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The Day Democracy Died

The Day Democracy Died

(dark music plays) All of the parliamentary theatrics over
the past two years have led to this moment Theresa May’s announcement As of this afternoon to put No Deal and an
extension to article 52 a vote in the Commons solidifies what is always, in the
background, been the main point. Extension is the necessary element and a crucial process by which we remain in the European Union Yesterday’s Corbyn’s move
was perhaps very shrewd and his timing certainly was crucial The state of play
is clear to my eyes his call for a second referendum is a red herring he knows that ultimately that the referendum will be politically toxic but it satisfies his critics and puts the recent wave of Independent Group
converts in their place for the time being On the other hand May gains soft support for the idea, just the idea, of supporting her deal but her deal is impossible Therefore public opinion will be managed
away from an extreme revolt against the Great Brexit Betrayal that is an extension of article 50 in the first instance with a hard remain as the worst
case scenario How ruthless our leaders are in this time of crisis Has it ever been clearer that our democracy has vanished And we are being led to the
slaughter of representative government of sovereignty by this party deal and
it’s a cross-party deal Part of me admires it The sheer arrogance of it yet the fact remains All of the toing and froing we’ve seen All of the market uncertainty All of the political divisiveness Has been orchestrated as a
spectacle by the “PLEBS” the Politically, Liberal, Elitist, Bastards and Snobs in Government, Parliament, the Civil Service Business Media, Lobbyists and those
hangers-on across the Unions, Universities and Think Tanks who were terrified of you the Electorate for taking charge For making the decisions For voting against them But the EU will also now have to deal
with its own political fallout Everything from Greece to Italy they will reap what they sow by pushing for more Europe they’ve lessened the United
Europe cause Even to those whose natural inclination it is to support Brexit
maybe dead but we may have ensured political disintegration across an evil
would-be Empire the “PLEBS” may have won but history may show the democracy dying
today in the United Kingdom Unleashed something else in the European Union

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Youtube are clearly trying to censor this video. 'No views' despite likes and comments. Please share this onto all available platforms since youtube are clearly trying to prevent this video gaining traction.

  2. If the remainers in all parties manage to force a second referendum on Brexit they many come wish they had not, as it is conceivable that the result may come back even more in favour of exiting the EU and those MP’s who have been voting contrary to their constituents wishes may come regret their choices come the next general election. On the ballot paper it should give the choices, Remain, May's deal or No deal.

  3. Which is why the remedy to the crisis will never be a political one. The democratic process is the problem not the solution.

  4. Why hasn't anyone thrown Theresa May into the Thames ? ……..Because she is the one who has created this whole scenario…….delay, delay, delay……..

  5. How about a public protest, not a march, a real protest that will hit government …. if a few million disgruntled leavers (doesn't need to be all 17.4m) refuse to pay their council tax in April if we have not left on March 29th, what will government do, jail a few million? This would send a real message and hurt the government where it hurts, in the treasuary. THAT WOULD SEND A REAL MESSAGE that they could not ignore.

  6. The EU has a fight of it own through it's tyrannical supression of national identity, local decision making and its autocratic control and regulation of everyday life. People are tired of their every move and thought being issued by bureaucrats that are unaccountable and dictatorial. We may be forced to stay by the elites and their globalist masters but in the end the people will win. They cannot silence and lock up everyone. France has shown that civil disobedience is a powerful weapon.

  7. I can't believe the seeming apathetic acceptance that democracy has been ridden roughshod over by MPs in our elected house of commons.
    That's what has really shocked me ,even Nigel Farage on LBC last night looked a gutted ,defeated man.
    It's almost as if even hardline Brexiteers have been worn down to whimpering acceptance and the leave vote , which actually won the referendum , has been forgotten and absolutely betrayed.
    This seeming acceptance of the once unthinkable by those who were championing the leave cause, is the most disconcerting and disturbing aspect of it all .

  8. Steven , you are 100% correct, the British pubic/ electorate have deen completely betrayed with no recourse , we appear to be powerless but we do have a very violent alternative, CIVIL WAR.The media in support of the liberals and plebs has been closing down the people on all social sights except the far left .We in effect have been gaged which leave us no alternative but to hit the streets.Again it will be difficult to co ordinate as the social media is now closed to us , I never thought that in my lifetime i would be ashamed of my country , how has it got to this, we are being punished for going against the wishes of the elite establishment.I for one will at least go down fighting against this evil political cancer that has spread through nation, and i am sure that many others feel the same.

