The Republican Party Frozen In Time

david brooks is another one of these
guys so i think was not really modern any way shape or form during the bush administration but now that they’re on the world and
this has become moderate or at least right now is that then tells us of that position and now
on %uh one of the sunny talk shows this week the slightest what’s wrong with the
republic park serious problem within and from limo and terms
of intellectual fosters this type of reagan they’re stuck with the idea that
government is always the problem there a lot of problems up in capital right now
we’re calling for a friend in a spending freeze in the middle of the recessions
less depression that is insane but they’re thinking the way they thought in
nineteen eighty-two than we think that way again that is just insane and a lot of
republicans like the from the author of the city’s repressive reading was great
for their but it’s time to move on and that they’re just not a lot of the
capitol hill right now and i think the parties looking for that cover that that’s it in a nutshell no
economist and in the country believes that the during a recession or
maybe even a depression the best way to do is for the government
back often not do any spending on i think any action it’s not spend that’s their republican
position y they’re conservative there against kane in their mind time froze in nineteen eighty three and says that hasn’t changed at all if the taxes were too high and
eighty-one but they’re still too high and two thousand nine does not match the
taxes changed was america there were seventy percent back in the thirty five
percent now for the highest bracket they said no there’s there’s always tax cuts dancers always smaller government if is there not using their minds group at it if they worked so destructive i feel sorry for them is there a pathetic state right now

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  1. Um, are you perhaps talking about Communism? Because they're different, you know.

    Social democracy doesn't seem to lead to "complete collapse" as far as I can see. Look at Scandinavia.

  2. Well, we could also decide to spend less money on other things.

    When all is said and done (such as states sales taxes and property taxes), Canadians really don't spend that much more on taxes than we do, but look at all they get! Higher education and healthcare.

  3. 1. I know you're not calling me stupid – since you yourself are not stupid. We can disagree with mutual respect.

    2. There is a crucial difference between Social Democracy and Communism that conservatives can't seem to acknowledge but to those on the left, make all the difference in the world (Liberals & Communists don't get along – in case you hadn't noticed).

    That difference?

    Private property.

  4. It is not obvious even to the professional economists at this point that the two are connected. Saying so is concluding a causal relationship, when it might be correlative or even coincidental.

    I'm not going to pretend I know the answers about Canada. I do know that none of my Canadian friends would switch health care systems with us.

  5. You are close but not exactly correct – the unemployment rate declined throughout the New Deal, though not at nearly the rate its supporters had hoped.

    You are correct however, about the New Deal failing to end the Depression before Pearl Harbor, but if the war had not occured it seems likely we would have been out of the Depression by 1945 anyway.

    BTW, it was the unique set of circumstances *after* the war that brought high-level prosperity, not the war by itself.

  6. Our education system needs to revamped. NCLB has got to be revamped, our kids have lost their edge when it comes to education. To say are education is fine is wishful thinking at it's best.

  7. They don't know if anyone who has been sick or knows someone who has been sick in the hospital would know how bad american healthcare is.

  8. The government wouldn't be paying for people's healthcare, you will still have to pay. It just going to make healtcare more affordable, so you won't be slamed with bills when you are sick.

  9. The rich have to pay the most taxes, they control 90% of the wealth, the more money you make the more taxes you will pay to support the NATION, it doesn't just go to poor people, the money goes to schools, infrastructure, medicade, and social security. And we already know that trickle down economics doesn't work, since the money doesn't trickle dow.

  10. Those are not useless things, shops create business, new schools help with education, abortion facilities are there so women don't take their childs themselves. Of course there is pork spending, but most taxes tend to be good when it goes to help the nation.

  11. Actually it is not socialism at all,in fact it is what fiscal conservatism is.

    Fiscal conservatism is a political phrase term used in North America to describe advocacy of lower governmental spending practices and a lower federal debt; it may also include higher taxes in order to lower the debt."

  12. If you don't pay taxes at all you won't have roads, medicare, or social security. The country would crumble if we didn't have taxes.

