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– [Trebek] We start off with George W. Bush Presidential Library. Our 43rd president is celebrating
a birthday this weekend. – George W. Bush Presidential
Library for 400, please. – [Trebek] Here’s Jimmy. – Forty-six baseball Hall of Famers
visited the White House in 2001 and signed a bat for the president including Nolan Ryan,
who pitched for this team President Bush once co-owned. [Trebek] Charlie. – Who are the Texas Rangers? – [Trebek] That’s it. – George W. Bush, 800. – [Trebek] Back to Jimmy. – The library has the bullhorn President Bush used at this site in 2001. When workers said they
were unable to hear, Bush replied, “I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you.” – [Trebek] Josh. – What is Ground Zero? – [Trebek] Yes. – George W. Bush, 1200. – [Trebek] Jimmy? – This 9mm Glock pistol was held by this former world leader when he was found hiding
in a hole in the ground by American forces in 2003. – [Trebek] Allison. – Who is Saddam Hussein? – [Trebek] Right. – 1600. – The Situation Room replica has the actual furniture from Washington. From this table on March 19, 2003, President Bush gave the
order to start the Iraq War to General Franks, head of
CENTCOM, short for this. – [Trebek] Allison. – What is Central Command? – [Trebek] You are right. Now the last clue. Jimmy? – The Bush Library has
a full-sized Oval Office where you can sit behind a
replica of this famous desk also used by FDR and JFK, among others. – [Trebek] Charlie. – What is the Resolute desk? – That is right. And that takes you to $17,800. All three of you, very impressive today. (audience claps) And our birthday wishes of course go out to former President George Bush.

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  1. OMG I knew all those questions/answers. President George W Bush was a great president, and is a good man.

  2. Happy 73rd Birthday To Former 43rd President of The United States: George W. Bush, a Good Man with a Good Heart and Enjoy Your Birthday and 73 More To Come!

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