The World Cup winners are firmly in the Democrats’ camp: Varney

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  1. Like i do with all sporting events that have become political ,I just stop watching and dont buy Any event tickets!

  2. There is women's soccer team that makes a higher percentage of what they earn (receipts) for the team than men's teams? Who would have guessed? Saw the interview (maddow syndrome?) on MSNBC, still can't get the taste out of the back off my throat. Go play for Venezuela. No loss here.

  3. The hate on display in the comments here is seriously frightening. Idk what is happenning to America, but it isn't good.

  4. She doesn't hate our President, she hates herself. She thinks she can make a difference for lesbians, etc. but what she doesn't understand is nobody cares! She is just making herself look like a happy buffoon and pretty soon she will go by the same way as Colin Kapernick.
    Meagan who? And you know they paid her to do this.

  5. Every aspect of culture is being ruined by the 4% of people who cant stand the 96% _ Its time we take back our right to assert our own social stand.

  6. Too sad even sport are in political arena. Well if they're in Democratic side so be it .nothing loose for PRES. TRUMP instead tniese abnormal athletic people will be the one to criticize!!!!!!

  7. She is voicing her frustration. I know many gays have the same problem, and they use whatever platform they have to voice their opinion. The same way the President took the 4th of July to give a speech weather you vote for him or not. Come on…. you can take it, you are all adults.

  8. Don't Agree with her, But it's her Freewill to Speak her Beliefs
    I'm sure President Trump is not going to lose any sleep over it.

  9. And as a Patriotic American we cannot stand her! She wants to meet with the people making changes in America, unfortunately the people she is meeting with cannot do diddlyquat like her! Already rumbling on the team that she doe not even represent the majority of the team!

  10. Well done , Now instead of a pay rise ,it should be halved . You have successfully made a poorly followed sport in the US even less popular by politicising it.

  11. She is a divider…wth is going on ? Has she been acitvated? she is selfish though and has an impulsive behavior….she cussed at their celebration ceremony and hijacked the spotlight from team USA…tells you what kind of person she really is…another leftist

  12. This chick is all about herself…and by the way…how come no one cares about the one black christian woman that was pushed out who refused to wear a rainbow jersey.

  13. Meaningful conversations that could really affect change in Washington? You mean by going to parties with people who agree with everything you say?
    Meaningful conversations that affect change can only happen with people of differing views coming together and sharing ideas. You have an opportunity to go to the White House, speak to the president who will talk to just about anybody, share your ideas or grievances and you turn it down!? That's called wasting an opportunity

  14. Men's soccer generates a bigger crowd,more money, more sales etc.. They earn their pay!
    NOONE enjoys watching women's soccer! They don't generate the same as men, therefore they should receive lower pay.

    Children need better role models than this. Shameful!

  15. She should learn a little etiquette about keeping politics out of sports. Americans, in general, don't care about her point of view just the team winning the world cup for America.

  16. I have not been able to watch any of the many recent Lou Dobbs Tonight YouTube videos. TheY get cut in the first two seconds and the next view (unrelated) appears. Is anyone else experiencing he same problem? Just search on Youtube for "Fox Business Lou Dobbs Tonight". Maybe its just me but I'm a bit suspicious since other videos all all working. Many of Lou's older videos have comments disabled which I have not seen before either.

  17. The US Soccer Team can go to hell…..I am for no more funding for them. They are a disgrace to our country and should be playing for another country…..

  18. They are good fit ! Hope their happy together ,but know Democrats will discard them like trash if they're not helping them .

  19. Foul mouth, entitled attitude, nasty ugly lessbean- oh yeah she represents the state of affairs in the USA!

  20. Some will change their tune when they start making more money and get into businesses. They'll resent high taxes and strangling regulation that big govt nrings.

  21. i bet you the US Liberal Soccer Team cheated their way to they always do..DNC, Russia probe,… 🤪

  22. Look at the the size of there mouths, democratic women. No there just sluts and you know where they belong stop giving whores air time.


    Fox is a ultra right wing fascist. ,Rascist ,Pro Trump, and RUSSIAN sponsored FAKE news.

  24. You cowardly republicants are such pussies. Cry cry cry you guys are total LOSERS. HAHAHA

  25. Politics and sports don't mix. Athletes who represent America should not speak badly of America while on the international stage. If she was a Republican she would have gone to the White House, looked Trump in the eyes, and stated her case. Instead, like a coddled child all grown up to be an activist/socialist/communist, she whines on the big stage. Don't give her what she wants. Look at her earnings compared to top tier males. It is said to be comparable, despite women's world cup competition revenue lagging behind the male spectacle by over an order of magnitude. For the next 4 years, who cares about women's soccer? Track the attendance and earnings. Watch who subsidizes them so that they have a platform from which to spew hate. No, she isn't a good example for Americans, women or men. As Maxine Watters said, she should be approached in public, people should get in her face and scream, "shame, shame, shame," but only that. Unlike auntie Maxine's call to arms, no one should consider any effort to "take her out." But she should know that her abrasive behaviour is unwarranted and unappreciated.

  26. This Person was Representing her Country! She Desicrated a Flag then acted like a child and talked trash anout Our President. In future, I hope this woman is never given that opportunity again. She has No Grace, No Tact and she is a emample to the World how Not to Behave!! I cant believe how she looked to the World, and she thinks she shined!

  27. But what about for all the other 60+ genders that the Democrats believe in, what about equal pay for them as well, lol. ??

  28. What a joke women's soccer is they lost to a group of 15 year old boys so what they won the cup a team of 15 year old boys beat them so they'd beat the rest of the female teams


  30. One more week to go before she fades back into nothingness, much like the sport she plays that 90% of Americans find to be the most boring waste of life and rather get shot in the foot than use it to kick a ball for three hours. I’m proud of the team and victory. Proud for the winners and respect the losers, cheers to them all and the fans, however rapino chose…chose to use their platform to bash our president, WH, staff, family and flag by allowing her distaste for Trump to go viral. Know-one needs her to go anywhere near the WH…. but now the great message of the victory is forever tied to her and Trump and the comments smh. Sad…sad..

  31. As racist as the captain of the team is, I would declare her as non breed able by anything resembling a man.

  32. Why would the people honor player that don't stand for our flag. Here in America we stand for flag an kneel for the cross. If you don't get hell out that is a disgrace to American.

  33. Yes, they don’t get they are actually helping Trump because people are tired of having political agenda pushed down their throats by mass media.

  34. Her outspoken Political views Hurt Woman's soccer or all soccer for next 2 generations , see the tickets sale plum it just like the NFL has

  35. They are not deserving of the title after their anti-American views. They should move to China. I am sure they will be embraced by the communist there. You are nothing but a disgrace to America. How dare you call yourselves Americans.

  36. yeah that's because she's the captain but she's a communist socialist piece of garbage are real pig in America knows that we are proud for the soccer team but we're sick and disgusted by that scumbag piece of garbage

  37. ALL CONSERVATIVES PLEASE LOOK at the video called: "Trump STARVES Poor People Again."
    on the YouTube Channel Rebel HQ

  38. Americans have a way of finding nothing and turning it into a blizzard of nonsense and stupidity. This is why other nations stopped looking at you like leaders

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