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images of destruction on an apocalyptic scale this was how kobani in northern Syria looked in late January 2015 after months of bitter fighting before the Kurds were able to celebrate victory over the self-styled Islamic state thanks also to US airstrikes but their war against is would continue elsewhere for a further four long years until March 2019 when they conquered the terror groups last bastion the wounds will take a long time to heal but the Kurds are already rebuilding their country the various parties to the conflict in Syria all have their own plans for the post-war era but what do the Kurds want here in row Yaba as they call their territory in northern Syria [Music] our journey to rayappa begins on a ferry boat taking us across the river tigris the subject of legend since ancient times and which now follows the border between modern-day Iraq and Syria here the river marks the eastern boundary of traditional Kurdish territory in northern Syria which is divided into three major regions Jazeera in the east centers on the city of Qamishli the Euphrates region on kobani in early 2018 Turkish forces attacked and occupied the western region of Afrin and what they referred to as an anti-terrorist operation they also reinforced their border as seen here in kobani years previously Ankara had already placed an embargo against Troy Yahveh insisting its rulers were a wing of the banned Kurdish Workers Party the PKK we’d been to rahab on two previous occasions in 2014 and 2015 when the Kurds were just beginning to build their own administration for the next few years the region was unsafe for journalists to travel to until late summer 2018 so what had become of royyala and the ambitious plans of the people we had met back then our journey continues to Qamishli the biggest city in rabaa the influx of refugees fleeing the war has seen the population of oriab a– increase from four to an estimated five million in addition to the curds Rory OVA is also home to a Syrian army ins Arabs and Turkmen when the Syrian government withdrew from the northern region during the civil war in 2013 the groups took joint control of their territory we first met Taha Khalil in Qamishli in 2014 when we accompanied him on his way home he used to live in Switzerland he now works as a presenter on the Renacci TV station like all journalists there he was armed in case of Islamist attacks a few months before we met Khalil his daughter halabja had been killed in one such attack how does he see the situation today the threats have diminished but so have the opportunities for work what we want now is for other people to see and hear what we have managed to do here 60 journalists were killed for example but I’ve rarely heard anyone talk about it sympton journalists are still in danger yes guffawed except now not just from is but also from Turks and from the Syrian regime and its militias grouping looking back how does he assess the establishment of self-government in Rafah which was still in its infancy during our original visit mid dim tonight since the people in charge made a lot of mistakes initially but over time they’ve gathered experience and improved the Turks are going crazy because they always thought that Roy Yahveh was laughable and would be gone again after a few months nineteen Milkin but now they’re noticing as we are that rule Yahveh has continuously evolved i hope that over time we’ll be able to bring about real change here for syria not just for roy Yahveh who Swedish minor for Java in 2016 representatives of the various ethnic groups announced the creation of the Democratic Federation of North Syria known as rayappa the autonomous government of the Azura region meets here in a muda we asked officials about the objectives of their model for society the real war we found ourselves fighting was not with weapons but changing relations between the genders over 5,000 years the male-dominated mentality has become entrenched here it’s not easy to abolish you might see women everywhere but it’s still often men who have the final say it’s ilusory to believe that you can change that mentality in the space of just 20 years here in Raghava we’ve had to rely more on our own resources than on outside help 2017 saw the first elections in raava which we are told were held on the basis of grassroots democratic principles our first elections were at the smallest local level local administration forms the basis of society we then held elections at the second level for city and regional leadership they were a bit difficult due to events in every since the Arabs here were liberated from is control and became familiar with our model for society they’ve now become increasingly receptive to the project they’re liberated Arab towns now govern themselves and it’s precisely those Arab towns that are so important for our administration one thing I would like to emphasize due to Arab culture women there had little influence in society in our system of self-government they now enjoy equal footing with men the Hawaii features a little tree bearing the photos and names of young fighters who fell in the battle for rayappa it’s one of the many places where people remember their martyrs as they are seen here the war has exact at a heavy toll on the younger generation but that has not stopped people here in their determination to continue defending their country that we women are also able to take up arms that used to be impossible now we too are defending our country and are available wherever we’re needed barbarians they have nothing to do with Islam in Islam you do not cut off people’s heads that’s what we’re defending our children against and why we are here the Turkish Army’s invasion of Afrin let grow Yahveh overwhelmed by a wave of refugees international aid was conspicuous by its absence complains one of the representatives anything because the system doesn’t we set out to meet some of the refugees and arrive at a seemingly never-ending camp the Turkish military offensive left an estimated two hundred thousand people displaced from Afrin 2019 