The Fourth 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News

“This is the CNN/New York Times
Democratic presidential debate.” “Sometimes there
are issues that are bigger than politics. And I think that’s the case
with this impeachment inquiry.” “In my judgment,
Trump is the most corrupt president in the
history of this country.” “He has committed
crimes in plain sight. And on this issue
with Ukraine, he has been selling
out our democracy.” “I want to give a reality check
here to Elizabeth, because no one on this stage
wants to protect billionaires. Not even the billionaire
wants to protect billionaires. We just have
different approaches. Your idea is not
the only idea.” “You have not
specified how you’re going to pay for the
most expensive plan, ‘Medicare for all.’ Will you raise taxes
on the middle class?” “I have made clear what
my principles are here. And that is: Costs will
go up for the wealthy and for big corporations. And for hard-working
middle-class families, costs will go down.” “A yes-or-no question that
didn’t get a yes-or-no answer.” “Senator Warren, I just want to say that I was
surprised to hear that you did not agree with me that on
this subject of what should be the rules around
corporate responsibility for these big tech companies, when I called on Twitter to
suspend Donald Trump’s account that you did not agree. And I would urge you
to join me.” “Sometimes I think that
Senator Warren is more focused on being punitive or pitting
some part of the country against the other.” “I’m really shocked
at the notion that anyone thinks
I’m punitive. Look, I don’t have a
beef with billionaires. We need a wealth tax in
order to make investments in the next generation.” “If it’s not O.K. for
a president’s family to be involved in
foreign businesses, why was it O.K. for your son
when you were vice president?” “Look, my son did
nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. Rudy Giuliani, the president
and his thugs have already proven that they,
in fact, are flat lying.” “What has happened
in Syria is yet again Donald Trump
selling folks out. And that’s why dude gotta go. And when I am
commander in chief, we will stop this madness.” “Donald Trump has the blood
of the Kurds on his hand. But so do many of the
politicians in our country from both parties who have
supported this ongoing regime-change war in Syria
that started in 2011.” “I think that is dead wrong. The slaughter
going on in Syria is not a consequence
of American presence. It’s a consequence of a
withdrawal and a betrayal. And when I was
deployed, I knew one of the things
keeping me safe was the fact that the
flag on my shoulder represented a country
known to keep its word.” “Think about how absurd it is
that this president is caging kids on the border and effectively letting
ISIS prisoners run free.” “We have ISIS —
it’s going to come here. They are going
to, in fact, damage the United States of America. That’s why we got involved
in the first place.” “Protect small business
and protect consumers.” “They don’t know how this
is going to affect their jobs.” “This is a disease of
capitalism run amok.” “Have a 15-member court.” “Police violence is
also gun violence.” “Women are the majority of the
population in this country. People need to keep their
hands off of women’s bodies and let women
make the decisions about their own lives.” “Thank you, senator.” “I’m going to say something
that is probably going to offend some people here, but I’m the only one on
this stage who’s gotten anything really big done.” “But you know what
you also got done? And I say this
as a good friend. You got the disastrous
war in Iraq done. You got a bankruptcy bill,
which is hurting middle-class families
all over this country. You got trade agreements like
Nafta, P.N.T.R. with China done, which have cost us
4 million jobs.” “So you started this
question with how you got something done. You know, following the
financial crash of 2008, I had an idea for
a consumer agency.” “And I went on the floor
and got you votes. I got votes for that bill. I convinced people
to vote for it. So let’s get those things
straight, too.” “Senator Warren,
do you want to respond?” “I am deeply grateful
to President Obama, who fought so hard to
make sure that agency was passed into law.” “You did a hell of a job
in your job.” “Thank you.” “Now to the issue of
candidates and their health.” “I’m feeling great,
but I would like to respond
to that question.” “Well, I want to —— I want to start by saying ——” “And Senator Sanders is in
favor of medical marijuana. I want to make sure
that’s clear as well.” “I do. I’m not on it tonight.”

