The Right Weaponized Social Justice Rules Against the Left

James Gunn the director of guardians of the galaxy has been fired by Disney after extremely offensive tweet surfaced where he joked about rape and pedophilia some of these things weren't even jokes they were just him saying shocking things and James Gunn has said that you was trying to be provocative and he's apologized for it we really need to talk about what happened because this goes much deeper than just someone posting tweets a lot of people are accusing the right people like Jackie sobic and Mike Serna bitch of being disingenuous and operating in bad faith just trying to dig up past tweets to knock people down in the establishment and there is reason to believe this might be the case I had a chance to ask Mike ceramics for a comment on the issue so let's take a look at exactly what happened why was James gun fired what other actors are now being implicated and will they get fired too but before we get started head over to patreon calm for it slash Tim cast if you want to support my work this is what I do for a living I make these videos I travel on the ground to interviews and field reporting so if you want to see more videos like this more interviews and Phil reporting then please consider becoming a patron at whatever level you feel comfortable to help me continue doing this work let's take a look at the story first from Deadline Hollywood James Gunn fired from guardians of the galaxy franchise over offensive tweets James Gunn has been removed as director of guardians of the galaxy after a batch of old social media dispatches were unearthed that touched on areas like pedophilia and rape in the latest shocking me to development in the entertainment industry gun was severed from the Marvel Comics universe after a slew of social media posts he wrote before getting guardians of the galaxy surfaced according to Fox News they were posted because Gunn is an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and the effort was to knock him down a few pegs I want to stop here and just say some of these tweets are so egregious I can't even read them without probably getting some kind of strike on YouTube so I'll show what's in the news story but again there were many many very disturbing tweets from James Gunn from Deadline Hollywood among the tweets was he said that he liked when little boys touched him he also said the best thing about being raped I don't even want to read these they I do not want to read these out loud let's just say you can see these on the screen and and know exactly what he was saying but let me be clear some of these were so offensive and just so extreme they were not jokes and I'm not going to read these quotes because I do not want to say these sentences he talked about a monkey masturbating onto a young child and he said that it made him extremely happy these are not jokes these are provocative statements that cross the line and yes he was fired because of it Disney responded quickly decisively the offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James's Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio's values and we have severed our business relationship with him many people have weighed in on the story even Senator Ted Cruz he said wow these James gun tweets are just horrible child rape is no laughing matter and as Texas SGI handled far too many child sexual assaults true evil I'm glad Disney fired him but if these tweets are true he needs to be prosecuted Julia Alexander a writer for polygon said the company can pretend that they just learned but the story we continue to legitimise people like Mike Suresh who is someone who shouldn't be legitimized that's what just happened James Gunn deserved to be fired for his tweets six years ago not because of a far-right dogpile there are many people in the industry rushing to the defense of James gun and that's actually kind of shocking to me because there are some people that you describe as anti social justice where anti SJW who have also defended James Gunn as just being an edgy boy trying to pose for pocket of statements but again some of these things he was saying they weren't jokes and they go well beyond what is socially acceptable he was actually talking about horrifying instances of I don't want to say it but things that were making him happy so if you want to look at some of these my main concern is that if I read these I will get a strike on my youtube-channel that's how bad they were and I'm not being hyperbolic I genuinely mean this so you'll have to google search it but suffice it to say everyone you know is hearing the story Disney has fired him okay this isn't just an issue of Mike Serna bitch and Jack the Sobiech and other people associated with the right coming after someone we've seen similar stories in the past for instance Sam cedar a commentator on MSNBC lost his contract because he made a joke about Roman Polanski MSNBC thought ultimately that it was in bad faith that people were bringing up his tweet and gave him his contract back in this instance it doesn't matter if you think Mike's earned a bitch is wrong or doing it for political points because the tweets were so horrifying that literally no one should be defending them but unsurprisingly there there are people defending them now James Gunn issued a long statement where he said that he was acting as a provocateur making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo he says he has discussed them publicly many times as he's developed as a person but he says that he likes himself better today before ending with love you to you all and this statement was posted before he was fired the question I want to ask is whether or not this was in good faith or bad faith did Mike certain bitch do this for political points or is he really concerned of these high-profile individuals posting nasty things in response to this we saw a few people come to the defense namely Patton Oswalt who is now being called out for the same behavior in a tweet yesterday Patton Oswalt said this is one of the less disgusting tweets from Mike savage the dude who after running a gamergate style smear campaign just got James Gunn fired from guardians of the galaxy vol 3 okay have a good weekend and he links to this tweet from user Shawn men where Cerner which can be seen saying have you guys ever tried raping a girl without using force Cerner which then goes on to claim that date rape doesn't exist and we can see that this post from Sirte bitch is from 2012 a lot of people are saying that it's important everyone know that certain H has sent these horrible things and that he's used these tactics before of digging up old tweets and posts and then calling people out for past behavior but the thing is CERN image doesn't work for anybody that means he can't be fired telling people that sort of excessive and he's a bad person won't do anything at all Disney is forced to issue a statement they're forced to fire this individual because they're a family company and this person said horrifying things Mike Tsarevich can say whatever he wants because he works for himself and he has supporters so by all means you can go out all day screaming on how bad Mike Serna bitches and we'll have almost no impact on what he does it will not change the fact that James Gunn sent these things and was fired because of it it will not change any of the rules and the companies will still have to sever ties with these individuals for doing this and sure enough Patton Oswalt is now facing prison for the same thing this tweet from him where he calls himself a proud pedo this is supposed to be a joke many people are saying he was talking about pedestrians but it doesn't matter because as we've learned over this past year or couple years context is totally irrelevant if a man can be fired from