we’ll see tens of thousands more arrive from areas liberated from is [Music] some have found a temporary home in the abandoned village of till nursery near Tilt amer 70 families from Afrin now live here with their stories related to civilian victims of the Turkish invasion we didn’t want to leave our houses and property behind but we had to because of the bomber planes children like these here were simply killed their bodies were everywhere some had severed legs others had no arms people were desperate and didn’t know what to do we had to flee the bombs fell and there were planes we had to leave our homeland we had land and a house our children went to school there we were unable to take anything with us just the clothes on our backs we had to leave behind all our documents a land and our money everything all we could think about was saving ourselves and getting out of there I didn’t world hear about the air raids were people blind and deaf nobody saw the planes above us there was no respite they bombarded us for 55 days we all fled while the planes bombed us it wasn’t possible to leave by car and we had to escape via the mountains our sole priority was getting to safety for two whole days I couldn’t give my child any milk I grabbed her like this every time it got loud she was scared and cried the village used to be home to Christian Assyrians before it was destroyed by is like thousands of others from Afrin it’s new residents first found refuge in the overcrowded camp in Sheba there weren’t even any tents there when we arrived we spent the first 20 days living and sleeping on the streets sometimes it was cold and rain which cost the lives of a lot of small children there were no doctors there was no water practically nothing to eat there were too many people we had to get out of there and that would hamper the back the Kurds were abandoned by the international community and left to their own fate following the Turkish invasion says TV presenter Taha Khalil he witnessed events in Afrin firsthand he couldn’t have been a guru the Kurds always had huge hopes in Europe especially Germany but what we saw in reality was very saddening that’s what it was oh we couldn’t believe what we saw in Afrin for example when the first tanks arrived with the Turkish invasion German made tanks do each upon certain Niemann nobody challenged that this hug and that’s why I’ve lost a lot of hope I had in Europe we defended ourselves against the terrorists against is how many guns then the Americans arrived so I said first we have to do something and if we do something good then I think other people will follow and again not because of us but because of their own interests we have a lot of water here and an oil gold and phosphates gold was fought our next stop is the T Sherman dam on the river Euphrates the region borders territory occupied by Turkey and is home to one of the biggest reservoirs of water in Roy OVA the dam was the scene of fierce fighting during the Civil War whoever controlled the dam also controlled electricity production Muraki and Aleppo in December 2015 it was captured by Kurdish LED forces it initially had been taken by the Free Syrian Army in 2012 before being conquered by is and 2014 tshring dam has six turbines even now it still has to be protected from potential attacks but currently the engineers have problems of a completely different nature to focus on Mehmood Abdi is the head of the regional self-governments Energy Commission an old contract he explains requires Turkey to supply a guaranteed amount of water from the river Euphrates between 2003 and 2011 when the Syrian government was in control here the amount of water was over 500 cubic meters per second more than required by contract in the years 2015 and 2016 when is were here it was 643 cubic meters then after the dam was liberated from is it was just 394 cubic meters and in 2018 the level dropped to 235 cubic meters mcoppins only daughter so after the Islamists had been driven out turkey used the water supply as a weapon against us and has been causing huge problems for people in the region the water in the dam has fallen dramatically Mahmood Abdi details the disastrous consequences hospitals bakeries and farms suffer from frequent power shortages with only two turbines running he explains it’s extremely difficult to maintain even a rudimentary supply of electricity at the same time he and his team have to deal with the damage wrought by the Free Syrian Army in the Islamic state the Fatiha with the limited means available to us we managed to restore the dam to a relatively good condition but we urgently need spare parts we’ve already fitted the parts we have the ability of the tissue n’dam to guarantee ROI yabas electricity supply in the future depends on Turkey he says the fear at the headquarters of the syrian democratic forces in i Anisa is that Ankara will continue to use every means at its disposal to prevent an autonomous Kurdish region in its backyard the SDF are an alliance of militia groups in which the Kurds constitute the main fighting force they were also supported by 2000 American troops in early 2019 news of their possible withdrawal caused an outcry what is the Turkish occupation of happen but currently the attempts to change I think the demographical situation inside I think by by bringing people from different areas from different if the components of rigid components from different places whether it is from Damascus from Homs Hama from it liberal make them stay in a fin and not along the original people of asking to come back to their homes following the events in Africa say the SDF there was an increase in skirmishes with the Turkish army they are starting small attacks against all forces so when we respond in defense of ourselves there they are accusing us of attacking game of they are accusing us of being afraid to to their security and that is how they also get also to legitimize their attacks or the interventions against the borders of Syria the spokesman is eager to point out the importance of close cooperation with the civilian representatives of the autonomous