‘There Were Some Lies’: Fact-Checking The GOP’s Impeachment Hearing Response | MSNBC

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  1. The Republican goal here seem to be to follow Trump’s crazy train to oblivion. I know we should be party loyal to a degree but gosh!

  2. Why hasnt anyone on this planet ever mentioned that these stations only fact check their opposition. Anyone notice? Ever? Suspicious anyone?

  3. Another thing: very interesting that these two parties are‘s still at a dead tie, even with the full advantage taken by the Democrats through most media outlets. This is an incredible advantage they have, and still only have half the country. Your thoughts?

  4. Last thing: the Democrats and media have well accomplished their goal of country division, through the years. Keeps us dependent, ever-looking for a self-imposed Savior. We are so mentally divided in our perspectives, that we now can each read an identical document as we were reading two completely different documents. I we are now doing the same thing with a phone call.
    Good people on both sides, look at what we are allowing them to cause within us. Stop

  5. “Hit job”? She caught Marie red-handed in a lie ffs. Next we will have Vindman and Morrison who don’t agree with each other. That means more lies… fun week ahead.

  6. This impeachment inquiry is still a complete farce as these witnesses so far were not present during the phone call and had no first hand information on what was said. None of them so far could name a crime that Pres. Trump committed to warrant him being impeached. It is still a SHAM, as Adam Schiff would not still allow the suggested witnesses that the Republicans requested to be brought in for questioning under oath. POTUS is not even allowed to be represented by his counsel during the hearings.

  7. Both sides are being lied to. We are all being played the fool. Pride will not let any of us see the truth. Yes, they are blind and can't see the the truth but either can we. Media is corrupt. Every single news story has two opposing views. How both are manipulated and the truth is in the middle. Hindsight is 20/20 fact check any story. They don't do retractions. Snopes: Slaughter in Syria

  8. Typically when government talks about cleaning up corruption they are doing the opposite. The White House and the state department reek of it as well.

    I would say this is just a baseless claim, except Ambassador Yovanovitch admitted that the investigation case everyone claimed was closed was in fact left open and they lost interest. Between all the soapy grandstanding GOP and immature insults with the DNC, neither one of them gets to what has and is still going on. Don't forget that Ukraine is not at peace yet. Many idealistic freedom fighters for the Russians have been assassinated and a lot of the money sent there has been moved around. It doesn't help that the US President is bombastically flailing around in his miserable corrupt circle, drawing attention away from bigger problems with the state department around the globe. Social unrest is rising and now more than ever diplomacy is needed, not the deployment of troops. If rumors of wars and talk of wars keep up, impeachment of some old tv show host will be the least of our worries.

  9. This is THE worst I’ve seen this country. We literally live in different realities. When that happens how can a dialogue happen? How can there be even an attempt to work together?

  10. Democrats looking like a deer in the headlights. This is all a sideshow, just wait till AGBarr let’s loose. #demoncraticparty

  11. I am glad MSNBC says LIES and no other deflecting words for it. G0P´lings LIES.
    Fk this liars. Lieing, while payed by the people, to their Bosses faces,..to the people. On TV.
    Imagine a worker, which you pay, Lies straight into your face, again and again. Kick out directly.
    IT SHOULD BE A CRIME for puplic officials TO LIE to THE PEOPLE. Period.
    To bad most G0P´lings will drop out directly then.

    Some Dems AS WELL !!

    LIEING as a puplic official TO THE PEOPLE should be a CRIME. PERIOD.

  12. Obstruction of justice, everyone involved in the lie need to go to jail, politicians/staff/lobbyists/donors/superpacs/consultant/think tanks. America needs a whole new way to govern bring transparency to the system with policies that have teeth to prosecute and jail as the crime is committed.. or a patriot act for politicians.

  13. The reason the RepubliCONS are on their heels is because they can't get out in front to steer the narrative. Trump argued against collusion full well knowing that it is not a crime listed in statutes. With the DOJ making the huge mistake of not conducting an investigation following the whistleblower's complaint allowed Schiff to, instead. He is playing them like a piano. When they THINK they know the angle the committee is taking, they are broadsided by the fact that they're being pigeonholed in their stated defense, so they are forced to pull another rabbit out the hat. Tricks are for kids….

