The Politics Live Show Panel Discuss John Major's Attempts To Block No Deal Brexit

right what's going on guys welcome to the video now on the politics live show earlier the panel was discussing former Tory Prime Minister John Major's comments about taking Boris to court if he / oakes Parliament this is because as I said before the Queen will say yes to Boris request in Parliament be shut down and there is nothing that Ramona's can do about him hey Boris supporter on the show Tory MP Ross Thompson points out that John Major's hypocrisy and of course the BBC love to bring on the usual Ramona's so we have to deal with them as well now before we start I just would like to thank our patreon and subscribe star supporters for their continued support of the channel I appreciate you a lot the same as everyone who likes and shares the videos because that helps with the YouTube algorithm and of course promoting the videos will help more people see them which is always beneficial so thank you all now let's get into the video John Major let's strip away the jargon of provoking and contemplate what this actually means what it means that a prime minister Prime Minister Johnson presumably because he cannot persuade Parliament to agree with his policy will close down Parliament so that he can bypass it until his policy comes into operation if that were to happen I think there would be a queue of people who would seek judicial review the Queen's decision cannot be challenged in law but the Prime Minister's advice to the Queen can I believe be challenged in law and I for one would be prepared to go and seek judicial review to prevent Parliament being bypassed well extraordinary intervention there from John Major the response from Team Boris Johnson is a source saying John Major has gone completely mad his plan is absurd it's the source right Ross well I do find a bizarre intervention from John Major when I think it was he himself as she perused Parliament to avoid the cash for access issue being raised in Parliament but look at the end of the day and all of us accept that whoever is elected leader of our party we have to unite behind we have been plagued by division for the last couple of years and whoever is elated we should get behind and given that John Major was a big advocate during his time as Prime Minister that we should unite behind our leader and I hope he would understand that and we should and we should all get Hines whether it's Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt and to the country forwards Alister John Major would not have made his intervention this morning if Boris Johnson had answered a question yesterday and said he was not in any way prepared to probe Parliament I'll shut it down yeah but he didn't the opportunity was there to end this once and for all which is what we all want Jeremy Hunt was very clear he won't consider such a step we know the break cities to build and was absolutely right we know we've got to get through this and come together and the country must go forward but using such constant unconstitutional means would be I think catastrophic now we don't need to be there Boris Johnson would say very clearly he has no intention of probing Parliament then we don't need to consider any of these think Boris has been quite clear they doesn't want to use our case yet but in the end of the day when you're in a negotiation which we are with the European Union you can't start ruling things out and you have to have every option on the table even though you don't want to to use it I think it's absolutely wrong that when you want to achieve the best deal for the country any lawyer would tell you going to any negotiation on anything you don't rule anything out and I think it's absolute right the Boris Johnson it doesn't do it you do rule out bypassing Parliament you do rule out taking down is that the essence of our democracy and by prorogue in Parliament at a point where we are facing a potential catastrophe of no deal on the October the 31st bypassing Parliament bypassing us representing our constituents and their interests that's what Pro gang means it means we don't get any votes no one wants them well why doesn't Boris Johnson just say he doesn't want that what Schieffer deal we wouldn't need to because he is the only candidate in this leadership election that will achieve a deal before the 30 we come later my question milena my question was is John Major's plan the idea that he would go to court a former conservative prime minister taking the next conservative prime minister to court is that completely mad no I think it is an extra sand extraordinary intervention by a man and I never thought I was going to be a John Major fan in my life but you've discovered it today have you just today I think his his thoughtful interventions all the way through along this process have are worth listening to and for someone like that who is not known for his high drama suggesting that he's going to do this I think underlines the issue we potentially have with a Boris Johnson prime ministership well we heard John Major they're going on about how bad pierogi in Parliament is and how determined he is to stop it conveniently forgetting he did it himself during his term as Prime Minister which is rightly pointed out by the Tory MP Ross Thompson it's amazing how these politicians count on the fact that 99% of people won't remember what they did 20 years ago Oh John major you old Pig it was a nice try but this guy clearly did some research to call out your John major / oke Parliament to prevent a cash for axis debate as they had all been taking bungs for meetings with prominent