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You’re not gonna believe this, but we
have to talk about the Regressive Left today. Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to get
away from discussing the regressive left on The Rubin Report, instead talking about the
ideas of classical liberalism which I believe in, but current events keeping dragging me
back. I see on social media people are using the
phrase regressive left a bit less lately, and replacing it with terms like Bigoteer,
the Control Left or the Illiberal Left. Whatever name you use for these well meaning,
yet painfully misguided set of ideas is largely irrelevant. We needed to identify this backwards idea
which puts groups before people — sometimes you need a label to get people to understand
an idea. The portion of the left who was no longer
progressive, meaning for progress, but regressive, meaning going backwards, has been identified
and now we are clearly bringing people to the side of reason. All of you who talked to friends and family
about this, used the #RegressiveLeft hashtag, and shared these videos are part of the political
awakening that is happening. Yes, it seems like these leftists ideas are
getting stronger in some circles, but at the same time, finally, for the first time in
a long time, those who are liberal and open to new ideas are coming together and being
heard. Whether you like Trump or not, his win was
a huge rejection the identity politics of the Left, so loved by these regressives. But don’t take my word for it, Bernie Sanders
said that himself. The only thing which can replace the regressive
descent the Left is on a return to true liberalism. A liberalism which defends free speech and
expression, a liberalism that is for liberty and rights of the individual, and most importantly
a liberalism that is one for human liberty. I truly believe the regressive ideology is
the biggest threat to freedom and western civilization that exists today. With the rise of Trump and the constant comparisons
they make of him to Hitler, the Left now has the perfect boogeyman to use to excuse anything. If your opponent is a vile racist, then you
can use violence and any means necessary to stop him. The regressive left has already begun using
violence as a tactic and I fear that it’s just getting start. If you’re only now getting up to speed on
what the regressive left is, allow me to recap quickly: The regresssive/control/illiberal left, is
a group of people who place identity, usually based on immutable characteristics, in a pecking
order of social importance, such as race, gender and religion where victimhood is the
highest virtue to be had. This oppression olympics allows groups to
compete for who is the most oppressed, thus the most virtuous. And if someone isn’t as oppressed as you,
then you have full authority to oppress them accordingly. So Black Lives Matter can protest a gay rights
march in Toronto, white gay men can be banned from leading LGBT organizations, pro-life
women can be kicked out of women’s rights march and so on. This backwards ideology, which demands we
judge each other not on the content of our character but on the color of our skin, or
some other baked in trait, puts the collective ahead of the individual. It loves all of its minority groups to behave
as monoliths, so if you’re a true individual, meaning you don’t subscribe to the ideas that
the groupthink has attributed to you based on those immutable characteristics, you must
be cast out. Many of my guests have suffered from this
backwards backlash. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Maajid Nawaz, Sarah Haider
and Ali Rivzi, all have felt abandoned by the Left because they speak out about the
problems within Islam. They dare to fight for a more tolerant, more
truly progressive Islam in tune with a modern society and basic liberal values, and they
are labeled bigots, or worse. The Southern Poverty Law Center even labeled
Maajid an anti-Muslim extremist. In reality, Maajid is a former Islamist who
has devoted his life to trying to reform Islam from the inside, to try to reconcile his faith
with the modern world, fighting for gays and athiests and women and any other free thinkers
living under theocratic rule. For this he is called a porch monkey and other
vile names by supposed progressives, while he is admired by many on the right for being
outspoken. This the height of absurdity. But it all makes sense when you value groups
over individuals. The individual must be sacrafied at the alter
of the collective. So when any of these people dare speak out
and call for true tolerance, they find their tolerance met with intolerance. The Left loves diversity in skin color, just
not diversity in thought. Of course, this regressive ideology isn’t
just tied to Islam at all. My guest this week is Larry Elder, a black
conservative, who has had every label and smear thrown at him. Again, like with the previous guests I just
mentioned, these slurs come from people on the Left, who would rather silence and dismiss
their opponents that actually engage them in an honest way. People often ask me which interview I’ve done
that’s changed my views the most and I always say it was the first time I sat down with
Larry Elder. He challenged my views on systemic racism,
as well as the need for a strong family, was one of the people that helped sell my on smaller
government. If you haven’t seen the video, we’ll post
the link right down below. Larry challenged me and I wasn’t ready, so
I can’t say it was my best moment on camera, but I listened and learned and just as importantly
we didn’t edit any of it out. I’m looking forward to picking up where we
left off. And as for where we left off, this is where
I feel there might be nothing left for me on modern American Left. You all know most of my positions on important
issues, I’m for free speech, even for white supremacist Richard Spencer to speak and not
get punched in the face as happened just a few days ago. And I’m still am a card carrying liberal….I’m
for gay marriage, I’m pro choice, I’m pro legalization of marijuana, I’m against the
death penalty and the list goes on. At the same time I’m against this oppression
olympics, I’m against safe spaces and trigger warnings, I’m against labeling all my opponents
bigots and racists and I’m against deplatforming speakers, especially at colleges, where ideas
are meant to be challenged and debated. I’m also for states rights, for following
the constitution, and most importantly for having the government to get out of the way
for you to live your life to the fullest. I’ve said a few times on the show that defending
my liberal principles has become a conservative position. Interestingly I’ve also heard conservatives
like Andrew Klavan and Dennis Prager say that they are conservatives because they are liberals. This is where we might get lost in the definition
of liberal in the modern sense versus classical liberal, so if you’re still confused about
that check out the video I did ‘Why I’m a Liberal’ from a few weeks back. The point is, that the issues I care about
most, free speech, rights of the individual, and limited government designed to maximize
liberty have almost nothing to do with the modern Left. My positions basically haven’t changed but
I’ve watched as my team has gone off the deep end. The battle of ideas always gets to a tipping
point and I sense we’re closing in on one right now. If we can’t reign in this madness on the Left
then Trump will show him his authoritarian side. Both sides are ramping up for a showdown. It seems pretty obvious to me. So while I absolutely believe that the new
center, filled with liberals, conservatives, libertarians and others is rapidly growing,
maybe I have lost the Left. And maybe that’s OK. But to end this Direct Message I now kick
this back to you. If you’re liberal is there anything Left for
you on the Left or are you Left Out? Is it now the conservative position to truly
be liberal? Let me know in the comments right down below
and we’ll see if there’s anything Left to discuss.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I disagree on almost every single issue you lined up, but I respect you more than most of the so called left. I used to consider myself as a liberal left with conservative values, but I don't have anything in common with the modern day left. I was very surprised that I have now more in common with right wingers (pro life, freedom of speech)

