The Truth About Progressive Voice | Why PV Hates Me

Peavy is one to talk he is pretty what's he she done yeah like that's the part that's always amazing to me um pp doesn't take a position that's not from the Young Turks and the wild part is look if a person is that willing to go on a show in debate I lose a certain degree of respect for him I watched um whatever you want to think of a che Goodman whatever even you want to take a Sam cedar both of them are willing to essentially get into the cage in arena and go after one another and debate progressive voices guys literally in his mom's basement and doesn't have the courage of any level no courage at all four-person voice it goes way too far as criticism Jamal well so Jays from Detroit you may not know the backstory on this so breast voice sends me an email and he's like hey man come on your show can we is there anything we can argue about literally I pull up email and I never liked P V because he I never liked P V and let me be honest why when st. progressives was doing her show Saint progressive came out when Justice Democrats came out just I mean in that same time but just as Democrats comes out and same progressive comes out and I don't know if initial if she does it in pain on it but P V my show and if you have the shows alike this is awesome this is great you know essentially there's gonna be somewhat of media and political arm and the way that the Young Turks is going about their show I'm on the fence with this and I'm kind of like yeah maybe Saint progressive comes out and trashes it cow comes out does it show now pal doesn't show he's utterly ballistic and being ballistic Cal is going after same progressive and essentially telling her to get the fuck out the way progressive voice almost immediately immediately does a show essentially repeating cow and is on that show looked like he's almost in tears um to let see progress of the kick rocks hard bastard doesn't show now when our bastard doesn't show hard bastard kind of brings the point up of this guy is a useful idiot and he is essentially following whatever TYT and Calais is insane he has no opinion of his own hard bastard hits him for this essentially this is the loony version of the left this this is the version of the left that essentially um brain-dead they're just kind of following and he was making the point that other shows weren't I've always disliked progressive voice Phyllis because I've always looked at him as just being a child that's just following whatever at MIT and Cal does um so when he asked me to be on my show my thought was I joked him I did a show laughing at in fact I think it was a large part of that show literally outright laughing at him I don't know which show that was but it was a bunch of us progressive voice was on that show and he said at the bottom of that video you guys suck something like that like you got the suck like this is a low blow man you guys suck um now I felt like I was being an asshole for that I feel horrible flat and it put me in a mind of when I'm when I was a child when I was younger and these guys were joking this girl this young woman and they were like oh man you know she's so busted it she's you know horrendous and she's you know and I go repeating the stuff that these guys say and I see this woman this girl standing behind me I have no idea who that woman is and I find out several years later that the woman who was looking at me like that whose face is emblazoned in my brain was the woman who we were talking about do you realize one of the worst things that I've ever done a while was that I didn't remember last I was doing it it was that it's stuck in my head I feel sorry for it to this day I can't make up for it can't go back can't change my mind can't apologize to the girl for it don't even know where she is in life I do know that I fucked her up to some degree where I put into her head certain things that may or may not be true and that those things will stay with her for the rest of her life and I am responsible for it now maybe I might be giving myself too much credit I just know for myself there are things that happened when I was a kid they're still in my head um even if they're just there on a subconscious level I joked I joked pretty hard at joke to pretty hard cuz I thought it was a child that was following other men and I still do by the way which is why I don't necessarily engage on this I I sent it by email apologized and I was like dude look I'm sorry and I said would you like to come on my show let's let's have a conversation let's have a show I've even offered to bring him on to the show to debate all the issues that he believes that he wants to debate on he would not do that AJ has done the same thing he will not do that he's a child in a forum of men and the problem here is that this child just goes around in his mom's basement attacking people without ever the ability or capability or even mental wherewithal to engage I I have quotas to hit on this show because again I am a man and I have responsibilities and bills so I don't spend a huge amount of time um dealing with the Peavy stuff I don't really see the point that's that's the backstory I don't know if everybody um knows all of that and I have the emails that can attest of all of it in case you wanted to know let's see all he talks about Biden is meaningless if he is endorsed by Obama so

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  1. Come on, get him on your show he's alright don't be too hard on him, not got many people his age that interested.

  2. I unsubscribed from PV a few months ago… I got tired of the clickbait headlines and fake feuds and headlines that implied he was discussing a specific issue and he was just playing video games or something. He's just too full of shit for me…

  3. I looked at his channel and he does more videos covering what others are saying than actually covering news.

  4. Even Kasparian seemed annoyed by PV, according to a recent video she made talking with Pakman lol
    But to add, I don’t really care lmao

  5. What are you talking about? PV always shits on TYT members like Hasan. You clearly don't watch his show lol.

  6. I don't want people to go after PV. His heart is in the right place, and Progressives need as many people amplifying the message as possible. He'll get better, and remember, the eagle doesn't hunt the fly.

  7. PV hates all far left channels. He bashes Jimmy Dore too. He’s a team democrat, neoliberal lite TYT suckup. He’s a fucking hack and wouldn’t know an original thought if it fell on him.

  8. I listened to him debating Kyle about censorship, he honestly sounded like a semi-fascist to me.

    Edit: My bad, was thinking of the guy from Humanist Report, not Sahil. They seemed to share similar viewpoints on the issue though in that debate.

  9. Progressive Voice was a writer for the Huffington Post. He's a failed establishment hack who's hedging his bets that he can get a contract with TYT.

  10. Go fuck yourself. You are just as much a joke as he is. All you fucks are partisan hacks. Only Kyle is decent and genuine. All you fucks just give blowjobs to either Sam seder or Jimmy dore or Tracey looney

  11. That runt is nothing but an instigator of other YouTubers. That’s 90% of what he talks about (drama between other YouTubers). Comes off as a loser.

  12. Can't stand PV constant sectarian attacks on anti-war truthtellers and his overt arch towards establishment thinking.

  13. Wow, Sane Progressive that's a blast from the past. She still around or did she follow HA to the Dark Side? (I'm surprised she didn't beat him to it tbh)

  14. Pv is a talentless non showering hack who lives off of tyts crumbs. Fuck that Jerry springer wanna be. He’s all about drama, not policy. And that’s why he hates you Jamarl.

  15. PV is a joke. Useless TMZ style attacks and silly support for TYT and Seder/Pakman and the usual neo-lib apologists.

  16. Okay but he's not an actual commentor, right? Like he never talls about the issues. Just….political personaliities.

  17. No joke go search progressive voice and most of his vids start with either sam seder or kyle kulinski

  18. I don’t like Little Cenk Jr., he’s has a lot of clickbait titles and I don’t want to watch someone gaming while giving the news. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a fine man—thinking back to my own inexperience at that age—but presently, he’s not a responsible source for news.

  19. I'm not a fan of PV either, but you're a grown man, Jamarl. There's more important issues to cover than what some kid thinks about you on YouTube. And the "living in mom's basement" joke is actually pretty insulting to quite a lot of people who were forced to do so because of financial issues due to government fuckery. Way to keep it professional and stoop to the same level as those so-called basement dwellers you just prodded at.

  20. Are you talking about that fat little mestizo kid with the squeaky voice? The only always talking shit about Jimmy Dore and Riding Seder’s little shlongo?

  21. I got banned from Jimmy Dore's live comments section for saying, the Sane Progressive was right! I still watch Jimmy, but with this, ifind him to be a hypocrite.

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