The Truth Behind Gina Miller’s Anti Brexit Campaign

Jr Miller is back as you remember Miller was the woman who forced her majesty's government to legally get parliament involved with brexit despite Parliament giving that responsibility to the public via referendum this time she wants to take Boris Johnson to court if he becomes Prime Minister yeah right the campaigner and businesswoman Gina Miller wants to launch immediate legal action to prevent Boris Johnson from delivering in No Deal brexit absolutely astonishing their level of ignorance and arrogance is hilarious Miller said that she and her legal team were absolutely ready to go to prevent what she said would be an outrageous attempt to bypass Parliament their very institution that break city has said they wanted to restore powers to when they campaigned to leave the EU in the June of 2016 no dear Brick City has wanted our Parliament to be sovereign over all when it comes to everyday laws but on the point of their leave roads Parliament gave that power to the people and we already decided Parliament is sovereign because the people are sovereign but the funniest thing about this situation is her letter and the arrogant language that she's used but if we might just have a look I'm gonna be grateful to you for giving us a look at the letter that you've sent at 2:00 to Boris Johnson I wonder if we just take a look at one line of it here we request that you undertake not to advise her Majesty the Queen should you become prime minister to the world Parliament without first providing 7 days notice at to our client don't go and see the Queen if you are Prime Minister and parole Parliament I mean there will be people watching this this morning one who an F do you think you are writing a letter like that to the band who most likely will be the next prime minister well each of us in a democracy each of us have the right as a citizen to exercise our power our legitimate questions of the courts and that's what I did the first time I got something to write a letter to a former foreign secretary and tell them you know if you become Prime Minister you know it dies our client a week in advance if you're going to go and see the Queen well paying lip service to parliamentary democracy is one thing but you actually have to actively defend it and that's what this case and my legal team when I would be doing is defending parliamentary sovereignty because as I said it is the cornerstone of our Constitution and to abuse that nobody is above the law you can be a Prime Minister you can be whatever your position we would argue I would argue that no one is above the law I mean the one thing that you're not of course isn't elected representative have you been speaking to I mean amongst others Sir John Major obviously up in the Opera House nobody even speaking to John Major even speaking to any Conservative MPs no I've had no conversations this is as I said when this question was being mooted or the propagation question was being mooted yes citizens are the bosses of politicians but individual citizens shouldn't bully or extort politicians who are you to ignore everyone else's wishes secondly she says that she cares about parliamentarians rights to have a say yet she hasn't even talked to any of them about this she's basically starting an undemocratic move against the whole system on her own with no mandate from the nation you know what I think I think she's just feeling left out because John Major has already said this and said that he would do the same last week last week the former Tory Prime Minister Sir John Major said that he would be willing to go to court to seek a judicial review to stop Johnson prorogue in Parliament I served in Parliament for over 20 years I'm very proud to have done so said major I have huge admiration for our parliamentary traditions well if your major is doing something you've got to follow it right I think pretty Battelle put this perfectly well look I think first of all the issue is that it's now down to members of parliament and a new government to actually take action not for third parties by going through the courts and I think that's exactly how it should have been previously as well after 2016 you know after the referendum the government was very clear back then that brexit meant brexit and that we were going to leave the EU instead we had a range of third party anti brexit organizations and positions that were chose to go to the court to derail basically the whole brexit delivery and also to tie the hands of politicians of government in Parliament that is simply not acceptable and quite frankly the British public are sick to death of this they want to see a government now with renewed fiction get out there and do exactly what it said it will do which is now to deliver brexit but the question is who is jr. Miller and what's the truth behind her anti brexit campaign on her firm's website it suggests that she has three degrees in marketing human resources management and law in truth Juno Miller does not have a law degree she did study for one at the University of East London but left before sitting her final exams when asked about this her lawyers told the Mail that she was unaware of the false claim that was displayed on the website and said that this was a responsibility and a mistake of a freelance copywriter also one important element in this is her own financial expertise an investigation of the investment firm SCM private shows that it has run up large losses since she and Alan Miller founded it in 2009 it has yet to register an annual profit and has made total operating losses of more than 2.3 million pounds in a report for her charity the true and fair foundation in 2015 she rebuked other charities for financial inefficiency claiming that 1,000 organizations spent less than half of their income on good works inevitably many of them were quite angry about the earth it's these findings the National Council for voluntary organisations said that the report willfully misrepresented the facts more specifically its director of public policy attack Miller same for her it seems self-promotion Trump's accuracy even more damning the Charity Commission described her report as flawed also as city insiders point out Miller is not a finance expert by trade but a marketing woman indeed finance wasn't her first choice of profession initially she wanted to be a criminal barrister but set up several marketing companies before moving into investment management so this is the person we're dealing with a self-proclaimed expert in finance and law who in reality is just their bitter angry activists but what frustrates me even more is that she's using this platform fears about brexit this is why Boris Johnson had the best response to her and then want you to of course in order to get ready for that deal at her to encourage your friends or partners to see the sense of that deal you prepare to come out without a deal that's the sensible thing any business person does that and this is a great country isn't it we can do it we can get ready for an OD or better of course we can ecause there are people who say to them you know and whatever the planes weren't fly and there won't be any drinking water and there will be adequate supplies of glucose and I saw look solids them and a way to make the Mars bars on which the children of this country depend I have to say I never seen or my life I saw was in TISCO said there would be Christmas dinner as a result of a No Deal brexit I mean this is absolute nonsense we are we're they were hearing that in you know one of great farming regions of the whole of Europe we can supply Christmas dinner can't we we certainly can and though and and the planes will fly and there will be clean drinking water whatever the deal we do it'll be a great deal but whatever they do we do and then we'll be clean drinking water and and flying planes and they'll be sufficient solids and supplies of glucose and milk solids and way to make Mars bars because where there's a will there's a way ladies and gentlemen make sure you spread the word by sharing this video and if you want to support this channel you can join our membership club and the link will be in the description as usual and as always don't forget to Like subscribe and click on notification will next to it and I'll see you tomorrow with a new video you

