Ted Cruz sounds off Dems, breaks down the Senate impeachment trial

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  1. To the 548 thumbs down you all must have your heads in the sand , Schiff held a witch hunt and a kangaroo court. No facts and no witnesses, let's go after the real crooks Joe and Hunter Biden.

  2. Republican senators have to think about what would happen at the next senators election if they vote not to impeach then at a later stage Bolten or somethings else comes out that shows – yeah there was totally a quid pro quo

  3. Let STRETCH PELOSI hold on to the articles, it means that Trump is not impeached and when we take back the house the democrats will be in the forest for a long time. KAG 2020

  4. It's been interesting watching the Dems spend the last 3 years trying to cover up their crimes. They've played every card they had now they're stuck.

  5. Stupid Mutt Romney has already made his obscene hatred of President Trump obvious by saying he is Voting to Impeach before even hearing any evidence. He must be corrupt and afraid of something !😝

  6. Poloski want to sit on it like a mother hen until it hatches. lol it's funny cause it's not even fertile. Can't wait to see the show begin. But it's the same old ending President Trump Winning again .

  7. Isn’t Ted Cruz the same person that was made to look like a fool by candidate Trump? Now, they are in love. What sleepy politicians they are!

  8. Great video !
    The way that Ted Cruz broke Everything down makes this HOLE thing smell even worse
    "if that's even possible"
    It ALL just begs the big question: WHAT is really going on behind the scenes that they are putting up so much smoke for ????
    (Two wings of the same bird)

  9. Deals are probably being made behind closed doors. Beware of the RHINOs President Trump. Mitt Romney and the lady from Alaska Lisa Murkowski are the first 2 that have openly flipped. I know Romney has skin in the Ukraine money laundering scheme because his son was working over there much like Mr. Biden's, but unsure what Mrs. Mukowski's game is about.

  10. I hope they question Biden jr and trump but let’s be honest, trump ordered his people to ignore congressional subpoenas for evidence and testimony. Not specific people, all the people who work with him. I’m not a lawyer but seems to me an innocent person wants his buddies to exonerate him, and doesnt order them to hide evidence and block testimony. Trump and the people and networks helping him block the investigation look super dirty right now. Talk about a crooked establishment.

  11. Ted "Teddy Bears and Soccer Balls" on the mexican Border with Glenn Beck? You forgot already? Ol Ted is doing what his phony Christians have always done, try their hardest to derail any candidate that threatens zionism. Tell me, did electing Trump threaten zionism? Of course not, the whole world has caved in to it, one shady deal at a time, and all free peoples will suffer for it.

  12. I find it funny what Cruz said about the obstruction of congress, when he gave the Bolton story. So in other words the Democrats obstruction of congress charge is in actual fact, the charge itself, an abuse of power by the Democrats in Congress. It's just hilarious that no legal council makes the argument for the obstruction of Congress article being a clear abuse of power by the Democrats. I think it's time to add a new Amendment to the constitution that if a congress ever does this again, and attempts to impeach a president without substantial factual evidence, then the President has a means of retaliation, via the courts, against such unsubstantiated charges to have the guilty individuals, Schiff – Pelosi – Nadler, removed from office.

  13. Greetings from Europe, dear American friends. What the hell has happened with the Democratic party…??? They have turned more radical left than the crazy liberal left over here… LOL

  14. I am for Impeaching trump. Biden is an American Citizen. He has no choise but to testify. That is why he changed his mind. Biden is an innocent by stander in this Impeachment. He might have committed crimes while in office, so charge him. He is not the focus of the impeachment though. That lays all on trump. Trump is the one that did not follow the laws.

  15. Seems more like lawlessness going on in America. The democrats can say/lie what they want to without any consequences. How does that work people

  16. Fact; if Pelosi doesn't deliver the articles over to the Senate, then President Trump has NOT been impeached! Hey Demotards: smoke that in your crack pipe!

  17. According to the Cherokee, all the presidents SHOULD have been impeached, but . . . that's neither here nor thar, after all.

  18. You don't actually expect this "trial" to be conducted fairly do you? McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Georgia's Senator David Perdue have all said how they intend to vote in advance. I am sure there are probably others. All Senators making such a statement should be suspended from the trial and not allowed to vote. Then the 2/3rds vote be based on whoever is left. If enough of the loud mouth Republicans have made their intentions clear, the Democrats might actually then have a majority and doing the right thing. . The Republican Senate is afraid of witnesses because if they tell the truth, Trump would have a REAL bad day.

  19. We in Europe… wonders why all… otherwise reasonably intelligent republicans … nowadays sound like
    Doped ROBOTS…?

  20. She was worried that they would call for the whistle blower as a witness and soon enough find out that there was no whistle blower, the House Ethics board is going to have a field day explaining how Adam Schiff does not deserve to be locked up for spying on the White House and abusing his power after issuing subpoena to AT&T without a legislative reason.

  21. 💯❤️ Brilliant 💯❤️
    Father God, Creator Bless Honorable Madam Speaker Of The House Pelosi, For Speaking The Truth, Caring And Standing Up For All People, Amen.

    GOG=GOP, MAGOG=MAGA, all racist white supremacists and surrogates around the world, the synagogue of satan.

    Father God, Creator Help Us All, Deliver Us From evil, Amen.