people at least Boris wants to do it to fulfil the Democratic wish of the people it's amazing now the BBC fails to point that out it has to be a Tory MP who lets the public know that another Tory Prime Minister had done something Shady Ross once again points out what any sane person knows you don't rule anything out in negotiating if we want to get a good deal which these shitweasels do then why do we go around screaming that they won't do this and they won't do that because we want to deal leaving us in a completely position the EU needs us more than we need them it should be us holding them over a barrel not the other way around it's the remoting traitors in parliament and the media that destroyed our negotiating position and put us in this situation along with theresa the EU apisa next we heard from the commie spunk trumpet Philippa Whitford who talks about Boris pierogi in Parliament destroying the essence of our democracy is this nosey bent for real she is part of the Lib Dems who openly want to ignore Democratic votes and remain in the EU how can she even sit there and claim others are trying to destroy democracy of course she has to throw in the usual project fear we hear every day from these romona in pigs a No Deal for free and all this the only thing that is a catastrophe is your undemocratic opinion hypocritical nonsense you spew on national television and them glasses love let's continue anyway almost 26 years 26 years this month that John Major was caught on tape describing some of his Euroskeptic cabinet ministers as are not related to Satan's murder a B word anyway and don't say this and here we are all this time later and Europe is still dividing the Tory party the story party is still obsessed with it and meanwhile what happens to the rest of the country what happens to public services and to people's lives and to the economy it feels from a public perspective it looks like the Tories three parties in fighting about this at our leadership contest has been completely overshadowed by Breck suits and the rest meanwhile the rest of the country burns well let's have a listen to a little bit more from that debate last night and Boris Johnson on this subject about shutting down Parliament well I'm not going to take anything off the table anymore that I'm gonna take no Dino arts off the table and I think it's absolutely bizarre at this stage in the negotiations for the UK yet again to be weakening its own position Alister as we said and if he doesn't want to provoke Parliament he doesn't want to get into this constitutional difficulty simply has to say we're not going to do this no one is asking for No Deal to be taken off the table it would be it's now an arguable point but both candidates have made very clear but they want to keep no deal on the table because they see that as part of their negotiation and they've both set that out clearly so it's perfectly plausible for a prime minister to come back to Parliament and say I've done everything I can and put the question of no deal to Parliament then Parliament takes her it takes a choice but I have to say it's not just the Conservatives that are consumed with this the country as a whole is divided 50/50 there is one clear party that it wants to stay in that's the Liberal Democrats there's the brexit party with their clear views both the major parties are full of the difficulty that wrecks it and Europe has caused for 20 30 40 years which is why we do have to solve this we do have to move on as a country I think we should by leaving and finding the best relationship with Europe for the future which is why I support an agreement and I think Jeremy Hunt is better placed than Boris Johnson because why would the year you want to do a deal with the person who has led the campaign to take the United Kingdom out when there are others were snapping at the heels of the European Union looking for causes of concern I think they'll do a much better deal with Jeremy Hunt and then we'll be able to create the relationship with need with her Europe which is clearly also going to have to change Ross and well I think Alastair made the point there that Boris Johnson led the campaign to leave he believes in brakes at head heart body and soul we've already had a prime minister that was a convert but didn't believe now is the time to have a believer in brakes who knows how to get over the line and actually you will see that most seriously this is the guy that lady Lisa that believe is actually voting for it I vote I voted to remain in the EU I have voted consistently to leave the EU I have got we have got colleagues who professed that they wanted to leave her but they only want to leave on their terms and personam this is looking like a nerdy of right then that's what they see you know it's not at all the Prime Minister didn't deliver Rick so that's why she's not resigning and going right she alone colleagues know it not only a scientist doctor the Labour Party does let's be clear to you is not Rick's it it wasn't what the country voted for and that's why she didn't have the confidence of our own Parliament's advice John someone come back with that deal Willy I know we should wait I think if you watched the beaten listen we say he's very clear that he will achieve a deal with the Union explain to us it so that clips tied with the Daily Mail adapt it back RIA pointing out that John Major has been a Euro file for many years to the point he was attacking his own colleagues called an ambassador dears ago over to Europe so why anyone is even giving this old the time of day is beyond me but it knows he can't do about the Queen's ascent so like all