Terrified Trump Says He May Skip 2020 Presidential Debates

There is no question that Donald Trump has
a very weak and cowardly individual, but sometimes we forget just how cowardly he really is until
a story comes along and reminds us that this man is one of the most terrified human beings
in the United States today and the latest story to come along to remind us of that is
the story that’s out now, saying that Donald Trump has actually been talking to his advisors
about the possibility of skipping the 2020 presidential debates. We may, for the first time in modern history,
have a presidential candidate who refuses to participate in those three presidential
debates that happen in the months prior to the election. And the reason Trump says he’s not so sure
he wants to do it is because he doesn’t know if he can trust the uh nonpartisan nonprofit
presidential debate committee. To be fair to him and maybe they’re going
to pick some moderators that aren’t going to be nice to him and Oh my God, what’s going
to happen if he goes up there and they ask a question and he thinks it’s a little mean
and that according to the stories, is why Trump is thinking, maybe I’m not going to
participate in these debates. Here’s the thing, Trump’s real fear is that
any moderator left, right center, whatever it is, is going to call him on his horrible
record as president. They’re going to ask him about the trade war. They’re gonna ask him about farm bankruptcies. They’re going to ask him about the economy
that he says is doing so great. Yet 53 million Americans are working jobs
that don’t pay a living wage. They’re going to ask questions that he doesn’t
want to answer because they don’t jive with his alternative reality that he has created
for himself. I think it honestly has less to do with whoever’s
going to be on the other side of that debate stage from him than his innate fear of having
to answer for his actions. That’s what this is about. He doesn’t know how he’ll react. His advisors don’t know how he’ll react if
he gets asked one of those tough questions and that’s where things get a little scary. However, don’t worry about this. I don’t think Donald Trump has enough courage
to actually sit out the presidential debates because it’s a lose lose situation for him
either. He goes to the debates, he gets asked these
tough questions eventually. I mean there’s a good chance we’ll get some
moderators that won’t ask him, but as opponent, regardless of who it is, is likely to bring
up some of these things. So he’s going to have to do that and he’s
going to fall flat on his face and that’s going to be very bad for him. Or he could completely sit out the debate
and go through the next several months of hearing from the press what a coward he is. This is a scenario in which the president
can not win, but leave it to the Republicans. Cause I can promise you, no matter what happens,
if he shows up at the debates, if he falls on his face, if he attacks somebody, even
if he attacks him physically or if he just decides to sit it all out, the Republicans
are going to spin it as a massive victory for the president. And based on what we’ve seen so far in polling
data about Trump’s entire presidency, half the country at least, is probably going to
believe him.

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  1. OK trump swallowers you need to face the facts this is your president he is so incompetent that he can't even face a debate

  2. Anybody with his background, history, character, manner, treating badly others, with dictatorial intent SHOULD BE AFRAID to be Donald J Trump as president. He chose (subconsciosly by Karma) to run as president and he himself did not expect to succeed . By "success" he made himself the focus on his human frailties and misdeeds the focus and target of the Law of the Constitution of the USA. From this point on he is alarmingly will begin his fall. He has no where to hide. That is indeed very scary! DOOMED!

  3. He's talked about skipping debates before, we know he won't because he'll look stupid and the Democrat will have most if not all the answers looking ready for the job. And yeah, it won't move his cult one little bit, but not everyone who votes is in the cult, most aren't, most are looking for somebody new.

  4. Good luck getting rid of trump he controls everything and he has his republican goons and cult members backing him up he's not going anywhere he doesn't follow the law let alone the Constitution so far he's getting away with everything TOTAL ABUSE OF POWER THIS IS GOING TO GET UGLY we are going to have to take to the streets and demand trumps removal TRUMP IS A SICK TWISTED DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT CAN'T BELIEVE WHERE WE ARE AT IN AMERICA .

  5. Because none of the candidates is scared of trump punk ass, and won't back down. he's a coward, He wants to be a Bully, but all bullies ain't nothing but punk-ass cowards. And that is Trump

  6. I hate trump, but I think the presidential debates are garbage and have no real value. The moderators do a terrible job. The rules they negotiate in advance are dumb. The debates favor pathological liars like trump. I also understand that in this media environment, the debates may be the only place to hear an opposing candidate's unfiltered message, so uninformed voters might be swayed by the debates when they see that whoever isn't like the way the right-wing sources portray. But the debates are still trash.

  7. Trump has no plans he has no argument but the b***** rhetoric that he Spoons the Republican spoo and all that troll shit his base sucks up like a f**** sponge

  8. God would I love to see his arse on stage debating Bernie Sanders. Nut really, all they have to do is ask what the capital of Illinois is. Chicago?? hahahaha

  9. Not one word of truth – How many times have we heard how good the trade deal is going – only for nothing…..WE heard of healthcare – & nothing. Tax cuts for the workers – NOTHING. You listen WHY…. How many times has he said he would release his taxes? Does he like to hear himself talk? Does he think he is impressing someone…..ALL LIES…..soundbites? his imagination – his fantasies the man is a FAILURE – A FRAUD – A FAKE (just like his fake news)
    This person is so sick it has rubbed off on the entire republicans party….OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE – telling people not to show up or testify? THAT is the LAW – OBSTRUCTION…..
    North Korea will dis-arm – sorry WHEN??? I'm sorry are you really that STUPID??

  10. He has lost his consequential promises on delivery of his service to the American people.The debates will send him into an embarrassment.The guilty are always afraid.

