The Mob Update that NEVER CAME to Minecraft...

hey what's going on guys slog that zip here and welcome to the monster update that never came to Minecraft complete with a brand new health and stamina system notice I have no hearts or hunger bar down there it's own quest system that encourages monster hunting and exploring brand new ores to collect a revamped villager trading system that features tons of new items for sale as well as the adding in of some of the largest creatures to ever grace this blocky world you'll wanted to feed these giant creatures because they'll be the key to unlocking the potential found in these brand new combat items from powerful new weapons to the ultimate armor to even some special utilities you can play with you're gonna wish they added this to Minecraft but it doesn't really matter because you know we did it for them in today's video I'll be showing off everything you need to know about this monster hunting experience including how to get ores and coins how to get quests how to find and defeat monsters and how to use their drops to get you the strongest minecraft gear ever now there's gonna be a lot to cover in today's video whether it's the new villager system the quest system or showing off all the different loot you can get with this data pack so strap yourselves in because there's gonna be a lot to learn starting with the fact that we don't have any arts or hunger you see they're entirely missing down there what is going on well direct your attention to the top of the screen instead that's a that's a brick wall ah much better a health system and a brand new stamina system are introduced with this data pack that completely revamp how health and stamina work in-game notice right now we have no hearts but we can still take damage I'm gonna teleport myself upwards so you can see what I mean BAM our health just went down by a pretty substantial amount but way more damage can be taken with this new health system compared to normal minecraft so it's kind of an up-and-down thing now stamina works a little bit differently you'll lose stamina by sprinting around notice the moment we started sprinting our stamina started going crazy if you run out of stamina you will become extremely slow until you've had a chance to let some of your stamina once again but you have to be very careful in how you balance this notice as well though that our health is slowly rising there's no longer a hunger system in this data pack that you have to worry about however if you did want to heal faster there are ways to do it such as health potions check it out boom one applied one healing there are lots of different ways to get potions and buy lots of derp where the potions I mean there's two different potions you can either make them by collecting herbs and blue mushrooms or you can find a merchant and use one of his various trades to get what you need that's gonna take some xeni and we'll get to that in a little bit so in order to make yourself potions you'll just need to find tallgrass and every time you break one give a chance at getting either an herb or a blue mushroom so just go to town and a field of grass and you'll be healed in no time every once in a while I'll even find a full potion inside the grass either way now what you'll want to do is drop a blue mushroom on the ground and drop it herb on the ground and there is your potion ready to drink instantly don't mind if I do I'm a heel on up baby now there is an energy drink stamina potion that you can use to restore your stamina however you cannot make this drink you have to trade a villager for a however it look at our stamina bar it did see a slight uptick it doesn't work as nicely as we want it to but it's better than nothing I suppose yeah it's a pretty decent jump and mad about it but now my friends we check out something very special Mantle's brand new armor types that you have available ghillie adrenaline sprinter and vitality ooh and so you're also probably wondering how you're gonna get your hands on these babies an iron sword and shield well needless to say it all involves village' traits so let's back up a little in order to get potions armor weapons quests and so much more you're going to need to trade with the local villagers except these villagers don't want your emeralds they want something known as any a brand new type of currency found in the data pack so how to get zani huh well one of the villagers will trade you city in return for diamond emerald gold or iron ore types and yes these are brand new types of these ores dan as expected you'll get these new ores from mining the appropriate version of each of these blocks though some of which will require smelting as normal you will need to smelt your iron in gold in order to get the ore variants but as you can see you get the normal plain old emeralds and diamonds from mining that type so we're gonna let these puppies cook up and go meet that villager in a sec collectors as well as all the other village or variants will be found in villages as normal but as you can see the trades are what have changed so one set of iron ore smelting down will get us one zeni so we can get a decent amount of coins before we run out of trades there naturally we're gonna max out all different trade options we have right here thank you so much for your time we now have 48 spendings Enys no and all these I suppose but it doesn't end there we're gonna want to hold on to some of these different or types we will need them for later first we look at the merchant in his trades what do you have for me young motion well we've got a cooking spit and what does that do well it's by one so I can show you it only cost us four xanies you place this cooking spit down and it will allow you to cook the meat that you find from taking on some of these monsters in quests that you do in the near future so don't mind me I'm gonna