Ramone in peace he's using every desperate dirty trick he can find to obstruct brexit Pipper is just pointing out Johnny's yet another spineless SOI boy with a clear and obvious bias against brexit like a laudatory party at the moment and now it hurts people of the UK which it does now I'm not one really to her to agree with a journalist of definitely not an idiot but there are her essential point there is that the she's getting it the host Joe come back at Corbin then asked remain vote arendt Jeremy I'm so sorry Jeremy Hunt I've never said that before in my life it's usually men who say that support or about Boris Johnson's refusal to rule out shutting down Parliament to get no deal done of course this idiot ignores the point Boris made about taking nothing off the table to give us the best position in any future deal and continues to push the remain narrative of weakening our position in making a deal he finished up his speech with the claim the year you won't want to make a deal with the face of the leave campaign that's fine we leave with no deal then keep our 39 billion and make trade deals with the rest of the world it's not rocket science you complete bellend let's check out the next clip anyway what Jeremy proposes is by approaching the European Union on the basis that we have a common problem and a shared problem it's the best way to deal with it and we do we know the EU don't want a No Deal situation we know the Republic of Ireland doesn't want a No Deal situation Jeremy set out last night what he planned to do in relation to the backstop and the Irish part of the agreement and what he wants to technological solutions that as he admitted are not there yet customs check and certified traders and they couldn't replace will protect the single market in the way that you would like what you can what you can do as he indicated that by looking at the problem as a shared one by working with colleagues who want to get an agreement by not putting them in a situation where they would want to they would feel under such pressure to make a deal it would put at risk the cohesion of the EU it's a much better position for the European Union and for the UK to be in so it's much more likely to create the deal and then we can move forward well let's listen to Boris Johnson responding when he was asked whether he would resign if the UK didn't leave the EU on October the 31st if we go into these negotiations from the beginning with a plan to allow that that deadline yet again to be able to be fungible to be a papier-mache deadline I'm afraid that the EU will not take us seriously okay nor will normal business understand that they must prepare for no deal can we get not do or die since make it's Cloris in it's more important isn't it in terms of Boris Johnson as he said that Jeremy Hunt that actually it's number 10 is more important than the future of the country no no I told Boris Johnson is standing this election because he cares deeply about the future of the country and wants to deliver bricks it because so far the government is filled and I believe he's the only man that can do and you know heaven forbid you saw on that and that TV to be he gets accused of being optimistic thank goodness maybe we need some optimism the last copy of optimism won't to actually fix this on its own he has a plan to fix it but we need to inject some passion and enthusiasm and some self belief in this country again we far as job dude we've all done this now it's the same he's the same candidate he Boris Johnson gives you change Jeremy Hunt resume 2.0 we can't afford to do that this is a line that is just spun out by by a campaign Jeremy Hunt has offered detail as to how he will want to go forward he's very optimistic about the future the country which we can all talk about Liam with passion about where Britain is gonna go but it's not based on anything realistic then it's a false promise and what Jeremy Hunter said he's been very clear that if he can't see a deal coming forward by a particular date he's as committed to preparing for no deal or anything else first no matter what November the first was the possibility November the second a possibility you'd hold it all off because of October the 31st of October we have to leave hours no matter the damage but has a new front in the battle being waged to prevent no deal I mean listening to this and the dates of October the 31st which Jeremy Hunt go to Christmas John Major now waiting in saying he will go to court if that is what happens Parliament's shut down in order to prevent no deal being stopped by MPs is this where the battle is all over No Deal I think the closer we get to kotoba 31st and the more evident it becomes to everyone that Boris Johnson's plans are not going to be accepted by Brussels that more important it will be for MPS to try and stop No Deal and we've started to see the beginnings of some sort of quite creative ways in which by preventing prorogation of Parliament MPs can make sure they're around to stop Noddy on have a vote over the last few days now I don't think they knows the moment in the same way I don't think that when Boris Johnson but probably Boyce Johnson becomes prime minister there won't be a no-confidence vote led by Libra just before the summer recess because they know that they need the sort of the momentum the timing the threat and scape the specter of No Deal looming over Parliament for MPs to actually be pushed at a final moment and it's usually days before to actually do something about it I do do something about the deal No Deal is not an end in itself you've got to have a situated to leaving I make no bones about this I'm very