    Cruz and GOP are scared, they are Caught in Cover Up, Amen.

  22. What a hard hitting interview by Maria Tony Romo… fixed news at its best.
    why didn't she ask Lyin Ted Cruz why he believes Putin's propaganda? Does Putin's narrative benefiting the president compel him to lie like coward on national TV?
    Why did he allow Chuck Todd to make a fool of him by calling out his idiotic Ukraine conspiracy theories?

  23. Cruz thinks that beard can make people forget he was the one who called Donald Trump a sniveling coward. He should have stayed clean-shaven and proud because that would have been the only time he would be remembered for the telling truth.

  24. Cruz is an idiot! They'd better NOT do it the way he just said they were going to do it!


    First, McConnell needs to REFUSE TO RECEIVE THE ARTICLES … then sometime AFTER the Dems select their candidate, suck up their time and their momentum by having MONTHS of REPUBLICAN questioning of witnesses from all areas of every single claim of illegality against Trump, allowing Trump to clear his name completely!

    Then a week before the election, file charges of abuse of powers against the Dems in the House, miring them in legal debates and endless defense discussions.

    Then hire a bunch of people, give them press passes, and then send them in to Democrat press conferences to ask Republican questions that demean the Dems' positions on everything, where the questioners demand an answer to their questions and refuse to give up the microphone, and get louder and louder and louder until they answer the question, and once that question is answered, they speed ask another question, rinse and repeat.

  25. America's democrat voters get played like fools by the leaders of their party every single time. At what point do people wake up?
    Comey fooled them, Mueller fooled them, Schiffhead played out the fake impeachment knowing full well it wouldn't go thru the Senate.. But yet the sheep just keep running to every lie every time. lol

  26. She says "it is a new precedent". I agree, but it's also a new low for the deep state. They just keep digging their own graves without realizing it. It actually could be a hollyweird movie, it's that laughable.

  27. Professor Turly said, you have to wait for the public to catch up. That is what Pelosi is doing. Hoping they can gain support. These Democrats in the House are dumb. Let's see if the Senators are any smarter. I don't think so.

  28. Vote total rejection of the articles, full expungement of President Trump, full investigations of Adam Schiff, and recommendation for the House to expell Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Ilhan Omar.

  29. After our crushing defeat of Communists(Labour) in the U.K in the December election, i wish all Republicans a happy new year and another 4 glorious years of President Trump, watch out for our all night party, when we get Brexit, January 31st 2020, fireworks beer strippers and burning E.U flags!!

  30. From Wikipedia: "The Epoch Times is a multi-language newspaper founded in 2000 by John Tang and a group of Chinese Americans associated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement. Though the newspaper is known for general interest topics with a focus on news about China and its human rights issues, it has become known for its support of U.S. President Donald Trump and favorable coverage of far-right politicians in Europe; a 2019 report showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign."

  31. Most D. Senators must be beyond angry by now, at the Constitutional mockery House democrats have made of their party. I do not see most of them jeopardizing their personal careers for the sake of beating a dead horse. They surely realize the only way now to restore any credibility to their party, is to honorably uphold the Constitution's criteria regarding high crimes and misdemeanors. No alleged crime, no reason for the process. It will be a strong bi-partisan vote for dismissal. Cutting their losses, since they know more is trouble coming. THE DURHAM REPORT!

  32. The President is misplacing his priority.
    He needs to let the SENATE acquit him because the house failed to provide any evidence of a crime.
    Then the President needs to direct his AG Barr to investigate the crimes Joe Biden admitted to in an interview.
    And maybe, Barr will find other crimes by other people during his INVESTIGATION 👍🏻👍🏻

  33. THE WORLD IS A CORRUPT SWAMP AND ONLY djt CAN SAVE YOU! oh, the irony is quite literally a threat to my sliver of sanity.

  34. The articles might never go to the Senate. Everyone makes up bull 💩 and people believe the crap. Very few Americans will do their own due intelligence and make an an independent decision, most will believe what these moronic politicians.

  35. Please listen to me! Get out of this circle and get over to the liberals side(CNN and such) help them see. They will call names and make stuff up, just be polite and state facts. The hardest thing to change is a mind. We need to take every last fence rider to the truth and make this the year every piece of power is taken from the Dems.

  36. the people of Texas should be ashamed this traitor cuk is allowed to represent them
    he let the trump talk stuff about his wife…
    about his dad…
    Cruz is a weak small lil man, he means nothing long term/big picture

  37. Americans please educate yourselves on the leftist government overreach in VA. This concerns removal of 2nd amendment rights from its citizens. The MSM has been radio silent on this issue!

  38. The problem is here is the mentality of people on the left. Robert O'Rourke almost beat Ted Cruz out for the Senate seat.

  39. Yea a fair trail when mitch mcconells said out his own mouth hes not interested in a fair trial and is going to coordinate with the white house? Yea to a fox viewer thats pretty fair…smh

  40. Whenever I see Ted Cruz I am reminded of a bath tub sawn in half with a virgin Mary. Or maybe a pink flamingo. What a clown.

  41. They should just throw the case out the window because the Democrats are so hypocritical. They violated the Constitution trying to impeach Trump for a violation. The President did not get his 5th amendment right to due process.

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