The Curse Of "Progressive" Feminism

The Curse Of "Progressive" Feminism

they say one of the rarest sounds in all of nature is the sound of a progressive Western feminist unequivocally condemning Islamic misogyny I heard a rumor that somebody heard it once but that it was quickly drowned out by a shrill chorus of Islamophobe and racist and was never heard again although I'm an atheist I'm often tempted to become religious just so that I can ask God to keep a special place in hell for progressive feminists who excuse or ignore Islamic misogyny for cultural reasons women who are quick to condemn inappropriate language on Twitter and who are all intellectual tooth and claw when it comes to Christianity but who at the first sight of a crescent moon seemed to magically evaporate like fairies in the mist I'm talking about you you women who confidently challenge everyday sexism but who are struck deaf and dumb in the presence of Islamic misogyny don't seem to realize that this is itself misogynistic and is literally giving feminism a bad name if you want to be culturally sensitive towards I'll say it again Islamic misogyny you can't be a feminist it's impossible besides if you are you automatically be a racist because in your twisted progressive terms when it comes to Islam feminism equals racism as does anything that challenges Islamic supremacy and we all know that the word racist is like kryptonite to you progresses within your bubble of delusion it's been magnified so that it looms over everything you think and say and you'd rather be tasered than have it anywhere near you so when you see it coming you run the other way trampling women and children if necessary turn a blind eye to religiously endorsed wife-beating forced marriage on a killing genital mutilation organized rape gangs Sharia Courts that treat women as less than fully human and little girls forced to dress like nuns turn a blind eye to Islamic misogyny or you'll be a racist you racist any Western woman thinking of visiting an Arab country right now especially Dubai should think about visiting a psychiatrist first recently a Norwegian woman made the mistake of telling the police in Dubai that she'd been raped and because she didn't have four male witnesses she was charged with adultery and given a longer sentence than the rapist these cases are common in backward moral cesspits like Dubai where Islamic values apply and therefore adultery is a more serious crime than rape even when you haven't done it and the rapist has this kind of backward ugly attitude towards women prevails throughout much of the Islamic world and it's being deliberately imported wholesale into Western society unchallenged and uncorrected thanks to the insane progressive view that all cultures are equal except of course for Western culture which is inferior and this is making life more dangerous for women Norway and Sweden used to be among the safest countries for women now they're best known for their high levels of Islamic immigrant rape that nobody in power wants to acknowledge or do anything about because that would be racist consequently Norwegian and Swedish women are no longer safe in their own countries for cultural reasons indeed Sweden has been so enriched by Islamic immigration that it's women statistically have a 25% chance of being raped in their lifetime but at least they're not racists and that's the main thing meanwhile here in England another day another Pakistani Muslim rape gang nobody can agree on what the root cause might be but the progressive consensus is that it can't have anything to do with the misogynistic religion these men all share and that it must be society's fault in some way and to be fair it is largely our fault we've imported millions of people from Pakistan one of the most backward Islamic countries on earth and that's saying something often from the most backward tribal areas where women suffer appalling treatment when they regularly beaten at home where child marriage and so-called honor killing is rife and where a rape victim is liable to be raped again at the police station if she reports it that's if she hasn't already been murdered by her own family when we import that culture into our society uncritically unfiltered with no requirement to integrate what do we expect to happen and who can be surprised when it does we even officially sanction Islamic misogyny now in Britain we've made it respectable we have dozens of Sharia Courts that are allowed to discriminate against women purely for being women if anyone dared to treat a person that way based on race rather than gender that would rightly be public uproar so where are all the feminists with their protests and demonstrations the fact is women's rights are less important aren't they and are in fact negotiable when it comes to appeasing a religion invented by men for the benefit of men that punishes women for being raped by men the principle has now been established in Britain that we are not in fact all equal some people are inferior for cultural reasons and they are all female so forgive me for being blunt about this girls but there are more important things to get angry about the offensive language on Twitter or sexist comments about your appearance but then I would say that because unlike you I believe the liberation of women from Islam is as urgent a political cause for all humanity as was the abolition of slavery there's no room for politeness or sensitivity and there's no reason for any Islam's treatment of women its entire view of women is a sin and if there is a God that's what he'll be punishing if he punishes anything at all it's not culturally different its culturally inferior it's an ugly echo of the dark ages and for the life of me I can't understand why every woman on earth doesn't oppose it with all her heart and soul but as we all know many of them don't especially the ones who ought to know better instead they excuse it they indulge it and they condone it at other peoples expense because they're stupid progressive politics have got the better of their common sense if you accommodate Islamic misogyny you legitimize it and you invite it into your own life and into the lives of your children because it's coming your way you also help to ensure that the woman in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia who gets beaten at des will continue to be beaten and treated as a piece of property as will her daughters and granddaughters all the way down the line why should these places change their ways when we in the West make it perfectly clear that we're okay with their vile misogyny for cultural reasons its lucky that you progressive feminists are ideologically sound enough to ignore the reality of those cultural reasons or you might not be able to sleep at night

