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The republican party in the United States
is absolutely one of the most pathetic political parties probably anywhere on this planet. Now, before you go ahead and point out that
democrats have lost election after election after election after election. I understand that. The democrats suck at winning, but the republicans
suck at leading. Here’s what I mean. Monday night, obviously, the republican healthcare
bill in the senate failed because two republicans decided to defect, effectively killing that
piece of legislation. You know, this is not the first time that
the senate had to go back to the drawing board because they couldn’t get enough people on
board. And back when the house of representatives
was working on this legislation, they had to do the exact same thing a couple of times
as well, because they could get all of their little republican ducks in a row to support
their disastrous piece of legislation. So my question is this, the republican congress,
the republican senate has accomplished absolutely nothing since they all took office in January,
or since the new session started in January. They’ve accomplished nothing. They’ve been working on this particular healthcare
replacement bill all year long, and they have nothing to show for it. They’re the majority party, not just in the
legislative branch, folks, but in this country right now. They have the house, the senate, the white
house, the supreme court, the federal court system, state legislatures and state governments. A majority of both of those. How in the hell can you control the majority
of everything and still be such a failure? Furthermore, how do you manage to win enough
to claim all of these majorities, and still have no idea how to rule? You know, there was a republican member of
congress a few weeks ago, his name escapes me, but he said, “Republicans simply, we don’t
know how to rule.” And he was a sitting US senator. Said we don’t know how to rule. We don’t know how to lead. And that’s absolutely right. Republicans have no idea what they are doing. It’s the story of the post turtle. You see a turtle on a fence post, you don’t
know how he got there, you know he had to have had some help, and he has no idea what
to do now that he’s up on the post. That is what the republicans are. They’re post turtles. They don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t
know how to get down. But you know that they had a hell of a lot
of help, usually from corporations to get to the position that they’re in. And now, I guess they’re sitting there waiting
for their marching orders from corporate America, and all corporate America can come up with
in their collective voice is, “Cut our taxes.” And the republicans are sitting there in Washington
saying, “But we don’t know how, people are kind of pissed at us, and we can’t do the
thing that you’re telling us to do.” It really is pathetic, folks, when you think
about it. And what’s more pathetic is all the American
citizens out there defending the republican party and accusing the democrats of being
the obstructionists. Absolutely pathetic. Your party, your republican party controls
everything, and there so incompetent and unable to lead that they can’t accomplish anything. And again, that’s the best thing in the world
for the citizens of the United States, because there’s nothing that republicans have proposed
that would help anyone other than corporate CEOs and shareholders. So it’s good that they’re incompetent, but
at the same time it’s also laughably pathetic.

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  1. and the refusal to sign TPP is a big accomplishment if you arent advocating big government and big corporation corruption. also we have eased tensions with russia and gotten europe to stand up for their own sovereignty . those are big accomplishments on top of actually creating jobs for a change. maybe "nothing" if you are stupid

  2. Enough of us are stupid enuf to keep voting their sorry asses into office. That's where the ultimate blame lies….. the stupid electorate.

  3. GOP is a pathetic bunch of scum…stupid n whine constantly. Absolutely no leadershiip. God save us from this corruption.

  4. It's not all incompetence it's just that republican party is highly radical and corrupt in it's believes with no facts to found them on. Clearly you can't be unanimous as a party if all your ideas are so toxic that people out of the own party who can predict its outcome don't want to vote for it.

  5. Please… PLEASE… stop making this about Rep vs Dem. It's about Trump vs Sanity.
    If either party wins a fair election and attempts to enact their manifesto in a competent and legal manner it doesn't matter if you agree – hey, that's called democracy.
    Trump taints, demeans and degrades everyone and everything around him, and always has. He's the ultimate useless CEO. He's like a ship's captain who loves posing on the bridge with a nice hat on and ordering people around ("great ropes, guys, pull harder on those great ropes"), but doesn't know starboard from port.
    Yes, he's very good at self-promotion. That's all there is to the man – oh, apart from being born into wealth and connections…

  6. Trump is not capable of creating a healthcare the is better than or even equal to the ACA, even with his so called IQ of 156. However, he is going to be an expert in letting the ACA fail without lifting one finger to try and improve on it.