place my lovely yeah beautiful and you sneak to heat the meat although in this case we burned it so hey you know it's pretty bad you can't rotate it again and try and get a nice char on it but more than likely you're just gonna want to break the block underneath and replace your spit down so let's try again cooking this raw meat drop it down rotate and once it gets a nice orange orange eye we're stay my life cook please yes we got it excellent and so you have to break the spit but hey you'll get a nice steak yes believe it or not it's not a candy wrapper there's also a few more things for sales such as ammo that you can use for your bow and bow guns a paintball that you can use to tag monsters with for easy tracking a flash bug used to stun nearby monsters as well as barrel bombs and get this unstable barrel bombs oh boy hold on where you have fun with this one we're gonna save most of these items for later but I figure show you at least the unstable barrel bomb which I mean is exactly what you think it is it's a punchable bomb yes but finally we get to the goods the weapon Smith iron great sword iron hammer iron charge blade iron bow gun did you see how many different things we had in there there's like 20 different weapons and get this depending on the monsters you hunt for parts you will actually be able to change what things are available for sale by the weapons Smith I know I got to do is show the weapon Smith what you got and look at this hold this item down all of a sudden he wants to trade us weapons that look a little more similar to what we're holding on to you know the rating scale suddenly we've got Raytheon insect glaive or raphe and hammer maybe want to hold the tigrex scale well now look we got tigrex gun lance and tigrex hunting horn now most of these appear to be cosmetic as far as I know but hey it's fun to customize your weapon and armor to look like what you want for now though if you don't have any of these different scale types you can just use iron ore along sides any to make any of these purchases now will bother trading with the villagers we have all the weapons over here to show off but I did want to get to the next villager which is the armor similar to the weapon Smith depending on what you're holding you'll get different options for different types of Helms or males or tassets or even Greaves or you can get your hands on some of the mantles that we saw earlier which come with their own powers allow me to elaborate Mantle's are special pieces of armor you'll need both the helmet and the chest plate to activate their special powers but they only last for a minutes worth of time and we've got more information right here if you want to dive into the further details but these are the descriptions of each of these the gill man so we'll lower monster view distance which lets you sneak up or hide if you're far enough away we've got the adrenaline mantle which will cause your stamina bar to speed up and as you can see I'm gonna put on these things right now and look at this the stamina is very very quickly speeding up compared to normal when not wearing any of this at all not bad we've got the sprinter mantle which works in a similar manner however as you see here we've got cursive binding on us right now so there's no way to get rid of this mantle once you've put it on outside of waiting the full minute for it to disappear and so we will wait patiently for that to happen we'll be back and it's gone whatever we've got the Sprinter and now look at the speed boost we have this is fantastic but your stamina goes down like mad when you sprint around so you'll need to keep that in mind we also have these which are a little bit more up my alley the Gila we already sold you lowers monster editions but the vitality mantle this armor is where things get good notice my current health regeneration rate at the top of the screen there we are barely getting by now let's put on both of these and you'll see the difference essentially instantly it's moving way faster so use these different mantle types in order to gain an advantage in combat now don't worry we're almost to the different weapon types we'll get there very very soon but naturally we're gonna need to find some monsters to use these weapons on and then we find these monsters is by getting quests the final new villagers the quest master villager who will sell you various quests which will help you earn more xeni as well as find more monsters allow me to explain more you'll need iron ore and xeni to make it happen now we have the good stuff roasted oh the irony fishy business the greatest Jaggi green queen wrathful confrontation roar shocking encounter and more moron may be made everybody's maraad anyways I'm gonna buy one of these and show you exactly what's going on you will need to purchase quests but the idea is if you complete the quest you'll get more money than you purchased it for so let's buy that one let's buy the simplest quest the good stuff and hey let's buy roasted as well so if you were to scroll over your quest guides you'll see that they contain different text amounts their reward amounts as well as timespan that you have to complete the quest within and as you can see there are different tasks so in order to start a quest you will sneak the quest will begin so for that good stuff we need to crab in herbs so we'll need to find an herb and call it a day beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful now that we've got enough herbs we can drop it on the ground just like that lovely it's a done deal Qwest clear the moment we drop the potion down and it detected we got our reward which was five additional xeni and hey I mean I could you know I could pull this one again if you want you can rebuy quest so again the good stuff drop it on the ground do you thing drop it down quest clear easy as any for your trouble I know y'all wants