government in Roy Yahveh every time that as a military force that we liberated any area or any part of the region that we are in now we directly formed and supported the civilian councils and administration’s for this we continue our journey to visit a base held by a unit of the all-women ypj Brigade the young women of Roy Yahveh have developed a fundamentally new concept of their role in local society and also as regards the military for years women fought alongside men in the battle against the terrorist militias of is among Kurdish combat units they are claimed to make up almost one-quarter of troop numbers these two commanders have seen frontline action and a variety of theatres in the war in civilian life Sima bahar was a stage actress once the war is over I’d like to see a change in people’s attitudes and for us to continue developing our project for society a lot of young women are keen to sign up and fight at an early age they have to be 18 however before they can be accepted for combat duty when we began a revolution in Roy Yahveh it was also a revolution for women nobody ever imagined it would be possible for men and women to fight shoulder-to-shoulder as comrades working together for days at a time nobody could have hope for that but now we’ve done it men and women have equal rights here they always make decisions jointly in our mixed structures of self-government women have been the initiators of many ideas that would previously have been unthinkable the banner at the entrance to this women’s cooperative in a muna proclaims the beauty of women the group of ten women joined forces in order to become more independent overcoming initial opposition from their husbands here in the Middle East women did not have equal rights they’re meant to remain invisible and uneducated but we made a break with that mentality this is a unique project here in a muda women now have a public presence and are running a shop where we buy and sell everything ourselves and women are also our customers here the only thing men are allowed to do here is shop when men used to count money they would often say to each other let me do it you can’t like a woman but that’s over now the shop sells both clothes the women have made themselves and additional stocks they have to buy from elsewhere this is our revolution we have our women fighting at the front but the work we do is just as important you could see it as an interior front there are also plans for another women’s project in amudha an entire shopping street run exclusively by women the healthcare system is still under construction but otherwise the women’s village of Jean wah outside dear Basia has already been completed women are determined to be in charge of their own lives here new Jean Daria from Germany has been assisting their efforts the women moving in here are widows who have lost their husbands or members of their family in the war some of the women have had trouble at home such as domestic violence they want to free themselves from challenging situations and find a new home here and of course there are women who just want to live together here the 30 houses were built with clay bricks in accordance with ecological and traditional construction methods ensuring they’re cool in the summer and warm in the winter it’s so impressive you notice how a lot of men who come here are initially skeptical and have difficulty imagining what this is supposed to be it’s a completely different working atmosphere here which gives the men who work here food for thought I’ve been learning a huge amount here it’s amazing to see the village growing and to see the Lynx growing deeper day by day both between the women in the local committee and with surrounding villages all the new developments make me want to stay here longer this yeah this is you’re getting nothing [Music] our journey continues to kobani on the border to Turkey a city the world looked on with bated breath in late 2014 and early 2015 it was in kobani that not just the fate of Roy Yahveh but also the course of the civil war in Syria would be decided we managed to reach kobani right after its liberation and we still remember the images of a destroyed city in large parts razed to the ground now we experience a different kobani at first glance it looks just like any other city in the region when we were here in early 2015 most of the people we met were Kurdish fighters most of the inhabitants had fled but soon after the liberation the population returned and made kobani a city buzzing with life again we’re surprised to see how little of the destruction is still visible and decide to take a closer look [Music] by the turn of 2015 kobani had been reduced to ruins with 80% of the city destroyed – ah boo [Music] how could the city be resurrected how would people ever be able to live here again the battle for kobani lasted 134 days is deployed 50 tanks and 7,000 troops and its assault on a city of over 100,000 people the Kurds defended their city in house-to-house fighting initially outnumbered outgunned with their 5000 fighters and weapons that were either outdated or self built thanks to US airstrikes the tide continued to turn in their favor by the end of January 2015 the city was under Kurdish control but fighting continued in the surrounding region is had overrun some three hundred and sixty-five villages but now the Kurds were recapturing them in the process puncturing my is’s aura of invincibility kobani was now the turning point in the war against is in the beginning of the end of its self-proclaimed caliphate and for the Kurds a beacon of their resistance [Music] this is what’s left of a school that like so many others was destroyed by ground battles and airstrikes it’s where pervert used to be a teacher this is where we first met him before he worked for us as an interpreter pervert had shown us around a destroyed industrial area together with a group of Kurdish journalists an area that it seemed particularly fierce fighting these workshops were used by mechanics serving Islamic state to repair vehicles and build car bombs the walls are covered in graffiti