The great death of insects | DW Documentary (Ecology documentary)

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  1. Fantastic video and it shows what too many people have done to our mother earth and the lack of respect please keep showing and making these documentaries they are the real story we need to see and use media such as this to educate and reform peoples greedy attitudes and it shows all people still need to learn so much about the real life, Thank you for this very, very nice.

  2. After recently visiting Germany and despite it having a beautiful landscape the lack of birds was something I actually noticed and pointed out. This video explains why

  3. Not many people talk about it but the only real problem on earth is over population. Reduce human numbers and the planet will start to fix itself. Of course it would be nice if we helped. Blessings to all.

  4. Hi how are you, you are not counting, on lights, on streets, and cars, my experience, as a commercial truck driver, I have seen how much damage cause, cars during, early spring to nature, you can see it on the front of vihecules, full of insects, and bees.

  5. Evolution is causing the extinction of all species genetic modification is a manifestation of Darwinian consciousness random mutations evolve into cancer the homosapians has lost its soul!

  6. Just to add to the comments… Not looking good. People just do not think nor do anything plus they out number the ones who care. Forty plus years ago I lived in the same area that I do now after decades in the metroplexes and it is obvious to me out in the woods or fields. Down right eerie the absence of animals. At 13yrs. old I worked with crop dusting and had many thoughts of what is happening now. I saw a show showing Chinese people taken out to the fields with sticks and cotton balls to pollinate the trees because the bees are gone. The jet setting around the world for climate change meetings is a great example. Keep burning oil till it is all gone while saying we should slow down. Some how WE need to educate the masses to think and talk about important things. Make corporate lobbying illegal, yeah right… See what I mean? Our public representatives should have to wear body cameras 10 hours a day and stream online. They work for us! Sadly it will not change because most stay in their fuzzy box until there is no more fuzz from the world. It is strange, try talking to random people about difficult subjects and they will shy away and probably show you a cutie kitty on their electronic pad.

  7. I own 36 acres in the Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas. I relocated from southern California in 2004. Half of my property is forest, the other half is meadow. When I moved here, lightning bugs were only around for a couple of weeks. 15 years later, they emerge in early June and remain (by the thousands) until mid September. My property is very noisy from insect music from spring to fall. Absolutely no spraying and the meadows grow wild with just one mowing a year. I look out at dusk and the air is filled with life. Hardly any mosquitoes.

  8. This is a result of geoengineering the planet by the NWO. They are destroying the entire ecosystem along with destroying us with gmos and Monsanto Roundup. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Weaponized weather et al.

  9. NEVER SEE MOTHS EVER IN THE LAST 15 years. Never see ladybug 🐞 anymore either. So sad they are so cute. As a kid I loved it when ladybugs would land on me.

  10. Simply ban any pesticide use for a few years on a open land and problem fixed. (it can be used in controled spaces with no wind, as wind spreads it and fucks up the earth)

  11. South West London, U.K. The woods near me are are dead as a dodo. Should be teeming with creepy crawlies and birds singing and calling…..dead, dead, dead. A long time ago, a small boy, I and my brothers could play in the garden and find all kinds of crawlies just by turning a stone over. Today, there's nothing at all in these woods yet there's water, foliage, fallen vegetation, moist loam, everything yet most days I walk there and I began to notice – where are these things? Absolutely nothing, quiet as a grave. Too many people. Never mind, massive asteroid soon.

  12. That's what happens when RUTHLESS Business owners care more about PROFITS than about the LAND they exploit. Most farmers that are owned by their family, they will USUALLY take care of, knowing that to ruin the land would ruin their family..

  13. This documentary is spot on. Around where I live (subtropical Asia) the only insects that seem to be thriving are mosquitoes. Birds seem to be strangely absent too. I've been here for 3 years and noticed almost immediately that there are few birds and insects compared to where I used to live. Agriculture where I live now is dominated by monoculture and carefully controlled conditions.

  14. There are also epidemics of insects and other diseases that kill trees, and biological controls against them aren't all that effective. For example, Bag Worms kill trees of many varieties, so even if you have variety, most of your trees can still be in danger. Without trees, you don't have homes for birds, either. There has to be some balance between conflicting needs.

  15. It's not the rich and the corporations, it's the poor and the masses of people that are the problem. They seem to always allude Until we all fall in line under Agenda 21. Promising yet another, smiling dystopian illusion. We didn't ask them to create Monsanto, or clear cut the Amazon.

  16. If 30% of farmland lies permanently fallow, that means 30% of people won't have food to eat. European human populations are actually declining, but not that fast.. Mass starvation of people is NOT an answer.

  17. I'm recently in Alentejo Portugal and I really enjoy the birds, but there is a lot of farm life too. I did not realise I had missed them so much.

  18. We've lost our way. The contrast between what it was like when I was a kid in the 60's and now is phenomenal. To think in just 60 years so much would be gone. There use to be incredible numbers of aphids, butterflies, catepillars, crickets, moths, bees. Now even where we are in a rural setting, a light bulb outside at night gathers no flying insects.

