‘The Five’ breaks down talking points from Democratic presidential debate

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  1. Not even one question about the economy or keeping it strong.
    Biden is willing to thrown away 100,000 jobs (none of which would be his, of course), but what happens to the people who had one of those 100,000 jobs? Will they miraculously be retrained to take one of those "new" green jobs or do they get thrown away with their old jobs?
    None of these people have any common sense!

  2. Nobody can trump a Trump Rally. Trump gets the Mexico/Canada deal done–yet the 230 global representatives agree with that–and Impeach???

  3. The most racist debate i've ever watched…the amount of hatred spewed for white males was utterly sickening. Never ending groveling about how evil white, old men are and how oppressed "people of color" are in America.

  4. Two observations: 1st: Yang's claim to be the only person of "color" is wrong. "White" is also a "color" and discrimination against any person, black, white, tan or any color is unacceptable. 2nd: Warren saying "Billionaires" should not pick the next president disqualifies Mr. Bloomberg who (as a billionaire) wants to use his own money to "choose" himself as the next president.

  5. While they are on a stage complaining. Our great president Trump is running the country and doing a good job. Vote Trump 2020

  6. She thinks Yang, the guy who think that transgender woman deserve reproductive Rights, is the best Democrat candidate? Lol

  7. Certainly does not endear your people to vote for them when these pathetic candidates continue to denigrate your wonderful president. Nothing to offer, completely p brained. How can people even think of voting for these kind of extremists.

  8. These candidates have no chance against President Trump. They stand there and lie, just to get votes, as your typical politician always does. They lie, saying that the economy is poor, when anyone who is honest is witnessing the best economy America has seen in a very long time. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE PHONIES, WHOM, IF EVER ELECTED WOULD RAISE TAXES SKY HIGH; SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CREATING JOBS.

  9. These candidates have no chance against President Trump. They stand there and lie, just to get votes, as your typical politician always does. They lie, saying that the economy is poor, when anyone who is honest is witnessing the best economy America has seen in a very long time. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE PHONIES, WHOM, IF EVER ELECTED WOULD RAISE TAXES SKY HIGH; SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CREATING JOBS.

  10. None of these candidates stands a chance against Trump! Not 1! None of them have any policies. The only common goal of theirs that they agree on, is “beat Trump.”

  11. Lol
    When they all lose, they could go to Warren’s kitchen and drink cheap beer!
    Best President ever! They ALL know it!

  12. Do nothing Democrats are going to fix the problem that got Donald Trump elected? How they going to fix the American citizens who voted for him. Still trying to do impossible things while wasting American tax dollars.

  13. IS THIS FARCE still going on! After what’s happened to the real President, no one even takes these jokers seriously

  14. "Juan" NEED TO BE OUT OF FOX! He is a disgrace for the American people! 🤮 it's so disappointing to watch him in the five, it should be "the four"

  15. 1:26

    What he do!? Each time you accuse without examples is a victory for Trump and a nail in your coffin.

    Hope next (D) President is elected after 2052…. or Never!~

  16. Elizabeth Warren is the biggest hypocritical liar going. I loathe her. Did the other candidates not turn up because they refused to cross a picket line? Please be clear about this!

  17. Do pH value tests for purity. Like Asia-India sita goes into fire and proves her purity because she was among demons. What? Sita is also a demon character of hindutva myths who shared their temple land ayodhya with Islamic tomb.

    And Elizabeth Warren is questioned by Pete mayor to put herself in fire and come out pure. What topics do Democrat's race campaigning? They are playing talk attacks of what myth stories they factually played their role for global peace warming and creating universal medicare.

  18. Andrew is correct. Why aren't they talking about the issues that got trump into office in the first place? Instead they're complaining about wine caves and orange man bad

  19. The lack of diversity…haha. People who obsess over racism are usually the ones themselves…who normally thinks like these people? Seems like a depressing, angry existence. Oh…

  20. I love how these Fox News millionaires gloat about their own wealth. A €900 bottle of wine is cheap to them. They love to stick up for billionaires and the rest of the swamp. The hypocrisy is insane.

  21. "Nobody cares about campaing finance reform"? That was outright lie and she knows it. 90 % of people think that politicians are corrupt because they get money from businesses and rich people.

  22. Such a shame what the Republican party is becoming. I thought I would see what people are saying in response to the Leftists or at least to this video. For the most part there's a bunch of cringeworthy attempts at jokes, silly puns and changed spellings of people's names. And i know the channel's average age is over 70, so THIS is the wisdom to come from it?

  23. Aren’t Chinese considered white? I never heard Asians couldn’t drink out of Mississippi water fountains back in the day…?

  24. Juan also happens to be the most IQ challenged …. He makes me sick ….. Always ruins the great positive energy

  25. The blond chick does now what she is talking about. 75% to 80% of americans wants to change campaign laws. Because money is creating corruption.

  26. Elizabeth Warren still the front-runner to lose to Donald Trump?…She can get all whupped-up on fire-water and dance around the teepee till it rains while her paw paw beats the war drums, that looney tune will never get within a bow and arrow's shot of the White House.

  27. I am not a leftist Democrat, but I thought that the group of possible candidates is kinda anti-climactic….I give special kuddos and honorable mention to Yang, who wants to make people 😊 by giving away government (yours & mine) money…..This is the best they could do?

  28. None of these canidents can even come close to taking on President Trump. These canidents are weak and are telling you what you want to here and are fake like the MSM. Buckle up America, you are about to wittness the biggest Presidenial landslide in history. Another four years of MAGA.

  29. Thank you for exposing the insanity that is evident during the debate. We the People have not been watching this clown show any longer. However, to have Williams anchor that segment is just as insane. He is so biased and ruins your show.

  30. they cut yangs first answer just before it became interesting and only included the small joke at the start :(, atleast they included his second part about impeachment. But still sad that they didn't include his message about the reason why there aren't other minority candidates

  31. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed a driver's license they need background checks from their old countries to make sure they're eligible to have a driver's license in America ! no different from people that are already legal Americans living here ! How many owed child support or driving while intoxicated or killed somebody driving what about car insurance ?

  32. I noticed that they allowed Juan Williams to and finish his thoughts. I would like to see this more often, I am nowhere near a fan of his, but if we can get ourselves into a position of at least debating the other person's point of view and not screaming at him like the view does, it would us to see view and where he's coming from and then able to counter It when we come across people with the same point of view and do so as articulately as the five does.

  33. Anyone have a Samsung Smart TV? Check out your apps, you'll notice CNN Go has been pushed onto your TV without your permission which you cannot delete either. Probably a bit part of why we have a lot of idiots that believe what CNN says. it literally is shoved down your throats on your Smart TV's.

  34. You know what I only watch the five because I like Greg Gutfeld, Jessie Watters, Dana Perino and the other Pretty girl. I just have to cover my ears every time that Juan speaks!

  35. It's pretty obvious that Fox is starting to get scared of Andrew Yang… they are SALIVATING over the prospect of Trump facing Biden or Klobuchar in the general since it's a sure win for him.

  36. I was so disappointed in Juan Williams on the Five, why did he not apologize to the military cadets for calling them white supremacist when it turned out to be a game. We all knew it was a game except Jaun. SHAME ON YOU JUAN, SHAME ON YOU! Why he's on this show is beyond me.

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