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  1. Hey look the asian guy want people to take heroin… 😲 . Seriously this is all you kept from everything he said . I just upgrade my level of understanding of the word Bias ! 5 SECOND in a 5 MINUTE video

  2. Warren looked like a true Cherokee Warrior Chief on that stage! I'm sure she had her fellow Native Americans in mind, every time she mentioned the "middle class"lol What a fu#%en joke smh

  3. Biden is a peofile his son hunter is a drug addict that has ties with Turkey and are extorting foreign land for profit in secret…anyone voting blue are brainless

  4. Buttigeig stating "I represented a country that is known to keep its word". Really? What about the Kurds George Bush Senior betrayed when the rose up against Saddam and thousands were slaughtered after he pushed them to revolt? What about the US Ambassador telling Saddam that the US did not want to get involved in ME politics when Kuwait were drilling sideways into Iraq and were stealing Iraqi oil and gave Saddam permission to invade? What about the attacks and coup in Iran which killed the democratically elected Prime Minister Dr Mossadeqh because he wanted to nationalise the oil industry for the benefit of t he people then after 300,000 Iranians were killed and tortured America was surprised when students captured the US Embassy? The CIA trained the Iranian Shah's secret police the Savak. The list is endless as the USA has been seen as an empire building state that is totally and utterly untrustworthy and the world fears its complete and utter disgraceful actions no matter who is in power and from whatever party. Tulsi Gabbard is the only one who makes any real sense and the rets are utterly shameful hacks who want to be the next puppet leader run by the Deep State we now know is real and utterly dangerous as 'enemies domestic'. Time for another revolution by true patriots.

  5. Yang had a breakout moment during this debate. Three other candidates acknowledged the automation issue while addressing Yang directly, two even suggested UBI is worth looking into. He had a serious debate with Warren over it and made valid points about how a VAT is better than a wealth tax. And yet the NYT barely even shows three seconds on Yang in these videos. This is insane.

  6. I’d vote Democrat but there is not a deaf and blind Muslim lesbian transgender women of color with autism running for office.

  7. Tulsi is too moderate in this political climate for those who have embraced the far left ideology. That's a shame, because I'm not even a Democrat but she definitely seems like a great candidate with classical values.

  8. A disgusting display of bias, but that's ok Tulsi because we're still here, with you till the end. Tulsi Gabbard for President

  9. TULSI 2020 ✌🏻️🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸

  10. Softball typical dem questions. None on climate, immigration, housing…..but one on "friendship"…………….I like Biden's coke head son, Hunter, the best. Go Hunter! Get on another board of directors….you have earned it! I guess…………..

  11. I wouldn't vote for trump ever.
    The democrats need to get their act together because if they lose we might not even be able to see another debate. Trump needs to be impeached so we can make it to 2020

  12. Cannot believe Castro is still beating the "Children in cages" dead horse when in fact it was Obama who was responsible! If you still believe it was Trump, the you are Super Gullible

  13. Sorry Bernie, If you think President Trump is the most corrupt president in history, then you have no idea what just went on in the Ukraine with the Obama presidency.

  14. Really? Trump is responsible for the problems in Syria? Deflection and projection. Where is a leader with integrity? Not on that stage.

  15. There should have been more coverage on Andrew Yang. He’s polling fourth, but still only got to have one line of coverage here….

  16. Clearly Tulsi Gabbard is the most important presidential candidate of my lifetime (I'm 74 years old).

    She may be the last chance we have to reign in  an 'out of control' and an increasingly imperialistic nation.

    The United States of America has become a BEAST, a BEAST prowling the world with foreign military bases, aircraft carriers, and predator drones, ready to bully and if necessary destroy any nation daring to disagree with it's world view.

    Its message to the world is clear — Bow and bow deeply.

    Difficult to admit but – WE ARE NO LONGER THE GOOD GUYS

    The BEAST is clearly aware of the threat it faces from Tulsi Gabbard and is not happy.

    Tulsi has courageously stepped forward to lead the effort to confront.  Other candidates turn away from the Beast, refusing to look.

    Tulsi sees the Beast and looks directly in its eyes — staring it down.

    For this election, the main issue is to control the BEAST.  As for other issues:

    Health care – a side show.

    Gun control- side show.

    So, if health care and gun control are side shows, what is the main show?

    'The main show' – concern for  those who die as a direct result of United States sanctions: the children, the weak, the vulnerable, the aged.

    500,000 in Iraq under Clinton. 60,000 (so far) in Venezuela under Obama and Trump — 80,000 in Yemen and there are more —- does anyone know the number of dead in Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea. The US caused carnage is staggering.

    Yes, modern war is less about young men fighting and dying. Modern warfare is about children and old people dying — dying from lack of medicines and food. Dying of suffocation brought on by sanctions.

