The Republicans’ War on Voting Rights, Protesting and Democracy – SOME MORE NEWS

Here’s a news: During Brett Kavanaugh’s first week as a Supreme Court Justice, the White House put in a request for the Court to strike down another request for Secretary Wilbur Ross to testify in regards to his decision to add a question about citizenship in the next census. Hard to guess how Justice Brett “You-Dems-will-reap-the-whirlwind” Kavanaugh will lean on this issue, but it’s not THAT hard to guess how justice Brett “Don’t-investigate-the-president-for-crimes” Kavanaugh will lean on this issue. The case claims that adding citizenship to the census is not only a clear attempt to deport people, but also, it will cause inaccuracies in the census because people… don’t want to be deported. This, of course, is just one of the moves and policies implemented by the Trump administration that identifies in-groups and out-groups within the in-group that must be detained & expelled. I wonder what that’s a feature of…. This, of course, is only referring to “particularly animalistic illegal aliens;” not human beings. It refers only to the most violent criminals; not refugees, or asylum seekers, or children, or LAWFUL PERMANENT RESIDENTS, or, oh! Hey! It’s Brett Kavanaugh again, already, supporting the Trump administration’s policy of detaining & deporting LEGAL immigrants who had committed misdemeanors or felonies years ago & served their time! This, of course, is happening while the government continues to put more & more migrant children in camps across the country, some of those children being adopted by other people after their parents are deported! And apropos of nothing, here’s some news: Part of the UN’s definition of genocide involves “forcibly transferring the children of a group to another group.” BUT… we’re fair & balanced™©® at Cody’s Showdy, so to be FAIR, the other part of the definition of genocide requires intent to exterminate. So, we don’t have explicit intent here, but to be BALANCED, maybe halfway to genocide ain’t so great either! Anyway…. Things seem a little bit “fasc-y,” huh? So it’s time for another installment of “Life in the ‘Fasc’ Lane!” Before I move forward, though, the word “fascist” is thrown around a lot these days, often incorrectly by liars & propagandists saying that fascism is left-wing and Hitler was a “liberal socialist;” two words that don’t even go together! And there are countless resources & historians that can explain why people like this are f***ing morons & liars—you lying f***ing morons— so I won’t spend more time on that. And if you’d like an in-depth look at what American fascism actually looks like— spoiler alert: this guy— check out videos & books & articles linked in the description of this video. Here’s the gist. But fascism, above all that stuff I tried to cram in very quickly, is a rejection of democracy. It’s authoritarian or totalitarian in nature. The leader doesn’t listen to the people, but rather, listens to what HE says the people want. Hitler and Mussolini never won the majority vote, which is maybe relevant, maybe not, but fascism is a rejection of the idea of a democratic society. And, once more, apropos of nothing, here’s some more of the news: In Brett Kavanaugh’s first decision as a Supreme Court Justice, the Supreme Court just… cut off voting rights for Native Americans in North Dakota by only allowing residents with street addresses to vote, knowing full well that the United States Postal Service only gives tribal residents P.O. boxes. This obvious attempt at voter suppression is nothing new for the United States, which the Economist Intelligence Unit has marked as “not a full democracy” two years in a row. First of all, just two years? Alright. And one could probably say, “Um, well actually, uhhh, we’re not a democracy; we’re a constitutional representative republic,” a, uh, form of democracy. And you’re saying that ’cause you’re boring! Because maybe it’s not a good thing that after 2 out of the 3 recent presidents did not win the majority of the vote, and one of those just nominated a wildly unpopular judge to the Supreme Court, and that wildly unpopular judge was confirmed with little care or transparency by a majority party that did not get the majority vote due to decades of voter suppression and gerrymandering in order to curb democracy & gain power, after sitting on the previous wildly popular president’s choice for more than a year, and then Mitch McConnell blames it on the Democrats getting rid of the filibuster for court appointments, which they only did because Mitch McConnell said he would block every single judge indefinitely! “But that’s just how America works,” you say, awfully. “Uh, the founding fathers wanted to make sure “the powerful few couldn’t be overly influenced by the people!” Good point! Maybe… the best idea for a government ever wasn’t thought of by a bunch of rich white slaveowners in the 1700s! Hell, even Thomas Jefferson thought the Constitution should be rewritten every generation— by his estimation, every 19 or so years. But the Republicans like this, because they’re actually anti-democracy. They ONLY care about power. They don’t want people to vote, because they know the majority of the country disagrees with them on… just SO MANY of their proposed policies. They’ve made sure companies and the wealthy have a disproportionate amount of power & influence over politics. They do not care that that is not democracy. They try to dismiss any opposition, claiming, “all of these people are funded by George Soros!” But maybe Republicans always talk about this George Soros conspiracy because THEY all get paid by billionaires to spout bulls*** and influence politics. The Koch brothers literally bragged about it! Maybe they talk about paid protesters so much because they can’t fathom anyone caring about something enough to protest if they’re not getting paid. Maybe the president announced his own campaign by paying people to be in the crowd and didn’t pay ’em for over a year until he got sued! Maybe Mike Pence went to a football game specifically to protest the players’ protest, which cost taxpayers $325,000! America’s official paid protester: Mike Pence! And speaking of paid protesters: When the president lost the popular vote— no, not that one. That one!