  2. The whole left vs right discourse is sterile.
    Our times call for a return to common sense polities that supersede differences. The Western World must put an end to divisive Identity Politics.

  3. Liberwl Left?!? It is the first timeI hear this association. To me, born in a Communist dictature, Left is always Marxism, Communism, Socialism and even the Greens. At least, here, in Europe.

  4. Why is it that most of the comments made by conservatives are all racist. Just playing! But I would like to point out that I think every conservative commenter to this video seems quite intelligent, collective and reasonable, Putting a large majority of leftists/liberals to shame as they are the ones who are supposed to be tolerant but I am seeing quite the opposite

  5. Hey Rave Dubin…when 13k conservative assholes like your video…that does not validate your point LOLLLLLLLLLLL 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😁🤣😂🤣😂🤣😁🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  6. In answer to your question, no. Conservatives are still largely anti-science and anti-progressive. That remains a problem. The left's flagrant accusations of racism almost makes it easy to forget the fact that there is a legitimate issue with white supremacy among far right-wing circles. On top of all of that, the conservative party has been declining into insanity for decades and now they are utterly non-functional. That was clear the day John Boehner stepped down–he deserved better. Donald Trump is more than just a response to the far left…trump is the product of decades of right-wing misinformation and fear tactics. The GOP made their bed and now they have to sleep in it. Trump is not our fault. But your concern that the left's behavior is exacerbating this?….that I can agree with. We have lost the GOP. They are far out into crazy town. As of right now, the DNC is still functional. It has its problems, to be sure, but they are not even in the same ballpark. But it's happening…the radicalization of the DNC. When we lose all the adults in the game, when we in the center allow the fringe to hold the reigns, we are in for a world of hurt. It is time for the left AND the right to call out intellectual dishonesty and hyperbole. It is time for facts to matter again. It is time for people to earnestly engage each other in good faith, rather than this "gotcha" crap that permeates social media.

  7. The best description of what is happening today even though it was from 2 years ago. Evidence of this from the commenter below who resorts to defamatory slang-as if we care Poo brain.

  8. Pondé, a Brazilian philosopher says the right wing in Brazil is "liberal-conservatism". And I think, then, the bad left is"totalitarian-socialists" disguised as humanists.

  9. I would almost certainly be considered liberal based off of my positions alone, most of which are in line with Mr. Rubin's, but this is exactly why I'm registered as an independent, they keep moving the goalposts.