Netflix for telling people that a racial slur is offensive not actually calling someone a slur then certainly making a joke about how you engage in extremely horrifying activities must be a violation of social norms as well context is irrelevant yes we understand Patton Oswalt is it is a comedian but people have been fired for much less than actually stating you are this kind of person Oswalt also tweeted more offensive things saying that his privates love being with children I don't even want to read some of these things because these these are not jokes they are not funny this is why I believe in free speech because then you allow these people to say these things and you know how they feel and you know where they stand I disagree with the things these people are saying and as I've stated on my channel before I actually totally disagree with hate speech – I just think people have a right to speak and this is a good example of why because then they say things we can see what they think we can see how they feel and we can know to avoid them I don't want to read the tweets and jokes they were making I don't think they're funny and I don't even think they're jokes I think they're just extremely offensive statements again by all means they're welcome to say them I'm surprised Twitter hasn't suspended their accounts are taking them down because of this considering they've taken down people for much less and I'm surprised the companies that these people are working with haven't actually looked through their Twitter accounts to see that they've posted these things in the past now I actually believe that a lot of people on the right are doing this in bad faith so I reached out to Mike Serna bitch and asked him are you actually doing this because you don't like these tweets these these offensive jokes or is this more about earning political points and here's what he said he responded by saying it depends on context the James Gunn's stuffed involves children one story he posted talked about a monkey masturbating on a child that doesn't fall into the joke category sometimes on other issues I don't think people are actually concerned and only want to see everyone held to the same standards and I think that's fair I think that in many instances things that serve as doing the actions he's taking are political but at the same time many people know that Serna vich is very very active on issues surrounding minors to say the least and so when he uses these tactics against individuals who have made jokes or statements like this I personally believe that there is some genuine behavior behind what he's doing but I also think it would be naive to ignore the fact that people on the right have been trying to hold the left to their own standards and this has been talked about by people on the right they have talked about Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals the book for radicals is said to be a pragmatic primer for realistic radicals and this is by Sol D Olinsky one of the rules number four make the enemy live up to its own book of rules and there are people on the right who are saying this and thus we come to my assessment I really do feel that the right has weaponized the social justice moral outrage mob against itself against the establishment it's very easy to turn the collective on itself because they all rely on each other like I said before mics are which can't be fired many of these independent voices on the right can't be fired and many right-wing media companies don't care about being offensive and won't fire their staff over making offensive statements thus the right is able to direct the social justice outrage mob at itself and it works I reached out to NBC for comment on Patton Oswalt's tweets unfortunately it's the weekend and they're closed and said there won't be anyone available to comment until Monday well it doesn't mean the PR machine isn't already churning a defense from Yahoo white supremacists work to get guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn fired Patrick CLEP ik a senior reporter at Waypoint said something interesting he said James Gunn said awful disgusting things we need to give people space to grow and learn from their past mike Serna vich and the alt-right have weaponized the left's morality he is not operating in good faith and is a toxic opportunist do your effing homework and Nick Monroe responded to the statement by highlighting contradictory statements from the same writer he said patrick leopards tweet about James Gunn is about as deep as a puddle of water back when this happened to PewDiePie clap it was less lenient he highlights a story where he says YouTube Disney distance themselves from PewDiePie following anti-semitic videos he says his words have power and there are consequences for them there's also a tweet way says the bottom line is that PewDiePie is very intentional about the work he puts out into the world he thought these jokes were funny but now we could contrast' it with the tweets about James Gunn where he said we need to give people space to grow and learn from their past and yes there is a difference James Gunn tweeted these things you know between 8 and 10 years ago and PewDiePie was being called for something he had just done but the point is in my opinion it's all political so many people were quick to jump on Roseanne for saying something pensive and then jumped to the defense of James gun and vice-versa how many people who ran to the defense of Roseanne are now running to attack James gun in my opinion the people on the right are doing it in turn I think many people on the right actually don't care about offensive statements but they feel that if you attack them if you take out Roseanne if you criticize PewDiePie they will use the same tactic against you Saul Alinsky's rule number four make the enemy live up to its own book of rules I genuinely believe that is the majority of what's driving people on the right for doing this but keep in mind Disney fired them no one else did James gun wasn't fired because of Mike Tsarevich other people were involved in digging up these tweets it's not like Mike is actively going in searching everyone's Twitter profiles he stated that it's many people showing the tweets to him and him highlighting them so he does play a huge role in amplifying these messages in these tweets but the only one who got James gun fired is James gun Disney should have known about these tweets they should vet these individuals before hiring them and James gun should have deleted these extremely offensive posts a long time ago if he knew they were offensive and didn't like what he was saying in the past but you know what I can appreciate that people leave these things up I can appreciate free speech because if we told James Caan he wasn't allowed to speak this way we wouldn't know how he really felt about these issues and we wouldn't know that in certain instances he's kind of a dick the same is true for everyone and this is one of the reasons I believe in free speech but let me know what you think in the comments below do you think Mike Serna Mitch and others on the right are acting in good faith and are genuinely concerned about the behaviors of these people in Hollywood or do you think it's all for taking down the establishment and earning political points do you feel the same way of those in the left that they genuinely care about social justice and these issues or are they just trying to earn political points in my opinion it's probably going to be politics but again comment below we'll keep the conversation going you can follow me on Twitter at Tim cast stick around new videos every day at 4 p.m. and on my second channel slash Tim cast news I have new videos up usually every day at 6 p.m. unless I have other work to do so stick around and I will see you all then you

