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  2. Trump is so dishonest and incompetent that he has become very dangerous . This has been known for a long time. But there are still so many people afraid to admit this.

  3. We all agree that Trump is not only fit to be the president of USA, but even a human being. Maybe, his ignorance, greed, bad behavior are the answer: People are getting angry and maybe they are starting to THINK, which means WAKE UP.

  4. Bob Corker needs to get through to the Republicans who can help get this man out of the White House. Corker has what it takes to lead. If he can do this, the GOP needs to take a serious look at him for 2020

  5. Trump & his Thugs are working to dump real people in the GOP to fill the slots with lackies – so Congress will rubber stamp whatever he, as Dictator, wants. American Democracy is dying before our eyes, and the GOP has been working at this for a dozen years or more. It's the end of the USA as we know it in the effort by the neo-right-wing to stage a slow moving coup.

  6. So let's say that one of those papers towels he was throwing at the hurricane victims ended up being tossed back and hit him in the that a crime? I'm extremely curious.

  7. Love Joe and Mika. They've come so far in being honest about how dangerous and unfit Trump is. Trump just makes enemies all the time and never makes friends. His base is it and he can't help but alienate those who tried to stay with him.

  8. I'm in Seattle so that comment stopped me in my tracks. Trump isn't a electoral threat on the west coast because we're blue all through. But he is a huge threat to the west coast (whom he has a vendetta against) by putting our safety at risk to nuclear war. Such a selfish man who puts America last. This America first rhetoric is a LIE. It's Donald Trump first and foremost.

  9. Not smart to mess with corker, he whips a lot of votes and corker knows the tide is changing in 2018, he's been in gov a long af time

  10. When Trumpelthinskin has one of his Trumper-tantrums and reaches in his diaper to throws his feces, it all ends up covering everyone around him and himself too. How long can Kelly put up with cleaning up after this man-baby?

  11. … Has the thought crossed anyone's mind in Congress to have Twitter band Trump to protect the security of America. And don't worry he wouldn't give speeches; it's impossible for Drumpf to articulate a constructive sentence.

  12. RE: Joe's remarks about Trump's priming himself for impeachment. To my sensibilities (I do have an advanced degree from UT, go Vols, congrats Pate), Corker is the official who most clearly is, however reluctantly, signalling some kind of early retirement, and I don't mean Bob Corker's..

  13. It might be BS. And shown to be BS. But Trumps hard core supporters believe every word he tweets without question!..He could tweet "Obama is really a lizard man from Mars!" And they'd be heading for their bunkers armed to the teeth firmly believing Martian lizard men had invaded Earth!..Trump's Dedicated supporters are truly the stupid of stupids!..So utterly stupid are they, that even the stupid avoid them!

  14. Trump is the natural result of Republican deceitful manipulations over the years. They are deceptive which is much more dangerous than lying. Republicans did this to the nation. We must hold them responsible.

  15. I have made many comments regarding Trump being unfit for office for several months. I also wonder if the American people are asked whether they feel they are being protected by this president. I mean really does the government have any specific pools that show if the American people feel they're in
    I believe Trump has either fired or alienated most of his Republican Party. He blames his failures
    On them and never admits to any wrongdoings. He also distorts messages such as the Tweet from Senator Corker. He turns the words around or distorts them so he is not @fault. This is a pattern of his.
    He replied to a tweet sent from PR Mayor Cruz the same way. She tweeted " we need help, people are
    Dying here". He tweeted back, " you people need to help yourselves ".. He thereby absolves himself of
    Any blame or wrongdoing because of course he " has to save face in front of His supporters.
    I believe Pres Trump is a very dangerous man, reacts too quickly and does not think of
    Consequences of his behavior. I truthfully believe he does not care about American people especially
    Poor, sick, disabled and vulnerable. I believe he cares about himself the most, his fragile ego and his
    Need to be right all the time.
    What was the last straw for me is the way he is dealing with Kim Jung-Un. I believe
    Trump has escalated this crisis and provoked Kim Jung-Un's wrath. Don't believe he knows how to
    Deal with him and has no diplomatic skills. I have been very fearful of having a nuclear attack
    Ever since Trump started arguing with him. Trump is also secretive about what's going on with N Korea.
    He seems to put his ego about being right over anything else; including American people.
    Also believe Republican Administration is not doing anything to stop him with these
    Rants and raves. Feel like Trump could explode one of these times and put all American lives
    In HARMS WAY! Republicans know that he is explosive, overreact to slightest criticism and is
    Very unpredictable! They shouldn't be worried about their political careers when there might
    Not even be a USA once Trump unloads. Also safety of American lives should be #1 priority!
    Trump should at least be evaluated by a psychiatrist. People like Kellys Ann Conway
    And Sarah Huckabee Sanders should have no say in evaluating Trumps mental health. They
    Support him and Conway for sure has a salaried job. But the Republican administration is
    Accountable and are required to do the checks and balances. Let's not play " a wait and see game
    Until it's too late"! NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