  9. Trudeau, Obama, Macron, Cortez, Stooges put in place to take down western countries for the globalist elite.
    Obama seriously damage the USA, as Cortez is doing now,
    Macron has set his attack dogs on his own people, The use of violence against the French yellow vests, blinding nine of them by shooting 4-inch rubber bullets direct into the face! others are in comas in hospital,.One man had his hands blown off. Seriously injured by their own government for peaceful protesting against his policies!
    See what happened to Tommy Robinson, removed from ALL "social media sites" because he showed the world how the BBC lies or tells us nothing( France yellow vests) or makes up stories to suit the government agenda! *PANODRAMA*,,,,Anyone who puts TR on their sites will be closed down!!!! HOW DEEP IS THE SHITE?
    The pretend power in most of Europe is these stooges in place today, Merkel, Macron, Lofven, Sanchez, Rutt, Theresa May, many before them had gone rogue, became very rich!
    Soros and co have deep pockets.NGOs everywhere!

  10. Im afraid the common man must be prepared to die for our freedom. It sounds dramatic but we must stop these dictators. I am more than happy to give my life for future generations.

  11. Democracy died in Ireland way back in 1918 when the Irish people voted for an independent 32 county republic. The British gave them partition, civil war & theocracy in the south and orange terror in the north. Now if the British had respected the democratic wishes of the Irish people then the "Irish backstop" would not now be an issue…funny how history can come back and bite you on the arse.

  12. What happens next when you've been backed into a corner, when all your hopes are taken away, when the sneering elite and their support know they have stolen from you, what happens next? I always knew they would not let us leave. Deep down in my heart WHICH IS NOW BROKEN I Knew we would not be allowed to leave. So what happens next?

  13. Hi there. Steven woolfe MP. Your words are what we all know, their actions will cost them in the European Parliament elections and George Galloway others think that the Labour Party and conservatives are going to lose big time with the added bonus of these MEP's will lose the jobs and they will be badgering local constituencies for work and maybe they make a few MPs redundant. These MP's scabs that betrayed the British voters and should never hold jobs of power every again. Goofus a small God. Allegedly.

  14. Electoral registration form deleted . Never again. A Police state . Voting in an illegal 2nd referendum would only legitimise the dictatorship of parliament
    They had no rights interfering in our vote at all . As the Romans said Traitors are worse than child murderers . Starvation has also returned …….bad times make strong men , the men of the past can't help us . Of course I knew from the staged election of May it was inevitable but most did not and were in denial .It will be a day you will never forget , like Julius Caesar rolling down the steps of the senate in bloody taters .The black 29 th. Seared in the flesh branded like Roman slaves with the tongs of repellent middle class narcissists people who are criminal terrorists . still the death penalty for treason .

  15. Make no mistake these people are total fucking scum worse than ISIS . On the day we will see who votes for their own execution . It's still the death penalty for treason no jury will convict ( privilege of conscience total power of Nullification ) lawful execution . personally I would prefer strangulation . Lovely .

  16. Democracy was dead in shit hole Britain long before Brexit we can't even fly our own flag so don't make me laugh and when it is delayed sod all will happen we will take it like we've taken every piece of shit thrown. At us over the years sad but true and I put myself in that category we need farage now

  17. As and when Brexit does fail, I think it's the duty of every patriotic Brit to make themselves so toxic and such a massive pain in the arse for the EU that they'll want to get shot of us.

  18. The day democracy died in Britain was when our government SECRETLY took us into the eu, and this queen DID NOTHING to stop it! Our royal family and our politicians have loyalty to this country, there no longer is any feeling of patriotism with these people, even among the ordinary people.

  19. I agree with everything you say, but you are still a politician, so you are tainted with all the shit you accuse the other politicians of. You, like them, are only in this for the power and the money and I wouldn't trust you for the exact same reasons I don't trust the rest, 'cos it's become blatantly obvious that all politicians are the same, corrupt, hypocritical, cynical, elitist liars and thieves, on all sides, in every party and it will always be so until we ditch the failed system of representative democracy and replace it with a participatory democracy in which we can do away with all politicians forever.

  20. He's completely right, the destruction of Westminster was in the members own hands ! And they are so smug as to believe they are untouchable ? They have prodded the sleeping Lion once too often, expect a War !!!