  7. Stop blaming the Republicans & stop blaming the Democrats!
    The blame lays squarely at the feet of the American people! "You get the leaders you deserve!", a truer sentence has yet to be found. The American populous chose to become ignorant, chose to be low intel, chose to be sheep, chose to be dictated to by those who have the most money! Stop whining about it, get off your fat ass & do something about it!


  9. They win by cheating. The GOP idea's have all been tried before, whither people want to see it or not the current republicans are a continuation of fascism the fourth Reich. This BS is getting really old.

  10. The republican party never recovered from 8 years of fucking off just to obstruct Obama, that now their little minds don't know which way is up.

  11. if you gave him an extra $0.50 an hour he'd be up there talking bad about Democrats. is it just me or does everybody notice what used to be called mealy mouth HE'S got it.

  12. I have said it I'll say it again, Republican's are good for one thing…think Great Depression, Great Resection. Their Great at destroying Our Country, just like trump at filing bankruptcy and failing at everything he does.

  13. I would say the Republicans are more like a dog chasing cars as per the Joker's analogue when talking about himself. They don't know what to do with it once you've caught it, they just do it. It seems to me the Republicans only know how to chase things but have no plan for it when they succeed.

  14. Well ! the republicans know how to run things they run things straight into the ground . They are just a bunch of greedy idiots.

  15. The American politician know to buy an expensive suit, that is the secret to their success. And know the American people are their own worst enemy.

  16. More of this "Republicans bad! Democrats good!" bullshit. The whole system is fucked and having a D or an R in front of your name means nothing when you all take the same money and legislate nearly in the same way. What sort of legislation am I referencing? Wealth for the wealthy, poverty for everyone else. This isn't new, it didn't come from Trump, this cancer has been festering for a very long time. The way class warfare is most successfully waged is when one side doesn't know they are in a war. Greatest wealth inequality since ever, forget about the gilded age. If you are poor and live in America you only have 2 rights: to suffer and to die.

  17. yup thats a fact conservative republican party is a scam they take away from the old the middle class and poor to give more to the rich some studying history proves me right.

  18. It's easy to point out inadequacies of anyone or any group on an ideological basis.However, criticism in the absence of solutions, is only noise. The crux of the matter is our nation is deep in the midst of a leadership vacuum at most levels of government, where we have the largest portion of the nation (about 40% of the 2016 electorate) disengaged, the balance having such an open hostility towards each other, especially in the semi-anonymous online arena, that little, essentially no, sustained effort is being made on devising solutions for the many problems we face together. We the electorate must also take responsibility for this situation. Since we are not sheep, we also must guide those elected to serve us ALL. The elected are responsible to represent ALL of their constituents after taking office, not merely their supporters to the exclusion of the rest.
    Politics is supposed to be the art of the possible, characterised by compromise. Absolutism is the realm of dictators.
    Unless we can talk to each other in a civil, respectful manor, we remain adrift, torn further apart by the most vocal extremes, each preaching to the faithful, whilst ignoring the meek, moderate, disheartened, and disengaged majority in the middle.
    Let us seek a way to draw together. Drop the name calling, finger pointing, and worse; sit down, take a breath, and speak to each other like LOVING family members. 50 years ago we were also torn apart; war abroad, and division at home. But this also became the summer of love. If this experiment called America is to survive and prosper, we must Get Together.

  19. correction! republicans have been working on repeal/replace since ACA was passed, and still have alternative. 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽thats for you right wingers

  20. Farron no longer will about 50,000 plus will be watching after the bull shit Russia Today really put the show down to bad enjoyed watching you. However can not support anyone let alone an attorney for Russia Today.

  21. It's because on one hand they have to listen to their donors because of the vast sums of money thrown at them and on the other hand their constituents, because without them they won't get elected again, so they are trying to keep everyone happy and failing miserably..!!!

