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The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

the role of the news media is central to the modern democratic process for most people the news media the dominant source of information about the world they tell us what matters they tell us who matters the way we vote or the way we respond to opinion pollsters is based largely on media information so the quality of a democracy now depends upon the information they provide the mainstream media really represent a lead interest and they serve those elite interests in a way that can be described as carrying out a propaganda function if you want to understand the way some system works you look at its institutional structure how is it organized how is it controlled how is it funded and so on big question of course is what kind of information do we get does it come from a diverse range of perspectives or are some views dominant and others excluded the most commonly repeated theory is that the media tilt towards the left or to the liberal end of the political spectrum what's curious about this view is that there's almost no evidence to support it in fact the bulk of evidence suggests the media tend to be biased the other way the spectrum of opinion most often represented goes from Center to right while voices on the Left are generally absent this is the essence of epidamnum Noam Chomsky's thesis in the last 10 or 20 years there's been massive research documenting the fact that the media are extraordinarily subordinated to external power now when you have that power the best technique is to ignore all of that discussion ignore it totally and to eliminate it by the simple device of asserting the opposite if you assert the opposite that eliminates mountains of evidence demonstrating that what you're saying is false that's what power means and the way you assert the opposite is by just saying the meteor liberal okay now the question that we discuss is are the media too liberal or are they not too liberal we're talking about your letter saying that the media were biased in the last election the bulk of our mail supports the notion that there is a definite liberal tilt to the news media all right now that we've narrowed the agenda to the one acceptable question or the two liberal let's have a look at the way it's argued if you want to show that you would look at the media product and you would try to demonstrate that it reflects you know a slant or distortion supporting a liberal agenda nobody does this that would take a little work and because if you did it you'd immediately fall on your face because I worked the other way so what's done is to produce a proposal which is so idiotic that you have to wonder at the cynicism of the people who are putting it forth and their contempt for the population the proposal is the following let's ask how journalism oKed okay so we find let's say eighty percent of democratic okay we've now proven the meteor to liberal there's nothing I first of all no matter what you know the facts are right the prove zero you could find that ninety nine percent of the journalists are members of the Socialist Workers Party you know or some Maoist group and that in itself would prove nothing about the media output the issue is whether the media are free are the media by their institutional structure free to allow expression of opinion from whatever source and looking at any topic and so on and so forth so if it turned out that 80% of journalists were part of one faction of the business party rather than another faction of the business party would that tell you anything even if you take these studies of their face value that there are a number of flaws with them perhaps the most important one is that they assume that it's the journalists rather than the owners the advertisers the new shapers or the newsmakers who control the manufacture of news that's a bit like saying that the workers on the factory floor decide what the car industry produces it's long been understood you know hundreds of years that unless people are controlled they're going to challenge power they will not simply willingly accept subordination domination hunger and so on nobody's going to accept that if they have choices so it is therefore necessary for those who are in the positions of control decision-making monopolized wealth and so on it is necessary for them to somehow keep the population from their throats as they put it and that can either be done by force or as force that capacity declines by control of opinion there's no other method you

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  1. The problem is Choamsky cant see his own liberal bias, which is especially true because the more liberal you are, the less the world around you seems liberal (rather conservative). Another issue is using the term "the media" because as he points out, that includes a lot of people. Editorials are the worst example of liberalism, whereas raw "fact-reporting" tends to be less so.

    1: He teaches in the most liberal state in the country "Massachusetts has since gained a reputation as being a politically liberal state and is often used as an archetype of liberalism, hence the usage of the phrase "Massachusetts liberal"."

    2. He teaches at MIT: Also liberal by obvious reasons (rich, and liberal area). E.g. "In my opinion, MIT is CONSIDERABLY more liberal than Harvard."

    3. He is a college professor: again, not only predictable as urban, and wealthy, with little fear of job loss = all traits of liberal societies.

    4. I can rip into almost any media piece and show its HIDDEN liberal bias, but since it tends to be more sophisticated (e.g. money-driven), it is harder to deconstruct. It is biased against the poor. Since Choamsky is wealthy, we can also assume the risk for liberal bias, since poor societies tend to be conservative.

    5. It will always be natural in a wealth-increasing society for the society to increase in liberalism, throwing tradition out the window, and the news is simply an amplifier of such societies, so we would suggest slightly liberal in general; but if wealth is accelerating, or in concentrated areas, then more liberal. So if conservative ideas and leaders are making a comeback, it's probably a sign of the decrease in wealth in times to come, not the enemy of liberalism. This is not to say all media is liberal

    6. He makes a point that if all journalists voted liberal then that wouldnt prove anything, but makes no statement as to why that idea is false. How could personal bias not be reflected in everything we do, esp. in what we attempt to teach others.