glorifying is fervor had shown us a tunnel where he and other locals sought shelter during air raids today perfer works as a journalist we accompanied him as he returned to the neighborhood where is had its deadly workshops but here too there are relatively few physical scars from the war between is and the Kurdish YPG forces in 2015 you could barely walk in this area because of the destruction of rubble in this spot that I am standing there was a hole I said at that time what using this hole to shoot at YPG fighters those people who came back during the war will not recognize this areas again because now it’s clean the hole was paved in this area and said the life is normal people start to work this area you can see the shops everywhere Freedom Square had practically been reduced to two dimensions back then this is where we arranged an interview with Enver Muslim then co-president of the kobani Canton now he’s a member of the autonomous governments Executive Council practically the only physical reminders of the conflict are the countless bullet holes in the facade of the administrative building we have a lot of social projects of our own but we don’t want to divide it Syria we want a united country with a democratic basis where all social groups are able to live on an equal footing and according to their culture we believe that social problems cannot be solved militarily only by peaceful and equal coexistence between the ethnic groups this could become an example for the entire Middle East you know we supported this in Afrin and they’re doing it here in kobani there were a number of promises from abroad to help reconstruction he reports but none were kept so we didn’t wait for outside help I still have a lot of work to do we have destroyed houses and people living in hardship over 50% of kobani has been rebuilt says Enver muslima we go to visit one of the new residential districts [Music] after the war people start to renovate to rebuild their houses this small part were repelled due to the helps which came to to kobani people but remorsefully it’s only these these buildings were because of help or kamani reconstruction the other areas were rebuilt by by Kovarian people by their own but anyway it’s good that now we see kobani rebuild it after this mass destruction the war devastated kobani infrastructure when we were here in 2015 the city had no drinking water or electricity this was what was left of one of the main shopping streets many of those returning and to live in emergency shelters this freed there was heavy clashes and in every street there were a curtain because I sniper we’re using curtains to shoot the YPG fighters at that time now you can see the life is normalized and you know it’s very crowded people are shopping here the shops were normal like before today the shops appear well-stocked and shoppers in Roya can buy practically everything again unlike in 2014 when supplies were disrupted Turkey’s embargo on the region and a severe impact on the people’s daily life many items had to be smuggled into the country at great expense in the meantime supply routes are now up and working via Syria and Iraq [Music] many people in Afrin fled to kobani following the Turkish invasion [Music] such as this family who have since found a place to stay with relatives they make regular calls home in which they hear about constant harassment from the new rulers in Afrin some of our relatives who stayed behind were put under pressure to leave but if you leave they put people from gouta in your house they steal your gold and if they want to arrest you they just do it everyone is under constant surveillance and they make arbitrary arrests they force people to go to the mosque women have to wear a long black dress these are their new laws for everyone whether you’re Kurdish were from Aleppo and did the Kurds put up any resistance the Kurdish militias fought back but how can you fight off a member of NATO for 60 days with all their weaponry it’s impossible the Kurds tried everything they could to stop them this pharmacy in the center of kobani belongs to men off KITT Connie who is also among the people we met in 2015 back then medication wasn’t desperately short supply but not today the situation has improved a lot by maybe 70% we hope things will continue to improve and that the roads will reopen that will make it easier to get medication for local people in 2015 we filmed Minh off get Connie collecting urgently needed medicines from the cities bombed out pharmacies he also looked after people who had stayed in kobani despite the fighting 1000 refugees from the area surrounding kobani had found refuge in the border zone between Syria and Turkey stranded without outside help the Turks refused to let them across the border the pharmacist helped to provide them with what they needed as best as he could but all too often he ran out of medication that might be put how this it was really tough we had to wait ages from medication to arrive if it did at all don’t want to make up we had no choice but to use medication past its expiry date someone that D on although fortunately almost all the road links are now open again we hope that the prices will now fall as well in 2015 men off get Connie took us to see the local hospital which lay in ruins after being blown up by is it had been equipped with modern facilities thanks also to international aid from the likes of Frankfurt based medico International which donated medication a blood bank and ambulances [Music] following the destruction of the hospital doctors had set up a makeshift clinic in a basement they treated both injured soldiers and civilians emergency medical care with a war raging above ground and with the doctors on duty around-the-clock hikmet a med was among those who continued to work here even during the fiercest fighting scene in kobani when we shot this footage five badly injured fighters from the front were brought in next door two of them died that same night this is one of the two new hospitals the Kurds were since able to build in kobani we managed to track down he’d met a med he was on his day