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  1. The trouble is .onone can remember the time when we had real community's and anyone could just walk into you open house and have a cuppa and a chat..stupidity took over?? People think about your real life now???? And look when you truely have NOTHING left ??

  2. I'm a grandma and an atheist and could not agree with you more, Pat Condell. In my book, you are a genius for interpreting these serious issues and telling it like it is. You're fantastic – long life to you!

  3. this reminds me of an incident years ago when I thought of joining the Peace Corps. I went to an interview and made the mistake of describing my trip through the mountains in Afghanistan. The driver of the bus drove as though the four horsemen of the Apocalypse was pursuing us, twisting and turning on narrow mountain roads in the night during rain and with deep chasms on one side of the road, passing vehicles on curves. And I did not say it was wrong but only that I had experienced this bit of adventure in the Far East. But the woman who interviewed me took it amiss and asked "You know that you are supposed to respect other people's culture?" I had committed the sin of criticizing another culture, the culture of crazy bus drivers. So of course I got a letter telling me I was "definitely not the sort of person they were looking for." I have never forgotten their enlightened and unbiased attitude toward other cultures, that I had not respected enough for the Peace Corps. Well, this is a bit of what Pat Condell is talking about. The fanatical, blind devotion to being non-judgmental toward Islamic culture. Because all cultures are equally good.

  4. It boggles the mind that feminists love islam , the most anti feminist culture on the planet, yet hate the western cultures that embrace feminism, and any westerner that opposes this hideous culture is branded racist, as if a culture was a race?

  5. I respect your opinion on this, as always well thought and delivered, but I disagree that Islam treats women badly. I have muslim friends who are very happy in their relationships. If it was so bad, wouldn't they constantly look miserable, like many women in the politically indoctrinated west of Europe, who walk around all day with their resting bitch faces, and haven't got a clue how to treat men properly. In the west, you have feminism, which places the feelings and words of women above everything else important, and it is one of the reasons (among others) that are utterly destructive to your men, with their suicide rates through the roof. There is no mass suicide of either gender in the muslim world because the relationship respects natural boundaries. You cite women being sentenced for adultery if they get raped, but how is that any worse than taking the word of women as the gospel truth in rape cases, destroying the reputation and life of innocent men without a shred of real evidence? How about women who break up their families with 'no-fault' divorce, for spurious reasons, crushing the entire family? Arranged marriages can bring a lot of happiness too. Western law gives women the power to crush nice men, in the same way Sharia law gives men the power to crush bad women. They say the world must be made of opposites, don't they. But wouldn't it be nice if we could meet in the middle?

  6. Reply to Mr Condell,
    Firstly, I'd like to say that I greatly admire your forthright position on current affairs; and would certainly vote for you (were I able ) if you were to stand in a General Election.
    That said….
    I'd like to say that until I gained employment in the Islamic World (mostly based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia); I'd have agreed with your position on the supposed 'rights' of women, but having seen with my own eyes how Islamic family values function in an Islamic Environment, I really think you're wrong on this.
    Why ?
    Because the overwhelming majority of women lack the mental ability/self-confidence and (when required) physical strength needed to support themselves in a sometimes brutal world.
    the vast majority of women are much more conformist than men; instinctively prepared to 'follow the leader' which, in the modern world means whoever is providing the food/clothes/housing they require.
    despite all the 'progressive feminist' nonsense taught gullible girls in Western schools today, most women are still far happier staying home raising their children PROVIDED their husband call actually do the job; which (largely due to Liberal interference in the wages/jobs market) millions of Western men are unable too do today.