committed to leaving and leaving with the deal stopping and no deal stopping a process isn't enough that's why we have to be committed to achieving something and that's where I think Jeremy Hunt scores over Boris Johnson because he is as I was voted to remain but is now committed to leaving a plan to do so and the engagement with Europeans and make sure it happens simply stopping things the Labour Party can't make up its mind the remain position of the Lib Dems is clear isn't enough it won't help Britain going forward so Ross Thomson points out the complete incompetency of the Teresa made government in regards to the whole brexit process and how Jeremy can't I'm so sorry Jeremy Hunt I've never said that before in my life it's usually men who say that would just be more of the same he calls out the government forgetting the sequencing of the withdrawal wrong by offering money to the EU before agreeing anything about the future relationship essentially putting us in a weakened position as myself and many others have pointed out many times this is why we need a No Deal brexit there is too many chances that with any deal we can get stuck in some form of limbo for a period of time after the 31st of October Boris needs to off the idea of a deal and just go No Deal because even Lib Dem pick points at the year you won't go for a deal in there we are too late for that we've ruined our position over the years both course the undemocratic Lib Dem trout wants the second referendum and can't help put in there out there there can be no other referendum love until the first one has been honored and obviously once it's been honored it's too late to have another one because we were already gone because we were confused listening to Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt accuses him of not having the detail in terms of the plan exactly what is the plan for a deal with the EU well I think I think Boris is because well first of all it's not more of the same Jeremy Hunt is treason a 2.0 and more of the same and it's now time for change and the country one's ripping up that withdraw agreement also said it's dead AB sits been defeated three times of Prime so what he has said is look let's be good the government got it wrong when agreed to the sequencing of this negotiations from the very beginning but never have offered money on the in the first instance without knowing what the future relationship is going to be so he's taking that out saying once we know we're getting a good deal then we could explain he talks about staying in the implementation period how does that work so what will happen is that he will disaggregate withdrawal agreement so let's deal with citizens rights right now there she'd never been an issue for debate that should have been sorted get a bill through Parliament now and guarantee the rights of EU citizens too we cannot pay thirty nine billion payments when we don't know what the future trade relationship is going to be and the third thing which is really important that we've been so focused on the issue of the backstop and those boards are when we in Northern Ireland when we know that actually a lot of those issues are to do with future customs policy in this position where you're dealing with that before a negotiation but you still haven't explained but you what you haven't expect we know that to some extent Ross what you haven't explained is Boris Johnson's suggestion that we stay in what we call the implementation period until a free trade agreement is agreed with the EU is that what you're proposing the point is that we will pass a withdrawal agreement to leave the European Union and then during an implementation could you obviously have that negotiation with the European Union on what your future trading relationship should be like but Teresa means not doing what Boris Johnson is doing in fact we giving up 39 billion not guaranteeing EU citizens rights and dealing with the Irish border issue the beginning before dealing with a trading relationship was just wrong no I don't think this is going to be the first or the last time gonna be confused by what Boris Johnson saying and the fact is there is there are other actors here at play like the European Union yes I've been tagged Oracle they are not opening that withdraw agreement until the October the 31st oh we you can't if you want to stop the clock I'm with you that means revoking article 50 stop the clock and then if he wants to go back no it's not that's not Emma Critic and if we want to stop the clock and starts again which is actually what you kind of suggested I'm with you but that's not what's gonna happen we're gonna end up in an impasse where you know MPs who critically do not want no deal and there's a lot of them on the conservative benches maybe you're happy with it but certainly I know a lot of who aren't are going to have to make a decision and that's when I think the only way through this is going to have to be a referendum that they either ratify that agreement or we remain and I said the problem for Jeremy Hunt as he tried to argue last night is that he is a man of more details and that he has better negotiating skills but in of itself there's no substance to how he will get a deal or as Boris Johnson put to him when he would actually leave and so there is a potential as far as Tory party members are that this could go on the hamster wheel of doom as Boris Johnson called it with Jeremy Hunt Damas so in that clip there we see Joe Coburn's career biased against Boris Johnson making the claim he only cares about number 10 like it's an empirical fact which of course is not no room really knows what