  14. I’m wondering who came up with the dumb childish expression, “Never Trumper?” President Trump and GOP members keep using these words. Jim Jordan should wear a jacket like a gentleman. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Vote blue in 2020. 💙💙💙

  15. Republicans in Congress can twist and whine but so much. Don't forget, they're showing out because they know their voters are mentally stuck.

  16. a great problem here is that when the dems can and have the right to be be angry and loud they are very meek…..the repubs act outraged ..like kavanaugh and Lindsey and Jordan….. and so they seem they are more right than the dems..hey dems…act and be more outraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also….it's very simple….here an ambassador tried to get rid of corruption and rudy (trump) blocked her!!!!!!!so they want the corruption to continue…..geez..it's so simple and they are so obviously guilty!!!!!

  17. Jordan needs to come clean on all the kids sexually abused when he was their coach (the abuse went on for years) The GOP MADE HIM THE SPOKESMAN

  18. I don't have to watch this video to know it's full of sh&t. This media outlet's record for lying to and deceiving the American people speaks for itself. How can anyone take what MSNBC says seriously? Don't get offended,….I don't watch FOX either. The MSM is no longer ethical enough to be trusted and we should all stop consuming this crap,… Now delete this you cowards.

  19. GOP:

    “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”
    ― The Mad Hatter

  20. For three years, lady justice, Constitution, and country have all been crying out, pleading, "Until this moment, Republicans, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.  … You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

  21. The Triangle of Treason and Lies — Extreme Danger (TOTALED): Toddler-in-Chief, Toxic Traitor Trump; Assassination Goon, B.S. Barr; Congressional Republican rats. Knock down just one side, the whole structure collapses!

  22. The barn door was open, all the horses escaped, the barn burned to the ground, but goofy Congressional Republican goons continue play-acting mucking out the stalls, standing among the smoking embers, for Nero-in-Chief and their audience of fools, who love a good Blaze and hope to see it all burn!

  23. REALLY hoping for the fire-side chat, but suppose we'll settle for Trump in the witness chair in front of the impeachment inquiry!

  24. Most criminal, corrupt, amoral, incompetent, unpatriotic, and inept administration in American history!  Toxic Traitor Trump…excels at being the worst!  Although he did receive a lot of help from his supporting cast…

  25. Like flies to the turd pile, GOP grifters gonna congregate, then scatter once the heat comes down and their free meal dries up!

  26. The really bad thing is that the jordans of this drama are not stupid. So they willfully and deliberatly aid to committing crimes by comrade bonespurs. Selling your morale is forever. And too many people support this with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

  27. What is the main issue of Trump's and Republicans' success? They just don't steal! If dems just don't steal, USA would be much richer than it is now, people living in USA would be much much richer. Where are that money? Who steal the money? I don't know, but I see, that media like MSNBC make propaganda for years – and since I know propaganda is very expensive!

  28. John Solomon did not lie, he interviewed that ukraine diplomat, and he talked about Yovanovich ordering him to do certain things etc, she had no business doing what she was asking, Trump had a right to fire her, and obama replaced all diplomats and gave his own and no one complained about him. Yovanovich lied her face off. And that conversation that Ukraine diplomat reported was not then retracted, THIS IS THE LIE. Crucifying J. Solomon by the press is just awful. G. Beck is the one that did the fact checking to find out what that diplomat of ukraine told Solomon was not retracted, this is a lie, found by G. Beck and now by Ukraine and Russia believe it was retracted. The main news outlets all copies that story until you get to the Ukraine newspaper and that showed that No, it wasn't retracted. Marie Y. lied her face off in front of the congress, she is a major player in those things that the far left democrats were doing with ukraine. And Trump is much smarter than most of the public thinks. I will never trust anything from the main media again, now that I know just how lazy they are in fact checking. What is going on here is like a very intricate puzzle that involves many people.

