The Next Dimension of The Political Compass

Belief is complicated and our current
models of political theory don't always accurately represent people's political
beliefs That's because belief isn't one
dimensional—heck it's not even two-dimensional
That's why political compasses like this look nice but ultimately aren't accurate
representations of people's political beliefs. If you're not familiar the
political compass is a pitifully simplistic 2d chart that map's people's
ideology into a vertical and horizontal spectrum. The vertical spectrum
representing state versus anarchy and the left and right spectrum representing left versus right The compass obviously has plenty of
issues with it. It was created by somebody with their own ideological
biases and it conflates the economic right and left with the cultural right
and left. Mapping every single political ideology onto a 2d spectrum is a
fruitless task and does nothing but divide us arbitrarily. Ultimately, belief
is complicated and it's not something that can just be mapped onto a chart—
unless that charts in 3D you think belief can't be mapped to a chart fuck you this is it this is the chart to end all charts no political philosophy can
escape it and I just invented in the last five minutes so I'm really sure
about it in the 3d model of the political compass we've taken the
economic left and right and the cultural left and right and made them different
axes this is because people can be economically left but culturally right
and vice versa in this new model for example we could put say the Communists
on the economic left and the cultural left and the totalitarian spectrum we
could put the Nazis on the totalitarian right and the economic right we could
put anarco communists on the anarchist spectrum the cultural left and the
economic left and we could put anarcho-capitalists on the economic
right the cultural left because they believe that everybody should have
access to the free market and of course the anarchist spectrum now we have a
much fuller view as to who's who on the spectrum now thanks to this divide we
can successfully map the anarcho fascist onto the political spectrum this also
solves National Bolshevism now finally we have a perfect spectrum
can nap every single ideology flawlessly onto a perfect cube well I mean I guess
it could be a little more accurate the fourth dimension the four-dimensional
political chart uses time is the fourth dimension you see politics change over
time and the three dimensional political chart just doesn't allow people to
understand that. Putting people on a static chart implies that they've stayed in that
position for their entire lives but that's not how politics work beliefs
change over time this also lets us plot the human history of politics over time
for example a thousand years ago when we had monarchy and everyone was either a
king or a serf things were a lot more totalitarian right going back even
further an arco primitivism which advocates for no technology and a return
to the nature who would be mainstream a million years ago because we were all
Apes without technology and yeah yeah but that's probably as complicated as it
needs to be the fifth dimension the five dimensional political compass takes into
account string theory you see a very popular interpretation of string theory
is the many-worlds interpretation this theory states that multiple possible
realities are splitting off of the tangent reality of our own for example
in a tangent reality where Nazi Germany won world war two the centrists of their
reality would be the totalitarian rights of our reality finally not only have we
covered all the political ideologies that exist in our reality we've also
covered all the political ideologies that exist in tangent realities
the sixth dimension of political theory further expands in the
many-worlds interpretation. In it, universes is can be formed with
different starting conditions in our universe creating completely different
realities with completely different politics for example a six dimensional
reality might have a existence where gravity can fall either up or down depending on what people believe so might have gravitationalists on one end of the
political spectrum and an anti-gravitationalists on the other
end of the political spectrum the gravitational is belief that gravity
should fall down in the anti-gravitational is believed gravity
should fall up and the radical centrists just want to abolish gravity because
they're worried about people fighting over it too much some people say that
makes me crazy some people say that makes me think that I'm just trying to
map ideologies that don't even exist on to a political spectrum because I'm kind
of OCD but I guess it's it's possible that I've been trying to put very
complicated beliefs onto a very simple diagram and expect that to be completely
accurate when in reality I'm just causing divisions between people by
arbitrarily putting them on a graph that I myself designed and I have my own
biases that make that graph kind of not objective could it be that people are
taking this BuzzFeed style test from three years ago a little too seriously
nah we just need a seventh dimension the seventh dimension here the upper
dimensional beings wage wars of conquest against each other their very
thoughts molding our reality their political ideologies creating our very
being. Eight Values is a political test that looks at eight
different values instead of just the to the political compass looks at it has a
lot of the same problems as the political compass in the sense that it's
created by people biases and it kind of arbitrarily divides people but if you're
looking to arbitrarily divide yourself then it's probably better than the
political compass just for the sake of accuracy oh it looks like we went
through so many dimensions that we actually looped back into sanity weird
I guess we're good now the ninth dimension

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  1. "The nazis on the economic right" you kidding me dude,economic right wants free market and no taxes,nazis had hell up taxes and were an autarchy (they didn't exported/imported with anyone) and believed in things like the redistribution of wealth,or at least the most popular nazi figures in Germany like Straessberg and in some interviews they had a hammer,a sickle and a sword (representating the military)

  2. The problem with leftist is that they dont infinity dimensions. Left equyal zero dimesion s (at most) , The Right isnt much better: as you've just seen, the right admit that there's just seven dimensional reality because some people are just imprisoned gay trans female amphibian frog furry faggot dumb ass air-o-holic non-breathairian vegan vampires. We get alot 'o those in San Fran.

  3. A 3 dimensional compass with 5 axis can make sense.

    V Axis: Civil Axis (Libertarian-Authoritarian)
    W Axis: Economic Axis (Capitalist-Socialist)
    X Axis: Cultural/Societal Axis (Progressive-Traditionalist)
    Y Axis: Diplomatic Axis (Nation-World)
    Z Axis: Religious Axis (Atheistic-Deist)

    If you have any suggestions on this, you can comment.

  4. Yea the fourth dimension of the political compass i think more accurately place ideologies on a scale if it measured the amount of innovation it brings to society…. for example anprims would be right at the 'bottom' of this spectrum as they want to reverse human progression in technology etc and go back to a time of hunter and gatherers, while a transhumanist wants robot arms which is obviously very innovative to society and hence would be at the other end of the spectrum… i was actually seriously thinking of this before i started watching ur videos but instead having innovation as a third axis…but i never thought of the cultural left and right divide that you've brought up and i agree its important lol… idk how serious u are when making these videos but its actually an interesting concept lol

  5. As the amount of dimensions increase the accuracy tends to 1 (100%) and therefore we need a chart with infinite dimensions. ◼️

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