  11. Skipped the Presidential Debate? Better ideal, skip your lying butt out of The United States. Either Russia or North Korea wouldn't hurt us.

  12. If traitor Ttrump skips the debates he'll save the lives of fact finders and lie detectors who are constantly exhausted cause Ttrump never stops lying!!🤣🤣🤣


  14. This pussy will pass on the debates because 2020 is in the bag. These crooked bastards along with Putin
    will steal another one.
    He will become further reclusive because he can’t handle confrontation. The coward will tweet and that’s about it.

  15. So, Trumpy's going to skip the 2020 debates???? Wow, this is what it's come to??? If you're a repugnakkkan, you should be furious that he thinks he's above all this – "I'm not participating, because they'll be mean to me – they won't be fair" OMG – if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, and btw take your Press Secretary with you! NOT doing job, and expecting to keep your job – is stealing from the American Tax Payer!

  16. Some should buy a huge box of Legos
    Tell him it's a picture of himself, when he is all finished putting it together he can put on his it in his Cell .

  17. If somehow there is a debate, will the moderator have the courage and chuzpa, to correct him when he's wrong, and present the facts, and not give him wiggle room, to either start attacking his opposition, rather than ANSWERING THE QUESTION.
    He's an expert at that.
    He's a no nothing individual who has merged ignorance with arrogance, and managed to brand it.
    Our country is truly the laughing stock of the world.
    I could go on and on, but what good would it do?
    I do not believe at this time, we have a strong enough Democratic candidate that could stand up to Trump
    I am disheartened, and discouraged when I see where America is headed.

  18. Why is there an add on your channel with the orange ape saying he is innocent? Did you allowed that add to be placed on your channel?

  19. Have an average Joe off the street challenge him in debate , it wouldn't matter his mind is not right. I got lost when he said "crystal clear" is he referring to himself ? ,or the environment?

  20. he's not going to debate because his mind is unraveling Even in a race between Trump and Biden They aren't sure Donald could keep up with the Least coherent dem. their going to try pushing an unfit unstable unqualified man and Hope he's not speaking word salad by this time next year It's why they haven't allowed a primary he's already too far gone to do what he did in 2016

  21. At this rate, he doesn't need to debate. Democrats have done a good enough job of turning him into some cartoonish supervillain, that they've done all the work for him: what they've done is all the advertising he could ever hope for that makes voting for him into some subversive act. Good job, idiotic impeachmentcrats.

  22. Genetically enhanced roller skate bone spurs will see him past the worst. Its he preferred survival trait of evolved weasel People.

  23. Boris Johnson got away with avoiding interviews and debates in the UK. If it worked for Blow Jo, it'd probably work for 'Rump o'Donnie. After all, there is a lot that their supporters have in common.

  24. He'd have to answer why he hasn't had a balanced budget, or reduced the deficit, or built the wall, or getting that check from Mexico, or ending Obamacare, or where his healthcare replacement is, or why Hillary hasn't been locked-up, and so on.

  25. During the debate will have to answer to all his life! Who would choose a president that would not debate? His followers!

  26. All trump corrupt family make me sick ,, including Melania I have no sympathy for her , they are made for each other, her Be best campaign is a joke , she said children should stay out of the political debate because is was her son ,, but she have nothing to say when her husband pick a fight with a 16 years old , for doing what other people or her husband should be doing , or when her husband order to separate kids from their parent and there still many of them missing from their parents living in a really poor condición i can’t say like animals because here and America animals have a better living that those poor kids ,, I don’t recognize my country anymore this is not who we are ,, we are better then this we can do better that this ,, this president is destroying who we are as a country we the people with integrity have the power to get this country back on track .. 2020 vote blue!!

  27. Last Christmas SNL put out a skit entitled "It's a Wonderful Trump" about if he lost the election to Hillary and everyone was better off for it including Trump. It makes me think of a line from it where Trump is told that he can still say whatever he wants without being President, but now nobody expects him to actually have to do it. And that's really what this is. It's a referendum on his shit Presidency, and he knows he'll have to answer for it in a place he cannot control, it's outside of his bubble. In 2016 he didn't care, he could say whatever the hell he wanted and knew it would only matter if he won…and then he won. So now he has to own up to how much of a terrible job he's done and he doesn't want to.

  28. Trump is the ultimate snowflake, entitled, participation trophy collecting man-child ever to be born; along with his base of sycophants.

  29. If he escapes the debate, then skip the election all together. Go back to your trophy wife, idiot family, bucket of fried chicken and golden toilet like the filthy racist coward you are. #Bernie2020 #EliminateElectoralCollege #AmendTheConstitution2020

  30. Frankly, who cares? Even though the Dem will probably kill him in the debate, his people will declare him the winner. Debates with 45 would be a waste of time and money. The losers will be late-night talk show hosts.

  31. He should go ahead and skip the election… he needs to do the honorable thing and resign but we are talking about the most narcissistic person on the planet

  32. And this joker tries to come off as… Rocky, Thanos,the evil lion from lion King and repubs were worried about hysterical Hillary
    WTF go on with her hypocritical asses

  33. Terrified… thin skinned… or so sociopathic that he doesn't believe he should have to participate in debates.. and stays in his bubble..

  34. Actually I hope he does go to the debates, I would love to watch him squirm and eventually throw a temper tantrum and storm off the stage like the little baby he is.

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