The Never-Ending Game of Dungeons & Dragons

(epic orchestral music) – [Narrator] In London,
Ontario, there lives a man whose basement is unlike
anything you've ever seen. This is Robert Wardhaugh. – Hi, my name is Robert Wardhaugh. – [Narrator] Robert has
been playing the same Dungeons and Dragons
campaign for over 30 years. – 35 years to be exact. – [Narrator] I'm sorry. – That's okay. Welcome, would you like
to play a Dwarven rogue. You look like a rogue. – [Narrator] Wait, let's
back up for a second. Dungeons and Dragons is a
fantasy roleplaying game where a group of people
come together and play out adventures dictated by a dungeon master. These adventures, also
known as campaigns, are set in the Dungeons and Dragons world and normally have an end point. Or they just fizzle out due to
people's lack of commitment. But Robert is in a league of his own and here's why: The dude has a serious collection. – I think our collection of
miniatures is around 20,000 and then over the years
I discovered terrain. Ultimately, I'm a collector
also and a lot of my enjoyment comes from being able to get
new stuff and to put new stuff on the table so the players are constantly coming across new settings. Because it's a game that
doesn't stick to one particular campaign setting, I'm able to use any figs that actually fit the world. And so it is a long
process but over 35 years, you could develop quite the collection. – [Narrator] As Robert's collection grew, so did the number of players. Word began to spread about
the never-ending campaign. – We have people coming from
all over the country to play, often flying in. – [Narrator] Wait, all over the country? – That's right. – [Player] Robert, can we play now? – [Narrator] These are some of the people who play in Robert's game. Where are you guys from? – I flew in from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. – I drove in from Toronto. – Brussels, Ontario. – Komoka, Ontario. – Calgary, Alberta. – [Narrator] Hold on, what
happens if people can't fly in or drive to Robert's house to play? – Hey everyone. – [Narrator] Problem solved. – On top of the ridge,
looking down upon this and. The game has always been determined, really through a friendship. It's really been a way that
I keep my friends together. I knew early on that if I
was able to create a game that was good enough, and
that means it had to be better than video games, it had to
be better than any other game that they could find, that
they would keep coming, no matter where I was and so
that takes again, imagination and it takes change and
it takes having a system that is constantly
dynamic, that is changing, that is growing and that is
constantly getting better. (dramatic orchestral music)

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  1. If your a stranger things fan and watched stranger thing beyond you might know this it’s mike say im coming in in the snow ball under his breath looooll

  2. 11: "I dump your ass."

    Will: "Now can we play D&D?"

    Lucas: "Nooooooo."

    (Years later)

    Will: "35 years and still at it!"

  3. My buddies want me to play D&D with them for a while now and I really want to join in them in a game or two. But responsibilities always get in the way

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