— when he lost the popular vote and there was a recount, the GOP paid a bunch of GOP operatives to pretend to be Florida citizens protesting the recount. It was called the “Brooks Brothers riot.” Literally paid protesters by the GOP to protest democracy! One of them was Roger Stone, Trump’s buddy, and best friend of—and back-tattoo-haver of—Richard Nixon, famous for inventing rat f***ing! But the president is positive everyone who disagrees with him is a paid protester. “They’re just crazy left-wing mobs,” he says unironically immediately after his supporters chant “lock her up” about Dianne Feinstein! “Mobs….” That seems to be what everyone is saying these days! It’s “good” that the president’s bullshit that the GOP criticized two years ago is now stuff that THEY are saying! This is the language applied to any protest now. This has been a long time coming. The J20 protests on Inauguration Day that resulted in property damage, also resulted in a bunch of arrests. But unfortunately for the right-wing demagogue who hates protests, it did not result in any convictions. But back then, J20 was the “violent left-wing mob!” The Women’s March, the Science March, the Tax March. Sure, they’re paid protesters, but they were the peaceful ones. But now, in the eyes of the President… and the GOP… and a lot of the mainstream media… those two different groups of protesters are the same. ANY left-leaning protest is a VIOLENT MOB. Here’s a video of people banging on the doors of the Supreme Court. Appalling!! These… couple of teens… banging on the door for a few seconds and then security guards stand around while people shout. See?! Violent terrorists! A mob is a large crowd intent on violence. It’s not a large crowd intent on protesting loudly and then a couple of teens bang on the door for their Instagram posts. Powerful figures on the right seem to believe in the “violent left-wing mob” narrative about which the president is reguarly—and successfully—ginning up fear. He calls Democrats “evil”… regularly. Rand Paul’s wife BOUGHT A GUN because she’s afraid of liberals breaking into her home! And sure, her husband was beat up, but not by a liberal about politics; by a neighbor about a shrub! These days, when someone says “we’re going to protest Republican lawmakers by “protesting where they work (their office), where they eat (restaurants), and where they sleep (their homes),” reasonable smart thinkers who AREN’T powerful government officials will say “if you break into my bedroom, I’ll f***ing shoot you in the face!” Fox News often talks about the dangers of the “coming race war” or the “coming civil war!” But the left doesn’t stockpile guns or talk about civil war. When you look at protesters protesting powerful senators at meals or a crowd of people protesting in the Capitol and your reaction is… “the left wants a war! They want to kill you! They want to kill us!”, it actually makes it seem like… YOU want a war. Like YOU want to kill people. You know who are the only people who talk about a civil war? 4chan! Alex Jones! Gun nuts! Fox News! NRA just put out a mailer that says, “Leftists wanna kidnap and rape your children!” Rand Paul is afraid someone is gonna get killed. And sure, I could point out how many people will die from inaction on climate change, but instead it’s time for our new segment, “Someone DID Die, and Her Name Was Heather Heyer.” Here’s a violent mob: It’s “Unite the Right,” a collection of fascists & white nationalists & neo-Nazis who are all very supportive of Donald Trump— someone who thinks there are bad people on both sides as well as “fine people” on both sides. The goal of this rally—as is the goal with much fascist violence— is to provoke the other side for violence so they can both play the victim AND be violent against (or possibly kill) the other side. Here’s some recent news: A right-wing terrorist was convicted for being a TERRORIST after he boarded an Amtrak train with a gun and yelled about protecting everyone from black people. Well… here’s THAT person… AT the Unite the Right rally… standing right next to James Fields— another fascist… who killed Heather Heyer with his car! Leaked chat logs even show organizers of the event talking about running over protesters with their cars. THIS… is a violent mob intent on hurting or killing people. THIS… is a crowd of protesters shouting about not being properly represented in a democracy in which we allegedly live and a couple of teens banging on the door. This both-side-ism is, ummm…. wrong, and it’s, uh… it’s grotesque. It means you think property is equal to human life, and you think fighting for equality and human rights is equal to fascists wanting to kill liberals; that protesting and bothering powerful people at restaurants is equal to the desire for violence and death of your opponents! When you see protesters & you think, “it’s time for civil war! Let me buy lots of guns to shoot these people,” it means that you kinda want to do that! So, what do we do when the president calls the opposing party—that got the majority of the votes—evil and dismisses every single possible way to communicate discontent, as well as… voting? Vote? I mean, yes, vote. Call your senator? Complain? Tell ’em to suck s***? Protest, but then be completely dismissed? General strike, maybe? At what point is action—NOT VIOLENT CIVIL WAR ACTION—taken? Wasn’t taken… the Muslim ban; that… that didn’t do it. Not kidnapping kids. Not the constant lies, or dismantling of environmental protection, or when the president ignores Saudi Arabia murdering a U.S. resident & journalist “because they buy weapons from us,” which they use in our joint quest to devastate Yemen. What do… w… what do we do when the president who laments the “VIOLENT LEFT-WING MOB” spent a year promoting violence at his own rallies? What do we do about that, when his party shamelessly supports him and has taken to dismantling & discrediting democracy?! When all of your options are stripped away & delegitimized by an increasingly illegitimate government and the opposing minority is in power—and also seems to kinda want a civil war— what do you do? When the people aren’t heard and the planet isn’t protected because the extremely wealthy are desperate to protect capital & power? When the mainstream media falls for the lie that any semblance of incivility or protest is incitement of violence, and when they won’t hold powerful & influential people accountable, or talk about real issues because they’re focused on civility & norms & maintaining the status quo? Well, good for you, because I’ve got the golden solution. All we have to do is just… [BARELY AUDIBLE OVER MUSIC] Oh no! [BARELY AUDIBLE OVER MUSIC] We’re out of time! [BARELY AUDIBLE OVER MUSIC] I was going to solve it! [BARELY AUDIBLE OVER MUSIC] I was! I was going to solve it! Hey, everybody! Thank you so much for watching that video. Be sure to check out our podcast “Even More News” on the podcast things and our if you’d like to support our show, and… that’s the end of it. Like & subscribe. Do the YouTube stuff. Uh, it’s your first day on YouTube, so you didn’t know to do that until I told you. You’re welcome.

