The added value of the Liberal Arts and Sciences

I have a super big data cache yeah you can never have too many cats we are sitting in the cat cafe in the center of Groningen about to mark on campus my name is Elizabeth mix I'm head of student affairs and support staff at University College brilliant prior to coming to the Netherlands I was a college professor in the United States for more than 20 years ucg is a liberal arts and science curriculum and that means that you get the skills that you need to move in between careers and even invent your own career one thing that's distinctive about graduates today's that they'll have more than one career in their lifetime some people say up to five different careers and if you're wondering how do I prepare for that it's the liberal arts and science skills that help you do that at ucg we use small-scale intensive teaching methods that means you'll never be in a class of to more than 25 students you're not just a number here and you're really carefully supported ucg is the only university college that has project-based learning and every year of the curriculum and so when you graduate you have not only SLES skills you've got project management skills and that looks great on a resume we're also aligned with the Center for Entrepreneurship and that's another feature that's unique to BCG the good news is that we have a residence hall and so we provide housing for all our first-year students you're welcome to stay past the first year but the first ear is completely worryfree stress-free for you I might also mention that running in is a really really safe city all of the Netherlands is but here you've got more bikes in their cars lots of cats lots of dogs you can go sailing to one of the islands especially in the summertime there is a food truck festival which is awesome the city has got a lot of inches vintage clothing stores all kinds of food so any kind of food that you think you might want to get you can get here and running in London is in Central Europe right we have an international airport within 20 minutes at the University you can take a train to Berlin in six hours you're going to be at Paris and five hours it really gives you an access point to a Nepali Europe the local arts and science curriculum in the Netherlands actually came from the United States and so when you come to UC Chi you're getting what you might expect from a liberal arts and science education in the US but you're in this international beautiful city and it's much much more affordable especially if you compare the cost to an out-of-state tuition in the United States

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