  10. The left and liberals in general are becoming more intolerant while moderates and conservatives are more tolerant…

  11. Much of the ideology of the regressive left comes from the political theory of communitarianism, which designates respect for identity as an issue of justice. Contemporary liberalism has its philosophical roots in the work of philosopher John Rawls; here, respect for identity is not the centerpiece of justice. Justice is oriented around balancing basic individual liberties with sustaining equality of opportunity and a reasonable amount of socio-economic equality.

  12. i always hate using the term "liberal" to describe the modern American left. It's an insult to real liberals who actually do care about liberty. Libertarians and classical liberals are completely different than leftists.

  13. Simply put, well-done. I am a lifelong liberal who has become very, VERY concerned about current events, and who has recently become a target for for so-called "liberal" people. Your message is absolutely on-point.

  14. The left was always controlled by Vatican commies, so today, and so in the future. It is a lost hope. It was always about Vatican imperialism disguised as something else. Best that people understand this.

  15. The "left" as we know is nothing like is was is has full ENGSOC and blood bound to make the book a reality even if it destroys everything. 7:30 You still ave the taint of ENGSOC in your mind if you think Trump has a authoritarian side.
    The destruction of words and eradication thought itself
    Epistemological Relativism

  16. Well said, the state of the left in The USA has been bewildering to a simple British socialist like me. I can recognise what you are describing 'over there' as happening 'over here' though perhaps we are not yet at he same stage. The tendencies are certainly apparent but with BREXIT (a huge mistake) people are apathetic and distracted and hence the raw power of intolerance has not yet been unleashed. What you say applies here to a high degree of precision.

  17. As a former fan of this show, I'm embarrassed and saddened that Dave has given up any sense of reality, nuance or intellectual rigor at this point. Not even angry any more, just despairing that this right wing puppet with no coherent ideas of his own can sit there and make assertions so detached from reality it is beyond belief.

  18. Two years ago, the same thing happen in India too…and.still happening…I think this strategy is used by left in all countries that are democracy…this looks like some strategy to get the minority vote banks..but slowly it is.loosing the liberal crowds…In India some call the left now as pseudo liberals.. no longer as liberals

  19. ….and the right is no longer conservative. (Fiscally? Nope. Trade? Nope. Foreign policy? Nope. Religiously? Hahahahahaha. Acceptance of queers? Hahahahahahaha.)

  20. Are we talking ' classical ' liberalism vs current liberalism? If so, then by all means, the current iteration of liberalism is far closer to Socialism than anything.

  21. From Wild Swans:

    "I was equally shocked to see the cheerful secretary of the Communist Youth League in the

    school, Mr. Shan, being accused of being 'anti-Chairman Mao." He was a dashing-looking young man

    whose attention I had been eager to attract, as he might help me join the Youth League when I reached

    the minimum age, fifteen. He had been teaching a course on Marxist philosophy to the sixteen- to eighteen-year-olds,

    and had given them some essay-writing assignments. He had underlined bits of the essays which he

    thought were particularly well written. Now these disconnected parts were joined together by his pupils

    to form an obviously nonsensical passage which the wall posters claimed was anti-Mao. I learned years

    later that this method of concocting an accusation through the arbitrary linking of unconnected

    sentences had started as early as 1955, the year my mother suffered her first detention under the

    Communists, when some writers had used it to attack their fellow writers."

  22. 2.k illiberal control left dislikes ,..3.7 k classical liberal likes , I don’t hate the dislikes but by their logic ..hate us for changing or updating their own philosophy ..this could be considered a hate crime …oh the irony 😊

  23. Facts, Dave. Great video.

    I've always aligned libertarian. It's lonely to be one. Your GOP friends think you're a commie. Your leftist friends think you're Trump jr.

  24. I'm a transgender woman and I hate the left. When I came out as a translesbian, non trans lesbians despised me, because I once had a male body and god forbid the biggest abomination of them all, a penis. Misandry and transphobia are not liberalism, and those lesbians didn't act like women or humans for that matter. That was my starting exodus from the left. Now, the right can get carried away too. I'm a liberal moderate.

  25. As an American of Mexican descent, myself and my community is slowly leaving the left and going towards the right. The left has really disappointed me in terms of all the gender-neutral issues, and freedom of speech which the left was known for. But now, the left is so far left that I don't understand what their agenda is. White Privilege? Socialism? And the fact that they attempt to speak for minorities? What the hell is going on? I will never again go to the left, unless they start changing their ways and be the party that they originally started with, like original liberal beliefs.

  26. Liberal and conservative are both needed VALUES. Trying to make them a dogma yields leftist or right wing movements which can never be stable or yield positive results. The constitution is already in place and should be fully implemented.