  19. if you put one of those mobile phones with a base,in a bee hive the bees dont return, this is just the same as mobile phone towers, in the effect it has on their electromagnetic vibration.

  20. The poison that kills the bugs is what makes us lose our sensitivity to the loss of wildlife. The very same poison is killing us slowly.

  21. I can get fruit and vegies with hand pollination but it is time-consuming so I don't get the time to grow as diverse a garden. I use no pesticides or chemicals on my property.

  22. Well, it ain't flyswatters that are causing the dieoff. Humanity should be ashamed. I am really pissed that this is still, after all, we know, we still reach for the spray poison.

  23. My best friend wants to plant rows of flowers and hedge areas around their 10-acre lot of farmland to save space for wildlife.

  24. In the beginning, my grandfather was one of the first to aerial spray bugs and died from what was believed to be safe to humans, Guess what, we were wrong,

  25. You're kidding? You don't know that nocturnal means no lights. Light, when I sleep, disturbs my sleep so I know things that need the darkness are disturbed by our stupid lights.

  26. nice it confirms the same problem with the sea full of plastic and over fishing , air is contaminated , rivers contaminated , forests cut and burn , you dont need to look for the problem its simple the planet is infested with people , remove people and fix all the problems .

  27. This summer I had a to trip to north Canada,, I used to drive there 30 years ago and you needed a bug screen over your radiator grill and the windshield needed cleaning every 100 milles. This summer they windshield was clean with only a few marks.. Problem is that this is 100;s of miles from farms or industry. I think we should look at chem spraying as the culprit

  28. We know some of the serious problems current farming practices cause. Who knows how bad the hidden truth is. But it is perfectly reasonable to connect such things as roundup's harm to humans also harming other forms of life.

  29. There is no climate change, there is however GMO crops that kill the insects and birds. Chemtrails also contribute to the death of our planet. The Agenda 2030 is underway.

  30. I wish humans could live in better harmony with the world, we are so so smart, but also so so greedy, we want it all, even if it means we will be left with nothing but dust in our mouths.

  31. evolutionary success? What aout giving credit to our creator? Like plants, birds and other animals they are a wonderful testament to the creative nature of God

  32. Many of the insects and birds i was lucky to know have had their holocaust. Eventually it could be our turn. Peter is so creative, hope he and you forestall Armageddon.

  33. yes stop growing food who needs it anyways wen you have a store were you can buy it samething with meat no need to kill cows wen you can buy beef at the store save the bugs 1st then worry about the humen

  34. We have moved to a new place on Oahu, Hawaii. It's warm, and green. But there are very few insects. We are on a canal, have a lot of plants around the house, and a pool. I have not seen a moth, or a butterfly, or a bee in the yard in the three weeks we have been here. A few mosquitoes and a couple of flies. That's it. Terrifying.

  35. It only took 1:38 to mention climate change. WOW
    1st thought:obviously over use of pesticides killing "pests"
    2nd thought: I'm done if I hear climate change

  36. With 5G, insects will be completely gone within a year and then the birds will follow. Is that the world we want to live in??? Why are more people not concerned about this??

  37. There is also the constant leaking and venting of radiation from Nuclear Power Plants. Chitin, the polysaccharide that makes wing structure is disassembled in high ionizing radiation. Same for phytoplankton chitin structure in the ocean.

  38. I understand and we are doing all we can here in Oz, you need to preach to China and India who are the biggest polluters on the planet.

  39. We in Australia have lost 90% of the insects I remember in the 1970's, Rhinoceros beetles gone…Green frogs mostly gone (yes I know not insect), giant Mantis gone…Giant moths gone.
    Cockroaches and mosquitoes are doing well as usual.

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  41. People wanted to control insects and their populations, but they chose insecticides that kill indiscriminately, others tried using one insect against another, by introducing new species where they don't live, and those new invaders destroyed it all. Same with rodents.

  42. Canadian farmers state that where there are no mobile phone towers, there are still bugs (even if they conventionally spray their crops) The farmers that have had mobile masts installed on their land have zero insects – for hundreds of acres. What has increased a hundred fold in the last 5 – 10 years? the ubiquitous installation of millions of very high-powered microwave radiation masts and antennas. Not only are the insects disappearing, the human and animal cancer rates are rising. The telecommunication companies must be held accountable for the widespread harm of humans, animals, insects, birds and trees. 5G is the next level of telecommunications and will be an absolute disaster to anything that lives.

  43. The government would rather tax us for a false doctrine like global warming instead of telling you about insect decline.

  44. I knew something was happening. I have noticed that I have hardly seen any flies this summer, and I may have seen 2 bees all summer. I live in SC this is very alarming to me because I live in a very Rural community. God save us all

  45. There have been no insects on my car windshield all summer, 2019, here in coastal Alabama, USA…Previously, it was a daily task to clean the windshield…a very few birds are present except for the seed eaters. No one seems to notice or care.