  13. Socialism has nothing to do with taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor. Socialism is government having ownership over production and distribution of services.

    All Obama is proposing is that we reduce the tax burden on the lower and middle class and pass it on to people who can afford to pay an increase w/out changing their standard of living.

  14. An economic system where the means of production, distribution and exchange is determined by the state/public sector in some form. Can be centralised, decentralised, democratic or undemocratic, this is socialism.

    And if you make under 250,000, you will be paying less taxes then what you payed during the Bush administration.

  15. Obama is giving tax cuts to the middle class, the rich still have the tax cuts from the Bush years that will run through 2011. And raising taxes is not socialism is actually what is fiscal conservatism, since it helps reduce the debt.

  16. Communism is an extreme form of socialism, but it is not close what so ever.

    Communism is where everything is collectively owned.
    collective ownership

    Does the government own your house, clothes, and car yet?

  17. In August 1993, Clinton signed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, which passed Congress without a single Republican vote. It raised taxes on the wealthiest 1.2% of taxpayers,[35] while cutting taxes for 15 million low-income families and making tax cuts available to 90% of small businesses.[

  18. Tax breaks for the wealthy mean less money for governmental agencies to do there jobs in regards to the other 95% of Americans. You do know that the rich are only 5% of the population, yet control 90% of the wealth. If you make the most money you will be higher taxes. The middle class is the backbone of society.

  19. The money isn't been spread around, no one is getting a free handout. Raising taxes helps to balance the debt. You can not cut taxes and spend alot of money like the Bush years.

  20. You really are a moron, all those dumb democrats did something that the Republican presidents couldn't do. BALANCE THE FUCKING BUDGET! Democrats raise national debt at the average of 3.3%, while the Republicans are at 9.9% and cut taxes at the same time.

  21. And socialists would claim that "capitalism has never worked before" because of the higher rate of poverty, the tendancy for more extreme groups to arise and the periodic market crashes that wipe out so many people's life savings.

  22. Bush cut taxes but increased spending by a huge amount. And then he tried to cover it by not including much of the military expenditures in his budgets.

    There are great Republicans out there -both historically and today – who are smart, honest and worth admiring.

    Bush is none of these and you would do well to find someone else to hold up as an example of "fiscal conservatism."

  23. FDR did have a high debt
    JFK/LBJ had lower debts then Ike
    Bush Sr/Reagan had higher debts then JFK, LBJ, and JC.

    Stats say the Average debt increases nearly 10% under a Republican.

  24. You won't find a fiscal conservative in any modern day Republican. The only difference between Republican and Democrats spending habits is that Democrats don't try to hide it and can actually pay it off. Debt is usually higher under a Republican then a Democrat.

  25. FDR is much better President then George Bush, he helped lead us through the depression and WWII. George Bush only ray of sun was the few weeks after 9/11 after that was a disaster.

  26. Yeah, I get what you are saying. But you do not want a weak dollar dollar.strong dollar indicates a well managed economy.

  27. Yeah, but you want the dollar to be worth more, not less. But it really depends on what the state of the economy is. Seeing how Reagan had a huge rescission due to the Carter years, it is understandable why he would have weaker dollare then LBJ, who along with Kennedy were period of propersity. Reagan's dollar did increase when the economy recovered in the late 80's.

  28. Look at the list of the 10 happiest countries that came out a few weeks ago, Sweden,Canda Switzerland, Norway made the list, what do they all have in common?

  29. What silly reasoning! To argue that the USA IS the greatest country, iit would never due to look at US HISTORY!

    You see GREATEST is a comparative word. To compare, you have to look at others in the class, in this case, other countries.

    Also, notice that IS is the prentent tense "to be" verb. It ref. to what is so, NOW. On the other hand, history, is, well, history! See the problem?

    Having said that, the USA is a great, wonderful country. But so is Sweden. So is Candada.