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  2. First and fore most i want to state I am a Leaver and have been since the vote on 26th June and continue to be until we break the shackles of bondage to the EU. Gina Miller is a citizen of this Great nation. The fact she has been more than economical with the truth on many occasions puts here in the same camp as the remain sector who have had project fear running since the referendum was announced and who are ramping it up as 31st Oct gets nearer. You have to wonder what's in it for her??? she doesn't do anything unless it's for the Millers and Co (hubby). Unfortunately the leave campaign hasn't covered it's self with glory with some misleading stories as well.
    Gina Miller has been touted and romanced as LIB Dem peer by Vince Cable, as has already been stated she is rumoured to be in receipt of campaign backing from the equally obnoxious individual Goerge Soros and the open europe group he finances, as well as giving very large donations to the BBC (biased broadcast company)and we all know what a power crazed piece of work he is along with Miller.
    So where does this leave the people who voted in the referendum and by a majority to leave, we have a predominance of spineless MPs in a parliament who voted remain (some 75%) who because they have the power and the sanctimonious arrogance to think that because their views are more important than the people who put them their they can thwart the peoples vote in the name of democracy (their version) and the for the good of the nation as their biased and self serving opinion see's it.
    MPs ,Miller and Soros have forgotten the one fundamental fact, we the people of the great nation of The United Kingdom put MPs there to carry out our wishes and carry them out they are legally bound to do, if they cannot discharge that duty then we the people need to remove them and get some MPs with spines into OUR parliament to do the job and while we are talking about this remove the poison dwarf anti democratic upstart John Bercow too.

  3. She Should Feck Off Back To Her Shithole Country Of Origin, Jerk Her Countrymen Around, Not This Country, It's Not Hers, It's Mine!