it look they're trying to offer me things for my xeni guys you're so silly oh well so we're gonna spend this junk here's another quest example roasted Castaic with a spit unlimited time we get fives any for that so this is perfect I already showed you guys how to do this so we've got one chance to cook this raw meat without burning it by mistake let's see if we can can we make it can we I'm I'm fine come on come on yay got it yes fantastic now I gotta do is drop the steak on the ground who asked Oh pleaded but now I think it's time to fight a monster namely a wraith e'en we've got 20 minutes the moment we start this quest to take on the Wraith e'en but we're not ready we need gear so let's kid up a little bit thank you very much I'm gonna grab me an iron helm iron male we're gonna grab ourselves a nice iron tassets and iron Greaves you'll need a lot of xeni and a lot of iron to make this happen but most importantly once it's on well first of all you're looking fresh but second of all we're gonna need a weapon as well so I'm gonna grab hmm let's grab an iron longsword we're gonna use that for the battle yo looking sick too cool let's see exactly what the iron longsword does yes it powers you up after dealing some damage to entities the boost only lasts a few seconds so the more we attack with this longsword the stronger we get let's take perfect advantage of that Green Queen sneak to start the quest I've done it and so the moment you start a monster quest jeez the monster will spawn nearby and we're already kidding worked against this thing you'll need to attack near the bottom of this Creek in order to deal the most effective damage but look at the size of him oh my gosh or her I suppose messing me up fine and teleporting me around no less as well can we talk about this please I need my potion handy to be honest I dropped them all oh great okay we're gonna have to be very careful about how I do this because there's a lot of power involved and if you look at this when we sneak oh boy did you just shoot fire at me yikes okay please please go easy on me oh my gosh we need to kill this guy and if we die along the way I will be so upset in fact hold on I'm just gonna make some potions while we're in the area thank you so much I drink it drink it now these creatures have a lot of health so you're gonna want to stay vigilant and make sure you're delivering as many punches as you possibly can you really need to get nitty-gritty in there to make it happen you can actually kind of see inside of the monster and that's how you're gonna know exactly where you're gonna need to connect in order to make this damage last come on get ya flying at me think you got some huh but you can see we got our strength boost that occurs every once in a while when we nail a lot of hits down in a row this is almost and I just realized get away look at my house I totally forgot that we we actually do have health oh my gosh that was close okay feeling a little bit more confident feeling ready for the day take a mom baby – come on yeah yeah yeah I may be uh-huh this actually isn't going particularly well maybe we should think about our opportunities try some better armor I don't know it kinda hard to say whoa did you see that I think we're actually making some decent progress on him but we will have to run it a little bit if we're not careful here good or you know we're just gonna creative mode in the meanwhile okay I think that makes stop flying around just die already come on the creatures all work in a very similar way they've got you know various different powers as well as melee attacks to attempt to take you out with and just way too much health for their own good well good work dummy nice stuck moment you defeat the creature you'll be left with something special its husk its dead body but you'll know you've done it by seeing a special orange armor stand underneath upon breaking this will complete the quest and grab all different pieces of this creatures Usk as you can see here we've got our rating scales well not every quest is going to give you the task of taking on one of the monsters data fish it's gonna be the fastest way for you to see all of them so let's take a look at some of these monsters we're gonna start with the peaceful grazy the app denied oh my god you're adorable he's not gonna do anything to me but were to kill him yeah you got done yeah it'll drop raw meat which is really nice as well as leather so next we've got the great Jaggi who's awesome looking by the way and we'll go to town on anything nearby I gave myself a whole bunch of strength so that we could quickly kill these guys basically all the attacks are gonna work approximately the same where there's a good tag with special attack and you're left with a custom um you kill it and then you have to beat down the HUS to collect the skin parts and trade them for gear and weapons next up the Wraith II in again most of these are gonna be found through doing quests from the quest master so you'll keep that in mind whenever you want to get some new gear cool model look at this let's break it down get all our little scale pieces have a grand old time Rathalos is next and he is Rathalos full I don't know if that means anyways please hate me will you leave me a little bit he's flying at me probably gonna shoot some fireballs that means well I've been done had all of it give me your husk of a grand old time as you can see we're stacking the xeni right now every single time we kill one of these creatures we get additional money for our time and pleasure Rathalos yeah done that one's an ogre is up next he's a cutie-pie she wants to kill you oh my gosh he is huge I don't even know what he looks like necessarily I don't know what to think but why he's got his paws up easy does it I'm serious push back can we just thank you break break wow this guy came apart in all or two directions look