Boris cares about and what he will do once he gets in power I do think he will try to get brexit done but I also think he might fail and then who knows what might happen the BBC and his staff suffer from severe Boris derangement syndrome though so they will do all they can to smear his reputation in the meantime the Tory MP support in each respective candidate then sit there arguing about who will deliver brexit when as I just said I think Boris will try but I don't think Jeremy will he is Theresa May 2.0 much like Rory the SOI boy Stewart would have been if he had got in power there is a 10% chance Boris gets brexit done I would give Jeremy I'm so sorry Jeremy Hunt I've never said that before in my life it's usually men who say that's about a zero 0.1% chance and a 99.9% chance he extends the exit date until late next year at least which would be the most damaging thing to the UK it is because what we are offering is whatever this deal what what in what form with a tweak that Boris Johnson will say it's a brand-new deal and actually it's a paper tunic teal fine actually let it be but that still doesn't have the votes because that was proven the last time around so unless you suddenly have the Tory party genuinely coming together over this realize I actually don't think the votes are there and you know Brecon and radishes coming up the majority is decreasing potentially so we are going to end up where we were before and the only way out will be a ratification referendum with the option of a school in negotiations then I think the votes are them what will you do what will you do if if if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister and his government does get to the stage where No Deal is now the default option would you back a no-confidence motion to stop it I find it very difficult to do that is simply because I think there is a great danger to the United Kingdom in a general election which would produce either a hung parliament or a possibility of a coalition led by Jeremy Corbyn that I think would do significant damage I don't believe we'll get there Jeremy Hunt because I understand it is there a way of preventing No Deal voting in a no-confidence motion that you spring that doesn't pretty of you Corbin getting it getting a deal that's what does it and if colleagues will realise the risks that they would take if they are presented with the opportunity of a deal and I think I think Jeremy Hunt will be very determined to get something to bring to colleagues if there is a greater risk from revoke referendum general election or anything else rather than voting for an agreement and moving forward I think colleagues might recognize with all the effort that's been put in by a new prime minister take the chance let me have another go at it because we've had Boris Johnson saying it's do or die it's October the 31st he is the front-runner he has the support for both shutting down Parliament from Tory grassroots many of them and pushing through that No Deal what are you going to do to stop what can you do I don't believe there is support empowerment about grassroots which means he wins you appreciate he wins but you can't do something in Parliament because of what the grassroots are simply saying once they've got happening you've got to have the votes in Parliament to do this I'm very clear I don't think I don't think either candidate would go through the constitutional difficulty of pirogi I'd like to hear it from Boris Johnson I think they are both committed to getting an agreement and I think when they offer that to colleagues and colleagues see the dangers are not gonna in the agreement I think there is a you think you just say Boris Johnson's gonna win because of his support in the grassroots well I'm not conceded that at all I'm saying he'd say if either wins I think their first priority will be to get a deal but I would like to hear Boris Johnson write prorogation because he's not done so let's so this Lib Dem come Bucky has put nothing into this conversation except her narrow-minded need for another referendum because losing Lance was not enough for this dopey bitch she wants to try again and again and again and again until it goes her way probably much like her love life Djokovic tries to push the idea of a no-confidence vote but even Jeremy can't I'm so sorry Jeremy Hunt I've never said that before in my life it's usually men who say that supporter would not go down that route because they fear the brexit pie and the possibility of a Labour government brexit needs to be done or the Tories are finished the host also asks about what can be done to stop No Deal alistair does his best to avoid just saying there is fuchal they can do Boris Johnson will go to the Queen and it's game over for the ramona's unless they agree to leave the EU on a deal he might come up with but I highly doubt it if Moritz puts a deal forward it will be the may deal dressed up as something else so let's hope he doesn't try that one so I'm glad to end the video there guys it was an anti Boris and he breaks this show as the BBC programmes always are these days John Major is a complete tough spot that needs to off and go and play golf it was a p.m. Hooper oak Parliament himself and his clearly suffering severe brexit derangement syndrome he can join Tony Blair and Theresa the EU appeaser on the heap of history because no one gives a about them now now let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below leave a like and share the video as it helps the channel a lot and consider subscribing with the note Bell to be notified when I upload a new video and I'll see you all in the next one