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  1. I don't hate the American government I hare the corporate fascist NAZIs who are running IT. That's what I HATE!!! BUT WHEN THE REAL MAJORITY IS RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT AGAIN EVERYTHING WILL BE GRATE AGAIN!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, when you guys show articles and forms about things, can you place them on the description or some other way of getting these sources? It might be useful for those wanting to show those friends that don't believe the injustices that are happening.

  3. God I love this show. It's so raw, poignant, and best of all: fact based!

    It's incredible how in denial the GOP are. They claim to be patriots, law lovers, tough guys and intellectuals. Yet they revel in fake news and conspiracy theories and spew out blatant propaganda with wild abandon. They're terrified of brown people, seeing groups of families and children fleeing violence and poverty as a horrific mob of brown terrorists coming to destroy the US. They stockpile weapons because they're terrified of their fellow citizens and want to prepare for their self-fulfilling prophecy of civil war. They hate academics, experts and scientists because they say things the right doesn't want to hear. They hate dedicated journalists and the free press because they can't stand to hear the truth. They hate their country for allowing non-whites in. They hate their country for allowing non-christian religions to exist. The law is like the holy bible ONLY when it favors white, straight males over women and minorities. They love democracy ONLY when it puts them in power.

    I'm not going to bash conservatism, because it can at times be the voice of caution. But today's Republican base believes – whether they're willing to admit it or not – in white nationalism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, fascism, anti-liberalism, anti-intellectualism, christian exceptionalism and above and beyond all else: FEAR! There's no need to call them nazis. They've already redefined the term Republican into American Fascist. Their motto: Make America White Again.

  4. Thank you, Cody, for informing the public about these issues. But I've got to ask you a question EVERYONE should ask themselves:: "What have you done about it?" I'm not going to blame you, shame you, or tell you that you are guilty as well for the current state of fuckery because of your inaction and opting out to speak rather than act; I'm just asking what have YOU done about it, that's all.

