The Monroe Doctrine

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  1. I'm so glad you guys have started teaching history as well as math and the sciences. It's so helpful to me! Thanks a lot. Khanacademy is a lifesaver.

  2. Mr Khan @khan academy could you please make a short video explaining relative isotopic mass – I'm finding it difficult to comprehend. Thank You!

  3. Monroe doctrine dont apply to BELIZE,bahamas,all commonwealth caribbean islands,canada,curacao, martinique,barbados, the 3 guayanas,,of course only applies in spanish main

  4. I just remembered how my teachers made history so tedious. For goodness sake lose the 'chalk and talk' and get your key points into a slide so that you can talk at normal speed…

  5. Oh! Monroe doctrine is this! Wow! I liked it! But, i am have a question: If the USA not like monarchies in AMERICA, why the relationships with my country, Brazil when its was a empire are very good? Thank you for pay attention

  6. They don't just use this to save latin americans from the evils of "Colonisation" rather Monroe Doctrine is used to deny latin americans the freedom to have relations with whomever they like. Listen to recent speech by American Sec. of State Rex Tillerson where he warns latin american countries to develop economic relation with China while citing Monroe doctrine.

  7. But Spain still have power in All Americas, they still have their power. The lands that US people call as their country is not true. Because all the lands are IN A LONG LOAN TERM THAT FINISH IN 2055'
    -the same Latin America. None "america" actually have any independence. All of you are in lies. America's belong to EUROPE AND SPAIN STILL HAVE THE POWER… WHY THE USA NEVER ATTACK SPAIN DURING THE SECOND WAR????? Why THE USA ALWAYS RECEIVE SPANISH KINGS???? Also why the USA always empower the Spanish LANGUAGE!!!

  8. First paragraph mean until they are independent. Basically, continue the king Carlo Catholic tradition, you understand? No other kings can interfere?
    Monroe doctrine is not Constitutional law!!!!!

  9. US laws can not be guarantee in effect in other foreign countries/territories!!!! They have their own sovereign.

  10. thank you so much my teacher just gave us a cloze to fill out and I didn't really learn much just by reading. he usually teaches us but this week has been very busy for the teachers (thanksgiving break) so i dont know….he just got lazy ๐Ÿ˜› now i have to learn everything. Thanks so much khan Academy. i can always count on you guys

  11. Monroe doctrine is not used as intended, it is now used to interfere in other countries but when those countries do not want US then those countries are subject to sanctions, invasion or other penalties.

  12. okay this sounds dumb but i wonder if the British already had suc a powerful navy and certain influence, why did ask the US to join them? i mean like why didn't they make such statement or establish sth themselve and why did they want to do that with the US?..

  13. Actually, it was not the Venezuelan movement of independence. It was the Gran Colombia movement of independence. Led by Simon Bolivar, who was Venezuelan but it was supported by Colombian guerilla troops. The Venezuelan aristocrats turned their back on Simon Bolivar until he had already obtained the independence of Colombia first. Then they joined for fear that Simon Bolivar and his "mug" were going to take control over the Nueva Granada.

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