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  1. So can Article 50 be challenged in law? I think not. We leave on 31 Oct 2019 if we don't have a deal. It is impossible to stop it because it is the law. We then ask the EU if they want a free trade deal but we take the lead in the negotiations and set the agenda but business people carry out the negotiations not politicians.

  2. John Major is a NWO shill propaganda machine. He was a Dreadful prime minister, just followed instructions from his NWO masters.

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  4. Majors been a minor since way back… Shows the level of desperation to prove their cause. Go home lad

  5. If Boris Johnson's only choice to get Brexit is to go straight to the Queen,.Parliament might not like it but the leavers will. Any bad deal or failure to achieve Brexit will be the end of the Tories. The people have had enough of talk. Sometimes I regret that the Brits aren't culturally more like people from the Middle East, Pakistan or India. If they were, the government would know, ignoring the the vote would lead to rioting the would burn the country down and Brexit would already be done.

  6. The Tories have to pull their socks up , END OF STORY, they are at risk of becoming a non major player , mind you labour will just in front of them as a non player

  7. I thought taking back control from Europe to Parliament was the main point of Brexit, and now you want to bypass parliament? If only the ERG and DUP had actually voted for Brexit you would have it by now.

  8. A, Major is like Blair – a has been so stfu.
    B, I can't that Libdem bimbo so I'm not going to watch this clip.

  9. 10:18 I`m afraid Mr Hunt`s backer just gave away Jeremy`s real position. He`ll go to Brussels, have a sham discussion, pretend he`s negotiated a deal and then try and pass an almost identical version of May`s "deal" through Parliament. Honestly, these cunts are playing us all for fools, in fairness to them they`ve been doing it for years and getting away with it so you can hardly blame them trying it again. Lets see if Boris is any different, I have my doubts.

  10. Bbc bias programming, allowing removers to constantly interrupt the only leave
    supporter. Pathetic women running the bias discussion. Burt just a remoaner who
    is so out of touch with reality. Notice how much time he’s allowed against any
    supporter of leave. Notice the biased clips used cutting them out of contex it’s
    childish programming Just to promote the bbc bias it’s pathetic.

  11. ABOVE THE LAW…I thought that ""no one"" is above the law.
    Does the queen have a unique moral / legal code that only
    applies to her ? Isn't it time this is discussed as dictatorial ?

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  14. Oliver Cromwell to the rump parliament:

    It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place,

    which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice.

    Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government.

    Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess?

    Ye have no more religion than my horse. Gold is your God. Which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?

    Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance.

    Your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse this Augean stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings in this House; and which by God's help, and the strength he has given me, I am now come to do.

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  17. I'm glad he bought up John Major's double standards. The guy with the blue tie at the table is the only person at the table with any sense.

    As for parliament being ignored and bypassed, yes, how does that feel? Perhaps it feels like how everyone who voted to leave feels, that their democratic vote to leave is constantly being ignored and fought against by parliament? Not a nice feeling eh!?… The closer we get to actually leaving, the more desperate and saltier these weak ass remoaners are getting Lol.

    They are all for 'taking things off the table' except when it comes to taking fighing against a democratic result off the table, hypocrites!

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    Leave lied
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    The Irish backstop
    Blue passports
    No more going abroad
    Expensive flights
    No one to serve you a latte at costa
    Needing a deal
    A 2nd Ref
    A Peoples Vote?
    Immigrants walking out
    No more nurses or doctors
    Everyone will be poor and all businesses will shut down
    A customs union
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    Internet trolls
    Tommy did it
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