  5. The broad question at the end needs an answer. Cutting over the "solution" is a good bit, sure, but it's a terrible policy.

    But I know why you did it. The answer is obviously to become the potentially destructive force that the Right has already decided we are and theres a ton of apparent moral contradictions in that.

    But if were going to cling to some moral superiority while they're whipping up fear and hatred towards us and trying to kill us, we might as well give up. That's like telling a tiger to stop lunging at you because you're not actually a threat to him." YOU CANNOT CONVINCE HIM OF THAT BECAUSE YOU SPEAK DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Your perception of the world is radically different. You need to be prepared to put the tiger down if he comes at you or your family.

  6. You are doing an incredible journalistic work, your stuff should be seen by millions… It's really depressing to watch though.

  7. I'm pretty sure everyone here means well, but I think there is a lot of misdirected anger going on in both parties.
    Why isn't anyone talking about federal reserve banking system who is beholden to no one(not elected, or auditable, no freedom of information), only benefits bankers, and holds the nation hostage(literally in control of the economy)? Or talking about how the non elected side of government has gotten so large that regardless of who is in power the rights of average citizens are slowly and surely being taken away?
    The dollar has lost 2,324.31% of it's purchasing power since 1913 but only lost 462.71% from 1770 till 1913.
    Our agencies have destroyed just about all of the bill of rights except the 1st and the 2nd, and now those are under fire.
    we have become slaves to the government, and the banks, and are getting played into fighting each other instead of dealing with the elephant(s) in the room.

  8. This idiot is always in my newsfeed I've asked for him not to be in my newsfeed and YouTube still puts this idiot in there. Stop pushing this anti-American idiot on me I don't care what he thinks. He is an insult to my intelligence I haven't heard him say one truthful thing yet just propaganda

  9. Syncretistic pseudo -intellectuals.
    Also, how did you miss this!? Tucker Carlson and Fox News are actually inciting terrorist violence now:

  10. I think the only way to really make a dent in this mess is to start a proper witch hunt and turn these conspiracy nuts against each other. If these loons want a war, then why not get them to start shooting each other in order to create a false flag? I'm pretty sure we can bring in some members of the Crips to consult on that.

  11. I HATE this FUCKING pandering to the idea that civilian protestors "have" to be nonviolent at all times.
    Anyone who says this, especially Hollywood celebrities, is an extreme rightwinger.
    What if the protestors do not have the luxury of having a government-funded ARMY on THEIR side fighting for THEIR causes? Let's see cuntservaturds defend the military & fighting a war if the war were against christian fascism in the USA & Ireland & Poland, or against muslim fascism in Saudi Arabia or Indonesia or Egypt,
    or fighting a war against fossil fuel addiction pushers, or for DRUG CHOICE FREEDOM, or fighting to end the holocaust of factory farming.

    ALL prisoners are prisoners of war.

  12. Always makes me chuckle when an American has a problem with protesting.. The USA LITERALLY exists because of a protest over tea…

  13. The literal definition of liberal is 'respectful of others beliefs'… If someone is coming into your house to kill you for your beliefs they are by the very definition of the word, NOT a liberal

  14. Please speak in one of your videos about the election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, nicknamed the Brazilian Donald Trump, and sharing of his fascist tactics

  15. Some More News

    Can you or do you have a site with transcriptions and citations for "references" including the passing ones of things not said.

    I'd like to use this as a source to show republicans how insane it their perspective is, but they are literally head in the sand and without access to anything but fox cable without internet. So, I need to be able search all of the transcriptions and print and literally do piles of homework to even make the smallest dent in their complete and utter ignorance and walk them through every god damn thing like toddlers. Mind throwing me a bone so I don't feel like shooting my self in the face so much when discussing incapable adults that lack logic and reason?

  16. Apparently the Republican Party is trolling you by advertising on your videos I’ve been binge watching and I’ve had Republican ads on all 10 lol

  17. What do we do?

    How about a national tax strike?

    How about spotlighting the profiteers that drive government policy so they can profit off of human suffering and abuse of the environment, and comprehensively boycotting their holdings? (This requires forensic accounting.)

    How about commissioning the World Clown Association to intervene with right wing demonstrations?

    How about transcending national power structures through a decentralized action app like Planet Victory, or Global Citizem?

    How about executing effective grassroots legislation to hamstring corruption, like the American Anti-corruption Act being pushed by Represent.Us?