  22. i hate to say it but many Americans seem so GULLIBLE and incapable of rational thought it seems to be a national affliction YOU DESERVE BETTER

  23. Incompetent huh? You mean like the DNC obstructing justice by not turning their servers over to be investigated? Democrats are the biggest hypocrites ever. It's okay for them but no one else.

  24. The scary thing is the Republicans do know what they're doing but they're not succeeding at doing it. Eventually they will, and they'll cut so many vital programs in order to give the rich tax cuts.

  25. Sorry, can't agree with you on this one. There is nothing hilarious, or even slightly funny, about what the GOP is doing to this country.

  26. BOTH national political parties are abject failures in providing effective, responsive leadership and governing. The differences between Republicans and Democrats are more about appearances than substance.

    The central overarching reason why Republican AND Democrats are opposite sides of the same counterfeit coin is they share a common fatal defect; masquerading as servants of the many when in fact they are the whores/mercenaries of the few.

    The biblical tenet is as applicable in secular as it is in ecclesiastical matters;


  27. They learned from the Democrat Party.
    There is only 2 choices!!
    1)Repeal and let everything revert to what it was then fix whatever needs fixings.
    2)Leave it alone and let it die from it's own weight.
    Obama Care is NOT a Republican Problem. Fixing it is easy! Simply Repeal it and let the States pick Romneycare!!

  28. The United States Military needs to park a wood chipper in front of the Capitol Building, and throw Chuckie Schumer into the Chipper then tell Congress to do what they promised to do. Then turn up the throttle on the chipper.

  29. Why they still win elections is beyond me. Just goes to show how stupid and ignorant many people are that support them. Republicans have accomplished literally nothing for decades now. Government needs to be over run and people need to self govern themselves and go back to caring for their neighbors.

  30. Ya you are right about the reich wing reds little rusky wonnabes but there are two things they are really good at lying and stealing. And when it comes to stealing votes their the best there is at it!!!

  31. stfu bald libtard motherfucker

    stop bitching about republicans
    and start covering real crime committed by democrats

  32. Democrat party have no agenda no message no leader and they just doing is resist what a scumbag democrat party 😂

  33. hell the Republicans had 7 fucking years to come up with another idea and couldn't do even that! What pisses me off is that this Bullshit government we have right now can be and should be laid right at the DNC'S feet with a very large sign that reads :THIS IS YOUR FAULT! Every last of the the corporate democrats should be run out of town on a jackass backward! They fucked Bernie over,and Now they want US to forgive and forget? I don't think so! All of them can rot in hell!

  34. Republicans are incompetent because incompetence follows denial of the fact-based world the way wet follows water.

  35. dear farron,

    the reason many Democrats voted for trump after then had realised they couldn't vote for Hillary was because they knew that trump and Republicans would not be able to pass anything.
    we knew they would be ineffective!
    i actually predicted it!
    just think of the horrible corporation friendly bills that Hillary could have passed with a republican house n Senate
    i am so thankful she lost.

  36. I'd rather have the republicans in office not passing bad bills than to have the Dumbercrats in office making laws and legislation that makes them (Hillary) richer and more powerful. They are a bunch of thieves and crooks. TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

  37. Funneling everyone's profit to the obscenely wealthy is their job and they've got an excellent track record thank you very much. Calling them dumb is incorrect. Remember who they work for and look at the results they've accomplished. This well oiled machine only requires occasional maintenance. No big deal.

  38. A corrupted political system will always promote useless people: people with integrity and talent aren't interested in being corporate whores.

  39. KEVIN I have some bad news for you. When the DEMOCRATS ran HILLARY you lost the moral high ground. THE VERY FACT YOU CAN SEE YOU DID IS VERY TELLING ,IT MEANS YOU NEVER HAD THE MORAL HIGH GROUND AT ALL. You are Just playing let's pretend.