    7. He assaults anyone with terms like "cynicism" "idiotic" and others to suggest that no one should even dare attempt to try to claim that media is biased

    8. All major media outlets are urban (and wealthy). Urban is a synonym for liberal. He is also urban. What do poor, rural, immigrants really think? We will never know.

    9. He claims that if news is run by conservatives, then it must have a conservative slant–yet no proof as well. For all we know, the wealthy that own the media simply feed society whatever sells the most papers, and makes them the most rich, so conservative/liberal makes no difference.

    10. He says that obviously, the average American is wrong, even though so many letters pour into news stations–mass delusion, or perhaps Noam doesnt understand the average person.

    I'd have a debate myself with Noam, but I am powerless, a nobody, and obviously not worth talking to since I am a delusional person who doubts the legitimacy of "news"

  2. I used to believe this view. It doesn't ever occur to Chomsky though that perhaps just because strong socialist perspectives aren't present in the media that it doesn't mean therefor that the media are a propaganda system. It never occurs to him that perhaps most people just have different views from him (which is what polls show on most issues) and that the media are just reflecting what their journalists truly think.

    Chomsky in essence is saying "because there aren't any serious socialist perspectives, or perspectives that agree with my view of American foreign policy, or at least very little, that, that shows the media is a propaganda system, and because since my views are taboo and dissent like my opinion on things isn't given as much time as mainstream American belief, that means they crush dissenting voices… what's that? They want me on multiple late night discussion shows, what's that? The amount I've been on TV is higher than most commentators and authors? What's that? My books have sold millions and are available at every big book store chain?

    The media reflect general opinion, that's HOW THEY WORK AS AN INSTITUTION because like how Chomsky says, they are audiences being sold to advertisers, and they want as big an audience as they can get, and they do that by appealing to majority beliefs.

  3. If you can't see the media's liberal slant today…then you need to see a doctor asap because you have a serious mental illness. In fact it as if the media is run by liberals…

  4. I dont see why the news media would have any motivation to champion any leftist causes. any leftist cause is at the expense of the rich and powerful elite. it is simply a corporate, pro-big business bias

  5. this guy is distorting chomsky and herman's views, they do indeed agree that the media lean left, chomsky has himself said it. Chomsky does not say or think the media is biased to conservatives. Herman and Chomsky say the media is subordinated to power through advertising and does their bidding by bounding debate between certain limits.

  6. Simple fact and a history lesson. CNN liberal news is mostly fake news. A little history Refresher. Remember seeing as blue screen and green screen and their lies back then with the Gulf War. And they're still lying 30 + years later

  7. The liberal media is definitely biased towards certain countries in the Middle East… Specifically Israel… While they continue to play the victim, millions of innocent people are being killed in its neighboring countries… They will say it’s because it’s in defense, when in fact they have been the aggressors… I’m speaking of United States, UK, Israel etc..I know this because I speak to people from those countries that are being wiped out… When you watch western media there is never the point of view from a Palestinian, Syrian, Rocky, Afghanistan… It’s always from the other side, so Ohio is that fair and balanced reporting? The government controls much of the information that the media polishes… That’s not conspiracy, that is just a fact. Also, the owners of the media Who support a candidate either financially or just through endorsement by their media company definitely slant towards one side… It should not even be allowed since a media owner can control what is published through the editor etc.… I spoke to a former journalist from the Tribune… He basically said that journalism is not what it used to be. You might want to tell a story that could expose some important people, but then you’re told not pursue the story… Why? For various reasons. But like they said it is a weapon of the elite… It is propaganda… It doesn’t matter if it comes from the left or right. The only victims are the people and the truth.

  8. Best strategy to keep people from your throat is to blame the jews or , if you are a jew yourself, blame the muslims or blame the mexicans or blame all men or blame all white people.

  9. Look at the way they covered Bush and Trump and Clinton and Obama. That’s the basis on which the rest of the media Landscape. Obama’s scandals were not reported, passed as not being scandals or just covered up. Trump has scandals made up everyday that are debunked in hours with no redress. Except most legacy media will not be around for much longer. The corporations have factored in having compliance depts. to get around all the regulation and high tax and it serves as a barrier to entry for new media. It was a monopoly on dissemination of information and they set the terms. They pretend to be left leaning to counteract the idea that corporations are right wing predatory capitalist. They preach openness and diversity, equality etc but set the bureaucratic hurdles so high and multiple that no other companies can get around them. So they get all the advertising and pay themselves very well and lobby government to the point of bribery through political donations. Groupthink is encouraged in newsrooms so everyone is on the same page and if everyone is a radical dissenter, then no one is. They portrayed Obama as a antiestablishment guy when he was groomed by them, whereas Trump who actually is is attacked for not being establishment enough, or presidential as they term it. You have to be corrupt and willing to do unethical things to get anywhere in DC and then it’s dangled as a warning to tow the line. Same with Hollywood, the most left wing industry in the Western world. Not a coincidence. Ps DC voted 95%+ for Clinton in 2016. But that’s normal. California is Democratic along the highly unequal seaboard, but Republican in the interior where it’s actually diverse, no gated communities and they produce food, literally to keep everyone alive. Much more poor as they have to put up with the ideological consequences of the liberal city based politics where in the the city it is irrelevant. They’d get their fruit from another country with less regulation. Win win for them. The democrats are fighting a non existent boogeyman whereas the republicans have ended up fighting for Liberty and having people live as they best see fit. Crazy as they see it in good and evil terms and aren’t religious but the religious right don’t, it’s a difference of opinion.