    Obama, HIllary, Brennan Comey and of course Schiff making it impossible for the republicans to do their part in this sham of pepole testifying, that man is got to be someone who is getting a lot of attention in this part he's playing. I've never watched the Glenn Beck show until last month and now I realize yes there is a deep state conspiracy to put in place the ideas of those who do not like the constitution in the way it's formatted, if it changes as they want, the US, will never be a republic again. I thought George Soros was just a aman with money that others exaggerated him playing a part in this deep state desire to change the country into what he wanted, it's not, and it makes me want to weep, to watch so many people who are hopefully sheep, it used to be the Left calling the right sheep, no, that isn't true, it's most of america that doesn't know what is going on. I don't care as much about the bidens and that money that biden jr received as I'm not sure of those details but I'm scared for what can happen, it's already started. It doesn't matter who our president is, what Soros and others want has already started, and if the media keeps covering up the truths of what happened in 2014 and on, it can't get corrected.

    It was never about Trump colluding with Ukraine, but it was the Dems and others colluding with Ukraine. You can never correct this corrupted people. Marie Y. I knew would not tell the truth, and I knew the whistle blower is close to hillary, obama, biden and schiff and he'll have to answer the questions of the republicans, but now he doesn't have to appear, he's not scared at all. Our president always messes up with his remarks, but he's not stupid, he kwows exactly what's going on, too bad he tweets because it makes it look like he's has no one to talk to in the whitehouse, it's that he wants the public to know what's going on since the main stream news will not be truthful, sometimes they are just copying what other outlets say, they don't fact check and they dont' just repot the news, they do lie and have manipulated the public for a long time.

  29. Good point Chris … I think Schiff was trying not to give a single minute to her. But it would have been good for him to read the rule.

  30. Everytime the Republicans try to claim that this inquiry is unjust, the Democrat response should site the laws Republicans passed in 2015 regarding impeachment and/or recite the Constitution itself.

  31. SCIF = Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. I seem to remember the acronym a little differently from my days in the service but the sentiment is the same. It’s essentially a space with controlled points of entry designed to keep out the eyes and ears of individuals who have not been cleared for access to the information being shared within. Cellphones, flash drives, and the like get checked at the door. Generally speaking, all members of Congress have clearance to the level necessary to hear the information being shared within, but in this case only those members of the participating committees (from Democrat, Republican and other parties) have actual access to the SCIF.

  32. They sound like whiney children! As they did during hearings. They are well aware of rules- Looks like Schiff is not even going to dignify their nonsense by explaining rules again.

  33. A big thanks to MSNBC, CNN, and the brainwashed Democrats that are showing the American People how crazy their party really is. Thanks for daily giving more reasons why not to vote these morons back into office! You do realize you are handing Trump 2020 on a silver platter? It makes me sick to think I ever called myself a Democrat after this shameful display from the Left!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  34. When Schiff pointed out the president attempting to cool witness testimony, by witness tampering via tweet, another good example is the fear the congressional republicans have of trump! They have actually abdicated their JOBS of oversight out of fear of Trumps critical tweets!

  35. Jordan, your'e acting stupid for a party of one? You need to grow balls and tell the truth or move to russia..We true American's don't need people that throw America under the bus..shame on them

  36. So which witness has had first hand knowledge of anything ? And why do the democrats think Trump will win 2020? They should just let it go to 2020 . Then when a Democrat is elected , he or she or they won’t have to follow every single rule the dems are now putting out there .

  37. He is talking sooo much about the witnesses but, he was quiet about the abuses at Ohio university! It’s a shame that republicans can do that to the American people!

  38. Let's be honest, Fox is pro Republican and MSNBC is pro democrat. Wouldn't it be amazing if both just did the news, and opinion were based on facts. Stop trying to act like your hands are clean MSNBC, we are not stupid. Your 100 % political.

  39. I wish someone would teach our elected representatives how to pronounce simple foreign words … Kiev is pronounced “key-ev” (two syllables) not “keev” …. although keev rhymes with skeev which suits the members of the GOP perfectly!

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