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  1. rational thoughts and facts destroy the far lefts world so yeah they are turning on each other because there's no reasoning or actual facts behind their thinking. eventually their world was going to implode.

  2. Tit for Tat sweetheart…Tit for Tat.
    Besides, he said those sick things…nobody put those words in his mouth. Republicans don't need to make things up. They gave us the ammo and the gun. ✌😘 #twocanplaythisgame.

  3. So, you think that it's ok for a person to say this ? I see excuses made, instead of taking responsibility for… or is this ok, since he is a liberal ? I am against pedophilia, unlawful or bad behavior …

  4. The fact that Political Correctness has become so toxic that people are afraid of words is endlessly funny to me. If James Gunn had performed any of these acts he should be locked up, but just for saying something 6 years ago? Freedom of speech is dead.

  5. I agree that many of us really don't care about offensive language TO A POINT. However I definitely see the NESSESITY of holding the left to their own standards. I don't believe in laws or idealolagies that only apply to certain groups.
    Laws and idealolagies MUST apply to ALL or they mean nothing.
    The worst thing that I feel does the most damage to humanity as a whole is our seemingly limitless ability to ignore hypocrisy.
    This applies to all sides not just the left or right.
    No one should ever be surprised that they are being judged by the same rules that they themselves use to attack others.

  6. Disney is NOT a family company. Did you know that Kill Bill was produced by Disney? But then mass slaughter is nothing new for them. Heck, "Swiss Family Robinson" contains a scene of it. Of course it's always of males so that makes it "okay."

  7. The only censorship I believe in is that putting children and sex in the same category should be OFF-LIMITS! And anyone that does talk about it should be investigated and maybe put in jail because that person might very likely be a pedophile. Children NEED protection when human trafficking is getting worst everyday all over the world.

  8. Btw, Annette Funicello was asked by Walt Disney to wear a one-piece bathing suit when she started doing beach movies. Can you imagine?

  9. Posting Oswald tweet under the hashtag firable misspellings in tweet (or something) it was a flash and Yet ..
    Yes . Use their rules against them.
    We get nowhere when u do disingenuous thing like flashing pattens tweet as u did.

    Still agree w everything, just weakening your own stance w thing this… cnn style quoting

  10. I'm still surprised Disney hasn't done anything about Josh Brolin. I mean, he put Diane Lane through a fucking wall, but since she forgave him it's all water under the bridge I guess.

  11. The horrific tweets are offensive and unacceptable but I also agree freedom of expression and speech must be protected. He's clearly trolling.

  12. You do understand he was a member of the Troma team? Troma is a company known for gross and disgusting things and schlock horror. Their whole point is to make you so uncomfortable you feel sick. They've been doing this since the mid 70's. So many people have explained their past by "evolving" and growing up. Gunn has grown up too.

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