  10. This is hilarious.

    Take a gander at how the media approaches immigration, open borders, Muslims, trannies, gay weddings, Antifa, BLM, illegal aliens, police shootings, riots, anything Trump tweets (oy vay, how dare he go around our institutions!), pro-white activists, the ADL, the SPLC, the NRA, and how they treat rural whites.

    Corporations, Social Media, Banks, the News Media, the gaming industry, and Hollywood have been subverted and are made up of "leftists". Or, more accurately, the J-Left.

  11. Lol… Yes, there is no evidence that the media is liberal, other than the obvious daily liberal bias – Cheerleading every liberal cause and downing pretty much anything conservative. Had to really laugh recently when CNN ran a story on the continuing record stock market run… The story was something like Memo to Trump, the obama stock market was pretty good… They could not run a positive Trump story, no matter how positive the news is… They always find a negative slant 24/7.

  12. I agree with Dr. Chomsky that the true measure of media bias is not "how the media votes" but rather "how free the media is to report what they feel is important."

    However, how free is the media from the tendency that has been observed (in the wider population at least) to feel a sense of ownership of the party which they voted for? In other words, do journalists not unconsciously play "team politics" like the rest of the population does?

    If in fact they do, then 80% of journalists voting for democrats certainly would indicate some form of media bias (although it would not indicate that "net media bias"–which takes into account all sources of bias–favors democrats.)

  13. The media is ran by the deep state and the liberal elites. The mainstream media is a leftist propaganda machine ,which favors fake intellectuals like Noam Chomsky.

  14. These dbags are liars. 99 percent of the media is controlled by the liberals. Recent studies, by Harvard in paticular. Have shown that eighty percent of the medias coverage of Donald Trump was negative. So it's total bull shit for assholes like Chomsky to say the media tilts towards the right on the political spectrum. When in reality the media uses it's influence to target and suppress the voices of proud patriotic conservatives.

  15. What a total joke! Just read the papers or watch the news and you can see the incredible bias! Not Rocket Science!

  16. Media in America is simply a propaganda wing of the democrat party. It attacks any political or institutional entity that does not follow leftist propaganda viciously. Not gonna change. DRS

  17. Noam Chomsky is a LIAR.
    I have lost all respect for him.
    He is a lying left wing socialist Globalist masquerading as an open minded thinker.

  18. the media is biased in favor of the left, tends to be pro mass immigration, anti gun, anti white anti christian. even if it's neoliberal or just socially liberal but pro corporate pro wall street it's still anti conservative and anti traditionalist. sure you have fox and the national review, wall street journal but most news media is centre left to far left and even the pro wall street corprate media liberal media is radically left of social and domestic issues

  19. Liberalism = Intellectual Idiocy.
    A Liberal. A pathological liar. Lacks logic, thereby precluding the ability to reason. Lacks cognitive comprehension, thereby precluding the ability to ascertain, recognize and or grasp the truth. One who believes it is never their fault, it is always the other party's fault. One who is over-emotional rather than factual. One who absolutely cannot accept responsibility for anything. One who is hipocritical, such that they cannot see they are comparing apples to oranges. One who lacks mechanical aptitude not understanding the truth behind how things work. One who insists on ever growing government thinking that the average person cannot behave themselves on their own recognisance needing "control" by government. One who manufactures illigitimate "crises" in order to manage that crisis by growing government. Never solving the crisis but maintining it in order to take away rights under the guise of "Security" from said crisis. Thereby gradually achieving a docile and servile populous.

    Liberalism = Childish, Juvenile and Immature behavior.
    Liberalism = Mentally Defective
    Liberalism = Arrogant ignorance.
    Liberalism = SUBVERSION against The United Statews Of America.
    Liberalism = TREASON against The United Statews Of America.
    Liberalism = STUPIDITY.
    Liberalism = EVIL (Communist, Socialist, Marxist assholes)
    Liberalism = Anti-Christian
    Liberalism = Amoral Behavior
    Liberalism = Over-emotional bullshit ELITIST thinking.
    Liberalism = Mis-informed, Ignorant, Clueless, Naive, Arrogant
    Liberalism = The Dumbing Down Of America
    LIberalism = Anti-Freemarket Capitalism (Research the settlers 1607-1613)

    I think every Liberal grade school teacher, college professor, faculty should be ARRESTED for the SUBVERSION of, and TREASON against the United States Of America. The indoctrination of our young people with immature, childish and false bullshit will have SERIOUS consequences for the Liberals who committed TREASON against the United States Of America. ARREST and EXECUTION is the only JUSTICE that can be effected for those who have perpetrated this unacceptable behavior and bullshit.