  40. anyone wonder if they are intentionally not doing anything but still trying to make themselves look just good enough to keep getting their free money

  41. They are bullies, liars, and they cheat! Conservatives are the ones doing this. they have all but taken over the Republican party! Talk about a 3rd party take over. This is obvious look around…gerry mander and purge their way to Washington…now Pence and Kobac have to finish off the Democracy by fixing the programs in the voting machines across the country 'Interstate Crosscheck' your name may already be on it and purged…Go ahead and check…if you are lucky, and not in one of the 29 states who are doing it perhaps you can stop it from happening in your state.

  42. They are incompetent, That's why I don't even try to have debates with them anymore, I just tell them to STFU, and talk shit about America and the problems in the white community. Hey, if they can talk shit about black folk and say it's just the truth and not racist I can do it to and it won't be anti American, ITS JUST THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

  43. The sad truth is so are the Democrats. You have lots of very important issues and the only thing they want to talk about is this Russia bullshit.

  44. "Post turtles"!! Love it! Is this why {B}itch McConnell looks so much like a Mud Turtle? VOTE THEM ALL OUT in 2018!

  45. Coma White you must not be a veteran. You have no understanding of war. RUSSIA BOMBS EVERYTHING. DESTROYS EVERYTHING IT CAN. THE U S DOESN'T WANT TO DESTROY INFRASTRUCTURE THINKS ISIS WILL LEAVE IT UNHARMED FOR THEIR ENEMIES TO USE. True you can't have it both ways light bombing doesn't work.

  46. as a very conservative guy, i agree but for COMPLETELY different reasons. GOP is establishment hardcore just like the democrats and are working against trumps agenda. They pretend to be conservatives but are frauds. That is my view. Democrats are a monlolithic beast and republicans are constantly fighting eachother.

  47. this is exact opposite of what experts are saying. in fact, the democrat party is in shambles. they have no economic plan, they have no immigration laws, they have no border policies, they have no foreign policies, they have forgotten the middle and lower classes. don't forget the corruption with the DNC and helping hilary win over bernie sanders. heck, even donna brazile, in her new book condemned hilary. women are disgusted with liberal democrat ideals, especially black women. the confidence of the american people, towards the democrat party, is less than favorable. MANY BELIEVE, DONALD TRUMP WOULD WIN RE-ELECTION.

  48. Here are 20 reasons why the Republican Party has really fallen apart:
    1: Trump supporters at rallies yelled racial slurs and some even gave the Sieg Heil salute.
    2: Donald Trump
    3: White supremacy groups give them their vote
    4: Only the rich are cool to them, but only if said rich people are white Christians.
    5: Denying proven scientific research.
    6: Instigating wars for no reason
    7: Because if it involves even a little bit of diversity, then it’s communism.
    8: Donald Trump
    9: Too many racists
    10: Profiting off mass shootings (they run the NRA, which is where shooters buy their weapons from)
    11: Wanting a white Christian theocracy.
    12: Their followers are just sheep. Sheep who think the same as their higher-ups.
    13: Giving tax cuts to corporations only isn’t a good way to boost the economy.
    14: Donald Trump
    15: FOX News
    16: Claiming that Democrats, who care about capitalism like they do, are communists because they want diversity and equal rights.
    17: Under Republican lawmakers, people of color have been incarcerated more harshly for doing the same crime as whites.
    18: There haven’t been enough good ones to make them a revered party.
    19: Donald Trump
    20: The alt-right is slowly but surely entering the party to run for public office.

    But their reign is falling. The Democrats are winning elections left and right, even managing to win an entire Republican County, California’s Orange County. Blue Wave baby!

  49. Support HR1 – protect of voting rights. #45*, Republicans and NRA are Russia Bought Entities – betrayed our country – Wake up America – Putin wants our democracy in Chaos – #45 has weakened America's National Security. Real Treason. God is good, God is here, God will now deal with those who choose to stay in the dark, God have now brought them to light. Wake up America – we have worked too hard to not Reap what we sowed. Real Love Fake Hate, Real Faith Fake Fear. Remove the electoral college process it is unconstitutional – Every vote should count in a Presidential election, this has nothing to do with States. It’s simple, vote, count the votes, announce winner. Majority Of the People Rule, not majority of the States. Wake Up America. Boycott NRA

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