    How about supporting the development of institutional transparency and agility through initiatives like Democracy OS?

    How about more shows like this, tied to mass action campaigns, supplanting mainstream media?

    How about crowd-funded counter-lobby to focus the buying power of the American people against nefarious corporate political spending?

    I don't know, how about progressive hug-campaigns at right wing rage-rallies?

    How about enlightenment comedy tours through alt-right America?

    I do not know. But we all better do SOMETHING.

  18. They keep yellimg, George Soros! George Soros!… I have one 2 word comment to ask of the republicans… Koch Brothers!

  19. sexual predator and consumer of cheap alcohol though has arse prep school brat and Conservative only gown clown with ruddy cheeks Brett Kavdickhead is not fit to judge one of trumps slimy beauty pageants.

  20. Cody, they don't actually believe the rhetoric about the "violent left".
    Right-wingers must use Machiavellian techniques in order to achieve their goals. The important of education about governments is that it allows you to understand and interpret events in real time and to act accordingly.

    They win by just having you repeat their propaganda.

    Propaganda is one of the three major tools that they use to achieve their goals.

    Propaganda is for brainwashing.

    What does this narrative achieve as far as brainwashing goes?
    It prepares people for the violence to come, when the state steps up to do what it must. When our transition to authoritarianism is complete, the government will need to eradicate the left, because we are the singular threat to authoritarian governments.

    So, they lay the ground work now that the left is violent. Then, when they step in to jail, torture, and kill us, the populace is prepared and rooting for them not us. They MUST do these things. It's been known for five hundred years what the necessities of stable authoritarian governments are. You can literally just look this stuff up in books. It was supposed to have been taught to you before age eighteen in civics classes, but the rightwing removed civics education in schools to ensure that you'd be complacent or complicit in your own subjugation.

    Go to a library.
    Talke to a librarian.
    Ask her to help you to find the right books for you at your level of education.

  21. I know that this video is a couple of weeks old, but can I get a source for 9:52? I just Googled "nra leftists kidnap children," and I couldn't find anything on the mailer that Cody mentions.

  22. There was a horrifying Trump ad before the video asking veiwers to sign up on a list of his supporters with a "Make the deadline" subtitle and "Will I see your name there?" Repeated alongside his typical self-aggrandizing babbling. Very unsettling.

  23. Well, let's just get all undocumented people to circle that they are white citizens, then maybe funding will actually get to be allocated to some places.

  24. too bad the vast majority of police and military are Trump supporters, which also explains why the police are such corrupt bastards murdering people in the street

  25. The word democracy is much older than socialism, coming from the Greek words for people and rule or power. Power to the People, self-rule, or self-governance. And yet socialism is synonymous with democracy. Power to the People to provide for their own public healthcare, public education, first responder services like fire and police departments, to raise and maintain an army to defend the society as a whole, to create social safety net programs for those in need like the disabled or poor, and so on and so forth.

    Socialism is simply the actions and and agreements we decide upon as a government of the People. We democratically elect representatives to the House, Senate, and White House, and the programs they enact and the actions they take are the socialism. Tax cuts and subsidies for the corporations and disgustingly wealthy equals corporate socialism, while Medicare and Social Security is socialism targeted at elders only. We could expand the programs to everyone, and that would be socialism for all. As long as everyone is included in democratic process and the process is fair, and the actions of the government reflect the will of the people, then it is socialism. But when one group uses any means necessary to gain and maintain power, especially by dehumanizing and demonizing another group, then that is a very clear indicator for fascism.

  26. Sadly I don't see a way out of this. This is how the facists win globally. They keep getting taken out by democracies working together, but this time once they lockdown control of the United States they have the world's largest military by far AND an alliance with Russia. They finally won.

  27. pff. the USA is a oligarchy. Not a democracy or a democratic republic. And don't disillusion yourself about the Democrats. They are not as bad as Republicans, sure, but they are not our allies. Don't trust them and fight against their feckless behavior at all times. Protest their tactics to aid the Republicans. Force them to take a very leftist stance on everything. We need to twist their arm because they will stab us in the back.

  28. I would like to remind everyone that many horrid dictators rose to power because everyone expected the system to protect them.

  29. Ugh, this started with Obama. Obama deported more people than any other president before him. He plated the entire system, before the idiot con man orange turd.

  30. I would stock pile guns for the possible civil war. And I am a so called leftist. And it because of the rise of fascist and the criminals in power in the so called government. But I don't have the money to do so. And also I am a minority, and leftist. So guns are out, lol.