  30. Well, Canada also has SOME jobs. I think you meant to say that Canada has a higher unemployment rate that the US, which is true.

    However, when unemployed, Canadians have very generous benifits, almost 90% for a long period of time. They also can go back to Uni. without losing it. So, they don't suffer so much from it. Also, much less poverty in Canada.

  31. So the US is a great country because it can frighten everyone and only the Middle East (plus Cuba and other South American countries, African nations etc etc) have the guts to stand up to you? Great reasoning, moron. I love life indeed. You love racism, more like. You are a stereotypical US moron who has been ignored and allowed to stagnate intellectually by the Reagan/Bush/Shrub policies towards education.

  32. Why would liberals believe we didn't land on the moon? North Korean world, u don't know what it's like in North Korea. Comments like these is why I know I'm smarter than conervatives and liberals.

  33. Reagan is dead, the GOP needs to move on to survive. He was good for his time, be it has passed. GOP use their minds, what minds?

  34. To borrow from Rush: "Regean is dead. His policies may live on but we're in the process of doing something about those as well."

  35. @TheYoungTurk Math isn't your strong suit is it.
    Spending freeze doesn't mean stop spending, it means don't add anything to the budget, and this is a fundamentally sound concept, especially for a bankrupt nation like ours. "Because they aren't using their minds."

    Heres me not using my mind: What do you do when china stops buying our worthless bonds? How do you fund irresponsible, wasteful, crony-capitalistic government programs then? Tax more? Print money? Share your wisdom!

  36. @Hokibukisa First of all because of inflation spending freeze is in fact a cut. Secondly in order to survive in the long run most companies have to avoid bankruptcy and be in a position to expand during recovery. Assets won't be used if no one buys them! Crony capitalism is a problem but its not solved by shrinking government because congress takes their cut first and most money is for mandated programs look at the budget.

  37. @crazyozzyking agreed authoritarian government is needed to stop US from being a lame duck Republicans have Katrina, Democrats have BP oil spill. If nobody wants either party in power why does everyone strategicly vote for them?

  38. @FinalFantasySage8888 They lose touch with americans because being in touch and giving people what they want doesin't get them elected, money does. Now we have a president who got most of his money from ordinary individuals and congress who gets money from traditional sources. No wonder it's sooo exiting!

  39. @Stevorino123 It is the professional middle class that pays! The employed doctors with 6 figure salaries as well as other high earning proffessionals. Funny thing is the last true taxpayers vote democrat.

  40. @zxcvbnmjhgfdsa1 Spending freeze is not shrinking government unfortunately, it just means oh hay we can't afford the crap we have right now, maybe we shouldn't spend even more than we did last year.

    You are correct about the assets, assets wont be used if people don't buy them. PEOPLE. The government is not people. Suggesting that if the government does not spend your money for you that you will not spend it shows a complete lack of faith in the american people.

  41. @zxcvbnmjhgfdsa1 Freeze government growth, hell SHRINK the government spending, and all of those "mandated programs" that WE CANN'T AFFORD ANYWAYS will just have to do with less funds, exist with no funding, or just be dissolved.

    However this video is old and the healthcare bill has passed since then. An enormous spending increase! We couldn't pay our bills last year, we sure as hell wont be able to pay them in the future.

  42. Also, belief keynesian economics (and it is a belief) isn't just a blind hope that everyone can have a free lunch.

    Also, Jesus died for your sins and if you believe in him, when you die, you'll spend an eternity in paradise!

  43. @Hokibukisa If wages are going up (hopefully at the rate of inflation) and the same money is put into departments, they have to fire people or provide less services. As inflation increases and economy grows the government will spend less as a percentage of GDP. People want deals but they also want the BEST deal. Look at the stock market it went down 50% before people felt it was at the bottom. Housing was the same but in the meantime allot of empty houses!

  44. @Hokibukisa I agree that budget isin't remotly sustainable without large changes America will never have a surplus again. However I also think that if you lookat what government is actually doing compared to other first world countries it seems like very little. The reality is that government just needs to be as efficent as other countries rather than make cuts. US government spends more on health care per person than France and France covers all citizens!

