The SELFISH Case For Being Progressive!

to quote a famous character in a movie you know I take the accents that I take for selfish reasons I do this to be generous but for my own best interest mean it wasn't an exact quote but you know Don Corleone talking to the heads of the old family he's talking about what happened was something Sonny you know he wasn't gonna take vengeance oh but it fits quite well into the little little theme of this video you know the reason I am progressive least economically when it comes to civil rights as well it's not just because there's the moral argument or the hey it's just the right thing to do it's just a good thing to do it's also I see it as a selfish thing or it could be that I could make the case for to be selfish interests actually be progressive for myself as well as other people as well you know you know the kind of things that the economic right-wingers tend to advocate for of course they're selfish in their own way too but they're not terribly effective as advertised but hey if we just do tax cuts for the rich corporations and do austerity cut governor programs for people and that should jumpstart the economy right right right and they keep saying that over and over and over and over and over and over because they're told to say it even though they know deep down that's a bunch of it's been disproven countless times but they still tell the narrative like it's God's truth and it's not way to do it it's not true look at having Kansas I don't care now okay my right-wing economic mad at me should work in theory in theory theories are nice and all and they're fun but when it comes to reality telling that your theory ain't worth any better listen to reality so big reason that I am selfish because progressive policies and things that I want to see done actually help out myself either directly or indirectly better than say right-wing economics would you know if you have a basic floor of opportunity for all adult citizens any children as well you know it makes for much more stable much more robust much more widespread economy that works a lot better more people have money to spend on the retail goods and services so that generates more economic growth that generates more profit generates more economic activity it doesn't shrink the economy it grows the economy you know it's really yeah it's really it's really think about it it really makes sense it's in our own best interest to make sure that there is a basic floor of opportunity in place for people with health care education and income other things as well to where it would allow people to springboard off of that economic floor of opportunity into their own financial success and save us money compared to what we're doing now so it's not just that not just a money saver compared to what we're doing now but it's actually good for the economy good for people overall how could you say no to that how could you still you know if you're economically – right you know how can you still worship an idea or worship a narrative that is just just doesn't work not as advertised I mean sure it might work for the top one-tenth of 1% works great for an apparently but everyone else not so much you know should we really continue with the system that's more expensive and less effective just so the super-rich can keep having it so sweet I mean if you want to argue for that go write it but you know deep down that's up what you're advocating for it cause away too much way too expensive and it produces chute results no you have any comments questions concerns let me know what you think down below in the comment section don't forget I also do live streams on Twitch on a regular basis go check me out over there the everyday progressive Ahn's which try not to make it confusing keep it simple you know and as always thanks for watching

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  2. If you want to steal other people's money, why don't you go door to door and do it yourself? Getting the government to do your dirty work is pussy ass shit.

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