  20. The very idea of the left and the right as being legitimate and viable political concepts is propaganda. There is no left or right. There is only corruption. The goal is tyranny and propaganda and the pillaging of the citizenry and pitting the population against itself along false lines f division such as political party, race or religion.

    People living in large populations forming societies is infinitely more complex than choice A or choice B. The idea of political parties serves only to gather everyone into one of two camps. The political stance on issues differs from what the parties say and how they actually function and enact laws. The idea of an umbrella symbol, party or flag under which every citizen must fall is ridiculous. Yet, we self organize to fall under one of the two major party flags, left or right, despite the fact that we agree on 90% of the actual real issues that affect or lives. We have been tricked to argue over a handful of meaningless issues while the corporate interests who on both parties continue to steal and destroy. And the news media serves the purpose of keeping us arguing and distracted and totally uninformed.

  21. whenever a liberal or conservative lose, they whine like a bitch and say it's a (insert party here) conspiracy

  22. it is easy to see. type Clinton in on Google. and then Trump. you will see Clinton is loved by the Media, despite her blatant lies and disregard for the law. Trump is hated for his outspoken mannerisms. the media is liberal no question about it. to bad liberals are so unamerican it is sickening.

  23. This video is just blah blah blah. No evidence or comparisons or examples. 6 corporations control 90% of the media. That's the elephant in the room.

  24. The left is actually genocidal & can get away with it. They prop up Katy Perry singing some some song about love even though at the exact same moment they are drone striking a cell phone ping

  25. In reality who really gives a shit if it's liberal or conservative when it comes to bias in the media. The real question is "is the media full of propaganda?" and the answer is most definitely yes.

  26. The mistake Noam makes is that yes, many of the business owners of media are very capitalist conservatives that do not care what bias is among the journalist employees, but the body of journalists clearly have an overwhelming liberal bias in both persoanl views and the content they produce. This matters most because it determines the content people consume.

  27. The mass media has a liberal bias to it because it's dominated by Cultural Marxists. The reason it seems conservative is because conservative values are based on logic, fact, and practicality, so Cultural Marxism has to tailor itself to conservatism or else it collapses in on itself. Leftist values are so unreasonable & so destructive, they have to flow through the culture in small increments, then the public hates the consequences & forces the culture back to conservative sanity, so Cultural Marxism has to adapt back to conservative values.
    For example, leftists want to push gun control through the media, but eventually their propaganda gets trumped by fact & reason, not to mention gun control doesn't look good on an action movie.
    Leftists want to push feminism, race politics, socialism, communism, totalitarianism, anarchy, abortion, atheism, satanism, multiculturalism, paganism, globalism, sexual perversion, drug culture, collectivism, etc through the mass media. We all know the mainstream media is biased in favor of these insane values but Cultural Marxism has to pretend to be conservative while slipping liberal values in. When they feel they've won the culture, leftist propaganda becomes more overt. But when they feel they've lost, they go into retreat.

  28. its so funny they say liberal media propaganda is a myth the MSM think their viewers are stupid which they are but people have woken up even if it was just a little bit

  29. Both parties create slaves to the monetary system. Reagan sold us to China & Obama sold out healthcare to private companies. I'm just waiting for private healthcare rates to rise so it's unaffordable for the average American. Keep thinking your opinion is yours it's cute, like a child believing in Santa, while frauds like Reagan & Obama sell our children's future to the highest bidder. Good thing there's a huge difference between slavery through capitalism, socialism & communism just like the huge difference between Putin's economic status & George Bush or Obama. They laugh at us while planning WWIII & acting out religious books for us to watch & eat popcorn like a movie telling us exactly what we've been told to believe. As if beliefs & opinions matter in a world of facts. While everything except politics is based on facts. Would you rather live in a house built on beliefs or facts? Hitler really believed in his plan so if beliefs matter than anything goes, right?

  30. The media is all about the bottom line. The almighty dollar. Making sure their sponsors are happy regardless. Example: Presidential debates=very important matter yet the media has to cut the candidate off to get to a very important message about laundry detergent instead.

  31. Wait what? The media isnt liberal?
    Is this guy serious or was it a satire?

    I realise its an old documentary so they were right,the media USED TO BE right wing but since 08',its clearly liberal.
    80% of it actually.

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