  31. Cody, I just want you to know, that I've been smoking a lot of weed and watching your videos and you're super cute. It's like you're the narration of this amazing dystopian future, where a cadre of ancient Hitler's clones have built a secret society into the bedrock of our super cool neon future, and now with all the dominoes in place they seize the reigns of government and the corporations, with only the highest levels of government left to topple before they can join the world in their new reigh!

    But then, in our B plot this Neo Yorker, old skool gangster from the pre-VR crime days, he sees all this going down and thinks he can grift these Nazis with his old skool gangsta fastball for some cool G's, yo'. Then, he and his family will just peace out to the Neo U.S.S.S.Rx, which has famously been run buy syndicate families since 20XX.

    But his grift is just TOO good! Wouldn't you know it he's become the grand-funking wizard of the whole secret vampire nazi thing! Holy-forking-shite it is just a regular comedy of errors at this point cus he just wants to be chilling on some beach, getting skin from beautiful hunnies but now he's in too deep!

    So now the vampire cyborg nazis are trying to get this whole thing jumpstarted and all the other cultists start dressing in suits and fedoras, its just a mess all around really.

    You know David Wong, right? Ask him to write that for me? I think it'll be fun

    ~puff puff~

    But also, that's kinda real life. Makes me feel bad for not voting, sorry for that. I've got a lot of stuff going on right now, but that's my B

  32. I don't see a reference for the NRA mailer and couldn't find anything about it, anybody have that? I would be very interested to read that. It should be in between the Ted Cruz tweet about "the left wants to kill us" and Rand Paul worried someone is going to get shot, but the source list doesn't have it. btw kudos for actually listing your sources.

  33. Actually I think I found it:

  34. Back in the 1940s punching nazis was just fine…but now the president says there's fine people on BOTH sides! 🙃

  35. Actually there really are some simple solutions. Ralph Nader wrote books about effective political tactics how to be an effective activist and how to organize a movement. I haven't read it yet but I already have two victories under my belt as an activist protecting a local ecosystem. I anticipate learning a lot and holding workshops at the local UUA church if what I learn actually works. Two things I learned just from watching videos of Nader is that when you write a letter to a government official be sure to carbon copy the press and political watchdog organizations. When your representative sees that your letter is now a public document that may be watched or the basis for legal action, they're going to take it seriously. Another thing I learned is that if enough people demand a town hall in the proper legal way with their representative, they can legally summon that representative to it and they will be legally obligated to attend. I look forward to empowering citizens with this knowledge.

  36. Since Republicans do complain about Democratic election fraud, can't we ALL agree on hand-marked paper ballots, hand-counted in public, with cops guarding the ballot boxes???

  37. Mitch McConnell shouldn't have as punchable face as he does no one should have such a punchable face and it's a travesty before all that is good that he has an equally punchable personality to go with it.

  38. The ad prior to the video2 is all about concealed carry being neat and I hope the Jon Hamm sound alike dies in a fire

  39. We've made our point. So what. Getting it out there is the easy part. The hard part is taking the hand of your enemy and working with him to fix the problem.

  40. I don't mean to undermine you but I am a liberal and I am beyond peaceful protest at this point. Right wingers do not listen to reason and they don't care about protests. They are a bunch of immoral sociopaths who only understand violence. You can chant and hold up a sign until the end of time but if they have no conscience and they know you will never turn violent, they are just going to ignore you.

  41. Yo i listened to your podcast and it was 30 minutes of bs and leggings ads and then you talked about game of trowns for 30 minutes wtf man

  42. "The left isn't stockpiling guns." Speak for yourself, Cody. These Trumpers are gonna lose their shit when he's out of office and I want to be ready.

  43. “Technically, the USA is not a democracy, but a republic”. Weren’t those the same words spoken right before Beavis transformed into “The Great Cornholio”?

  44. I'm not usually a fan of stomping turtles but after Mitch took office I'm all for turtle pancakes.

  45. At what point is the left gonna be willing to actually take REAL action? Cuz they're just ignoring the protests, they dont care. Corporations know damn well that a protest doesnt actually do anything anymore.

    You ask what you do as leftists? Buy a gun and study the french revolution. You'll better understand what's happening here.

  46. Look up “Liberal Hunting License,” a meme at least as old as the internet. And wonder why there’s still nothing similar from the other side.

  47. Hi, just a small correction. Hitler did sadly win the popular vote( or our German definition of it) by a landslide in 1933.

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