off which is why we met him at home with his family the war is still not over it’s left its marks everywhere the people are not under sound a psychological Constitution they’re extremely anxious neither we nor our children will ever be able to forget all of us there’s still the smell of gunpowder in here and the souls of the fallen used to live among us yeah what if their souls are still there despite all that’s happened we would be glad to see things stay this way and carry on we’ve made a lot of progress in the last few years whether in government or elsewhere there’s been a change for the positive despite all our shortcomings but the international community only talks about murdered children and human rights violations in gota aren’t operands children human beings what will be the long-term impact of this dreadfully long war on people in wobba how many American soldiers came home from Vietnam they needed psychological care for many years we have thousands of wounded people here hundreds died in our arms because we didn’t have the medical means to save them because people are plagued by the uncertainty what about the Americans what will happen if they stay or leave I mean I didn’t hear I meant go ahead a get yet those ears have also taken their toll on him says dr. Amen as he shows us a photo yes when this was taken it’s not even 8 years old and this is me today but you think it was 20 or 30 years ago outside the hospital we meet Khalil again Connie as he’s commonly known was already past middle age back then but he too took up arms to join the fight against is he saw action on a number of fronts including kobani until its definitive liberation it was there that we first met the man would become our escort when entering neighborhoods that had been laid waste going in alone would have been taking a deadly risk we arrived shortly after the fighting had ended the streets strewn with dead jihadists and hidden minds such as this one images that would haunt us for some time conning is accompanying us to a hill on the outskirts of kobani to the place where we first met I hope that kobani becomes an example for the whole world so many of our friends have shed their blood for this earth and they continue to do so kobani should be a symbol we want people from everywhere to be able to live together here peacefully looking as where they come war always means destruction unfortunately the great powers always act according to their own interests they take their proxy wars to our cities kobani and other places we are against war I am a soldier but I am against war we were forced to take up arms for our peace and security we have no love of bloodshed and war but unfortunately we had no choice a lot of my comrades fell in the battle for kobani today only three of them are still alive I think everyone else was killed we were 174 fighters and now just three are alive the Kurds paid a high price for the liberation of Roy Yahveh more than 21,000 injured in over 11,000 killed in many places they are remembered the region is dotted with memorials to them the autonomous government has given local women the use of a large building in kobani two women have organized a range of projects including the Women’s Refuge as such it is an educational institution but staff also mediate when problems arise with marriages families and local neighborhood issues we are working against domestic violence and against polygamy we also want to ensure that our sons and daughters have equal claims to inheritances they ought to be shared equally between them instead of the sons getting preferential treatment we also want to ensure that marriages involving young people under the age of 18 are forbidden but we don’t want to do this by force we want to bring about change over time through education whether young or old despite the danger posed by is women here are determined to defend their projects at all costs the building located on a thoroughfare in kobani is still under construction a temporary school was housed here in 2015 immediately after the end of the fighting children coming voluntarily to the basement rooms was a symbol of hope at the time but it was hugely challenging for the pupils there were precious to you books pens or pencils and often the heater had no oil [Music] now the proper owners of the buildings live here again we had to flee back then and lost everything we didn’t lock the doors when we left I thought if someone wants to break in there’s no pointing them damaging the door as well it’s difficult for us food is expensive I don’t have a job unemployment is a major problem in Raghava which officially named itself the autonomous administration of north and east Syria following the liberation of other areas from is and 2018 but despite the manifold problems people here are inventive says Shira they’ve learned to live with hardship and make the most of their opportunities he himself has installed an espresso machine in the back of his van offering the best cappuccino anywhere in the area he boasts a range of coffee products and has drummed up a loyal clientele in next to no time his business is booming not far away is another street left as it was in 2015 locals are planning to set up a museum here to preserve the memory of the war is launched several attempts to break through here to Turkey in order to control the border crossing for the children the area has become a playground having lived through the war there now growing up in today’s where yo where we witnessed many new developments on a return and many of the images will remember speak volumes we were deeply impressed by how much the Kurds have already managed to achieve despite the endless difficulties they are determined to expand on their model for rayappa our journey ends where it began by the river tigris goods are still being moved across via precarious looking pontoon bridges and the number of trucks is increasing again a symbol of optimism for Ayappa say the Kurds despite all the challenges facing them and despite the Turkish embargo they now have reestablished trading links with the outside world [Music] you