  21. The Remainers are nothing but corporatists, putting the interest of big business over the democratic vote of the British people 😡

  22. Charlatan. Happy to take the MEP salary and pension while posing as the champion of Brexit. Out of the same mould as Farage.

  23. Well done Stephen! It is a sad time indeed but -as they say in operatic circles – the show isn't over until the fat lady sings. Who will ve the 'fat lady' one wonders?

  24. Traitors all. Anyone, leave or remain are traitors if the UK does not leave the evil eu it will have gone against the democratic vote of the people and are by default traitors. Shame on you all. This is only beginning.

  25. 😂 you all still think voting makes any difference? If you can't negotiate a trade deal with each individual member state you don't deserve to be in government. There never was any intention of letting us go. Fear mongering bluff didn't work so they've had to show their hand. And what a dirty, corrupt, greedy, traitorous hand it was. But we knew that before the cards were dealt.

  26. The French wrecked the joint mad rioting over the price of go go juice yet the British have been stripped of their democracy and freedom without so much as a fuking wimper. Where have you all gone you Brits? Lets be having ya for christ sake, they are enslaving us all.

  27. Lets see what the security bill for mp's will be at the end of the year. Imagine us paying for them to be protected from us.

  28. The Treasonous Government are all bought and paid for, we are not getting out of the EU. The reform of the Lisbon Treaty passed by Westminster on January 2009 replaced the British Constitution with the EU's. Westminster is now powerless, defunct and a puppet government. We are ruled by unelected EU dictators, who will soon control the nuclear weapons of what used to be Britain and France.

  29. Bloody disgraceful behaviour from traitorous self interested politicians. They should all be tried for treason. May should hang her traitorous head in shame for caving in. We won’t forget this and we certainly won’t forgive. Wait for the the next general election.

  30. UKIP is now the only way forward. But I some how think most of the electorate is stupid, most will no doubt vote conservative or labour.

  31. Sadly spot on Steven. Treason and betrayal will not be forgiven. Parliament is rotten to the core and must and will be brought down. We should be reminded of Winston Churchills speech after The Battle of Britain…"Never was so much owed by so many to so few". Sadly in this case the death of Democracy! Shame on them all!

  32. Even a blind man can see that the EU is a failed experiment and is slowly collapsing before our very eyes. Why would you want to be part that, at this juncture anyway? Wouldn't it be better to get the hell out now before the whole rotten structure does finally collapse as it will not be pretty! Thank God we never adopted the Euro as our currency!

  33. No, democracy died when instead of working together to get the best deal for Britain, all 650 MPs kept up their usual agenda of bashing the opposition, and self promotion.

  34. We need a general election to get rid of all the undemocratic parasites in parliament the Conservatives and Labour are no longer the answer may and corbyn are traitors to democracy

  35. Time to stock up on yellow jacket folks. In Somerset in 1685 we had the Monmoth rebellion known as the pitchfork rebellion, this protest will be known as the yellow jacket rebellion.

  36. It’s disappointing how many people aren’t bothered by the lack of democracy that’s being shown and how social media is banning certain videos with a political view that’s not inline with the mainstream.

  37. The corruption is absolutely blatant and disgusting. EVERYONE must vote for UKIP. Remove the 2 main parties forever. Mr Woolfe, you sir are one of the only politicians I respect. Please join UKIP. They are going to win big. They havent won. They just unleashed forces they will see them changing history in ways they never imagined. If there is one good thing that will come out of this. It is the removal of the 2 corrupt parties.

  38. if you love your country you have to fight for it like your forefathers or are you going to go down in history as the betrayers Who just let this happen and all those lives I lost for no good reason so you can just give it away these and peas are your Masters you are not there's you pay their wages they don't pay yours you make them rich while they make you poor the self centred self-important greedy people will destroy you if you let them so what will it be your country or your MPs (the wife)

  39. Load of old codswallop when did more voting mean less democracy. When you do not get your own way.
    If the snake oil you are selling is actually medicine then you will increase your vote.
    On the other hand if it turns out it is crap that you were getting away with then you make a rubbish video.

  40. You got what you voted for: a divided nation; deal with it. Stop blaming other countries, it's totally your own problem. That's your democracy.

  41. People need to start demanding what a hard remain is because they are very quiet on the subject of just how much we will lose to go back in because the EU will not let us just drop it. we have to be punished.

    states have already been told the rebates are going, the veto is going and they will have no choice but to join the euro mk2.

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