The Life of Jalal Talabani –  The Full Untold Story – Documentary

Jalal Talabani was born 1933 in the kurdish village of Kelkan. The village is located in Iraqi-occupied Kurdistan between Hewler and Slemani. He was raised to become a ambitious and responsible man. Since before, the Talabani family has great names among them, such as poet Riza Talabani. Jalal graduated from high-school in Kirkuk. It was during this time as he received the nickname “Mama Jalal”. Which in kurdish means “Uncle Jalal” 1961, a revolution against Iraq and it’s president Abdul Karim Qasim started. Jalal Talabani and his forces took control over Kirkuk and Slemani. The revolution spread across Mawat, Rezan och Karadagh. One year later he liberated Sharbazher, a village north of Slemani. During mid 60s, Talabani took several diplomatic missions for Kurdistan. He met with many leaders from Europé and The Middle East. Talabani left the KDP in 1966. With a group of loyal friends he created problems for the Iraqi regime. After a while, negotiations started between Iraq and Talabani. The building of Slemani’s university was one of Talabanis demands. 1975 the revolution was crushed. The previous support from Iran was cancelled after an agreement between Iraq and Iran. The same year, PUK was formed by Talabani. They got their own guerilla army and together with KDP fought against Iraq. In the upcoming war between Iraq and Iran. PUK took the side of Iran. Heavy clashes between Iraq and PUK occurred. However in 1984, both sides signed a truce. In the negotiations, Kurds were allowed to study kurdish. 1985 all schoolbooks were translated from Arabic to Kurdish. 1986, Al Anfal was introduced by Saddam, the genocide campaign against Kurds. 200 000 kurds died and the truce was no more. The fight would this time not stop until 1991. This time Talabani had full protection from US as he negotiated the new truce. A no-fly-zone were announced over Kurdistan. The western support was new to the kurds, but it was obvious since Iraq recently had waged a war against Kuwait, a USA-ally. The no fly zone made it possible for kurds to form the regional government that they have today. KRG was formed in 1992 and the Kurds of Iraqi occupied Kurdistan hoped for peace. However, in 1994, the kurdish civil war started and it was about the power of KRG. On one side, KDP and Massoud Barzani stood. On the other side, PUK and Jalal Talabani. KDP got support from Iraq and Turkey. PUK got support from PKK and Iran. The civil war continued until 1997 and over 5000 kurds died. 1998, Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani signed a truce. They agreed on sharing power, money and not letting PKK or Iraqi army to enter KRG borders. The deal got support from the US who protected KRG from Saddam’s agressions. In 2003, USA attacked Iraq. During the war, PUK was one of US most important allies. Peshmerga of PUK took Kirkuk and Mosul early. It is also sad that it was PUK who led US-army to Saddam’s capture. After the fall of Saddam, a new deal was made between PUK and KDP. Jalal Talabani became Iraqs first non arabic president. As a member of Iraqi governing council, Talabani could negotiate about the new constitution. The new constitution improved kurdish rights in the country. When all was complete, Talabani was re-elected as president. However, during 2012 he suffered from a stroke and was sent to hospital. After many rumors, a spokesperson confirmed his stabilization. A few days later it was announced that he would complete his treatment in germany. He spent of 18 months there before returning. During these months he retired from his post. 3th of October 2017, Jalal Talabani left us, 83 years old. 7 days mourning was announced in Kurdistan and over 500 000 peoplewas in his funeral.

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