  45. @zxcvbnmjhgfdsa1 You're distracted with healthcare funding, that isn't even the big picture. The big picture is that we are broke with a government that is behaving like a teenager with his first credit card. We are currently being funded by china buying up lots of 30 year bonds, plus even china is going broke. When they realize that we have no plan to be able to pay them back, or they go broke, they'll stop buying our bonds.

    Once china stops investing then we either print money,or raise taxes.

  46. @Hokibukisa Government spends 8% of the nations GDP on health care it is the big picture. The deficits are large but so far the interest cost by themselves aren't alot. Other countries have larger debts like Italy and interest rates are low. Debt is a long term disadvantage but it doesin't mean US can only do IMF approved activities!

  47. conservative its in the name, to conserve preserve the old way of america, although they can't seem to see America has changed

  48. let me give you a short history lesson. the crash of 1921. no government intervention, gut taxes and spending. recovered in 18 months. the crash of 29 had huge government intervention by both FDR and Hoover . went on for over 15 years. gees which one works better

  49. @xitongzou
    Having socialised healthcare as an option doesn't make a country socialist, in the uk i can still get private care if i want, i work for a private company.
    We have more aspects of socialism in the UK than in the US, but to call it a socialist country is crazy.

  50. @xitongzou haha they're not "socialist" governments that's for certain. however, they have borrowed what they found to be workable socialist ideas and integrated them with their democracies. US has of course done this too, just to a much lesser extent They're social democracies, not socialist. But there are no strict lines, no matter what certain others may want you to think.

  51. @xitongzou they're not socialist countries. However, their governments have borrowed what they found to be workable socialist ideas and integrated them into their democracies. The US has done this too of course, just to a much lesser extent due to the tradition of "commie" paranoia in that country.

  52. @TAMPADOC64 right and our current system of fake capitialism (code for, corporate tyranny) is going fast in the direction of the fake socialist countries, or is already there when you see the damage and death it is responsible for outside our little western bubble (not to mention the increasing damage and death it's responsible for even within)

  53. I tried to listen honestly and closely to what you have to say here. I hear a lot of very passionate complaining and "finger pointing" but I have heard not one single solution regarding this Recession/Depression that President Obama has completely exacerbated by spending all of this borrowed money that WILL HAVE TO BE PAID BACK!. People understand that it takes more than pointing figures and assessing blame. It takes a clear direction and a plan.

  54. @pegclairezach Obama does have one. Bipartisan Fiscal Coalition, but then the Republicans rejected it and goes for the LOL Ryan Budget Plan.

    You think the President alone have enough power to do what he wants to do in a far right Republican filled Senate? Even 1/3 of the dems are corrupted by the Corporations, so tell me what is your solution when the GOP filibusters everything?

    Republicans don't want recovery, they want double dip recession so they might win the Presidency again.

  55. @lthalial Yes we need different opinions and minds. Just not from the Republican side, their goal have been clear since Obama took the Presidency. Trash talking Republicans doesn't make you a communist, since people in the US don't even know what communism is, they just link it to liberals out of ignorance.

    Trash talking about a party that have been doing trash politics is bad in what way? You still believe Republicans are the true patriots? HAH Even the military knows GOP are now trash.

  56. @ThatBlackPanda
    Look up the Agriculture Adjustment Act of 1933
    and Executive Order 6102.

    FDR had a lot of good policies but many destructive ones as well.

  57. @ThatBlackPanda
    So your one of those ignorant libtards that think WW2 Cut short the depression?
    Buddie, wars only destroy.
    He also instated regulations on Hollywood saying movie stars can only be in one picture a year.
    gold hording, and telling all Farmers they can only use half their land to "Stabilize" food prices. Well it did just at a cost however while food was cheap, it was scarce and thousands of Americans starved to death.