  16. Why does Trump devote so much time to attacking and abusing Americans. He constantly abuses American business's, judges, reporters, the intelligence community, actors, journalists, comedians, sportsmen, the media, ALL American citizens, American taxpayers. He doesn't go after Isis or the Russian hackers with anything like the nastiness and vindictive hatred that he puts into attacking his fellow Americans. Why?? is he mentally unwell?

  17. Him throwing paper towels to the crowd is like tossing bread crumbs to the peasants. It's demeaning, disgusting and he brushes off like it's normal. SMH

  18. Let print this on every NewsPaper . in the Free World. Saying that Trump lies about Corker. Are they afraid to print it.

  19. 7:55 "He doesn't want to pass legislation". So true. Getting legislation through congress is hard work. Hard work is anathema to Trump. Conclusion: the Trump presidency will be go down in history as a reality show. Useless president, disgraceful human being, a cabinet of fools.

  20. Joe and Mika ,how about telling the truth, like how the people feel by democrats losing every thing since Trump won.
    Every day more people get behind Trump as they are sick and tired of the "bought and paid for" career criminal politicians on both sides. If a politician is bought by, say your Corporate shareholders and network advertisers is only a puppet and not a leader! They have a profit agenda, not a "for the people" agenda, so cut out the "slandering for pandering" just for money, because it's a play right out of the Hillary DIY pay to play manual.
    Plus, it's about time these useless people in government get called out publicly for "screwing the pooch" like a real boss does it.

  21. Corker is just being a man and saying it like it is .. Donny's is illegitimate . He is an overweight mentally unstable old man that sold his soul to Putin a long time ago for $$ and power . The republicans are the enablers to deal with the problem And impeach , midterms are coming, deal with it or all the idiots are going to be voted out ..

  22. Memories of the 1970s Jonestown Cool-aid massacre with a crowd of gullibles swallowing the delusions of a madman. Investigators promised it would never happen again ๐Ÿ˜• Hmmm.

  23. Its really sad that Trump supporters can't see his true nature he only cares about himself and some of his buddys. Im 50 years old and never really cared about politics, but now I can't be silent. By the way I do vote. Voting is a American right take avange of this great right that USA gives us.

  24. Finally a republican with big balls. If only rest of GOP can stand up 2 that loser IT45 n entire administration. U go Bob. That bully is going down hopefully in a straight jacket to the nut House. It45 is a disgrace to the world .

  25. The republicans need to realize that the Trump experiment failed . This emboldened person and Bannon are literally threatening anyone who stands up to Trump. Are you kidding me? Is this what the Republican Party has descended too? Then you have neo nazis marching with tiki torches saying the south is coming back . You will not replace us ! Who is You? Our president meanwhile says nothing . The Spencer guy saying that this latest march is a model for the rest of the country . Yet Pence walks out of a football game ceremony for Peyton Manning . Trump had to steal even his spotlight . Just waiting for Trump or the White House to comment on the latest charolettsville march that Occured over the weekend .

  26. Please tell me who highlights the left talking points because they are exactly the same on every liberal news media show.