  27. I remember how the ideology was hatching in the old days. Now it really became the 3/5. You get the right but your master gets to vote for you. "Special in hell" for any woman who disagrees with the narrative. Shame on the left for supporting this. What do you think about women? Another voter base or humans with a mind. What is "women". They are people with the right to choice of whom they want to vote for. Who appinted you as their spokesperson?

  28. People actually listen to this guy?

    He’s attack those who use nothing but identity politics. Yeah no shit people who use identity politics are retarded

    What the people on the REAL legitimate left want are social policies like Medicare for all, Ubi, affordable college, sensible trade, ending the wars

    People like Dave is some hero speaking against the college retards, not knowing THAT DOESNT REPRESENT THE LEFT. Jesus Christ

  29. “I’ve been trying to get away from tking about the left”
    You’re so full of s*** that’s all you like to talk about it

  30. You're a Libertarian. Same as I. It's not about left or right it's about personal freedom. The greatest country you could ever live in is one that allows you to choose your own life choices and let you live on your own without interference. That cannot be found on the left or the right

  31. The one thing mentioned in the video that I don't think has anything to do with "Liberalism" is the "open to new ideas" part. I'm not particularly interested or open to new ideas, but I'm an uber Liberal. I've simply thought long and hard about every position I hold, and am not interested in debate or "new ideas". I've been jawing about every issue under the sun for at least 35 years now, and I've decided. Conversely, you can be on the left or on the right and be open to new ideas. I'm just not really, and I find it supremely irritating that people seem to think I owe them debate if I differ with them. I don't owe anyone debate. Fuck off. Take your opinion away from me, and drag it into the voting booth.

  32. It's crazy that the people who games all their opponents "Nazis", are behaving so much like that intolerant regime, and the church in the middle ages. When an individual is "excommunicated", that individual is ruined from earning a living and utterly banished without a fair trial. I sincerely hope that you and your like will reach more people than the numerous poisoned graduates of the universities.

  33. 37K vs 2.1K. 5.7%. Sounds about right to me. These people are in the extreme minority but want to make everyone think they're the majority. We absolutely need to stand up to them.

  34. Dave is a perfect example of how the Left isn’t Liberal anymore. Same as saying democrats are actual liberal.

  35. I was Liberal but after 2016 antifa fake news propaganda I will never vote democratic again Pain is headed are way real pain no food in stores because of the left

  36. Everyone I know who votes Democrat is a regular liberal, but all Democrat politicians only care about their extremists nowadays. Liberals and conservatives alike need to team up and remove the RADICAL left from our nation.

  37. I hear much about something called "the Left" especially from those who have voted for Trump in 2016. It is never described as anything with which I am familiar. I've been an active Democrat for almost 50 years, I attend precinct caucuses, have served as a Party officer, worked on campaigns as a volunteer and as staff, have been a campaign manager, and a campaign treasurer, worked for civil rights and housing advocacy organizations, if there really is such a thing as "the Left", then I'm in it. But Cons, whether Con-servatives or RepubliCons, relate something of which I know not. When they, or the supposed moderates describe the Left it appears to be only those very few boys and girls who occasionally don black t-shirts, facemasks and throw milkshakes. This may happen here and there but "AntiFa" doesn't door-knock for litdrops nor install lawn signs (if you don't know what this is, you don't know what "lefties" really do). The make-believe "Left" is a figment of an agitprop professional's imagination. It is used to demonize a prospective opposition to the powers-that-be.

  38. And after Trump's racist comments telling black American congress women to go back where they came from, the right is no longer not-racist.

  39. The left was never liberal. Emphasising the collective instead of the individual is the opposite of liberalism.

  40. Leftist want everybody miserable because misery loves company. Control, control, contr…. oops I mean slavery.

  41. The left is NOT LIBERALISM.

    They are Radical Muslims disguised as liberals. To fool other libs.

    Think about it. What society in this world has been famous for 8ts REGRESSIVNESS? Yup. The middle East. Iran. Iraq. All those shitholes.

    They are trying to turn America into a Muslim country.

    No more fun. They are about REGRESSIVNESS

  42. Dave is awaken and spoke about his thought of what is Right Vs wrong. He makes sense.
    I believe his views would be very well received and respected by most.
    Keep up your good works so that others can learnt from your personal experience.
    It's so nice to see people sharing the truth about politics in a gentle manner.

  43. Why do you let Conservative movement be taken away by homosexual jews? My fellow whitey, open you eyes, do not forget who you are.

