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TEDxPeachtree – Dantes Rameau – Music as an Instrument for Social Change

TEDxPeachtree - Dantes Rameau - Music as an Instrument for Social Change

back in 2007 when I was still pursuing my music performance studies and I know what you're thinking in high school but it's because I shaved this morning anyways I really did graduate a couple years back and every time I read about classical music I kept coming across the same name Gustavo Dudamel as many of you know Gustavo Dudamel is one of the best young conductors in the world today in fact at the age of 27 he was named music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic so every time I read about Gustavo Dudamel his name was always followed by the statement a product of Venezuela's Alice East Emily so I started doing research to find out what all the fuss was about he's program in Venezuela Orchestra and these great conductors coming out well as I did my research I found out that LC stuntmen which means the system in Spanish is the name of Venezuela's national system of youth and children's orchestras it was founded back in 1975 by dr. Jose Antonio Abreu who won the TED Prize in 2009 and since its founding 35 years ago over a million kids have gone through the program currently they serve more than 400,000 children in some 200 plus youth orchestras all across Venezuela and the majority of the students that are doing el sistema are living in poverty oh yeah the intensity of the program is amazing they they go to these programs six days a week for up to four hours a day and this intensity makes it both an excellent music program and it also keeps these at-risk kids busy and away from the lures of gangs drugs and violence that surround their community despite being very at risk the top orchestra analysis Thummim named the Simone believer our Youth Orchestra has become one of the best in the world they travel playing all the greatest halls to sold-out audiences and this entire program is offered to Venezuela as youth free of charge so the more I read about El Sistema the more I thought to myself I have to be involved and something like this because here is a way for me to use my art music as a way to change youth families in their communities we often here to talk about what we can do or what can be done to make symphony orchestras or classical music more relevant these days and I think a big part of the answer can be found in what they're doing in Venezuela because when you give a child an instrument and they're able to spend their upbringing in a Youth Orchestra they're much more likely to want to go see an orchestra concert or being involved in classical music when they're growing up but perhaps even more important than their survival is symphony orchestras it's what they're doing in Venezuela to use music as a tool to foster social change last year I did the Abreu Fellows program and I had the opportunity to go down to Venezuela to work with some of these students and as I was preparing them they're very talented for their next orchestra concert they you know I was being very demanding perfectly for the concert until in one morning we had scheduled a rehearsal for 8:00 a.m. and we couldn't start until 9:30 because all the kids were late and rage came over me I was livid and I couldn't figure out what it was you know was it because they made me get out of bed at 7 o'clock on a Saturday and had me there waiting for them for two and a half hours was it because we missed this precious rehearsal time they were gonna mess up in the concert so more and more I thought about it that wasn't why I was so upset I was so upset because by being that late for rehearsal these kids were missing the entire point of being part of this program you see in teaching them to aim for excellence in teaching them to aim for musical excellence they were learning skills for life implicitly I'll give you a few examples the child that has to go home every day with our clarinet and practice meticulously and be prepared for the next day's rehearsal and then show up on time the rehearsal is learning responsibility and time management when these young kids spend hours in rehearsal learning to play in tune together and learning to blend their sounds to make one great orchestral sound they're learning how to listen and how to consider other people's positions and difficulties because they have to compromise another instrumentalists to play in tune the learning empathy when a child spends hours in a room going over a difficult musical passage over and over and over and over again they're learning perseverance they're learning that great things only come with quality hard work over a long period of time you know one of the things I really enjoy about being in an orchestra is that every part matters no matter if you're the violinist that has to play a million notes or if you're the percussionist that has to sit through the entire symphony to play that one final cymbal crash everyone always has a voice in Orchestra in music so when you combine all these musical elements you get what I believe is the key to music changing the lives of young kids Orchestra gives these kids a sense of self-worth there's a great documentary called El Sistema music a change of life and in it a young girl tells the experience about how she got shot on the way to rehearsal and she was crying but she says I wasn't crying because my leg was hurting I was crying because I wasn't going to be able to go to Orchestra that day you see music for these kids may not be able to put food on the or pay for their rent but it can feed their souls and it can uplift their spirit and instill in them pride and we all know that once kids have these elements going for them anything is possible five weeks ago we launched the Atlanta music project which is that llantas version of Alice T stomach and in that short period of time I can already see great changes in our students I see the way they look up to me and to my fellow teaching artists and I'm overcome with a huge sense of responsibility because while they may think that they're involved in a great after-school fun music program and they are I make no mistake about the situation our kids are in a social development program in which it is my duty as a musician and as a teacher teacher it transformed their lives through music we're trying to shift the perception of music as an extracurricular activity and turn it into an art form that the community cannot be without because it literally saves lives along with my colleagues from the Abreu Fellows Program there are dozens of Alstom inspired programs popping up all over the United States and together we've formed a movement a movement to make music matter a movement to use music as a weapon to combat hopelessness and poverty and a movement to use music to instill in our use the tools they need to be successful thank you please enjoy this video we are very happy because we have this angel in the world he is giving us the possibility to have dreams and to make to direct a dreams and here is the result of this wonderful project that is the system hey Tracy Faris fundamentals en la que el impacto El Sistema suspense la sera personal/social la s Farah familiar IRA's Faribault Bonita Lomas miserable Lomas tráfico de la cabeza no es la falta de panne y de pecho es el sentir Sonali yes por eso que el desarrollo del Nino en la orquesta yelkur o lo project hakuna dental convierte para su comunidad se tiene ho no tiene de niro simple mente see talent Oct ocasion en la ganas de estar por siempre me tetra comparte ya se musica I wish that you helped to create and document a special training program for 50th to musicians passionate about their art and social justice and dedicated to bringing El Sistema to rate the states and other countries thank you very much you you

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