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  17. This was the  most (only?) heartening news I've heard out of the Middle East since I was born. Notably, the way women have responded to the war and reconstruction. Now, if they can just be LEFT ALONE maybe Kobani WILL become a model state for the rest of the M.E.

  18. I admire Kurds. They stood up against terrorism in the fight against Islamic State. But they have themselves embraced marxist communism to achieve their Nationalist goals. In that ideology the people have no recourse against the political hierarchy. Most communist countries bans other political parties. Women fool themselves if they think a man is more respectful to womens rights because he follows Karl Marx. But thats not more true for some Right- wing western countries, like Austria, Hungary etc. Equality isnt automatic even if the leaders claims it will be in their Utopia.

  19. My most profound dream is to kiss the soil these heroic people walk on. The northern syrian federation is the only sacred land left in the World, sanctefied by the blood of the martyrs. These people represents our last hope. Their compassion for their fellow humans are very touching. They are the last beacon of light in a sea of darkness.

  20. What about the name Qamishli it s even Turkish word Kamıșlı . They massacre the Turkmens and took their lands . All kurds should go back to Zagros

  21. When the US squatters leave your lands with your Kurdish elite following closely, you will be left to dangle on your own as a people.. Don't say you didn't know, you have just been informed. Remember the Kurdish uprising in North Iraq, started on US promises..? So do we. When Idlib falls all eyes will shift to the SDF and its American backers. Unfortunately by then the Americans will have run out of excuses and will to remain any longer. The best you can hope for is to sit around the table with the president of your country, and agree on some regional autonomy. If your "generals" keep behaving like spoiled kids under US protection, your people will at the other end suffer.. Better put that between your ears really well.

  22. The Kurds are Israels proxy terrorists. They hold 0 rights to hold their own land as Kurds outside of Iran, yet have been trying to break apart 3 sep nations to form their lie of a Kurdistan since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. They steal land, resources and infrastructure in the nations that allow them to settle there. They are terrorists and should be treated as such.

  23. I've never had the blind racist pride, but now I'm so proud to be a kurd because we can rebuild the civilization in an area still in the dark ages mentality and we could find a place were all are treated and respected the same.
    I wish that our state be a real democracy, of course we still need a lot to do to develop our own society but I think we can make.
    Like it's written in our national anthem "the Kurdish flag would never be broken, would never fall down, our religion and beliefs are kurds and Kurdistan"

  24. Very positive, optimistic. The Kurds need help from EU and U.S. to promote infrastructure and economic development; and to rein in Turkey.

  25. We are (turks) taking care of millions of refrugees who escaped from YPG and PKK bullets! you guys showed us like murderres. this is not a an optimistic documentary. you guys are disgrace to the human race! abdullah ocalan and his organization has killed thousands of people and babies even kurdish people in Turkey over the years. I`am Turkish I have Kurdish friends we have no problem with each other and live in peace. But western countries wants us to war just to sell us more weapons and you guys are part of it! This is a politic documantary and DW documantary is bullshit! It is obvious you guys are part of the murders which makes you murderer too!

  26. Terrorist proxies of Western Terrorists. Kurds are a minority that rely US backing to violent suppress the people the rule over via their military dictatorship.
    Syrians defeated IS, not the Kurds.
    Kurds just use US weapons and protection to steal the resources that belong to all Syrians

  27. Kurds are cruel, violent, terrorist thieves. They rely on US protection to steal the resources and lands that belong to all Syrians. YPG/PKK are terrorists who oppress the majority of Syrians who out number them and existed in Syria for millennia before them. Kurds are cowardly invaders and theives.

  28. The Kurds are an amazing people. Much respect for them from me, but not my selfish government.
    On the other hand, the Turks and their government make me sick.