  44. The regressive left is the closest I’ve seen to tyranny. They try to control our language, movies, music, television, videogames, thought, etc., under the guise of “diversity” or “tolerance” or something stupid like “the greater good”.

  45. They demonize Trump as Hitler but they glorify people like El Chapo, an actual evil person who ranks up there with Hitler. Don't think so. Go talk to your average hispanic person and see want then think about El Chapo. Then learn about the reality of El Chapo. They glorify evil in an individual like El Chapo so when those same people demonize someone, like Trump what does that say about those people who demonize Trump.

  46. I don't understand American politics, so I won't comment. What I want to say….is what is with all the labels…..last I heard, people didn't like to be labelled. Strange…

  47. I've voted for Democrats in the past, but there is no way I could see voting for any of the current crop of far lefties now. With the dishonesty that we saw from the DNC in 2016 to the far left lunacy of the current Democrat offerings, I'll stick with Trump – warts and all.

  48. Freedom of speech, individual rights, limited government, constructive dialogue are such important principals. I may not agree on other secondary issues, but these primary principals are by far the most important and should unite people. It's insane to think about a number of issues today, like collective grouping at the sacrifice of individual opinions, safe spaces, microaggressions, claims of racism at every turn (watched a video earlier about "racist trees"), violence against people for believing something they dislike, etc.

  49. I was a democrat until the 1994 crime bill banned my rifle. I thought democrats were for the people. The reasons to disarm a population is to imprison, enslave, eliminate, or silence them. That is not for the people. That is against the people. Rifles are involved with tiny percent of crime. Crime and public safety were excuses to attack the people's rights.

  50. The left was, up until the 1960's, a reformist political movement. It was one that valued out society and it's constitution, and sought to affect political change from within the system, using the system. It's goals were fundamentally the same as today's left. Since the mid-60's, during the Vietnam war, and largely because of it, the left metamorphosed into a cultural movement, rather than a political one as it always previously was. Though the left appears to be political from many perspectives, this is not so. It is simply that the left has had no choice but to use the political system to affect the changes it seeks to make, as there simply is no productive alternative for much of what must be done. Unlike the reformist left before them, the cultural left do not value our nation, its government, or its constitution. They no longer see this country as redeemable, and seek not reform, but dismantlement and rebuilding as the only viable solutions. They also despise the capitalist mindset bred into most of our citizens, and desperately are attempting to alter the cultural perception and ideology of society at large. This is the essence of their movement. The take away from this is that they are not true citizens.

  51. As far as I can see, Trump has not advocated limiting free speech or press, except for the Fake News Lies. There IS REAL News out there, but precious little. Most is so biased and 95% negative toward Trump statistically. Why hasn't Antifa been labeled as a Hate Group or Domestic Terrorists & arrested for rioting? They have No Liberality! If they are accepted & Not Condemned or Repudiated by Democrats They Will Help Reelect Trump!

  52. I am a classic liberal in most ways besides economic. I’m not a radical, but still support universal healthcare and regulations in place to ensure worker’s rights aren’t infringed.

    For me, it depends on who runs. Most of the Republican candidates views on social issues (like the ones you listed) are too much for me to vote for them, and much of my economic views still align with the left. I just hope that people can stop attacking one another and talk to each other.

    I’m a full blown hippie, and the DNP has been overrun by conformists.

  53. They're a cult that wants all human brains linked to a supercomputer and told how to think, feel, behave… human trafficked robotized slaves.

  54. I pretty much agree with everything Dave Rubin has said here. I’m a liberal and it terrifies me how authoritarian many leftists have become. With so many of them, if you disagree with their point of view, their first reaction is to call you racist, sexist, or just simply ignorant of the topic. The choice basically boils down to you either being evil or stupid, and there is no room for nuance.

    I’m pretty much a pro-choice sorta guy and will say so when the topic comes up, but I also feel that many here in the West treat human life with too little respect. I’ve been accused of sexism when I called someone out for their dishonesty when they claimed a human fetus is no different than as parasite inhabiting a body (a claim no doctor or biologist would agree with) – again, I’m still pro-choice! But because I didn’t believe in this person’s fucked up justification for their position, I might as well been on the completely opposite side of the argument.

  55. I've never really tried to contain who I am according to groups. I have many liberal idea's as far as individuals rights, I believe that government is getting too big, I believe in the bill of rights, I believe in individuals and not groups. Right now, society is changing so frequently because of the advancement of the computer age that I think we should embrace who everyone is as individuals and not try to make everyone a bad person. The societal issues have awoken the skeptic in me and I long for the day "being kind to one another" is brought back to the front of everyone's minds.

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