  27. the schmoe and Zika a morning viruski , corker will disappear and the old toothless guard dogs be put down , we see their lies and do nothing agenda

  28. Love watching trump go to the dogs thru MSNBC as an Englishman living in CZ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  29. It doesn't matter, we like him or not, now, he is the elected President of our country according to our Constitution. I also believe the appropriate manners to talk, deal with other Governing leaderships. Often the principles of Foundations and Constitutions are important by the goals. The manners may help getting things done much easily and quickly. However, support and help each other to get things done quickly are the most important than own feeling at the moment. One is the key issues for our country. The other is the temporary uncomfortable feelings towards self. If we can unite together get important things done quickly, nothing can't resolve. I guess. President Reagan did it, President Bush 41 did it, President Bush 43 did it, President Clinton also did it. I guess, if we will support and help new elected President Trump together, he will be easier to get things done quickly too. I don't totally agree President Obama's policies, but I never hate him either. One person's strength will be limited, no matter how smart, or capable, but the strength of all can be huge and effective and efficient. We are Americans and all live in America. Nothing should be able to split us or divide us as one nation under the principles of our country's own Foundations and Constitutions. Nothing can make us hate each other forever, but by the encouragement of America's principles for America's greatness to unite each other together by America's patriotism for America's own safety, prosperity and unity only. God bless America.

  30. Don't think Dump cares about the reality of anything. Everything, absolutely everything, is always about him. That what he gets up in the morning concerned about and it is what he goes to bed worrying about. You have a bad Reality Show actor in the WH.. That is how he lives and that is how he will die..

  31. If Trump accomplishes nothing else, he wants a wall on the Southern U.S. border. The reason why… TRUMP will form a corporation to get the contract!
    It's SO OBVIOUS!!

  32. why isn't it being said: trump does not see himself as a republican; he's just been using them as a factor to get to be president. it wouldn't at all be a surprise if he gets to running for a second term, he will do it as an independent and russia will help him win.

  33. Some of us DO NOT need Corker or anyone else to tell us that Deranged Donald the Despot is absolutely Unfit t to be president. He is a political eunuch; a nincompoop and lethal. The Republicans who surround and approve of him will have a lot to answer to the American people and they will go down in history as traitors.

  34. Isn't Donald Trump supposed to be the president of the USA? How does he have so much time in his hands to tweet and fight like a school boy bully? First it was the Mayor of London and now Corker. Certainly the man has thee lowest EQ than anyone in a position of power and as far as his IQ, well, just read his tweets. That should tell the whole story. He must have small … that he has to prove he is MACHO man. Poor Sod!

  35. "Dangers of attacking Bob Corker"??? A vindictive senator that is retiring and is still mad about being rejected for a position in the Trump Admin… His retirement and anti-Trump attitude only came out after he was refused an administration position.

  36. When will the MSNBC stock holders start to complain about losing so much money? "I got 11% of MSNBC but Im in the food line" Title The old man says

  37. They make good points but tax reform (tax cuts for the rich) will pass easily because most corporate democrats will be there to help. Both parties agree that their donors need more money and everybody knows it. They don't need Corker for that. Disingenuous.

  38. Corker and McMaster betrayed israel. President Trump is commander in chief, Corker and McMaster must resign now. BOTH are enemies of israel and President Trump's agenda MAGA.

  39. The GOP, Republican party don't speak up because there behind things like for exam trying and failing to repeal health care not once not twice Four times I believe. Which would in turn affect millions of Americans. For what. For Money. ๐Ÿ™ not shocked GOP doesn't speak up and do the right thing.

  40. A good segment, and a program I like watching, but you know Joe, as difficult as it is for you to realise, Mika does have a voice. The program isn't always about you, so stop interrupting Mika, allow her to talk and your viewers and ratings might improve.

  41. Im a Republican but we've gone so crazy that i feel that the right of the Democratic Party represents conservatism better than the GOP do. Time to go independent

  42. Sounds like Corker makes Trump feel insecure. Look what Trump gets away with. Undercutting less fortunate people is sinful. The recession hurt people and they never recovered.

  43. You all are not talking about Russia and Trump's connection with Russia's attack on America. Guess Trump's smoke and mirrors is working.

  44. Bob CORKER don,t have to beg no body for nothing at all he has got it all.he is a strong senator, not a racist. Please stop Lieing on Bob!!!

  45. This presidency is a joke…. white house seems to be a biggest circus in the world .. and the best clown is our president… our country is weaker under this presidency … We are isolated and soon to be a lonely country away from world stage

  46. All these idiots that say President Trump will be impeached are the same idiots that said he had absolutely no chance to win election

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