things
about reading newspapers is that you get a sense of what
it’s like to be an American. You are reading how people
lived the history itself. – Collections are our way of
adding memory and remembrances. All of the collections
give meaning and context to the human experience
and the history of culture.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Wtf? Being a librarian is awesome! I find hard copies very important. Especially nowadays, people are into digital stuffs which does not last forever not like those hard copies. Hands down to those collectors and librarians.

  2. I once had a dream to become a librarian in a big library.
    I also sometimes imagine myself living in DC and going to the library of congress although I'm not even a US citizen.

  3. Was waiting for the guy from the porn collection to walk out of the bathroom clutching a magazine and place it back on its shelf, Then he gives a tour as well……

  4. Was waiting for the guy from the porn collection to walk out of the bathroom clutching a magazine and place it back on its shelf, Then he gives a tour as well……

  5. It would be damn devastating if this place caught fire. This is probably too negative but I don't know why I think about these things 😰

  6. Somewhere deep within the library's books, there's a giant picture album of every single first lady naked…….. yeah I think I'll only look at Melania Trump, dolley payne, Letita Christian, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jackie Kennedy. Until now it's been a while since we've had a genuinely attractive first lady XD.

  7. lol America was founded 241 years ago. Imagine how long ago this sort of library would date back to in any country in Europe.
    I do, however think it's amazing that America has kept it's history so well preserved.

  8. Hey, Bornholm, I've seen that picture thing before, you can still buy those if you ever bother to go there.

    Ps. Bother to go, it's an amazing little island, even has a giant castle ruin on top of a giant cliff next to the ocean.

  9. As an artist who works for videogames.. and seeing games disappear forever since their rights are gone or bigger companies remove old games so that they can show the NEW ones (Like the very first mafia) and make consumers forget about old ones hurts very much. WE need a library for games.. its burning of art if we dont have it

  10. Little story incoming. At 1:25 there is a map of an little danish island that i grew up on. And I have cycled the island around, starting at "Nexø" and finishing at "Snogbæk" now you may continue watching the video 😀

  11. Thats a really nice place, a lot of flammable materials all over the place. It would be a real shame if that place caught fire

  12. People in England got upset when I described the Library of Congress as the world's largest. They insisted that the British Library was.

  13. Historians use these collections, but many ironically reject the views of the study of the past that these librarians offer.

  14. I feel like they should all be wearing gloves to touch any of that stuff. LOL. Also I desperately hope somebody's working towards digitizing the entire collection for safety sake. #NeverForgetTheLibraryOfAlexandria I'm still salty about that shit.

  15. Please, let us muscicians play those rare Stradivarii. For real. What a waste, caging them in glass cubes. Instruments have souls.

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