    Having lived/worked across the Islamic World, I rapidly came to the conclusion that Islamic 'Family Values' were/are virtually identical to Victorian Era Christian Family Values and have (since that time) lived my life by those same values.
    My wife has never 'worked' as such. Her job is to look after Me and our children (ultimately we had eleven, four sons and seven daughters); just as my job has been to provide the safe/secure environment she's needed to raise those children.
    Similarly, I ensured that Old Time Christian/Sharia values prevailed whilst raising those children. The boys were raised to be men (plenty of boxing/running/shooting etc…. ) and the girls were raised to regard marriage (not paid labour) as their priority in adulthood. I also made it clear to all that my daughters were my most precious possession and took great interest in their choice of beau/marriage partner (enforced by their brothers as/when necessary).
    Thus all the boys and five of the youngest two girls are now happily married with some twenty five grandchildren between them and another two arriving in the next couple of months.

    From personal experience, I can tell you for a fact that all the rubbish about women demanding 'independence', wanting 'careers', 'loving their work' etc…. is Marxist propaganda, and it's the major reason so many women are so bitterly unhappy today:-

    The Conversation We Need To Have About Women And Anxiety
    24/07/2013 · Anxiety is a mental health issue that 40 million Americans struggle with — and women are diagnosed with anxiety disorders at nearly twice the rate of men.

    Women 40% more likely than men to develop mental illness …
    Women are up to 40% more likely than men to develop mental health conditions, according to new analysis by a clinical psychologist at Oxford University.

    women suffer up to more than 40% more mental health problems
    Professor Daniel Freeman, of the University of Oxford, said the investigation of national mental health surveys showed psychological disorders are 20 to 40 per cent more common in women than men …

  7. BRILLIANT! it takes a real man to stand up for womens' rights after all. shame on all those dumb tarts betraying their own gender on daily basis, because they should know better and could do sth. about it.

  8. According to Sunni hadith sources, Aisha was six or seven years old when she was married to Muhammad in Mecca. The marriage was consummated after the Hegira to Medina, when she had reached the age of nine or ten years old (

    Apparently the Law of Taqiyya can forgive pedophilia too as long as it advances the cause of Muhammad's Military persona’s twisted rendition of Islam. Inbreeding was to be forgiven under the Law of Taqiyya also apparently given that Aisha was depicted as Muhammad's niece. Isn't it really good to be a prophet king and write your own laws? Can't seem to shake the notion that David Koresh patterned his Branch Davidians after Muhammad's example. Yep , , , Muhammad was some Prophet all right – A prophet for inbreeding and pedophilia. It’s no small coincidence that SATANISM requires Debauchery and Child Sacrifice. Hmmmmm . . .

    BTW , , , Muslim fundamentalists didn't go after Christopher Hitchens for explaining why Islam is so STUPID. Yet they did go for a Danish cartoonist for depicting the same. Those same Muslim fundamentalists clearly didn’t understand what Hitchens was talking about, but were somehow barely able to understand the Danish cartoons. ROFLOL . . . Yep , , , inbreeding will have that effect on the old grey matter among other things.

  9. Absolutely nothing about Progressives makes a lick of sense to me. It seems to me that here in America they're usually quite wealthy and very well educated. In other words "life has been more than good to them therefore its easier for them to be tolerant or give free passes to irresponsibility."

  10. Put this message on as many Muslim vblogs as you can find.
    Dear Muslim cousins, show a little gratitude for our hospitality, do something constructive, give something back. Theresa May is a female shirt lifter so put her on your tall buildings list.

  11. I hate to say it but it seems Europe is getting what it deserves.
    They were the first to boast about their self righteous tolerance, feminism and Atheism while castrating the males there and striping them of their masculinity so they could become nothing more than woman pleasing eunuchs. And the males sit down and just let it happen.
    The feminist dimwits were all ready to send their own country MEN to serve long term sentences for sexual misconduct and not so much as a conviction for all the rapes done my migrants.
    You feminist bitches had strength for Western males but none for Muslims.
    Since you seem to like getting f*&@# by them then may they [email protected]= all you Feminist until the end of the world.
    As the storm comes and the fabric of society crumbles you stupid annoying feminist are going to quickly learn that in the absence of law, the dominant species rules.
    Men will dominate women to near extinction in that miserable time. A war was inevitable!

  12. Your England is gone. Acting like it was yours in the first place. When the financial institutions take over, you will be on the streets or hiding in the sewers, rat 🙂

  13. In the USA we say a Republican is a Democrat who has been mugged. Perhaps I am wrong, but I get the impression that the sheer volume of crime against women is having a telling effect on progressive ranks. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

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