    ”The main show” — million's of people around the world driven from their homes by war and the threat of war — why — because they failed to bow.

    ”The main show” — hundreds of thousands of young boys and men, killed defending their peasant villages from an alien invader -why- because it is part of every young mans’ and womans’ DNA to protect their home, their family, their village.

    ”The main show” – Eight (8) $Trillion squandered –why– because the BEAST is insatiable.

    ”The main show” —  A million of our young men and women destined to live their lives with the nightmare memories of dangers they have faced and the feeling of guilt of the horrors they have perpetuated –WHY– because it is part of every young mans’ and womans’ DNA to protect their home, their family, their village.

    A vote for any candidate other than Tulsi is a vote to feed the beast, to empower and further assist it in its brutal ways.

    The BEAST is angry at Tulsi Gabbard and the BEAST is using it's many tools to destroy the Tulsi movement.

    The New York Times has obviously decided to feed the beast, as has CNN, as has the Democratic National Committee, as has the Republican National Committee.

    Their message is clear: slander Tulsi, slander, Tulsi, slander Tulsi.

    Keep in mind that Tulsi was at one time the Golden Girl of the Democratic Party. AT the age of 33 she was elected to be the vice chair. Heir apparent. The rising star.

    She then gave it all up because of the outrage she felt when it was clear that the DNC had, behind closed doors, chose Hillary over Bernie and used its pervasive influence to see that Hillary was nominated. This begs the question, can a person of integrity exist within our political system.

    Ask any acquaintance their opinion of Tulsi, and you are likely get a blank look (like – who is she?), or they will ask you if she is the one who supports brutal dictators.

    The BEAST is very powerful and is in control of the tools traditionally used to manipulate (like the New York Times) — and is busy manipulating your image of Tulsi. Do not fall for it.

    Be a skeptic, use your brain, think, act

    If it is not you and me, then who

    If it is not now, when

  17. The NY Times, is a disgusting rag, at the low level of the National Enquirer, after the disgusting smear job, of Tulsi Gabbard. Utterly SHAMEFUL!!!!!

  18. Their goes the Clown News Network snd The New York Slimes in cahoots together playing the TDS game. Why don’t you say like go over the issues that normal Americans might find useful instead of your tried and failed nonsense

  19. Gabbard was right about what she said about the NYT. This video of "Key moments" spliced to make her look like she lost the exchange with Buttigieg is foolish and wildly inaccurate.

  20. Much as it pains me to say this, but even if I’ve been unimpressed by the serial failure of the USA’s mobster-in-chief to give proper answers to questions from the meeja I’m equally unimpressed by the non-answers that some members of the USA’s Democratic Party, including one of my favorites, gave during the debate among twelve hopefuls that happened in Westerville, Ohio, on Tuesday 15 October 2019.

    If I were registered as a voter in elections in the USA then I would say “work in progress”.

  21. We need to get 60%of these people off stage, so the candidates that truly matter can speak. Some of these people have no chance of winning, but are still on stage wasting the time of true candidates.

  22. They're tearing each other down and beating each other up and at the end of the fight, Trump will stand victorious because they're fighting the wrong battle. Very short sighted.

  23. This video is useless. I wonder why it has only half a sentence from Bernie and Yang as well.
    Oh, because corporate elites made this you say?
    Of course.

  24. Only the Dems have been corrupt. It's really amazing to see Dems go after Trump Jr but cry foul when Hunter bidden is called into question. Only the Dems conspired to oust Trump.

  25. We have a country with real problems and these clowns sound like grade school children with no clue! That's how we got President Trump…

  26. We need a 2020 answer, everyone but Andrew Yang running for your President have multiple policies on their agenda that are outdated. Andrew has a little bit of socialism in him thanks to Berine. Elizabeth Warens position on taxing multi billionaires (50M-999B) is not a bad one either. If Andrew Yang's universal basic income can't be supported through taxing huge companies and corporations he could always raise the taxes for the multi millionaires and up to allocate funds for building a better future.

    Andrew also has great solutions for 21st century problems. Its the 4th 'industrial' wave, don't let the big tech companies fool us. Why wait with another President? Vote Yang in your Primaries! Lets get his name on that ballot. Yang 2020!

    The media isn't giving him the coverage he deserves, spread his name!

  27. Can someone tell these guys America isn’t a democracy? They get it wrong so often and I don’t know how you can put any of these people in charge of the government of they don’t know what it is.

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