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hey what's up guys this has been and you're about to see a quick clip from a presentation I did for some college students at a recent conference for future professionals so physical education majors that are in college about to graduate this is a game called the crazy cars challenge just with my favorite icebreakers and I hope you find it useful and really enjoy it as always have fun and teach I catch you later this one is called the crazy cars challenge this is a fun little icebreaker I do at the beginning of the year with my kids just good for any any age level that can read so like third grade and up all the way through high school and the whole purpose of it is just to break the ice and to get people moving to get people to interact with each other to get people to laugh and to provide some good conversation so there's two decks since we have a pretty big number if you have one class like 25 kids you'll probably just use one deck each deck has 60 challenges so the whole point of the game is you're going to try to use teamwork and cooperation to complete all the challenges in the shortest amount of time possible once you complete a challenge you're going to come in place the pink cards in my hand and the blue cards in Mike's hand with the letters facing up which way to the letters face which way the lowercase letter face down okay after you complete the card paint comes to me blue is going to go to Mike when the final card is finished I will stop the timer your goal is to see if you can complete the world record of three minutes and 15 seconds now some of the cards you can do by yourself but some of the cards most of the cards require a little bit of teamwork so if somebody comes up and asks you something that might seem a little weird it might not make a lot of sense just go along with it because remember we're a team we're working together try to accomplish this task together and see if we can be the world record makes sense three minutes and 15 seconds so just as an example we'll grab a card this card says play a game of thumb war with a friend and the loser jogs one lap around the room so then you're going to go find somebody try play with once you get done with the card you'll come and put the blue cards and Mike's hand with the letters facing up when there's no cards left keep your eyes out for the people that still have a card in their hand because I'm not gonna stop the timer and tell all the cards are up in our hands make sense any questions everybody ready everybody say oh yeah where the music starts the game starts here we go there you go oh my god no nope [Applause] what I take the big ones here tonight blue this tonight [Applause] all right freeze all right so there's no more cards left but some people still have cards in their hands so look for the people that are still trying to complete their task and try to help them out okay if you don't have a card look for somebody and try to help them out nice awesome job is that the last card all right well let's just say here around the shoe tower so that's called the crazy card challenge to do that every year at the beginning of the year and then as you were doing the different challenges in the tasks some I raise your hand tell me what did you notice or what happened when you were doing it anybody wanna be brave okay yeah you meet some people you don't know and at the beginning of the school year kids don't know anybody in their class yet so one of the really important things for us to do is to provide games and things where they can interact and start to cooperate with each other and start to laugh with each other and start to maybe find out things that they have in common with other people that they didn't know about well where some other things that happen right nobody cares what anybody else is doing because everybody's doing stupid stuff right everybody's doing the sylia stuff and you starting to get curious to like sometimes when we get done with the task and like hey does anybody have a question for somebody else and then somebody's like why were you rolling across the room or like why were you leapfrogging with her over there in the corner and they just want to know like what was going on because I was trying to finish my task but then I saw like three people doing the weirdest stuff over there on the other side of the room they love doing the shoe the shoe challenge you guys we're so close you got three minutes and 55 seconds let's give yourself a hand for value effort awesome job if you want to you can make it like competitive by having all the classes and their times or each grade level and trying to beat each grade level usually the most common thing my kids want to do is play it again they're like how can we try to gank we try to beat their time and so almost like if we if we have time you know next week if you guys listen during the instruction so you don't talk long talking we'll play it again at the end use it as a motivator these are just silly challenges that me and my wife came up one night I was like hey what's the stupidest things you can think of that people would be willing to do that make people laugh you can just use three about five cars index car it's a really simple activity that you can do you'd have your kids create something if you want to and do a quick you know scan to make sure they're appropriate and then let the kids play their own different challenges or have different classes create challenges for other classes and things like that any questions all right coach Lally turn it over you sir Thank You Benny boy

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