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Thanos Tzimeros: Politics without Politicians

Thanos Tzimeros: Politics without Politicians

Do you feel like a convict now? I feel like a convict for many years. Inside a Greek version of Alcatraz. But we are planning to escape. I am asking you this, because, according to your system of principles, publicity is equal to a conviction Yes. Because people don’t know the real you. They just combine pieces of a manufactured personality presented by the media with either good or bad intentions So one has to prove oneself every time. What would you like people to know about you? To be aware of my sensitive but powerful personality. Describe yourself in fifty words. I like to finish everything I start and engange myself into various activities with the same enthusiasm This reflects my principles. During this last month what have you put aside for the sake of politics? My sleep. You used to be an advertiser. I still am. You still are. And before that I was a musician. I still play music but for 13 years I used to work as a music teacher and a solist. After that I changed careers and entered into a completely different sector. I started out as a copywriter and a creative manager later on in multinational companies. Advertising was one of the biggest bubbles of the last decade or so. I totally agree. Do you feel that you hold responsibility for that too? I feel that I left on time and the company I created functioned towards the opposite direction. Other bubbles that you have served during the last decade? Personally? I was a low profile personality. Not a loud, extrovert character. How much money have you spent on your campaign? The entire party has spent around 30,000. Where did you find this money? From members subscriptions and the support of friends. We charge 30 euros for annual subscritpions. And we are now counting several thousands of members How many? Around 2,000 members, while our friends are almost 20,000 What party did you vote for in the previous elections? I left a note saying “apart from the indecisive there also those disgusted”. It was followed by a text explaining everything that would happen after the elections My predictions came true. I wanted to make them see that we have reached a limit. We can no longer stand the decadence of the parasitic, the mafia system that takes over authority through different people. What did you vote for all these years, in general? In 1981, when I voted for the first time, I voted PASOK for a change. Then, I saw the faces of its ministers and the first measures they took, so I didn’t vote for them again. I also made the mistake to vote for Simitis when he was supposed to modernize the political scene. I was once again deceived. And I never voted again Is Creation Again a left or a right party? It is a reasonable party. Name one right party in Greece that is actually right, or one left party in Greece that is actually left. Let’s say that it is a party of conciliation Some people place it in the center. And what does the term mean? In favor of the memorandum? Not at all. Not at all. I believe that this discussion is indicative of the current political situation. Memorandum or anti-memorandum As if we have to chose between Olympiakos or Panathinaikos This is not a critical dilemma The real dilemma is how we can reform our country We must state what our country needs. Every citizen should be ashamed of the memorandum. Because our house is falling down on us and some strangers are dictating us how to preserve it This is shameful.
But our house is collapsing, indeed. You have had some talks with Stefanos Manos and Mrs Bakoyanni But they didn’t work out and now you are running for the elections on your own They basically didn’t agree with each other. But we also didn’t reach an agreement. It is a long story. Was is a matter of political positions? Politics is full of Napoleons Even if we had reached an agreement The question is whether we would be able to cooperate afterwards.I didn’t think that was likely to happen. I want you to present to us some of your party’s radical opinions concerning the problems that we are facing Let’s start from the immigrants. What is your opinion on that? You picked on the most difficult problem to solve, because Greece is restricted by international and two-party agreements. I will be more specific. This is not an issue that can be solved. It can only be improved. Whoever says the opposite, then he is not aware of the actual situation. Do you agree with the creation of hospitality centers? We agree with the creation of hospitality centers that will make the Athens geto less depressing. Greece can’t keep accepting all these immigrants uncontrollably. The borders should be guarded more effectively. Should we build the wall in Evros? We should do anything that would prevent them from entering into our country Yes, there is misery all around the world. But Greece cannot solve this Greek society has lost its cohesion. It is impossible to assimilate any more foreign elements. Are you in favor of private education? Of course. Of private education too We believe that both private and public education could improve from such a competition. In primary and higher education? In everything You also want to ban the creation of political parties in universities. Of course. Political parties have no reason of existence in universities. You have never participated in a party as a student? Never. As a matter of fact, my university experience was the definition of a cultural shock. I was disgusted. By people dragging me around all the different parties. So, I decided not to subscribe to any of them. I never voted in the students’ elections. Never. Should the defensive expenses be reduced? We should make smarter defensive expenses All these years, we bought guns so that certain people could gain profit If we cut all profits alone, a 30% of expenses, not to say 90%, will be reduced. Should we stop financing the political parties? It should not be that high. All political parties around the world are being financed but with a very small amount compared to the one in Greece. It is amazing that Germany, with a GDP of 2.5 trillion spends 133 million a year for financing its political parties. Whereas in Greece, with a GDP about 1/10 or 1/15 the size of Germany’s we spent 67 million. And even that amount was not enough so they took more This has to stop. And we need to have transparency together with control We update our financial status on the web on a daily basis We don’t take money from taxed citizens. We take money from our members But it is important to know how every euro is spent. Have you said in the past that only someone with a 5 years work experience should become a deputy nominee? Yes. A deputy nominee should know what hard work means He should know what it means to wait for a payment. And that if he doesn’t get paid it will take 15 years for the court to reach a decision. When we announced this interview with you, people sent some questions for you. I would gladly listen to them. Kostas from Athens is asking, “In the past, you celebrated the choice of Papadimos Do you prefer a technocrat as a prime minister rather than a politician who is accountable to the citizens?” I don’t remember having celebrated for anyone . I just found it a better choice than all the other ridiculous ones. Panos wants to know your group. I am A rezus+. I suppose he doesn’t mean you blood type I enjoy watching basketball and tennis, not football I only watch football in special occasions. But I don’t support any particular team. Sotiris wants to know how much money you earned in your previous profession. My salary was high as a creative director in multinational companies. I suppose he wants to hear a number. I earned around 500,000 per month when the average salary was 90-100,000 drachmas. Dimos from Volos is asking whether you have ever cooperated with the public sector and what was your relevant experience. My company has cooperated with the public sector I have also gained a similar experience as a freelancer, but not directly By providing services for some companies that had taken over a public project and couldn’t manage it. And what was the experience gained? Nobody wants to have anything to do with that sector Mr. Tzimeros, what percentage would satisfy you? Entering parliament is the collective goal of a party that was established only one month ago. Are you optimistic about the 6th of May? I am a fighter and when I start something I want to finish it. Always. What do you play in the piano to relax from the pre-election fight? I play Chatzidakis, some tender themes by Theodorakis and new wave music. Thank you very much. Me too.

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