  4. In all honesty if she does not like it then please leave go back were she come from, she has no right stupid fucking woman

  5. Learn about the British constitution and that after the Brexit vote and notice period which ended on 29th March ‘19. And as Teresa May didn’t get her deal thro UK left on wto rules. Robin tilbrook MP has taken the govt to court and we don’t here about that. Robins had his life threatened over this. See www, and Daddy Dragon/Graham Moore on you tube (Graham Moore has been tired from his job over his support for Brexit) There is a blanket ban on the news about this court case. Why? When vine miller gets air time.

  6. The stupid letter asking for 7 days notice is just a request, it is not a legal requirement. Someone else could write an equally valid request to Boris to ignore such a demand from GM.

  7. Bad manners to enter a house and begin to order rightful occupants about !
    If I entered a neighbor's home and acted like she I would be kicked out the door !

  8. Any body with a brain can she what this evil women is .bitter nasty and deceitful as her business shows full of corruption

  9. Miller should be stripped of her British citizenship branded on her forehead as a traitor and deported, get this anti-British FILTH out of our country.

  10. She has been shown to be a liar , but other than being a Soros floosie, she really thinks highly of herself! I would advise her to go live on mainland Europe for her own good and ours! I hope she comes to an unfortunate end TBH!

  11. Very clever woman but totally and utterly wrong. Parliament, as Nigel Farage has correctly observed, has set itself against the people. That means Parliament is wrong. The whole point of democracy, Gina Miller should, but clearly does not, understand is that the people can remove Parliament when Parliament gets in the way. It may be unusual for the Government to be on the side of the people but that will shortly be the case in respect of Brexit. Parliament is not infallible, which is why, sovereign as it is among institutions of the state, it is not sovereign over the people and that is why the people have recourse to the Queen in Parliament. And it is not the business of the courts to involve themselves in politics.
    Parliament is normally prorogued every year- 18 months. The current session has lasted well over two years and is the longest session since the Long Parliament of 1640-1660. Prorogation and a Queen's speech to set out a new legislative program is long overdue. It would be entirely appropriate for a new Prime Minister to prorogue Parliament and return with a Queen's speech setting out his legislative programme. Even more appropriate, should Parliament continue to obstruct the will of the electorate, the next PM should prorogue Parliament in order to hold a general election. In an election on the issue of parliament versus the people, there is no doubt the people would win, meaning most of the current MPs would be removed. That is why Remainer obstructionists argue for a second referendum, rather than for a general election. In the meantime they can hide behind the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, introduced by Remainer Cameron with the specific intention of insulating Westminster from the electorate. It is most unfortunate that the poor old long suffering electorate have no means of calling a general election themselves. We would if we could and we would win.

  12. This is just far right wing bullshit. Right wingers bang on about our independence and keeping parliament's sovereignty yet want to ignore it and ignore democracy when it suits their greedy grabbing fascist selves. This guy is Lord Haw Haw.

  13. The real aim now is not merely Brexit but to get rid of this self serving parliament and replace it with one that ACTUALLY speaks for it's citizens

  14. The trouble with immigrants is they do not properly understand our constitution and the spout nonsense such as ‘parliament is sovereign’ – it isn’t. The people are sovereign. Immigrants like miller should leave constitutional matters to the indigenous people who know what they are talking about.

  15. Parliamentary sovereignty is NOT a cornerstone of our constitution dummy this is parliamentary fabrication – it is the sovereignty of the people that is the foundation of our constitution – parliament serves the people – the people do not serve parliament. Get it?

  16. People are still entertaining the remoaners, and this vile Miller thing, by accepting we didn’t legally leave the EU, BY LAW, a law that this vile woman herself was heavily involved with the last time she and her elite sponsors took government to Supreme Court.
    We should have left the EU BY LAW on the 29th March.

  17. Trouble is, you're clearly not very bright as you focus more on her than than the consequences of brexit. To post a video of Boris Johnson to enforce what you're saying only proves how absolutely thick as shit you are.

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