at that let's look at the tigrex next mm-hmm he's pretty cool looking he's a big boy but we got to kill so much so we're just gonna kill him very quickly instead of worrying about the battle process it's gonna be the same story for all of these beat down the armor stand collect the scales get your gear have a good old time but our final creature to shop is the Dharan moron and this one's a lot bigger than the rest of them like a lot bigger look at the size of this thing he's literally enormous and he's coming for me and oh he looked so close for comfort dude he's huge I know okay we got it yeah where I oh boy yo we got to break this guy down where oh I I hit him once okay good there it is Wow yeah we've got some health on him but it matters not we killed the Beast dude this is literally like the craziest looking monster I've ever seen really really kind eyes though well you know when they appear so once again you're gonna look for the red armor stand break it down and find all different pieces they can clear this guy out every once in a while you'll be left with an armor stand that accidentally gets placed like in the ground and so the whole creature will kind of black out if we were to go to spectator mode though you'd see exactly I'm talking about you'll have to break that armor stand to get all the full hides said and done with so it should yeah yeah broken down now we cover the weapons first up iron sword and shield a terrific combo whenever you hold the sword a shield will appear in your offhand to give you extra defensive bonus you'll also be a lot slower when holding this sword you can right-click and sneak with the shield to take less damage when you've got the shield in hand no grass for you next up we've got dual blades that's right at the moment you hold one of these you'll get two blades instantly you can hold a right-click to power up and get an awesome strength boost but it does take a lot of stamina to do as you can see we're now completely out of stamina next up we've got the great sword it's enormous hold the right-click to give yourself a special strength boost that will activate the next time you attack yes get away next up is the iron longsword we already saw a little bit of this one in action the more damage you do quickly the more of a strength boost you will get so you'll want to attack and very quickly next up the Lance you'll also get a shield with this this is great for distance attacking you right-click you'll get a nice resistance boost as well as being able to attack with your Lance this one awesome the gun Lance it's similar to a Lance and that you can melee with it but if you right click you will cause explosions to occur that can feel serious damage nearby mom yeah I next up is the hammer it's one of the slowest weapons you can get however it is a lot stronger than other melee weapon options yeah yeah it seems a lot stronger doesn't it keys next up is this cool-looking bow which works as you might expect a regular bow to use except it does use ammo which in theory means you can use some of this spectral ammo and you can use some of this poison ammo and have a grand old time let's go baby gets spectral that next is the gun bow or the bow gun and there's three different types the light iron bow gun medium iron and the heavy iron bow gun and they all come with their own unique abilities mostly their drawbacks feeds on the crossbows look at this you basically have instantaneous bow crossbow firing with the light Boggan however it's not as powerful when you do that we of course have our medium boga which will take a little bit more time for us to draw string on however it comes with a lot more power alongside that Plus look at this stay away from me no one likes you and of course we have our heavy iron bow gun which takes a lot longer than the other ones to put off however it's got some serious punch to it y'all y'all ready for this hold on a second what's good baby yeah ha ha next one a lot of fun the iron insect glaive you can send out a robotic insect that will explode the moment it gets near something upon right click y'all ready halt and check it out yeah yeah move about what's good baby yeah or you can melee attack with it as well so you got a few different options at any moment he has go my flying high you know supposed to attack me however you can also use this glaive to vault over walls by sneaking and then jumping look at that lovely it's like a pole vault y'all ready hold on it yeah yeah I got it next up is the switch axe which after a period of time will allow you to switch it into a sword you might need to do some damage you might need to attack some mobs before you get to that point but you'll want to check every once in a while for the switching ability uh-huh which we're gonna skip a hit we have the charge blade which will act as a sword and shield but when right click will turn into a giant axe you can have your choice of defensive capabilities or a big ol X and finally the hunting-horn which comes with its very own musical ability which allows you to get special combination attacks you can lock down note combos there'll be more information in the description of today's video if you want to download this for yourself but I'm not gonna act like I know how the heck it works so we're just gonna you know LLL oh I played the song of strength hey don't mind if I do fantastic ooh and the song of healing yo we just got a whole mess stuff happening here this is good it kind of looks like a hand pointing and you to subscribe never know the comments section what weapon ended up being your favor and we'll see later

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  1. Tbh, I'm glad this update never came. It would completely change MineCraft, and, well- MineCraft wouldn't be MineCraft anymore. Change isn't always a good thing.

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