  58. @ThatBlackPanda
    You should also realize the bias most Economist have.
    Keysenian Policies have hi-jacked all university economics. But these same professors said "everything is fine"
    "The Housing Bubble Is contained" "Monetary Policy is Excellent" "The US economy is in its prime"
    If you do your research thou the people who attack Roosevelt are in reality the only economist that acuratly called the recession.
    FA Hayek called the Great Depression two years before black friday.

  59. @ThatBlackPanda
    That makes no sense.
    Woodrow Wilson actually made the Federal Reserve, He then admited he ruined the country by passing the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment.

    Any well informed economist knows the Federal Reserve is the primary cause of the Great Depression.
    Can you say "Easy Money"???

    Please take some economic classes or read some REAL economic books
    Crash Proof 2.0 by Peter Schiff
    Liberalism by Ludgwig Von Mises
    Economics in one lesson by Henry Hazlt

  60. @ThatBlackPanda

    Your right the Republican Presidents could have done more.
    The only thing that could have been done was obolishing the FED.

    Hmmmm. Well I'm pretty sure Bill Clinton added significant funds to Freddie and Fannie.
    I guess you don't understand boom and bust..
    The only economist that predicted the Great Depression was FA Hayek.

    I don't think you understand Democrats and Republicans are the same on Economic matters.
    All want 2 do is spend.
    One on Welfare the other Warfare

  61. @ThatBlackPanda
    The merger of state and corperate powers

    Far from an Austrian ideal.
    You've really been brainwashed by the left haven't you.
    Was FDR a Keynsian? Did WW2 Cut short the depression? HAHAHAHAHAH
    or better yet Are you aware Lincoln wanted ALL the freed slave deported to Africa. And probally would have done it 2.

    Have even read the road to serfdom?

    Even Keynes toward the end of his career said we should rely more on the invisible hand.

  62. @ThatBlackPanda
    "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." — Benito Mussolini

    "I find myself more and more relying for a solution of our problems on the invisible hand which I tried to eject from economic thinking twenty years ago." – John Maynard Keynes

  63. New Dealers never accepted the Keynesian argument for government spending as a vehicle for recovery. Most economists of the era, along with Henry Morgenthau of the Treasury Department, rejected Keynesian solutions and favored balanced budgets. – Leuchtenburg p. 171, 245-6; Herbert Stein, Presidential economics: The making of economic policy from Roosevelt to Reagan and beyond (1984)

  64. @ThatBlackPanda
    "Let us be brought to believe it is morally right, and, at the same time, favorable to, or, at least, not against, our interest, to transfer the African to his native clime, and we shall find a way to do it, however great the task may be. The children of Israel, to such numbers as to include four hundred thousand fighting men, went out of Egyptian bondage in a body."

    ~ Abraham Lincoln

  65. @ThatBlackPanda

    Fact – American Liberals hate facts.
    While just about every other Political Ideal finds them necessary

    bottom line
    I Win

  66. @ThatBlackPanda
    Please actually read the works of FA Hayek
    Your like most uninformed Americans.
    They don't realize that the Legislative Branch should ALWAYS be more powerful than the Executive

  67. @ThatBlackPanda
    Every Austrian called the Recession and every major Economic Disaster from the Great Depression to the Collapse of Bretton Woods.
    And Democrat and Republican a like always say MORE Spending More Government Power.
    Taking advice from the very men who said "the Economy is Great and their will not be a crash"

  68. So your answer is "take money out the economy, use part of it to pay the government, and then put it back in to the economy. Ya that'll work" The problem is that the average job the government has created by stimulus cost over $1 million. They also go to companies that will not survive so those jobs don't last long anyway. Stimulus is not the answer. I will concede tax cuts don't really help. P.S., a majority of economists believe there is very little the government can do anyway.

  69. The republicans have devolved into the perfect case study of how effective branding no matter how hollow can carry the day just by group think and that group think can be summed up in the words of Upton Sinclair who wrote when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.

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