  29. Our master Abdullah Öcalan has promised us to slaughter our enemies. We don't win through the number of our fighters, but through the fear in the heart of the enemies. Hear, oh nationalistic Turks. We're coming.

  30. Every person has the right to live according to his/her belief, religion or what so ever …
    War is disgusting and those who carry it are monsters … no religion, monotheistic or not, allows to take someone's life.
    It's horrible.

  31. To all the scared men who ran away to the Christian lands, Good news you can all go home now ,your brave women like the Kurds have chased the bogie man of Isis away !

  32. why they don't merge with other country , is it possible to take help of a democratic country like usa or Britain ,?is religion really worth the fight ?

  33. Turkeys, Pakistan On Indian Kashmir- Stop discrimination against Muslim…
    Turkeys Against Kurds who are also Muslim.
    Pakistan Against Balochi and Muhajir Who are also Muslim.
    Pakistan Silent on Uigher and Turkey Cry On Uigher.
    They divide People in Shield of Faith so they can hide their Own True face and can blame To other who are trying to giving education, Prosperity, equal Gender right to people of Kashmir…

  34. I hope the best for the Kurds and the future of Rojava. I spent 3 months on one of the US bases supporting our forces and the SDF.Very friendly and hospitable people with a huge fighting spirit.These people defended their lands with almost nothing.Huge respect.

  35. Kurdish people who joined YPJ/PKK and want freedom are baby killer, forcing little chidren to use weapon and fight with innocent people, planting mine all around the turkey in order to kill villager and brave soldiers that defend his country kilomaters away from his wife and children. PKK/YPJ is a TERRORİST ORGANİZATİON. I invite DW to show true face of them not to support terrorists.

  36. Since when these terrorist become a freedom fighters? they killed more than 40.000 civilians it includes babies! You all lost your judgement!

  37. Just a part of plan of creation of greater israel nothing else .Since when america thinking other peoples freedom?. ISIS was apart of cia project as well as pkk to create another pupet state to make weaker and weaker moslem middle east to secure crusader state of israel.

  38. I think turkish ruler thinks they are still powerful like ottomans but those days are gone. Now other big players are come into play like china India US and Russia. So don't ever think to do anything you like otherwise you will nailed to your toes.

  39. hahaha do you think that the Kurds want democracy in the mountains .. even the Kurds of their own people approach the terrorist knows it best Turks lived in the same place for years …

    they are all terrorist like america

    documentaries never reflect reality

  40. A woman's job is to give life's not take it.
    What's happening there is an abomination. Who in their right mind would want to killer Barbie for a wife??

  41. Kurds are the most religiously tolerant people in islamic world. They need to be an independent nation and have a separate country.

  42. I’d bet that a resurgence in terrorism will be back in that region by 2030. It all comes down to economics. Automation will be up and running and those parts of the world have been lagging behind for decades, let alone a 8 year civil war. India will also be hit hard, as low skill jobs will be rendered obsolete, and exploitation of the workforce will be replaced with a sense of irrelevance. Ennui would inevitably lead to radicalization which is still strong, as the Middle East has no process of eliminating ideological prowess like the denazification program in post WWII Germany for instance. The most fortunate Kurds or Arabs from Syria and Iraq would be those that have migrated to the West a long time ago, be they guest workers since the 60s or during the early part of this current decade of ours, especially those with nationalities in those respective countries, unless of course the right takes power in Europe in a different shape or form. Incidentally, Germany is going through an economic slow down right now, which may actually lead to financial meltdown, which would only lead to further alignment with the political right in Germany, and minorities will again be chosen as scapegoats, though this time, the right might actually be able to argue that those minorities are actually to blame. We live in both a fascinating and interesting time, albeit a very dangerous one too. Cool documentary, and I wish the people of Syria regardless of the superstition they believe in or ethnicity that they think they belong to, the very best.

  43. As a Kurd ı just wanna thank to all the foreign people who writes their good wishes and thoughts,because its mean a lot for us! Thank u all!! Spas!

  44. the simple fact here is that no regional or global power is betting on kurds to sell their mind or land for pushing an agenda, they know that kurdish system is not one man show, if they had a king to sell them out, it would've been a different story

  45. Nice propoganda video. everybody who lived with Kurds knows that they marry with their cousins. woman has no say even father can kill daughter for stupid reason. this imaginary pro lbtq kurds are like smurfs non existent.

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