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Los Angeles Southern California video producers from the ringer calm are on their way to the front line the more than six years the Lakers have missed the playoffs and fans have staged a dramatic protest to demand a change to the front office machine how you doing man Charlie is the organizer of the protest what are you hoping to get accomplished with this protest I think it's already done I got media coverage tonight for yourself no absolutely not I want to make it clear this is not about me this is about the fact that the front office needs to change the way they handle business I just want to get clear it's not a personal being against uni bustling around mr. Rambis I'm sure they're great people and stop being a freakin player and Linda Ramos is an idiot because she married that dude okay great what's your name mark Shepard we had Steve got the cash Gary was paid to be done Carl came on loan Dwight is a coward and we need to get rid of the baby that's how I feel about it as tensions flare civil war breaks out amongst Laker fans over what to do with their superstar player we're doing first take right now come here come here come here come here don't trade LeBron bro he needed this break he'd been on a marathon bro every year in the championship smoking marathon three agents could talk to a righteous general manager sit down talk about money talk about the city what we gonna do it together get it gather up a team and we're gonna get to the final group we already have a team though LeBron came in destroyed it some fans are looking for a change in the form of an old Laker legend Kobe Bryant ring Kobe in say what I mean copy to do what Kobe would shake everything a simple cubby would do come on narcos it's Kobe like as a player or coach or what in any kind of way this is Kobe it's Kobe Bryant play into your plans at all I would have to guarantee that yes Kobe Bryant is as you can see this is Robert Horry not coming protesters are disappointed by the turnout more people would have been preferable suddenly an unlikely group of heroes arrived why are you here because Jeannie bus sucks we want the Lakers good they won't do it we got LeBron we're not doing anything missing the playoffs are you kidding me little brother's gonna step up this season while we get the biggest free agent signing almost in league history nothing's gonna happen are you serious change now can you I couldn't hear you could be a little louder as the voices get stronger an enemy approaches control of the narrative what is the essential struggle right now between the Laker fans and the Laker organization say you don't even know what the hell is going on Charlie and his protesters face many more months of challenging the Lakers organization you think it's a successful day I do again the media's here people can say what they want the high school kids with the signs I represent my message no I don't want this process to be about this message is focused on the decision making of the front office I'll keep it at that I don't condone any attacks on the Clippers organization or any person specifically it's not about that it's about making a change and it comes to the behavior of running a basketball operation [Applause]

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  1. Jeannie Buss got yo ass. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Hired Frank Vogel to end the uncertainty over choice of head coach.
    Gotta find a new topic to BITCH & MOAN about.

  2. Harden n Paul can’t beat a KD-less, curry slumping, injured ridden warriors squad – thought he wanted a fair chance

  3. damn they make this so serious calm down guys. im an outraged lakers fan too but like damn chill

  4. That old black dude is spitting facts those casuals dot get it and should take there asses out with lebum

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